Thursday, November 02, 2006

Disneyland HK

Background: Thunder and Lightning. (It's raining!)

I heard my dad laughing yesterday when they watched a report with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Mayor Digong, as what most people like to call him, or Lolo Digong, or The Punisher for a much cooler nick was interviewed by our local news anchor Stephen Manangan (who is also a registered DXN member), about how peaceful are the cementeries in Davao blah blah....

NOTE: The actual sentences used are different from the ones I used because they just gave me the story, and so I did not get to hear the news first hand. And, mind you it is not in English but in Bisaya.

Stephen: So... how's the cementeries mayor? Is it well guarded?
(*helicopter passes by above making a noise*)
Mayor: Yeah, our cementeries are very peaceful... in fact... (*mayor was pretty annoyed by the helicopter-hogging-sound that he muttered*) Panuway, kasaba ba. (Panuway, it's so noisy)

I could only just imagine how he said that. Btw, Panuway is a bad word, they said. I dont know what it means though.


This post might be a bit tad too late.. since I visited HK last October. But, you see... the best part when I was in HK was in Disneyland. I know Disneyland HK is not as big as the ones in the US, but it's a fun place to be around. As in! I want to be back there with my family or even friends.

That's me with a donald statue behind my back... and attempting to be "sad" like him. -_- oh and mickey surfing behind me. Is that surfing? or whaling?

The whole Disney trip.. the four of us were the constant buddies.
From L-R: Me, Nay Melma, Ate Mallette, and Tito Tente (former V. Mayor of Tacloban)

If you are there.. DO NOT MISS.. and I mean DO NOT MISS the two live shows.

They are soo amazing... it left me speechless... or just gazing with delight at the play. Their voicess... the props ahhh basta! The BEST!

TIP: Be at the entrance 10 minutes before it starts, because they will close it. Make the two live shows your first and second agenda for the day. Believe me... all the heat and the walk is WORTH IT! :) Cameras with flash are not allowed... so make your cameras be ready and make it flash-free.. camcorders are allowed only in The Lion King but not in Golden Mickey's.

I want to be back there and record the whole thing!

Catch the Parade in between and try to communicate with the Pinoys performing! And you will see how they will pose for your lens :)

Weeee! A pose with Mickey and Minnie! :) I won't post the picture with Cinderella and Aurora... because you will see how "cute" my height is alongside with them! *Gah* I feel soo small.

(btw, My fave princess is Cinderella.. next is... Belle and then Aurora.)

Oh.. and I had a conversation with Cinderella too! (*Hah! I wish I was 12 or something!*)

Cinderella: Hi there!
Me: Hello! *me smiling*
Cinderella: Did you come to see my mice? Her name is (*i forgot the name*) and her name is (*again.. i forgot the name, sorry cindy.. i was entranced by your being "tall"*). They made the pink gown, the one i was supposed to wear at the ball.
Me: Oh... (*still smiling*)
Cinderella: Ok... let's have our picture now. :)

DO not be FOOLED by the way SPACE MOUNTAIN look on the outside. A lot of people with us were fooled by it's kiddie look. And most of the old people.. as in 50 or 60.. thought it was just like a "winnie the pooh" ride.

Tita Esther Langit: Wow ang ganda naman.. para akong nasa langit.
(*you would see the stars.... outer space like scene*)
(*the ride gets faster*)
Tita Esther: Ano ba ito... mamatay na ako!
Tita Esther: Wala nang magtitinda ng kape sa Pangasinan!!

Tita Esther: Akala ko.. parang winnie the pooh honeypot lang un!

It was more like an indoor roller coaster... that would leave you breathless. I'm glad it was just a short roller coaster ride... I dont know what would happen if it was longer.. and all of them agreed. :)

(I knew that it was the scariest ride(the tour guide said so), so what i did before riding.. i pictured myself laughing... un lang. :) And during the ride.. I was laughing so hard and so a scared tone. Parang.. instead of screaming.. i just laughed.. wildly.. But i did not scream.. kasi.. baka mas lalong ma trauma ako.)

TIP: Do not ride after eating.. and uhmm make this your Grand Finale Ride, before you watch the Fireworks display. Pwamis... manghihina ka nito. O baka ako lang.. un? Ah. Basta! :)

Watch and wait for the FIREWORKS DISPLAY(and the music accompanying it... hayyy)! Grabe, it's so amazing!!! :) (it has been a long time since I have last seen a firework in action.... fireworks are banned here during Christmas and New Year)

Disney music really makes me feel alive.. I mean... Im not being kiddie or something (or am i?).. whatever,.. basta there is something about their music that enchants me... and then.. when you leave Disneyland.... you would again realize that despite all the trials and process in would always remember... DREAMS DO COME TRUE and fairytales do happen! :)


Sasha said...

Wow! Ansaya naman! Sana naman matuloy na talaga yung sa Feb namin na punta

I will keep in mind ang mga sinulat mo dito para I'd know what to do pagdating dun
sasha | Homepage | 11.02.06 - 9:04 am |

Pam said...

wwwwwwwwwooooooooooaaaaaaaah! sarap!!!^_^
pam | Homepage | 11.04.06 - 4:29 am |

Lin said...

gusto ko din jan! hehehe
lin | Homepage | 11.04.06 - 4:58 am |

potpot said...

wah!! ang saya! amf!! ang saya!!.. gusto ko din pumunta.. kaya lang.. xmas pa.. T_T mas pipiliin ko naman ang xmas kesa sa disneyland..
potpot | Homepage | 11.04.06 - 8:04 am |

tina said...

sasha: Saya.. layo na ung mga live shows.

pam: sama tayo next time.. save tayo! libre lng ung sa kin ng company ni mama!

lin: letssss goooo

potpot: uu mas masaya ang christmas syempre :P
tina | Homepage | 11.06.06 - 8:31 pm | #

Kath said...

wow.. ayusa ato oi.. murag fairytale hehehe
kath | Homepage | 11.12.06 - 9:11 am | #

Gravatar yah...bitaw tin.. ok mn jud ang music nila... murag...fantasy... basta.
kath | Homepage | 11.12.06 - 9:14 am |

ritz said...

panuway means demon.