Thursday, November 30, 2006

Raw and Rainbow Salad

Raw Food.

Last December, this kind of diet was introduced to us. Not because we want to slim down or something, but because of "health" reasons. :) We had this camping thingy from Dec.25-Jan.1. Yeah, we spent our Christmas Day and New year's eve and day together. It was a fun family camp. We even had our "Kamuritsing Race".

At first, eating the "raw food" was a struggle. *gah* Really, kids/teenies would not even eat cooked veggies, how much more RAW? Ha... RAW?

But of course, we were not forced to eat it. It was just introduced to us. So, for how many days at that camp, our vendo machine which sells coffee and cocozhi (a choco drink) from DXN was very much saleable. Kids would flock to cocozhi, while the adults at the coffee. Nyahaha. Just to wash down the *ugh* taste *ugh* of the veggies.

My mentor in Iridology, has the same kind of diet. She introduced this "rainbow" salad, which was served in a fashionable manner, and it looked edible enough. It was yummy. :P

And she told us:

"Enjoy eating raw veggies. If you don't enjoy eating it, then it's good if you do not eat it.. because it would do you no good."

So... if you don't enjoy eating it. Stop the raw food diet. Try to enjoy it though, because our body really needs those alkaline food. -_-

What are the kind of veggies that we eat in raw?

Almost every kind. I think, we tried a lot of kinds. We tried, carrots. Carrots is yummy. But, it's stressing too munch it like a rabbit. Cabbage/Lettuce - they are leafy, so it's easy to eat them. There are different types or kinds of cabbage and lettuce. Some tastes like water, which is ok... others.. well... never mind. We even tried sayote. Sayote, tastes ok... but too much of it.. is *blech*. Pipino, yeah ok naman ang lasa syempre. Sadyang, raw talaga ito pag kinakain. Tomatoes is ok.

The worst "raw" veggies I have tasted.

Saluyot - *gah* Tastes like "grass" and smells like one. When I eat it, I go "Mehhh mehhh" like a goat.

Kalamunggay - It tastes good when cooked. By golly, when raw? I can't explain it. lol
Squash - it's ok at first. But too much of it? *blech*

Gotocola - best eaten raw talaga ito... but.. uhm... it's not yummy ok? But, it helps a lot in your system. Try to eat 2-3 leaves a day. :)

Ampalaya - *blech* It's not even yummy when cooked, how much more raw? We ate this, when we were having our "Kamuritsing Race". Before we start our challenge, we have to eat the obstacle... which is eating all the "raw" veggies placed in front of us... and one of them is ampalaya. Imagine, eating a whole ampalaya? *gah* I never tried it again. Pure torture. (but it was fun... cause it was part of the race. hehe.. but no one ate it at home. Ever)

Camote - *hah* Ever tried, eating it raw? It's hard... it feels like eating a stone. But, it tastes fine.

Anyway, our "raw food diet" at home mainly consists of: carrots, pipino, cabbage, lettuce and gotocola. :)

Do you guys still eat veggies? How's your "healthy diet"? :)


Ghee said...

ganda ng comment box mo ah!

Kamuritsing Race" sounds interesting!I love raw food,not only veggies,pati na fishes but im not into raw meat,masarap din daw,sabi nila.and its really true,very healthy talaga

good luck to your activities!!
ghee(amesweet) | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 7:38 pm |

Nona said...

I like veggies, even my kids Tina...when I make veggie salad(includes lettuce,carrots,cucumber,celery,tomato with dressing) then I'll put chocolates beside it...they grab salad and not the choco haha...may lahing kambing?
aw, don't like saluyot too...madulas same with alukbati(tama ba?)...
ampalaya yes, but not raw pls...mas gusto ko yung cooked talaga siya para mawala ang amoy.
nona | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 8:16 pm |

Zelie said...

hayy..veggies??..d ako mahilig sa bejtabols..hehehe..ammm..buti nakaya mo ung kakain ng hilaw ng gulay!..nako..bka mamatay ako nun..hehehe..well..good luck sa health natin...
zelie | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 10:11 pm |

Monic said...

i eat veggies, i mean in a salad i guess hehe.. pero sumtimes puno ng dressing w/c is not good..

ur camp sounds fun, and i still dont know what gotocola is hehehe.. :D
monic | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 10:13 pm |

Lana said...

hehe.. mahilig ako sa salads eh.. its good for the skin daw.. kaya yun.. pilit na pilit nung una.. nung tumagal.. ayun! kumakain na ako.. pag-tumagal pala... sumasarap kahit gulay.. hehe
LaNa | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 2:45 am

Sidney said...

... give me some lechon instead!
Sidney | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 3:21 am |

Tin said...

I love veggies!! Everyday, laging may veggies ang bawat meal namin. Nakasanayan na rin. And its sad you hate saluyot. Coz i really love it. I like its juicyness. Hahahaha!
tin | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 3:24 am |

tina said...

Ate Ghee: Masaya talaga ang kamuritsing race. Grabe!

Nona: Yup2x. Pag nasanay mo ang kids sa veggies... hahanap hanapin nila yan.

Zelie: Hihi. learn to eat. hihi

Monic: Yeah.. fun and tiring at teh same time hihi.

Lana: Yup sumasarap habang tumatagal

Tin: One has too!! haha. Not that i hate saluyot. It just tastes and smells like "grass" when raw. hihi. pero kinakaya. ahihi
tina | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 3:37 am |

Kath said...

yup yup yup..I luv veggies.. tina thanks sa last comment mo..actually its not a comment..kc advice yun. :D sweeeet.
kath | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 4:08 am |

Pam said...

mabubuhay ako kahit puro gulay...


pam | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 5:29 am |

Richmond said...

my father is in a no meat diet this week... the doctor advised him because of Hypertension and an abnormal ECG.
Richmond | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 7:15 am |

Ann said...

Ngayon ko lang narinig yang race na yan, sana meron din dito. Masarap kumain ng vegetable salad pero wag naman ampalaya, camote at squash na sariwa..parang di ko ma imagine ang lasa.
ann | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 7:30 am |

Iskoo said...

very challenging yung pagkain ng hilaw na pagkain, madalas na kaya kong kaining hilaw ay kamatis, cucumber, lattice, at carrots. puro pang sandwich hehe
iskoo | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 9:54 am |

Bam said...


I used to hate veggies.

Not until I learned to cook them. Well, kelangan talagang pagtiyagaan mo ang niluto mo diba? hehe.

Anyway, ok naman akong cook. And since then, I loved veggies na.


I said COOKED ha! Hehe.

Waw tin, *worships*. BILIB na ako senyo! Eating it RAW!??

Eww. Yak. >.
Bam | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 11:09 am |

Sasha said...

I try to eat healthy foods naman, Tina but not too much raw veggies for me. Salad, yes, pero more on the dahon hehehe
sasha | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 11:17 am |

Lalaine said...

,,kinakain ko lng cabbage at beans at tortang talong hehe,,, medjo maarte sa gulay e..hihi.

di akonagdadiet pero healthy ako. hahaa
lalaine | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 5:25 pm |

Giovanne said...

god tina....i love eating veges but not raw.....eeewwww.....carrots lang yata raw vege na nakain ko.....toink ampalaya???/squash????kamote????....droll...but ill try it cguro some other time if we run out of lpg n d house.....
bluedemon | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 11:20 pm