Monday, July 30, 2007

The Choice

"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live"

How was your day???

You get to choose how you start your day despite the circumstances.

You get to choose to enjoy waking up with a smile despite the heat and noise or choose to be annoyed with how your day started.

You ride a jeepney and chanced upon a passenger who is annoying you to bits you can either choose to divert your attention to something other than the passenger or stay annoyed deep inside.

You get to college and knew about the change in the schedule, you can choose to complain or you can choose to accept it.

or if you are working your boss suddenly announces you to be transferred, you can choose to be excited with the change or fear what happens.

A colleague gets into your nerves, you can choose to react or choose to just smile and understand the person.

A friend asks you to go to lunch to meet his/her friends, you can choose to decline or choose to meet new friends.

When you ride a taxi and happened to chance upon an "angry driver", you can choose to ignore it or choose to react once again.

or if you are driving and another car cuts you off, you can chase that car and throw dagger-like looks at the driver when you catch up or just remain calm and understand.

You can always choose what type of day it is today. Is it a good one or a bad one? When you decide to choose how to feel and respond in every given situation, it may seem insignificant but when you look at the big picture it sums your day. In these cases, we know there are no right or wrongs just "simple choices".

hidden secret of life is that we are a PRODUCT of the simple decisions we make each time.

Do you ever wonder that if we turned right instead of left we could have been a different person? We could have been happier , despite of everything that goes along our way.

Each day we make choices, consciously or unconsciously. We can either choose to be happy, respond, accept, change, improve, offer a smile, say hello, be generous and be every bit of a kind person deep within or we can choose to be sad, react, resist changes, ignore happiness, be grumpy and angry.

So, what type of day is it today?

The choice is up to you!



LOVE YOU PAO! (busy lang diod si ate.. boohoo)

yeah, i choosed to be busy... but I'm happy =)



after a long day practicing......

there is always a time for a coffee break..... :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I would like to thank Ate Sash for the "Thoughtful Blogger Award"! *HUGS* Appreciate it soo much. Although, this post of saying thanks is a bit late, but nevertheless at least I got to say thank you.... *super duper.. it is a great honor to have this award from you Ate..*

Tina of Life is Abundant - For being present almost daily in 2 of my blogs and leaving comments and inspiring quotes everytime. You’d be amazed at the time she spends visiting all the blogs in her blogroll. And she has a long list! She’d greet you daily even on those times you cannot reciprocate the act. And even if I haven’t seen her in person yet, I know she has a ready smile for everyone. You can feel it in the way she writes.

I also would like to give out the "Thoughtful Blogger Award" to a few bloggers but then my hands are full as of the moment. I'll have it one day, when I'm free. Really, free.

So far, I'm still doing the final steps of our Thesis which is finalizing the documents. I'll be dropping by your blogs today. Be Blessed.

Have a great week ahead guys! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Kuya Denz and Ate Janz finally the long wait is over.

It was a lovely wedding last night.... what made it even lovelier was the crescent moon and the star.

Anyone saw the nice picturesque crescent moon and star so close to each other last night? Don't mind my picture because my camera is not advanced and can't quite capture the whole lovely scene. Just imagine the crescent moon on the right side and a star shining bright just beside it. It's what you mostly see on pendants and drawing and last night I saw it for real.

They said when the moon and the star are so close to each other someone's courting someone. Uyyyy. It was quite fitting, since the wedding involved the start of wooing each other and courting.

They were both blessed because on their wedding day it appeared and that rarely happens.


I am definitely having fun with the people in the office. They are all full of positive vibes wherein you can't help but smile the whole time. When you talk to them you learn a lot of things that comes from experience and not just hearsay.

There is meaning to everything we do and we help and encourage each other to do better.

The youths in the office are those people whose interests differs from young people their age. Most young people don't think the way they do. At their age, it is quite admirable to see them working for their future and to think they used to be running down the streets before. People can change their way of life and these young generation proved WE ALL CAN despite our age and circumstance. More about them some other time. Hehe.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Over

Finally! I am so grateful I can breathe again! My Thesis 2 is over and done with. I kept declaring the other night that the panelists would smile the whole time and not pounce on me... and it sure did happen! Wooooo!!!
Hayyy... thankkk youu!

Now.. I guess what I need to do is SLEEP. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Still Here

It's been what? 5 days or something since I last updated.

I apologize for not being around most of the time even to just visit your blogs but once I am free specially after my Thesis defense this Saturday(July 14), I guess I can update and drop by your blogs. At least, I hope. (Or maybe even after this entry)


New steps everyday and the Recognition Rally is drawing near!!! OMG! Steps are not easy anymore.... it has those pop pop pop things those Japanese and Koreans really do well. Muwahaha. I hope I don't look sooo T.H. on this one. (check the links for some poppin` action).


Ding dong ding! They are getting married! Ding Dong Ding! Hehe.

