Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mushroom Book Stand

There's this blog party some of the Davao Blogger's are cooking up. It was Ara who informed me. Thank you. :)


I'm kinda loving my days just reading some novel in my bed, dozing off, waking up and then read, doze off again, read. Ahhh. Heaven. Then, there's the coffee or the choco drink beside and some cookies to munch on.

Yesterday, I wasn't able to get inside the house right away because the Rentokill guys are around who sprayed some chemicals inside basically to kill all the bugs/termites. They do it like once every two weeks I guess.

Anyhow, there I was stranded outside the lawn and good thing I brought the book I'm currently reading which is The Charm School by Nelson Demille. It's actually good and a fast-read but at the same time a really long book(630 pages small font).

I decided to just read at the wooden swing. I was hesitant at first because I was thinking there might be snakes around it because of the leaves. Haha. There are snakes outside cause it's pretty much like a forest around here. (Before, when we just transferred we did not have any screens yet, we would see snakes inside the house even if we were on the second floor. They would be in the bathroom, rooms and the terrace. I've had my encounter myself.) Anyway, I was thankful because it was pretty windy and I'd find myself looking up at the sky and then my gaze would stray to the rustling leaves and flowers around me and then I'd sigh. What a lovely day.

I loveee windy days when I'm outside, I do cherish the sunny mornings, and the rainy days when I'm inside. Hehe.


Awhile ago, Jona, Pearl, Renel and I dropped by V. Plaza because we were thinking the "mushroom" book stand would still be around. I called it "mushroom" because number one it has no name, number two it's like a mushroom appearing here and there and then disappearing one day which it did awhile ago. Apparently the book stand packed up and went away and I don't know when they would be back. Too bad, there were a couple of books that I wanted to buy. Anyway we ended up visiting another stall a small one compared to the "mushroom" book stand. When we left I found myself buying two Luanne Rice books. Can't help it. *sheepish smile*

Basically, I don't have anything to share right now maybe I'm just soo excited to read another part of the book I'm still reading and I can't wait to start another one. *gleee*

Have a lovely week everyone! :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Be an Inspiration

I was inspired to write a post about.. well.. "Inspiration". I read andianka's post about helping the people who were victims of the storm Reming.. and it reminded me of this topic that's been on my mind for months.

I believe one of the greatest gift one can give to a person is "Inspiration".

We can help people survive daily by giving them relief goods (yes, it's a big help too), some stuffs they need, aid them financially, treat them from this and that. But all that is temporary, after all that... what happens?

Don't get me wrong here ok? It's pretty much important to help them after the storm and give them exactly what they need physically and all that. And I do value and appreciate that there are people who shares and there are people who are getting all they help they need.

What I am trying to share is... that it's also great to give and live like an "Inspiration" to others as well.

It's like a kid getting sick and being treated kindly by a nurse or a doctor and she suddenly gets inspired that she wanted to be like a nurse or a doctor someday so that she could help many people as well.

It's like a kid who has been raised in a poverty-stricken place and that kid meets a person who is very much rich and yet down-to-earth who taught him or even just showed him that it does not need money to have money... and that EVERYONE has a chance to be like him and be MORE than what he is.

It's like Jesus who inspired Christians to live a righteous life (and i mean WHOLEHEARTEDLY) not for the sake of the religion but because it's how they see it fit. And just like Jesus who was an inspiration to His disciples telling everyone "yet, all this you can do and more."

It's like Mother Teresa who inspired many women (as well as men) to tend to the needy and was always sharing about world peace.

It's like Princess Diana who inspired many little girls (like me) to be strong and be a great help to the sick as well.

It's like Jose Rizal (well not the one about him being a womanizer but it could be as well) who inspired other writers to speak what is TRUE for them and was never afraid to die for the country and for what he believed in.

You see, every great person has an INSPIRATION. Every great master that lived in this planet somehow saw someone, envisioned someone that inspired them to be WHO THEY ARE and WHO THEY WANT TO BE.

and maybe even little things you do, might inspire somebody and wouldn't it be nice to hear about them becoming GREAT and achieving what they want someday just simply because one way or another he/she was inspired by something you did...

It's not about the material things that you give, but it's because you gave something to that person's soul to make him do more.

It's what everybody needs... an inspiration... to be who they want to be.

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. -Ralph W. Emerson.

To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being -John Lubbock

This world would be a lovely place if everybody inspire each other right?

That's what leaders do...

Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting
there; they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right
direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there. -John
And of course one cannot be called a leader if he/she did not make other people leaders like himself/herself.

We all want to help each other and the best you can do is to inspire and enrich one another.

So, set out and be an inspiration to everyone. Have a great Sunday! :)

{ I just finished Birds of Prey by J.A. Jance. Me and Tin read it together i suppose but I guess she might be busy. Review on ESPRESSO BREAK WP. Don't worry tin no spoilers or anything... on second thought... dont read it tin. Haha. after na lang. Just posted a quote that mentioned PHILIPPINES there. }

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday, there was this Career Caravan at UIC Bajada. We thought it was some kind of a seminar or something but when we arrived hosts from "Kuyaw" a local variety show here in Davao were there and it really did look like it was a variety show and not some seminar.

It turned out that those hosts are supposed to entertain the audience while waiting for "Tito Boboy" to arrive. Honestly, I don't know who "Tito Boboy" (Augusto Boboy Syjuco) was until I saw the mini book they were giving away to the people who were there. It was my first time to hear about him. I even thought it was "Buboy" from the APO Hiking Society. Hehe.

