Saturday, March 26, 2011

Golden Earth Hour.

Today marks a special day... not only because it is Earth Hour, a cause we have been actively participating on for three years with the world.

Tonight we will do it early. So, it will be more than an hour. We will have a candlelight dinner... to make way for the golden.. jubilee celebration of my mom's birthday. Although, she'd prefer a SILVER FOREVER theme.

To my mom..... ahhh words are not enough...... basta my heart is filled with her love. Although... we can be considered as arch enemies here at home. Hehehe. With our constant arguing.. and all that.

To my mom who hates surprises.... but we try... hahaha. but she ends up surprising us... during our birthdays. Grabe.

And of course it is also my parent's 27th Wedding Anniversary!

So yeah..... it's a wonderful event for our family today....

a celebration of a wonderful golden life..... lived by my mom...

a celebration of a love that would last a lifetime....

and a celebration of our light to the world....... (Earth Hour)... letting it shine.....

for Life, Love and Light...... may it live forever. =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Wave of Love

By now, our facebook walls, twitter, tumblr pages are filled with prayers and concern for our families and friends back in Japan (and I don't mean just the Pinoys but also for our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity who are Japanese).

(Photo Credits: heymrblue)

Also, there were worries and concern over areas.. such as ours (who is in Davao del Sur) for the possible tsunami waves and was deemed to be on Alert Level 2.

In times like this... let us all take a moment in silence not out of fear.... but out of love for everyone in the world... and BE STILL and KNOW...

In crisis like this.... there is an opportunity for us to rediscover that we are all connected... and that we do care... we are connected to nature... to the residents of this world.

It is never too late.... to act in loving ways not just for each of us but to Mother Nature (to all those who can do some spirit ritual and nature healing please do..our world needs it)... for if a majority of our citizens live like this.... catastrophes will be easily swept away with a tsunami wave of love.

Sending light... love... and hundreds of our golden army... the angels...