Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Dance

My other layout got messed up(in IE) because I was tweaking with it, last Sunday.

Since, I'm planning to have a holiday-layout.... and I kinda have the time, I changed it.

Is it too dark? I want it to look festive, but then it might HURT your eyes.

Christmas is not just a date. It is a state of MIND. (Everyone would agree with this, I know)

I love dancing. No. Make it, watching people dance. I'm not exactly good in dancing (I know, I know, dancing is also a state of MIND) but I'm still too concious to dance in front of the public. So, I rarely dance or join any dance contests.

But then, there are special times when I do really dance. On rare occasions. That is, if no one is watching. Hehe.


Oh and by the way, I just want to thank everyone( Pam,Bam,Blacksoul, Avy, Giovanne, Katia, Lalaine, Pot, Cruise, Iskoo, RalphT, Ann, Kath, Celena), who commented on my last post.

I just felt, I need the release. Everything's well now. My mom is doing great, pretty great. She did not take it the hard way. In fact, everyone's just laughing it off. And there are no hard feelings. At first lang, kasi sino ba may gustong mangyari un?


I can't wait for December 1!! Our class will end. I'm counting the days already.


Random said...

wah.. ms feel ko ito dahil ms feel ko ang xmas spirit!
potpot | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 7:47 am | #

Gravatar paskong pasko na ang layout mo, cool!
iskoo | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 9:51 am |

Bam said...

Have I told you I love christmas? ^^

Funny for someone whose religion is Islam. Hehe.

Pero totoo..^^

Christmas IS a state of mind.^^

I get super-hyper whenever I see christmas trees, lights, parol, and anything green and red..^^

Bam | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 9:54 am |

Random said...

Ako rin I'm not a good dancer, pero yung 3 kids ko ang galing sasayaw, buti nagmana sa dada nila.
ann | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 1:50 pm | #

Gravatar sa dami ng available brower ngayon possible mangyari yan. ako nag edit sa Opera ayun na dis-arrange ang layout... kayo balik mozilla ulit ako
cruise | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 7:31 pm | #

Gravatar Merry xmas! pero, masyado yatang maaga ang December 1 for holidays? Sad for me, summer pa kao makakauwi dyan...
Vince | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 8:55 pm | #

Gravatar Paskong pasko na dito! Buti pa estudyante wala ng pasok sa Dec 1 hehehe.

Kahit gusto ko sumayaw di ako marunong dahil parehong kaliwa paa ko.
Ferdz | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 10:32 pm | #

Gravatar hey! i soo love your layout. especially the quote that goeas along with it..
You are most certainly welcome.. =)

Hey, its really fun to dance when no one is watching. No one is there to smirk and tease you.. hehe
katia** | Homepage | 11.20.06 - 10:48 pm | #

Gravatar ho-ho-ho!

gift ko ha.. ^_^

don't count yet.. start after our departmental exams.. :P
Avy | 11.20.06 - 10:51 pm |

wow! paskong pasko na dito ah.. ayos!

thanks pala for your comment sa last entry ko.. ang habe nun ah.. i really appreciate it..

cool lay-out! merry christmas..

take care..
richard | 11.21.06 - 3:46 am |



not habe

pasensya na..
richard | 11.21.06 - 3:48 am |

ganda! mas trip ko tong layout na to...hehehe...^_^

oh..and bout my number, ask avy...hehehe...
pam | 11.21.06 - 5:10 am | #

grabe x mas na talaga ang lamig na nga nang hangin eh

i love dancing,dancing king nga ako nung prom eh

blacksoul 11.21.06 - 5:33 am | #

Tina? Hmmm, I know someone named Tina as well Wala lang, just drooping by.

Wow, December 1? That's too early. Buti pa kayo.
Dutzy | 11.21.06 - 9:39 am |

ok, tina. bakit may bakasyon kayo sa december 1? tiga san ka ba?

:d and i agree about that christmas something something. it's not in the christmas lights, but in the state of mind.

:D well done. ehehehe.
utakGAGO | 11.21.06 - 2:13 pm | #

buti pa kayo, nafifeel nyo xmas..ako since 2001 ndi ko na nfeel pero xempre nkikicelebrate parin ako... iba lang kasi ung feeling ko dati pag mlpit na mag xmas.hehe..

have fun celebrating xmas ha... tungkol sa dancing, cgurdo mrunong ka niyan, nahihiya ka lang cguro..
lalaine | 11.21.06 - 5:58 pm | #

dec1 mageend classes ninyo? BAKET? BAKEEET? kami 15 pa. huhu
Donya Quixote | 11.22.06 - 4:31 am |

hay buti pa kayo dec 1 ang break.. kami yata 10 pa ewan ko.. have a happy christmas break in advance! :D
arnel | 11.22.06 - 4:44 am | #

wahhh! abnoy ata pc ko ah. di ko nakita yung mga dati mong post. di nagrefresh! wahhhh! anyway, merry christmas tina!! wow! dec.1 break na agad! kaiinggit naman.
tin | 11.23.06 - 8:58 pm |