Thursday, January 01, 2009

Loving 2009

It was a magical 2008. I spent my time celebrating ME... Every moment, I have chosen to always feel wonderful with ME.

and with that... I thank God - to whom I felt I have grown closer this year because I spent more time listening with the voice deep within me. A God... I see... who is very loving and was always around when I felt like there's nobody I feel safe to talk too. Whenever, I go crazy or distressed over things that often confuses me... He was always around like a light in the dark.. piercing my heart with love and melting all the worries away. To A God, a friend and a lover. Yes, a lover. My heart's bursting from all the love I never thought was possible. Yes, God. You sure showed me it's possible to experience an enchanted love. I thought, it happens to a select few only.... but you gave me a chance to experience it too - and in this world. And I know this year... I am experiencing it fully. 2008 was just the beginning.

I thank all the people who were endlessly patient with me, and who loved me unconditionally. THANK YOU, dear friends - this goes to everybody who visits my blog.... and to all those who supported me*murag Oscar's awardee*.. (you bring joy whenever I see messages from you guys). Thank you. Thank you. My endless gratitude to you guys for just BEING THERE.

2008 was a magical year. I felt sparks and saw glitters by the middle of the year. By, November another angel arrived... and another angel *that makes 2* who was a perfect gift for us.

The second angel brought everybody closer and I found what I have always yearned for - "friends.sisters who would listen to everything about me... with no judgment". Our relationship brought us to that point and I feel soooo safe with them.

This year, is LOVING 2009. If it was ME last year... I am choosing to have a WE this year. Spent a lot of time meditating about this.... although I need more time to meditate on the WE part. Haha. Ok. I know you might be lost in this post now...

but here's my LOVING 2009:

This year..... I choose to LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY.
I choose to be more AUTHENTIC to everybody.
I choose to say what is really from my HEART
I choose to Live with intention.
I choose to travel more and explore.

This year I choose to dedicate myself and every moment to my PURPOSE
I choose to support people in their journey back to LOVE.
I choose to support people around me in their WELL-BEING.
I choose to practice Wellness.

This year... I choose to bring out the best in other people.
I choose to accept people as they are and love them unconditionally.
I choose to appreciate my FRIENDS.
I choose to enjoy my journey with the people around me.

This year I choose to allow myself feel what I have deprived myself all along
I choose to share my LIFE and JUST BE with someone I love.
I choose to celebrate that experience.
I choose to create loving memories plus with magic.

This year I choose to always do WHAT I LOVE.
I choose to laugh and be care-free.
I choose to treat myself with respect.
I choose to dance in the rain... and fly like an eagle.
I choose to enjoy and be responsible for my FREEDOM.

This year I am choosing things with no regrets
I choose to nurture my mind with loving thoughts.
I choose to LIVE the MIRACLE.
I choose to trust the process called LIFE.

Because I know I am a magnificent being who can dance on any path......

May this Loving 2009 be yours as well.... I share this to everyone. =)

Love you guys!