Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eco City?

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I have been thinking long and hard before having this article made. One, I am not an investor and it such a shame to talk about these things and feeling quite "powerless" because I haven't made investments for the city - YET. (I need to make large amount of moolahs for that which I plan "eco" so nothing can stop me.) Two, I am not on the streets protesting about the proposed coal power plant, nor have I tried "running for a cause". I did sign for a petition letter once for the "Save the Timugan River" but that is not enough....

To talk about these things I would probably come out as a clanging cymbal. But, it's bothering me. I love Davao City so much... that even though I admired the developments hanging around the corner I have often grieved for the prices of urbanization we have to pay.

Yes, I have enjoyed technology... and yes I have contributed to the carbon footprint. I have always felt that going green is quite hard to come around specially if not everybody shares the same passion you do. But, I have been influencing my family bit by bit, because it sure takes some time to change habits. I have tried to influence people by giving them copies of 11th Hour a documentary with Leonardo di Caprio in it which is better than Al Gore's. I have supported in my own way, not grandiose (promoting them..bridging like minded individuals) various people in the environment fields: Councilor Leo Avila, Kuya JoeGreen and Loud Plastics Creation by Maej (i have yet to buy some of her green pieces.. saving up for it. hehe. ).

Last April 7, 2011 I read some articles online that Mayor Sara Duterte wanted to venture on eco-tourism and have our beloved Davao City dubbed as "eco city". I was enthused. Huwaw! Being Eco is just around the corner. But, with the recent proposal of Aboitiz to have a coal-fired power plant which they market as "clean"... I don't think the stand is consistent with the tag "eco city" anymore.

I have attended a talk with their VP in one of the meetings I joined... but because I was "late"... I never mentioned my stand on my blog. All I got was their comparison between solar, wind, wave sources with the coal plant. They mentioned to everybody that we are running out of "power" and creating wind, solar, wave powered plants would take a long time compared to the coal which is easy to make and thus would provide solution for the impending power shortage.

But, I saw online that coal is much more expensive because of it's by product. And that there is never a "clean coal".

Clean or not my heart feels coal shouldn't be here. I do hope our country will go even more "greener". Meanwhile... i'll just do things in my own little way. And continue sharing the movie 11th Hour... reduce my carbon footprint in every possible way...

the 2011 Forecast of Doreen Virtue is really coming to fruition..... Lightworkers.... who are close to the government I implore you to take one bold step to make it done.....

Note: While I was making this article there were no statements made that the coal powered plant would be in Davao City. But, I heard it has a second option which is already approved and that is Sta. Cruz.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Idiots & Aal Izz Well.

It's actually "All is Well". It's a line I used for ages and I was excited it was used in a Bollywood Movie entitled 3 Idiots. Which is a thousand times better than the Slumdog Millionaire. It's quite long... which would run for almost three (3) hours.

If you haven't seen that movie.. then you missed half of your life!

I have seen it last December 2010 (I got a hold of it because of my cousin, Ariane.)... and I have been introducing it to my friends mainly in Facebook. And to everyone I have met personally. I'd greet you with: "Have you seen the movie 3 Idiots?" and then on and on until they end up with my copy or they download it online. And everyone would always come back with excited looks saying: "Thank you! I love it!!!" (I have never met someone who says he doesn't like the movie... Seriously!)

I have watched the movie for six (6) times already... because whenever we have visitors at home and if they haven't seen the movie... we'd invite them to watch with us. And one time the principal of the High School Department where my brother studies (Southpoint School) came to visit and we asked them to take time and watch it with us.

They really enjoyed the film and got a lot from it that they shared it with the students. And students were saying: "Wala na kaming ibang paborito na movie. 3 Idiots na lang." ("We only have one favorite movie: Just 3 Idiots.)

I really made it a point to talk about 3 Idiots in my blog this time of the month because I know there are fresh graduates this time of the year...... and maybe... just maybe before you settle with a course... you might want to watch this first and get something out of it? :)

This movie is really great for everyone... .. for parents, for teachers, for students, for friends.....

ahhh basta. I suggest you guys watch this.... and spread the movie with your loved ones!

The movie is uplifting in it's own way.... and made me ponder about the choices in my life.

Since I love the movie so much I want to have my own Original Copy. It's kind of hard to get the Original Copy (I hope all you DVD distributors hear me out and sell them here in Philippines... because I haven't seen one....). Good thing I have my good friend Paul.. who will be buying a copy for me back at U.K. but he says the copy will only play with Region 2 compatible players. Yikes. Hope my DVD player is region free.

Have you watched the movie? How was it for you??

My Espresso Break Review of the movie - 3 Idiots

To make it easier for you....

that's just part 1 with english subs. from then on... you know the drill till you reach part 10.


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gecko Fever

If you are from Davao or have visited Davao... I am sure you have heard of this: "Tara bay, mangita ta ug TUKO aron maka kwarta ta!" Translated as: "Let's go and look for a gecko to earn some moolah!"

Yes! For Summer that's where most of the teenagers are... "Gecko Hunting". ( want to know what they look like and what a hunt is like? -> Albert's Gecko Hunt )

Gecko Lizard or Tokay Gecko... locally called as "Tuko" for it's unmistakable "Tu-ko" sound that would sometimes wake you up from sweet slumber.

I thought it was some sort of a joke. Making money out of some gecko lizard. I have no idea. But, I know.. Google would!!

And I kept telling them: "You've been hunting tuko's but the question is who would buy themmmm and how much??"

They say they are offering 50K - 100K for the gecko!!! Wooooo!!!!!! And they'd tell you some Korean would love to buy it.

Hah. Little did I know.... Google sure can provide you with Gecko buyers. They are looking for gecko which weighs 300-500 grams!! Now, that's rad!

Aside from the whooping money that awaits your 300-500 grams gecko they want to buy the lizard for it's health benefits. For one it is good for skin diseases and asthma.... and that they are still researching whether it can really cure HIV/AIDS. In China they use Gecko in traditional medicine and can be found in the menu.

Oh well... whatever the ruckus is.... they sure are getting money because it is currently one of the animals that has a high selling price.

I hope they'd just breed it... because I'm afraid if everybody goes for a gecko hunt our ecosystem would lose its balance. Please. let's not ruin the food chain... we've done enough to our nature to be where it is right now.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sundays and Green Peace

I recently joined a community over at Facebook called Choice Point. And they are the advocates of "Meditation". They are suggesting to do it daily.

I watched their video and was amused because my favorite authors were featured: Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra.

Doing it everyday takes a lifetime of practice. And two (2) years ago... I did it for a month and was amazed by how light I felt, and how things were going my way. I broke my daily practice because I still have a pattern - to do something but not finish it - (which I am still working on).

This will be the First Sunday where everybody can join the world by meditating at a specific time 7pm-8pm. Or if one can't make it during those time... they can do it anytime during the day.

I already campaigned here at home and over at FB.... and we have chosen to do it together tonight. A moment of silence.

Why am I doing this??

Because I want to be a part of the critical mass of hope. I know it may not be much but at least our area will be filled with light-energy field. :) If you want your place to have peaceful vibes.... encourage people around you to do the same.... even if it's not the First Sunday of the month.

If you want to join in on the event... please check First Sunday: World Meditation Day or World Meditation Day for more details.

I also joined the Green Peace Organization which campaigns online.... this time it's about UNFRIEND: COAL..... check their Facebook TV AD.

I also heard Aboitiz will be setting up a coal power plant here in Davao. I am not supporting the idea. Go Solar, Go Windmill!!! Ahhh if I have enough moolah... I might do just that!!!! (one step at a time Tinaaa).