Kuya Denz and Ate Janz wish you all the best!!! Woooo!! So many "process" along the way but we are bigger than those processes and always remember that you are BLESSED and each process is an opportunity to grow. We will all grow and learn together.


We have a new location for the Service Center in Tagum! It's so big inside.... I love the facade and where it is located. :) Watch out for the inauguration!! :P

Enjoy the rest of the week!!! :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Much has been given

It's been raining cats and dogs during mornings and evenings. And I'm lovin` it... hehe... because I'm always inside the office.


Everything's moving fast.... well at least, for me. I spend most of my time in the office and a lot has been happening lately. The Service Center in Tagum will have it's new location and a big one at that. Everyone in the Davao Service Center is excited already and ready to conquer the place.

I noticed the favor, opportunity and privilege that was bestowed upon me.

They say.....

It comes, when you are ready.

The universe is aligning and positioning to what I want... and maybe that's why everything is happening fast. I am just amazed about how everything falls into place. New avenues are opening and I am excited because it's not routine like what most people have when they work. IT's so different...... and everyday is a new day.....

But then....

To whom much is given, much is required.

With greater power comes great responsibility.
Of course, one cannot shake the quotes above for they deemed true. Much has been given already for me..... and whatever it is that is required I surely would meet. Dapat lang. I am not trying to worry myself, it's just that I am aware of what these favors have in stored and the responsibility.

I have offered Isaacs(meaning "sacrifices") in my life. Made a lot of things a normal teenage girl wouldn't do and would find really boring. Sometimes, there would be diversions but then my parents would always remind me that there are better things to do and one should be productive and all. I am grateful to have parents, family and friends who constantly remind me to be a better person everyday........

It's true when one says "follow your heart". I did. It wasn't easy, I tell you. It was never easy. Following your heart means a lot of sacrifices. But, you must be clear with what you want..... and I have been clear with it....... and results are showing now.

Nothing is free in this world. Everything has a price... and one must pay for the price before you get what you want.

My goals and desires are coming true..... It also pays to be optimistic.


Sorry, if I'm slow to make my entries but I do visit your places once in awhile... just not everyday like before.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Full Moon

Scene One

Me: Ma, Ate C. made a scene at the office last night. { explains why }

Mama: Was the moon full last night?

Me: Yes.

Scene Two

Me: Auntie... Ate C. acted up last night..

Aunt: mhmmm....lunatics... was the moon full?

When my aunt mentioned the word "lunatic" in relation to the full moon, I suddenly realized why lunatics were called as that.

As everyone is aware by now "lunatic" came from the word lunar which means moon.

Lunatics have a tendency to act up and be worse when the moon is full, it's what happened to Ate C. Everyone who knew her and who frequents in the office knows about her condition. She's not exactly "that" crazy or whatsoever... but somehow may "pagka".

The night the moon was full an issue triggered her and she kept on ranting and raving in front of oh so many people. It was the peak hour of the night where everyone's making their transactions. I'm sure to those who knew her would understand her but to the new ones... oh well... I wonder what's going on in their mind.

So... nowww... everyone's on the lookout for "full moons" and careful not to offend her or anything.


It's been a problem for mayors, specially for Mayor Duterte in Davao about minors who cannot be jailed due to the law that prohibits it. I've heard about this issue last year, where all the minors who were caught would just present their birth certificate and claim to be a minor and they would get away from charges like murder, rape, and stealing.

There was this guy who was murdered by a minor at a funeral. The relative of the victim who were all "of age" beat up the murderer and brought him to the precint. The murderer's parents brought out his birth certificate and said he was a minor making the police people incapable of jailing the murderer. Instead, the parents of the murderer brought out charges to the relatives of the victim who beated him up.

Children that disobeys the law would just shout at the police "I'm a minor. You can't put me to jail!". Gang wars continued to be unstoppable.

In Mayor Duterte's show "Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa" he said: "The man who made the bill and the congress people who approved of it does not know a thing or two about being a mayor or was never a mayor."

The senator who made the bill (di ko na sasabihin kung sino... na disappoint nga ako.. siya pala ang gumawa noon) based it in Europe where the society is far more different from ours. They have this kind of law BUT they have institutions that would take over the minor law breakers... and we don't have that... YET.

I do hope when they made the bill they have checked the effects and all....

It was not balanced. They overlooked a lot of things.

If I am a minor I can certainly steal and kill and then get away with it until I turn 18. Every kid knows that. Every minor who breaks the law knows that.

Mayor: "If they don't do something.... I would supply the grenades and s**** (i forgot the term that could have mean Indian Pana) and have them fight and kill each other. Good people should hide and stay up from them. At least in that way..... devils would be sorted out." ("ako na ang mag supply sa granada ug s**** unya mag pinatyanay na sila. Katong mga maayong tao... panago na lang mo ug palayo sa ila. Para mabawasan ug yawa ang atong dakbayan."

Funny how mayor said that. Nyahaha. Kind of makes sense. I do hope people in the senate would do something about this. :)


Have a great week ahead GUYS! :) Stay happy!