Friday, November 17, 2006

Examination Convos

Awhile ago, Jona, Nessa, Kath, Angie and I were talking about dreams.

And whenever a group of people talk about dreams, they usually ask about the kind of dream that made you jerk or wakes you up because you felt like falling. Why do we jerk and wake up when something like that happens? I know everyone has this kind of dream.

Now, I may have found the answer to everyone's question. I searched the internet... and here's what I found:

There is actually a term to describe what you are experiencing in your dream. It is called myclonic jerks. Many who dream that they are falling sometimes jerk or twitch their legs/arms and end up waking themselves up. There is no concrete reason as to why this happens.

One theory is that it is our instinctive response for what the brain perceives as
a potentially dangerous situation. Sometimes dreams are so real that the brain believes that you are really falling or in some sort of danger. And hence the brain sends signals to the body to start "fleeing".

According to biblical interpretations, dreams about falling have a negative overtone and suggest that man is acting and walking according to his own way of thinking and not those of the Lord.

Our school uses "proctoring" during examinations. One or two proctors are present.


Maam Liezyl: Anyone caught cheating, automatically 5. Please take a look at them Maam Yvonne.

During examination.

Giovanne: Wala mani choice oi, kung mangopya ko singko ko. Kung dili ko mag answer singko lang gihapon ko. (*This leaves me with no choice. If I am caught cheating, I'd get 5, if I don't answer I'd get 5 too. *)
Maam Yvonne: Dawata na lang sa maayong kabubut-un (*Then accept the facts with all your heart*)
Giovanne: Pero, at least kung mangopya ko.... I've tried my best. (*But, at least if I copy.... I've tried my best*)

Giovanne: Maam, ang ingon lang ni Maam Liezyl kay, ang mangopya. Unya kung isturya na lang namo ang answer? (*Maam, What Maam Liezyl told us, is that "if we copy". What if we just dictate our answers then?*)

Giovanne was really funny awhile ago. He'd sing while checking the answers out. And then when Maam Yvonne would catch him... he would stop and pretend he is dancing. And he would actually make the moves like an ethnic dancer and say....

"See... I'm promoting our culture...."

But at the same time... he would crane his neck along with his.. hands moving in an ethnic-kind-of-way.

I wish I could video him. I cannot take my cellphone out. *GAH*

Giovanne: Wala ma'y pulos ang kodigs nako ani oi! (*My kodigs was of no use at all!*)

Gleamore rarely goes to our class, and it is unusual to find him soo silent and answering his test paper.

Jona: Ok ni si Gleamore ah! Murag nikaon diod siya ug kalabasa. (*Wow. Gleamore is doing good, I think he ate some squash.*)

Maam Yvonne: Nangopya nasad ka ba! (*You are cheating again!*)
Giovanne: Excuse me, wala ka'y proeba na nangopya ko. (*Excuse me, You don't have a proof that I copied.*)

Giovanne: Pag mapul-an ko i-pass na man diod nako ni ba. Kapoi kaayo ba mu-timing kung kanus-a mugawas si maam or dili mutanaw, kapoy maghulat ug answer. (*If I would be fed up, I'd pass this. It's so tiring to wait for Maam to go out or not watching, and it's tiring to wait for the answers to arrive.*)
Renel: Gawas sad panagsa Maam, one minute lang. (*Maam, try going even for a minute*)
Giovanne: One minute to copy it all. That is, kung makabalik pa ka. (*
One minute to copy it all. That is, if you can go back*)
Maam Yvonne: Kay lockan ko ninyo? (*Coz you would lock me up then?*)

Maam Yvonne: Kung wala na moy answer, pwede namo mugawas. (*If you dont have any answer, you can go out.*)
Giovanne: That's life.... you must try...even if it means getting 5. Maam did you not copy your way to college?
Maam Yvonne: Nope.
Giovanne: Then your life was boring.

Giovanne passed his papers already.

Maam Yvonne: Batchoy and Karlo!!
Giovanne: Karlo akala ko mabait ka, yun pala magkadugo lang tayo.

Avy is a silent cheater! Bwahaha. Or I have not heard her talking about it. But I saw her awhile ago approaching the front wanting to get the "confiscated" photocopy of our exam when our teacher was not looking at all. But she backed out... *laughing mischievously* saying she got scared she might get caught and get 5.

The thing is... we did not get to study our Software Engineering exam. So it was a hopeless case.
That's why everyone keeps talking the whole time. :)


Random said...

"myclonic jerks!" new knowledge for me...hehehe...

ayos ang inyong mga exams ah.hehehehe...wala akong masabi..
pam | 11.17.06 - 5:11 am | #

bwahahha!.. solo ako dun ah.. toink.. i told you hand me ur phone so i'd capture giovanne on video.. haha
Avy | 11.17.06 - 7:02 am | #

i really love reading your blog! ahahaha! your friends r so funny! ok si giovanne ah. Tigas sa teacher. sabihan mo naman ako pag naka-singko sya jan sa subject na yan. ahehehe!!! pag ako yung teacher naku! sasakit ang ulo ko sa inyo. hahahaha!
tin | 11.17.06 - 10:18 am | #

Lalaine said...

weeehhh....saya ng exam..sana gnyan din kami ng teaxher ko! hehe.. buti hindi naiinis teacher niyo kasi sinasgot nyo xa.hehe/// pero ok lng ung khit cheaters, honest nmn...
lalaine | Homepage | 11.17.06 - 5:44 pm |

tina said...

pam: yup yup. para din sa kin. bago din. sabay tayong natuto!

Avy: ayy tama diay noh ? ahihihi...

tin: Tin! if you're in our school.. grabe ud be laughing your head off. everyone is funny or trying to be. haha. we can answer our teacher jokingly...

Lalaine: ahihi. Iba kasi mga teacher namin. Di sili maxadong strict. Pero baka nag-minus na un.. kasi maingay kami. Pero pag mag answer kasi ang mga students pabiro... kaya.. di nagagalit.
tina | Homepage | 11.17.06 - 8:03 pm |

Random said...

yah..i had that same experience 2..waking up feeling nervous from nothing!!
medyo bastos | 11.18.06 - 12:57 am | #

wah! may dream din ako date na prang nahulog ako.. peo nag twitch ako... ewan.. ahhaa.. ganun ba ibig sabihn nun???
potpot | 11.18.06 - 5:03 am | #

hehe..klaro mn oist kinsa to..haha! wla lng.
kath | 11.18.06 - 12:06 pm | #

may natutunan na naman ako about dreaming particularly myclonic jerks...

kapag nananaginip ako na nakakatakot or di maganda, pinipilit ko gisingin sarili ko, hehe. kaya ko dayain ang panaginip...
iskoo | 11.18.06 - 12:36 pm | #

At long last... you have reminded me the term. I kept on thinking what it was, hehehe... ^_^ kewl!
Seiji | Homepage | 11.18.06 - 7:56 pm |