Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tag! You're IT.

I was tagged by Chris Eriz

instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. no matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

*Torn by Natalie I.
*Real by Plumb
*New Beginning by BOJC
*New World by TobyMac
*Above and Beyond (I dont know the singer..)
*The Longest Story by Daphne Loves Derby
*a soundtrack from the tokyo drift, its giving me the LSS

I am tagging: Avy, Kath , Darlene, and Jona

This will be their first TAG. hehe

Im about to attend a seminar today. So this wont be a long post.

Random Convos ICST:

Giovanne: There's a new song out, you better hear it guys!
Jesel: Really?!
Giovanne: Yeah, Ive been playing it all the time in my mp3.
Jesel: What's the title?
Giovanne: Swing Swing
Jesel: Huh? That song was released when we were in high school, that's not new.
Giovanne: It is! I just downloaded it last JUNE.

Giovanne was really ecstatic about that "new" song. Turns out we ALL heard it years back.. hehe

Thursday, September 28, 2006

United Attendance

The images below is from the Attendance sheet of our SIS clas. Yeah, the chaotic one.

The one i encircled (is that a circle? hehe) is mine. The rest I placed their names beside... (i usually quote them from my RANDOM ICST convos...) so you would know them.

And you can see.. who started that fad. That's Renel on top of the line. The country slot is kinda funny, because we all have to think of some country that starts with UNITED. There are only 3 countries that starts with UNITED. So we have to think of something much more zanier than just a "country".

The next slot is the QUOTE.... ;p random quotes..

A closer look:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Maria

I typed in "angelblush" and searched it from yahoo.

The first one I would see is from multiply, and all the other links and spots that i am on.

And then I happened to take a look at New Maria, because of the image below.

Yay! and i was really featured! so amazing!

So I am inviting you all(girls) to join that community and get your chance to be featured!

I also tried Google and searched "angelblush" and blogspot was the first in the line. There are other dating sites and blahs that has the same nick as mine, and that is NOT ME. nuh uh. You would know it is me, if

  • the name is Kristina Marie

  • from Philippines

  • and the site is not a dating site. rawr

  • Most of the people in the Random ICST convos have blogs and I have linked them in the "real life" category. They are still starting out.

    Random ICST convos:

    Scene: Strategic Information system (chaotic class)
    Sitch: Renel is going to report about one case study.

    Giovanne, JV: Penguin!
    *class hollers*
    Renel: Maam, saba kaayo sila, sigi penguin, penguin! (Maam, they are soo noisy, they always say, penguin, penguin)
    Maam Fe: Sigi saba dira, absenan nako run! (Whoever is noisy, I will mark absent!)

    Renel:......Question.... (reports in English)
    Giovanne: I have a question
    Renel: Questions will be entertained later, but I do have a question
    Avy: Huh? wala ko kasabot (huh? I don't understand)

    Me:*snickers* *giggles*
    Renel: *stops reporting* What was that? *continues*

    Renel: So that's the main problem....
    Giovanne: So, what's the point?

    Maam Fe: Naa man gud fraud.. (There is a fraud...)
    Giovanne: What? Fraud Salad ?

    Maam Fe: Kinsa na man sad nigawas oi, gi sarad-an na gani (Who went out and did not close the door?)
    Jhonnel: Si Jesel maam.
    Giovanne: Si Jesel maam.
    Renel: Naa lagi kay echo? (You have an echo)

    *Giovanne talking to someone*
    Jhonnel: Paminaw Giovanne oi! (Listen Giovanne!)
    Giovanne: *turns around* It doesn't concern me.

    Gino: *grasping for words* .... contaminate... errr
    Avy: I like the word you are using, it makes my nose bleed.

    Maam Fe: Oh, na discharge na si Johnnel.
    *everyone shocked o_O*
    Giovanne: What??! I like the terms today... contaminate.. discharge...

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Warnier Brothers

    I finally got to watch snakes on a plane yesterday. The first scenes were a bit dragging(for me), maybe because I can't wait to see the "snakes" on action, and how they would handle 500 snakes and they have nowhere to go, because they were flying on air.

