Thursday, April 10, 2008

Once again

Once again I will be out from the online world.

I do hope I get to go to a few events I've been invited to by online friends if it fits with my Mom's schedule.

  1. April 12 - SM Megamall NBS - Book Signing by Pamela Santos of The Only Thing Between Us. After a series of exchanging mails with Pamela (she has good PR with her readers and I'm sure her book would be a hit to her online acquaintances) she informed me she had it published already. I finished the book and the review is HERE.
  2. and of course the Bloggers Meet up with Ate Ann who will be in Pinas by then.
  3. April 26 - Malcolm Theater, College of Law, in UP Diliman Quezon City - The 4th IBlog Summit. I do hope I can drop by. *sigh* But, to those who want to join you can register HERE. Check the list of participants HERE.

Ill ty to visit your blogs as much as possible. See you all and enjoy the summer.

Too bad ill be missing out some events sa mga ka covs ko. Oh well.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

75 words

This is a speed type test: taken at
Just copy paste or click HERE.

This is a tag from Lady Norms, Cecil, and Livingsoul who tagged my Dance of Life.


Wanna try it? :P what's yours?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Martha's Flowers

There are new Martha Stewart's products over at 1800 flowers and is distributed exclusively. I checked it out and oh how much I wanted to have one of those martha stewart plants they have over there.Of course, these new martha stewart flowers are just so lovely and they come with a unique vase perfectly suited for the flower arrangement. How fitting! They also have a page where they give you tips about finding a perfect vase (since vases are vital to your arrangements because they balance the floral display and as well adds visual interest) for your flower arrangement. Isn't it just nice?

I saw a Martha Stewart Rose and Nerine Bouquet and it sure made me smile a million watts looking at the blend of the two colors (red and pink). If red and pink does not tickle you but it's green that brings the fresh feeling then the Martha Stewart Lotus Pod Bouquet would suit you - it is a symbol of hope and harmony. It also arrives with a ceramic bamboo grove vase.

Since, it's still a graduation week you can choose from various bouquets the perfect set for someone who just graduated. I really like the Martha Stewart Pink Tulip Bouquet in a clear glass vase - it looks so girly.

The Martha Stewart Pastel Gerbera Bouquet also caught my eye. If you don't like the two colors mixed and you prefer to have either pink or the yellow, they could arrange that for you and its called Martha Stewart Buttercream Gerbera Bouquet and Martha Stewart Pale Pink Gerbera Bouquet.

Visit and check out those bouquets that would take your breath away if it materializes physically!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blog Buddy

I got this award from tessa, two months ago.

Thank you for giving me this Blog Buddy award. So sweet of you!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jelly Beans

Aloha kids and jelly beans lovers!

I found a site that sells Jelly beans in different colors and if you want to eat those jelly beans like there's no tomorrow, you can buy them by BULK.

They have different types of jelly beans: speckled jelly beans, jumbo jelly beans, mike and ike, and hot tamales jelly beans and also rocks and candy types.

You can choose from a variety of colors and flavors like white jelly beans (coconut), red jelly beans (wild cherry), deep red jelly beans (apple), red jelly beans flecked (cinnamon), rose jelly beans (strawberry), dark pink jelly beans (grapefruit), light pink jelly beans (cotton candy), light pink jelly beans (bubblegum), pale pink jelly beans (strawberry cheesecake), pink jelly beans speckled (tutti frutti), orange jelly beans (orange n' cream), tangerine jelly beans (tangerine), yellow jelly beans (lemon meringue), pale yellow jelly beans (buttered popcorn), deep green jelly beans (watermelon), forest green jelly beans (apple), bright green jelly beans (kiwi), pale green jelly beans (key lime), green jelly beans (golden pear), green yellow jelly beans (baja margarita), dark blue jelly beans (blueberry), midnight blue jelly beans speckled (blue hawaiin), electric blue jelly beans (very blue coconut), purple jelly beans (boysenberry), purple jelly beans (grape), root beer jelly beans (root beer), deep brown jelly beans (java), dark brown jelly beans (wow! chocolate), black jelly beans (licorice), light brown jelly beans (tiramisu), off white jelly beans (french vanilla), and cream jelly beans speckled (toasted marshmallow). Cost: $4.99 per lb.

Don't you just love it when you have a variety of choices and options?

and you can buy them in packages of 40 different colors in a special price from $14.99 to $11.99 or by 20 colors from $8.99 to $7.99 or 10 Sour or not Flavors from $4.99 to $4.79. See? By getting more you pay less!

What's great about them is that all their jelly beans are certified Kosher under the strict supervision of OK Laboratories.

Buy and try it out.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Cover Girl?

You bet!

I was tagged by Lady Norms while Ate Nona tagged my Dance of Life blog.

I know I posted it a bit late.... (and I'm making a career of posting tags late.)

But, here it is.....

Tagging anyone who wants to do it!


  • Finally got "The Only Thing Between Us" book by Pamela Santos.
  • For the first time I played "Paint Ball" with friends/sisters/brothers.

Book Review: Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Payment Processing

Nowadays, almost everything is processed online specially our payments. And, sometimes there is just so much information and something new always comes up when it comes to payment processing. There are probably many a good "informational sites" about payment processing scattered just about anywhere in the world wide web. But, there is something better compared to those informational sites and it is what we call the Payment Processing Forums.

Yes, a forum. A forum is a good medium to seek out help and be updated by what's new whenever it's about payment processing. It has forums about the different internet payment service providers with discussions ranging from: General Payment Processing, E-Gold and E-bullion, Merchant Accounts, Paypal Discussion, Moneybookers, and Bank Accounts and Internet Banking. It also has forums about Electronic Payment Gateways and E-Currencies with the following discussions: Payment Gateways with and Credit Cards each with their own sub-forums. It has forums about Fraud and Chargeback Prevention (and I'm sure that place would have a lot of people who frequents it so as they would get updated) with discussions about Online Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Fraud Detection and Prevention and Chargeback and Refunds. It also has forums about Business with discussions in Ecommerce, Marketing and Webmasters. They have topics like: What is VCC? What is Payflow? Click Fraud and Marketing Mix Analysis.

Of course they also have forums where you can introduce yourself freely and some free talks that are out of topic ( a forum where you get to know other people who frequent the Payment Processing forum). A forum wouldn't be complete without a "Suggestion and Feedbacks" discussion and so they have it too making it a complete one stop drop about Payment Processing.

So, if you have questions about Payment Processing go and visit their forum to get answers and share knowledge and experience to others.