Monday, November 15, 2010

Enriching Lives and Fulfilling Dreams

Recently, I was asked by DXN's Sales and Training Manager Mr. Paul to host the 11th Year Anniversary of DXN.

My heart automatically screamed yes! (It's not really a dream, but I have this penchant of trying new things and it'd be one for my bucket list.) But, then suddenly my mind was filled with doubt specially when it comes to moments when one has to come up with adlibs. Nevertheless, I said: "Wow! Walang problema. Medyo scary ha. Diba po may mga rehearsals yan?"

I immediately asked for the rehearsals since I'd be needing that because it will be my first time. And it's not some hosting stint where you will be given 500 guests but close to 10,000-12,000!!!!!!!!

And of course, I made kulit to get the script just so I have an idea. But, I only got the draft. So, I scoured for tips online which were not much really. And tried to catch one of my "DJ" friend Aron, but never got around to it.

Three days before the event, I flew to Manila for the rehearsals. There were a few mishaps about the time but nevertheless 2 days before the event, I was introduced to 2 of my co-hosts, Lory, and Roy. And a day before the event, we met Rick and Ami to complete the party of five. Sir Paul was our coach. :) The rehearsal was fun! We'd joke around and try to come up with our very own adlibs since we were free to change what was written on the script according to our personality. :P

(Photo: L-R: Ami, Lory, Rick, Makata, Me and Roy)

Anyway, DXN's 11th Year Anniversary here in the Philippines last November 6, 2010 at Cuneta Astrodome was a SUCCESS!

Of course, it wasn't perfect, we were given the final script on the day of the event. But, we kind of got the idea of the flow already. But during the awarding ceremonies ,we ditched our scripts, since, our DXN director made a few changes. Major changes, that even us as "hosts" were surprised by the whole thing but managed to pull everything off.

(Mom, the Cake, Mr. Ed Hao, and Dato Dr. Lim Siow Jin (CEO))

You see, our CEO was supposed to arrive as a surprise to give the highest award which was Crown Ambassador which will be received by my Dad and Mom. But, Dad was unable to make it so it was Mom who walked down the aisle with the rest of the new Crown Diamond Awardees.

And MYYY GULAAAYY! The reaction of the people. I wonder when will I be given the full video of the whole thing..... mhmmmm

(Photo: L-R: Rick, Lory, Me, Ami and Roy)

Good camaraderie of hosts and the staff was the key to pulling everything off. And that we always focus on what needs to be done and the result in the end which was making 12,000 people happy. One good thing, they say was that there was no "dull moment" or spaced out moment because we would help each other out. Also, the A2Z Band was the besssstttt!!! Rock and Rollllll!!!

I heard it was the best DXN Anniversary! And when 3 of the hot shots were asked to rate the anniversary on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 the lowest and 10 the highest. They gave the anniversary this: 9, 10 and 10.1.

and our CEO was so enthused, he exclaimed: "We should do this every year!"

It was an amazing experience to host the anniversary. We gave our time and effort as pro bono to the company. I actually just wanted the experience and to give back to the company who helped a lot of people make their lives better and fulfilled their dreams. Including mine!

Everyone was in high spirits when it ended. And my energy kind of depleted. I wasn't able to eat that much before the show because it might send me to the bathroom in no time. Nyahaha. How about next year??? Well next year, i'll hit the backstage or be a floor manager! HAHAHA.

Congratulations to all the AWARDEES!! Next year... awardee na ako dapat! Woooo.DAPAT. Universe? Woohooo.. You listening? :)

Actually the Anniversary inspired me to do more. A lot of people in DXN, is encouraging me to do even better. I've seen people who never got a college degree, but now, they look, talk and walk like some guy with a PHD! This business made a lot of household lives better and healthier. Oh, the joy!

In this business, I call myself a social business entrepreneur. Where I am not just in this business to make money.... but I am in this business to change our "society". And it starts by helping people reach their full potential in achieving their dreams and visions for the future! It's better than just making money, right? :)

Credits: My Angels and ESP, Edsel of Kasuotan, Ms. Roma (Hair &Makeup), Ate Alice, Mr. JP Bedia (Coach), Ms. Lhen, Mr. Dennis, Ms. Honey, Ms. Thess, Ms. Anna, Ms. Mechelle, Ms. Rolyn, and more.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hello November!

I don't know why I'm saying hello to November.... but maybe because I feel this month has a lot in store for me. Haha. Sweet surprises perhaps?

So.. yeah... November please be good to me.....

I've been in and out of town lately. Thus the lack of updates.

Will probably talk about my seminar-venture in UAE.

There were no Desert Safari for me, or any of those gold stores or whatever. Just plain visit to four states of UAE. and the hoarding of gadgets. Hardly hoarding. Just the essentials. Nyahahaha.

But, I'm definitely coming back for the desert safari.... one day. And, I better have me a husband... it's hard to get a SINGLE WOMAN a VISA to visit Qatar, Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf countries. But, well... that's not the priority. I'll go to countries where it's easy to get me a single woman a visa... like, say.... Europe. Wooohoo.