    I was even delighted when i saw a cat at the "baggage" area, and said to myself "Yay, great! A cat can fight off at least one of the snakes,and would help"
    When the snakes were released (it wasn't an accident, it was planned that way), we screamed(we just want too, that's part of the reason why we wanted to watch it), guess what it attacked first? ****the CAT!***** I was like... a cat? A cat usually wins over the snake. That's not right. But the snake was kinda too BIG for the cat anyway.
    The first two scenes where the snakes gets to attack on people, is the part i detest the most. Whoever made this is a pervert. LOL. I mean, of all the places to bite, why those uhmm private areas? The first one was a couple making out at the bathroom, and you can guess that they would be the first casualty. It was quite obvious. I thought they would just make out, but it was more than that. LOL. And then came the snake.. ewww... it bit the.. i dont wanna say it. What were the makers thinking? Anyway the couple died.
    The next one was a guy who peed.. and you can guess again where it would bite! Another private part. It really was crazy. If there would be more of this, i've had enough! Turns out, that was the only 'crazy' part. Maybe to bring humor for all those 'green' people, but it really wasn't humorous for me. (but of course the movie is not for me! hehe)
    The snakes there were 'smart', one snake cut off some wirings that would later on make the airplane go gaga. And the snakes were acting unusual, snakes usually dont attack people, if they dont get oppressed.
    So, i began thinking the movie wasn't for real. This was all pure "made-up", and that this cannot be possible because there are no snakes alive in the world.. that would act, the way they acted on that plane. They were acting in frenzy, so it wasnt that realistic.
    Then, I learned the snakes were "drugged" and that's why they are all SO HIGH, and it explains most of the unbelievable parts.
    One part i found funny was when the dog(the owner of the dog is ala-Paris Hilton) was thrown to the BOA constrictor, just to distract it. And then the girl, hit the man who threw her dog, she was soo furious. And then the man who threw the dog, was then crushed by the BOA. Maybe, the snake wasn't satisfied when it was given the dog.
    The snake could be thinking like this. "I dont want a dog, I want something bigger than that, like you!"
    All in all it is an entertaining movie. Not good for young uns though, because of those supposed-to-be-censored part. Some of the parts were predictable though.

    When i was making my report last friday, my classmates fired me some korny question.
    Me: A warnier orr is a -
    Jesel: Is that what we call, warnier old? (supposed to be one year old)
    Avy: NO! that's <> A warnier is a child < /sing >
    Me: Err.. it's Warnier brothers

    It turned out the reporter was even kornier than the rest of them. LOL.

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    My pleasure is in my labor

    I was just soo busy. Two(2) reports in a week, is hardly my thing and couple it with quizzes and assignments. I guess I am still adjusting, because our school rarely gives us that much workload. Or is it my mom giving me most of the work? Or is it my sister making me burn her sound effects project?

    But anyway i usually find my pleasure around my labor rather than leisure. I love being busy and being productive than just lazing around doing nothing(although, i tend to do that.. when i am awfully tired and that's not leisure anyway because I'm resting.).

    I just learned our Preliminary Exams will be next week(thursday and friday). Then by Oct. 2 -3, i guess the students will prepare for the upcoming Intramurals this Oct. 4-6. Our Intramurals is kinda late. Oh well.

    Since, there are a few students in our college we were all divided into three teams, by picking a number in some "fish bowl" our teachers provided for us. We suggested, it's better if it is by year level, but then the sophies are outnumbered(just like last year). And they said that it is an "aquaintance/intramurals" thingamajig, so we should socialize with the freshies.

    I have no problem with that. I mean, gaining new "fresh" friends? hehe..No problem. But, i guess with the small time to prepare those cheer dances, or whatever contests they have in stored for us plus you have to get-to-know-them at the same time. You don't know blah is blah? Dya get my point? I don't know. Anyway my team this year is TEAM ONE! as in UNO!

