Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've been somewhat a bad blogger nowadays since I don't update much as often as I want to. Wait? Did I just say that in my previous entries? T_T

Anyhow, me and my parents flew to Manila last September 15 and then by September 17 me, my parents and the rest of the group in the Travel Seminar Incentive flew to Malaysia. We then flew to Singapore (September 22) and stayed there for two(2) days and went back to Manila(September 24).

I just got back in Davao(September 27) yesterday.

My parents and I were supposed to be back by September 26 but due to "unforeseen circumstances" we were delayed. Here's the sitch:

We were scheduled for the 5:54pm flight and we checked out from the hotel by 10:30am arrived at the airport by 11:00am hoping to catch the two remaining flights scheduled 1:00pm and 4:00pm as chance passengers. We were then informed that the two remaining flights are fully booked and we have to wait by the side, a very uncomfortable place for one and the chance of getting three seats is 50/50. So, we decided to check-in early for the 5:54pm flight and wait at the business class lounge (fortunately the company booked us in the Mabuhay Class hehe).

The airline did not inform us about the change of aircraft due to "maintenance" and so they subjected to "double seating". It was basically the fault of the maintenance team because when they changed the system into the smaller aircraft they did not check whether someone was checked in to the said flight (and it's protocol to check before they change). Basically, we were not included in the system.

We were given the DB (Denied Boarding) and since it was their fault they said they would take care of our hotel accommodation, transport in and out of the hotel, meals, the choice of any flight the next day and three(3) round trip business class tickets that is valid for a year. Wow. For a simple inconvenience we were given those.

We took the first flight out of Manila to Davao which was scheduled to leave by 4:30 am and was once again delayed because one passenger had an accident when a heavy cabin luggage fell on the passenger's head.

Oh well, so much for hurrying to get home. We really wanted to be home as soon as possible because we missed everybody in Davao. Boohoo.

The incident might have been annoying if we choose to react on the situation but then we were reminded about the quote "all things work together for good" and in between those scenarios I presented above a "major scene" happened in Davao particularly in our office that kinda enraged me.

I don't think I can mention anything from that scene because that certain exaggerated "station" might once again "harass" us. Poof. I mean we admit we did something "wrong" there. We take FULL RESPONSIBILITY and we are SORRY about our NEGLIGENCE. There is truth in what they say about the technicality we did but not in WHAT THEY DO and HOW THEY DID IT. Couldn't they at least have the decency to "talk it out in a PROFESSIONAL WAY" and not the childish manner that everyone witnessed?

We are not criminals and it was not right to treat us that way. I mean a grade school student would notice something "fishy" over what they did. I lost respect of that certain "station" and those kind of media people (not everyone ok?) who lacked ethics and is all about "the story and the money they would prolly get from that scoop" and not caring for the people who is working hard for their future. But then, what comes around goes around. Maybe, that's why that station was never a success because their principles and how they get their "scoop" are not good.

I'm not bitter or angered by the people behind it. I am angered by HOW THEY DID IT. They practically embarrassed everyone and the moral damage? My gulay. TSK. Very mean. But, thanks to you "certain station" we learned a lot from it....

lesson: "Why do we need disasters? The only time most of us ever learn anything is when we get hit over the back of the head. Why? Because it is easier NOT TO CHANGE. So we keep doing what we're doing until we hit a brick wall. The universe is always nudging us with gentle signals. When we ignore the signals it nudges us with a sledgehammer. Growth is more painful when we resist it." - from the book Follow your Heart.

What a nice lifelong lesson you left us with. Good thing we were taught not to react but just to RESPOND in these kind of situations. Your station made our bond stronger that we are always there for each other not just through GOOD TIMES but BAD TIMES and with DIFFICULT PEOPLE like you.

We owe it to you. We will be more careful this time. Watching our every move. But then, dear station you lost a lot of "viewers" and their respect as well. I guess that's part of the consequence you will receive. I do hope you learned something from it too and use the sitch as your advantage. This is not a lesson from a TEXTBOOK. THIS IS REAL.

Much thanks to our kickass lawyer.

Sorry dear readers if you couldn't get my drift but this is the best I can do without divulging the whole matter. Baka ano na naman ang sabihin nila... may pagkakamali ang grupo pero mali rin ang pag handle nila sa situation. Pero part yun sa process. All is well now. The case is closed.

For the pictures.... it will be on the next post. Hehe. Have a great weekend ahead! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

SRA 2007

Mother's knows BEST!

It never occurred to me that I would enjoy the whole production number! I mean the presentation and the applause was great and all but what's best is that I get to bond with the whole team! Now, that's one of the things money can't buy.

We presented at CDO's Party Venue Kauswagan National Highway last September 9, 2007. We arrived a day earlier setting out 5 in the morning and arriving in Cagayan quarter to 12. What a long trip... and what with 25 of us in the bus? It sure was fun!

Choosing to join the whole production thingy was a bit of a struggle for me. I don't dance, I'm just too stiff but I have two choreographers/friends/business partners to thank for.... who helped me loosen up. And of course to my "dancemates" na mga business partners ko rin.. thanks for the encouragement! Mama... thank you! Love you! Thank you Thank you! There's still more room for improvement though....

I wanted to share so many things.... but... it seems like when there's something so exciting happening and every thing's so busy you can't put everything into words.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Winter Season

I called it a "winter" because it feels so cold. It's not exactly the weather but it's concerning an event that happened. I thought it only happens in movies or even to books I'm reading. I thought it wasn't real.... but it is.

Until now, I can't believe it. A night of bliss ended up into a nightmare. On our local T.V. they called it "joyride". A ride they took to a place where they can feel the "cold" weather. Cold and dark that is.

People deem an accident as an accident. But, it isn't. I always say everything happens for a reason. Along the way.. choices were made. It's like a "choosing-your-own-adventure" book. If you know the book you'd know what I mean. Life is a place where you get to choose your own adventure and each choices have different results that would lead to different choices with different results and so on and so on. Each choice has a result that may mold you or ruin you.

The incident marked everyone who knew them how fragile life can be. And that sometimes you made a choice that would lead you to where you are right now.

But no one's to blame. They went up to have fun. We are all responsible for our actions. What's done is done. Some would say it was a cruel fate.... and why two of our classmates who were good friends.... who never had an enemy for that matter... and from testimonials brought about good memories...

But then..... we just have to remember that Death is not permanent. Death is just a transition to one world to another. You die physically, but your spirit lives forever. If that's the case it wasn't necessarily cruel.

I still have more in my mind that I want to say... but everything's crammed up as of now... maybe one day.

*A tribute to two of my friends... Cedrick and Lee.*