    Me and Avy will be prolly talking head-on with our 'mates because our team is fortunately a socio thing for us because it is dominated by freshies. The teacher assigned to us is the ever beautiful "engaged" Miss Gladys. But I miss last year's team, it was a great team-up, or was it? Because at least we knew most of the students in the group.

    But then again I won't be battling or be socializing with Avy by then because I'm taking my so called hiatus starting that week. It's my first time to miss the Intramurals, and it's a shame to miss one, because our Intrams always made me do something different everytime. The last time(first year), I was the MC. The other time... well i dare not say it here. Bwahaha. Maybe this year i'd be eating fire in front of the audience for all i know. So yeah it's a shame to miss this one-time event, and to think this is my last Intramurals. But that's me, I'm always missing something every last school year.

    I just saw "Princess Diana's Secret Tapes". I don't know when this was released or something. I was browsing videos on Youtube and i got hooked to this documentary from NBC. I remember before, when she died we were all asked to make an "essay" about our reaction. I haven't finished the series though, it was cut short because my mom asked me to do some stuffs. Anyway, Id prolly finish them later. Rawr. Prince Charles, you made her suffer.... -_-

    Dear Kristina S,

    "If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble." Elbert Hubbard1859-1915, Author and Publisher

    I got that from my mail. My daily quote of the day. And it kinda answered my quote above.

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    the lone flower on a dusty road...

    My report in Entrepreneurship went well. I passed my assignments, i'm a good student this term... im making sure that im taking up every quiz that they are having and all that. Because i know i will be absent for 2 weeks. And at least I have good grades before i go on 'hiatus' in college. Bwahahaha.

    Ill be pressuring my teachers to give me more reports/projects. I dont really care anyway. I dont care about the "workload" as long as i get my 2-week-break. (I hope my teachers wont read this *crossfingers*)

    Ive done this last term.. i was also absent for almost 2 weeks, because i was taking a special "2-week-course" in iridology and sclerology. And i was about to take the International Exam to get the "CCI" (it's like M.D. for doctors or Phd). Anyway, i know i can rig this 2 week break i will be having. -_-

    Oh, i have to thank Avy for accompanying me to cross the street. Not that, i dont know "how to", but that street was like... "so new" to me. And im not sure, if i can cross it because there is no pedestrian lane or whatsoever and there was a "traffic officer" near us. And maybe she accompanied me, because i was taking her sweet time to leave the place and i was kinda delaying her. hehe sorry for that Avy.

    My teacher in economics was replaced by our teacher in Entrepreneurship. I dont know why, the new teacher left right away. Maybe, i scared her away when i told her we have "unlimited resources" if we choose to have it that way. J/K.

    Our teacher made us research about where DID OUR DEBT STARTED. Well, silly cute me just have to ask that question in class, and then instead of my teacher answering it, he said

    "Good question, that will be your assignment to be passed this friday with your reaction."

    Everyone in class, just have to look at me (am i that beautiful?) nyahaha, and cried..

    "Tina, make our reports. This is your fault."

    Oopss.. so much for CLASS PARTICIPATION. I swear, I won't ask silly questions next time around, if that is the case. I mean, it is ok if it was only me who has to research.. i dont wanna burden other classmates for that. Then again, they need the little assignments now and then, we dont have that everyday anyway.

    Last Sunday, I was in one of my mom's radical/provoking training. I learned a lot. And it changed my outlook in life. Now, i'm appreciating every "little" thing that has beauty in it. Even if it is just a small lone flower beside the dusty road.. or the blue sky, i can see beyond the horizon, whenever I'm at the top of the road.. (coz i can see it in front of me)if im walking home.

    I take in the little details, and see the beauty around me. And I have learned how to appreciate those things that I usually frown upon... and to look for something in it that would make me smile. Or even to those old people(where my heart usually cries out and want to help them)... I'd smile at them and silently say "Bless you". But of course, aside from appreciating... im also grateful for everything that goes along the way. Be it good or bad.
    Life is indeed beautiful.

    Random ICST convos:

    Maam Yvonne(in a loud voice) to Sir Marion: Sir Marion Wala man diay kay klase. Why did you not help me? (Sir Marion, You dont have a class. Why did you not help me?)
    J.V. (joiners): You do not talk to a teacher like that.

    Pearl: Maam, they won't report maam. (referring to her groupmates)
    Renel: Pearl, you do it na lang. (are you maam liezyl?)
    Pearl: But I already reported, last Friday. And i dont know this.
    Johnnel: Pearl, just report it... so we can get this over with.
    Pearl: Do you want me to just read it, then?!
    Giovanne: Well, what's new?

    Saturday, September 16, 2006

    To all ye Bloggers

    I know i just have to make a post about this.

    To all those Bloggers with Pop-Ups. It is not an I.E bug nor a Blogger bug as what most of you "identify" it with.

    I was a victim once, i thought it was just normal so i just ignored it. But someone notified me, he cant view the page because his "anti-virus" is blocking him. And he told me.. mine has. I was like.. what? So, i figured it was the "pop-ups" he was referring to. By that time, i dont have any idea what caused the pop ups.. but since he told me to take it out i looked for my own means and ways for it to be removed.

    I know "java scripts" are prone to "virus/spywares" and the like. So, i took all the java scripts out from the page, and then returned them one by one. And i found out, (i even advised some bloggers from teentalk about this) that HOSTED-SCRIPTS was the culprit.

    It was a shame, because it was really good and all that. The IP-tracker and the like, a great add on for "blogs", but if it is the cause of the ever annoying pop ups... well goodbye hosted-scripts.

    There are some blogs out there that makes my "anti-virus" go gaga.

    It was the same Pop-ups from hosted-scripts. rawrrr. I think they are evolving. lol.


    I changed the look. haha. I wanted it to be just like my mom's. I was editing her blog, and then i suddenly want something like hers.. sooo here it is.

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Unlimited Eagles

    I wasn't able to post the other day.. because my inet connection was sooo slow.. or maybe there was no connection at all. I don't know what's wrong with PLDT. Is it my modem? or is it PLDT? Anyway, if this goes on.. i'd have to call them and ask.

    Since i finished reading Parsifal Mosaic.. I'm starting "Corruption of Blood" by Robert K. Tatenbaum. -_-

    I have 2 quizzes this friday. 2 reports were handed out. 1 is to be reported this monday.. about the Economy of the Philippines along with what is entrepreneurship.

    Im not so fond with my "economics" class. I dont have any problem with the teacher.. the teacher is ok (she is new). But the subject is soo "negative". It talks about... "limited resources". My golly, if only economists knew... there is no such thing as "limited". Everything is UNLIMITED, even text messages are. It's all in the mind, humans love to "limit" themselves. You will notice that everyday.

    "I can't do that, I'm JUST...." "It would take me probably 20 years to achieve that.."

    They did not start yet, but they are already limiting their capabilities. Change your paradigm, from limited to unlimited. There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE. Everything is possible. Yes, that's an abused phrase... but it is true. Everyone acknowledges this "truth", but they don't put it to action.

    Random Convos from ICST:

    About GLOBE and SMART

    from someone: Pag globe na lagi Jesel (Jesel, switch to Globe)
    Giovan: Sige na ba, pag globe na kay mag smart naming tanan (Switch to globe and we will start using Smart.)
    Jesel: Lagi, sige lang ka delay ang message sa smart (Yes ill switch, smart always have "delayed messages")
    Giovan: Ok man ang Smart, kung kabalo ka mugamit (Smart is ok, if you know how to use it)
    Jesel: Unsaon man daw be? (And how do you use it?)
    Giovan: Dali lang na. Ioff nimo imo cellphone, kuhaon ang sim unya ibalik nasad nimo. (Easy, just turn off your cellphone, get your sim then place it back.)
    Jesel: Unya mag sige na lng ug off on off on. (And then, you would always turn it off on and then off and on?)
    Giovan: Aw, naa pa may lain na pama-agi.. ilabay na lang na imong cellphone (Well, there are other ways, you can always throw your phone.)

    About internship. Yes, our OJT will start next term along with our THESIS 1 and everyone is getting psyched.

    Johnnel: Didto na lang ta sa Pryce Tower. Naa didto si Flor (Let's apply at Pryce Tower, Flor is there)
    From everyone: Nag unsa si Flor didto? (What is she doing there?)
    Giovan: Floor Manager

    There were a lot of things that we talked about yesterday. Most of them are funny views about this person and that person. They just made it "funny" in a way, but most of them are actually "negative" POV of people in college, that gives out promises and then.. well... i dont have to make it public.. nyahaha they might be reading this.

    Last night i Had a dream.. again.. this time about an EAGLE.
    Well, the last part was i saw an eagle. I cant remember the first part of the dream. Anyway, i was standing at a thin "electricty line",( im not sure.. if it was an electricity line)and then a BIG EAGLE perched beside me. I was so shocked and then all i can think of that time was "i want to take a video or a picture of the eagle". Then i went down from the electricity line, i told everyone about the eagle, and exclaimed:

    "Wow! I think that eagle escaped from "Philippine Eagle". (Btw, Philippine Eagle is a place where all the eagles are taken care of.. that's where the famous.. "Pag-asa" stayed.)

    The eagle went back.. and swooped down and as if showing off.

    Anyway.. i again looked for the meaning, and i came up with:

    *The eagle is a symbol of great wisdom and vision. As such, it is often associated as a sacred emblem that sets the dreamer apart for special uses by the Great Spirit.

    - I can feel it...

    *In Hebrew and Greek Literature, the eagle is a symbol of power. To dream of the eagle is to be spiritually validated as a person of great wisdom and insight concerning both this world and the spiritual realities beyond.

    - Another sign..

    *If the eagle is flying free, the dreamer needs to be prepared for an opportunity to soar above the mundane, either professionally or spiritually, or both.

    -I am preparing... ages ago pa.

    *If the eagle is perched on a tree or in a nest, someone close to the dreamer is looking out for her.

    - uhmm it was perched at first... at an electrical line with me.. soo.. someone's watching over me? :P I knew that!

    *Your dream depends on its details, but if the birds in your dream were flying free, it may be symbolic of spiritual, psychological, or physical freedom. An eagle is a powerful bird and the unconscious message may be prosperity, success, and liberation from tedium.

    -mhmm.... amazing!

    Thank you Lord, for giving me all the signs i needed. I need it. Meaning im on the right track... LOVE YOU! THANK YOU....for everything... for the wisdom and the understanding... that you impart on me.. daily. And then.. thank you for the INCREASE... and that everyone who talks to me will INCREASE too.. just the way you want it. Thy WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Parsifal Mosaic

    All my movie/book reviews are in Multiply and Friendster, but this book is just so.. uhm great. And great is an "abused" word coming from me, specially if the book was written by none other than the great "robert ludlum". And to say great would be an "understatement". Cause he is more than that.

    This book was a gift from my 18th birthday by JV. Thank you JV!

    At first the book was kind of confusing. Usually when i read a "ludlum" novel, i'd be excited from the very beginning and be psyched about what's going to happen. But this book is different, the first part was confusing. Maybe, because the story was about "lies", and the truth should be hidden, and to seek for it in this book, was kinda "difficult". (of course you can always skip a lot of part and get to the whole thing straight at the back end, where the answers lie...but you would be missing on all of the action and the thrill) And the title really fitted the content of the book itself. The "lie" was so deep, that it was covered with different lies.. and thus it was called a "mosaic". A mosaic of lies. It really was a "massive mosaic of treachery".

    This was the first time that i finished a book for so long, that it took months. Because i was doing a lot of "first things first" and this book is the least of my priority these days... and since my internet keeps going on and off.. well it gave me more time to finish this book.

    This book was also.. the first book, that i hit on the mastermind... right. I know who did this and that before it was really uncovered by the book in detail. I hit on 4 of the different people who were involved in the massive treachery. And was right for my "not-liking-one-character" there, because he was one of the real insane evil. Maybe, because i have tried to understand each character that i can suddenly feel whether they would do that thing or not.

    One of the lesson was from the legend of "Icarus". Flying or soaring too high and then be blinded by the sun.. and then falling on the ground because .. your wings..... wasn't made for that. Parsifal(Zelinsky) made a man "fly and soar" high because of his "wits" people began to idolize him... they all praised his words... his intellects. He was all THAT, and to think he wasnt even the president of the U.S. of A. But Parsifal drove him far too much.. made him fly higher causing him to make decisions...that blinded him from reality.. that could prolly annihilate the whole world... and then the man.. (anthony m) who was idolized by many from different parts of the globe.. suddenly broke down... too much wit and too much thinking made him INSANE.

    Yes, the fact that would astound a lot. Imagine, the one person you thought could bring answers to every problem in the world... suddenly broke down and is CRAZY. For all the things he has to think and bring about the solution of the world.... he suddenly cannot take the pressure. But of course... the fact that he was crazy was concealed to the whole world.. until the man(Michael H.) can bring the answers.. the truth out of all those intrinsic lies.. that started at Shenandoah.

    It started there... and it also ended there. *sigh* Such a shame that Parsifal had to die.. and also Matthias.. and also Emory Bradford.. and also countless of characters.. that helped them find the truth(and ive grown attached to them). This is the 2nd Ludlum book that made me cry. Boohoo.

    And to the VKR.. whose purpose was to the good of their people.. but the ways they try to justify the purpose.. would not.. excuse them.

    How amazing that there could be people like that.. and it is true. Yes, their purpose are sane.. the fight for "justice". But the way they do it.... terrorize.. kill... treachery.. lies.. betray.. would not justify for what they are trying to fight for. And they would never win... the law of nature says so.. they might have the advantage.. but they would never rule...

    An argument from the book that i find quite "funny".

    Michael: I don't have to!! Try to understand, Doctor. A black-operation officer like MacKenzie....
    Dr. Randolph: A what?! Mac was WHITE!

    The "black" that Michael was referring to means he was an "engineer, a manipulator, a man in sanction, with the authority to bring about the events in which people might get killed, usually ARE killed because it needs to be done." while the "black" that Randolph was referring to was his "color".

    More about Parsifal Mosaic would be in my Multiply and Friendster.

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Classes just started

    My one week break is over. And i am back to school. *rawr* I just enrolled to 6 subjects this term.. and i have 6 more to go! Weee! /me jumps around with joy

    My schedule is just the same. (The time and all that). I got to catch up with most of my friends in college. And again their never ending korny jokes never fails to make me laugh and at the same time you get the pain in the head feeling.. (no, not the neck.)

    Here are the ICST convos:

    Tina: Javoy!
    JV: Aguy, murag gina pasabot nimo na baboy ko ba. (I think you want to rub the fact that im a pig.)

    Scene: Balcony (no, its not the romeo and juliet scene)

    Avy: Globe ka? (to Angie) (Are you Globe? *globe is a mobile phone service*)
    Angie: *nods*
    Giovanne: Tao siya. (She's human)
    Renel: Noooo (*shrieks*) Mundo xa. Mundoo and Vanita (She's Globe. Mundoo *supossed to be Montoo it is a name of our Turk classmate* and Vanita *the sister of Montoo*)

    Avy: Friend, Friend Dalmatian man cguro ka friend. (Friend, friend. I think you're a dalmatian, friend)
    Renel: Nooo(*shrieks*) Mestiza ko friend. (Noo.. im a Mestiza, friend)

    AVY! now you are here. Bwahaha.

    There are still a lot of "funny" taglines i couldve shared but they talk soo fast... and i cant write it haha. Yes, i write it.

    That's all for now. *dinner bell rings* My mom is calling me for dinner.

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    To be poor is a Sin.

    NOTE: Set aside "RELIGIOUS" IDEAS, for they are not pertinent to the topic. I am also not sure if i could really deliver it to you CLEARLY. That i could have handed the MESSAGE CLEARLY. For there are so many things to consider, and there are so many things to say and talk about. Situations this and that.

    Yes, to be poor is a Sin.

    Says who ? Says the ONE within YOU. Says GOD.

    No one really reads between the lines, no one really gets the whole picture that GOD wants us all to be RICH. To be rich is not to be "evil", like everyone was being led to believe in.

    We were born with a "RIGHT TO LIFE", and that would mean the right to have the FREE and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to bring about the FULL USE of OUR MENTAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL unfoldment, in short the right to be RICH.

    They said that being RICH means that you are satisfied or contended with a LITTLE. No one should be satisfied with a LITTLE if he has the CAPABILITY to HAVE MORE. To be content with what little you have, is sinful.

    What is SIN ?

    SIN = is falling short of the MARK.

    The primary Greek word rendered "sin" is "hamartia". This word essentially means "missing the mark; falling short; or a departure". The essential idea being conveyed by the use of this word is that of "a departure from holiness"; thus "hamartia" means to sin; to depart from God's standard of holiness; to become unrighteous; to fail to live up to what God requires of us. (Rom 3:23; 14:23; James 4:17; 1 John 3:4)

    And to be POOR is SIMPLY falling short of the MARK of what GOD said in

    Deuteronomy 15:4
    "However, there should be no poor among you, for in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you,

    Deuteronomy 15:5
    "if only you fully obey the LORD your God and are careful to follow all these commands I am giving you today"

    Deuteronomy 15:6
    "For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you. "

    Do not take it all literally. NATION does not simply mean NATION as in a NATION. Nation can be a PERSON too. So this wisdom, is applicable for anyone.


    But, you can only achieve it if you FOLLOW the UNIVERSAL/NATURAL LAWS that GOD has set for you.... and to be IGNORANT OF THOSE LAWS excuses NO ONE.

    As to what are those laws?

    Well, it is for you to find out... IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS AN INDIVIDUAL LIVING IN THIS ABUNDANT UNIVERSE to SEEK the TRUTH and THE WISDOM (not just knowledge and Information for they are nothing compared to wisdom) that GOD has laid down.


    Fearing THE LORD.
    "For in fear of the LORD, is the BEGINNING OF WISDOM".

    and then you "Knock, and it shall be open, Seek and you shall find, Ask and it shall be given."

    I have given you the start on... the TRUTH... that everyone CAN BE RICH, now your job is not to fall short on the mark, on the standard that GOD gave us.

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006


    Ive been hearing about a lot of Pinoy achievements lately, and i want to post them here. But it would be too lengthy and all that. So i decided to make a different blog, when it comes to "pinoy's".

    The idea struck me, when i attended some seminar in Grand Men Seng Hotel last Saturday about a certain Pinoy product, and in the end of his "SONA-like presentation" he commended all the PINOY's who won this and that. Which gave me a lot of ideas about what to blog about that day, but come to think of it... my blog post would be too long. Considering my constricted page, because i added a lot of stuffs in here to"entertain" you. uhmm Did it? Hehe

    So, i began thinking about what to name the subdomain of the blog. The "Sikat ang pinoy" phrase suddenly popped in my mind. So i said to myself, if the subdomain name of "" is not taken, it is meant to be MINE! (bwahaha). And sure enough, when i got home that day...... tada! It wasnt taken.

    I registered it, made the layout today... and i finished it. That's me, if i want to do something... right away.. i make it RIGHT AWAY!

    Please visit


    That would do it! Haha.

    Btw. My beloved mentor in IRIDOLOGY just had her work published about Q2 SPA in Philippine Star today.

    Today, i went to DFA to fix my passport! Yeah, i am travelling the WORLD! bwahaha but dont get my wrong.. there is still no place like HOME (PHILIPPINES)