The book given away was "Salabat for the Filipino Soul" which is like "Chicken Soup for the Soul" right? But, the content is different since some of them has jokes before moving forward to a much serious story. (Actually, I did not read everything just yet. Just browsed some of them and laughed at the korny jokes inside.)

Deflate - the plates, Defrag - the frog, Devastation - the bus station.. those kind of jokes.

Oh and yeah the funny REAL NAME of SHOPS.. like

  • Bote Nga Sa Yo (Used Bottle Shop)
  • Candies be Love? (Candy Shop)
  • Common Cents Store (Sari-Sari Store)
  • CrispyPer Minute (Crispy Pata Eatery)
  • Curl up and Dye (Beauty Salon)
  • Dear Hunter (Mail Order Brides)
  • Goldirocks (Gravel and Sand Shop)
  • Juice Co. (Fruit Juice Stand)
  • Mane Attraction (Beauty parlor)
  • Mat & Jeep (Jeep Accessories Shop)
  • Meating Place (Meat Shop)
  • Meatropolis (Meat Shop)
  • Nacho Fast (Nachos to go)
  • Passers Buy (Convenience Store)
  • Saudia Hairlines (Beauty Salon)
  • Scissors Palace (Barber shop which would sound like Caesar's Palace)
  • Susan's Roses (Flower Shop)
  • The Way We Wear (Boutique)
  • Your Best Vet (Veterinary Clinic)
Which reminds me of a certain Barber Shop here in Davao named "Harry Cutter". Where else can you see these names but here in the Philippines. LOL

Oh well, Tito Boboy arrived like 3 pm and he arrived like a politician campaigning. Shaking hands, Beso Beso here and there. You can't help but think he might go and ran for office... or maybe promote someone's party which I would guess would be Pres. GMA's party. Oh well, whatever... we did not finish it since it's already 4pm and some of us still have the thesis defense the next day. We left early.

It's the thesis defense of my classmates (June, Avy, Renel, Giovanne, Pearl, Red, Bordz, Jhunnel, Cedrick, Franco and the rest of the gang). Be blessed guys!! YOU CAN DO IT. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007


It was our foundation day, and our school arranged a "party" at a clubhouse in Robinson's Highlands. I arrived with Jona, Jesel and Jhonnel. Feeling like an outcast because they are all J's and I'm a K.

It was just a get together thing. Not exactly fun, really. The usual faculty dance was there and everyone made fun of their teachers whom they don't like... or just made fun because they wanted too or they just look funny. After the dance their jaws hurt from laughing and they complained about it, and I think I heard someone say it was a good thing at least it was an exercise. The Accounting Class had their presentation (which I am supposed to join but managed to get away). It was some sort of a drama not bad for a 2-day practice. Michael's dance group well.. danced. It was good. They were all good, specially Millette. I don't know how to spell her name.

The food was uhmm like something you'd get from a karenderya. Sorry. But, it was just not good.. specially when we found out something I dare not mention at all. o_O It is utterly shocking and uhmmm eekie, yuckie, mickiee.

They showed the pictures from previous ICST events....

Like the Valentine's Party at AJ's disco-bar something I did not attend because as you well all know I'm such a baby and was never allowed to stay out late. (But, i bet this was the party everyone enjoyed...)

The First Foundation Party at Kuya Ed's and was not even held at the main restaurant but at the back which was frustrating because everything was just.. soo.. never mind. June, Giovanne, Pearl and I made our interpretative dance for the opening prayer which was choreographed by Vanessa.

The Christmas Party I also failed to attend cause I was out. Which I figured was ok since the food I heard was not GOOD as usual.

They showed our past works in our Multimedia class...

The advertisement about the cake and the "mag-sandal ka na lang". I will post them here once I get the video.

Their own music video with the song Narda by Kamikazee. That video was hilarious.. I will post it in youtube as well when I get the copy.

Seems like I did not had fun.. but it was fun because my friends were there and just made everything look funny.. giving light to the situation. Parties should be well organized specially if it happens once a year, you know.

First year - Acquaintance party, Culmination Night, Christmas Party, and a Valentine's Party.
Second Year - Culmination Night, Foundation Party and a Christmas Party
Third Year - Christmas Party and Foundation Party

You see how our college cut down the partiessss??? I wonder if there would be any left for next year. :)

Afterwards we all had the usual "crazy" photo shoot.US. Most of them has blogs and are mentioned often here in mine. You can visit them. :)

Giovanne, Jesel, Jhonnel, Red, Jona, Avy, Pearl, Renel and Kath.

They all went to Autoshop afterwards and partied till 2. That's what I heard. Haha. I went home right away. Sheesh. Partypooper. :P

Photo credits: Avy, (for the solo pictures & group pic), Franco (some of the group pic) and Me (some of them.)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Missing my pink

Got tired of the other layout. I'm missing my pink! Haha. Wanted it to be pink and uhmm girly? I dunno. Oh and just a simple header as well.

Inspired by the song: Without you by Justincase and Michelle Branch. Like it soo much.

I think I'm already making a career of skipping class. Heck. T_T This is what happens when I get tired of all the same old thing. Or maybe because I'm done with my first defense and I don't have to worry about anything except turning over my "revised" thesis to our admin.

Tata for now. Just a short post. Oh and Pam, I can't make your layout cause your in WP, I still have to learn how to. Richard will just have to be patient about his. Hehe. Still looking for other inspiration. Nyahaha.

Tata for now have to rush rush to college and pass my thesis.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I was in Pluto's blog awhile ago and he mentioned Manny Pacquiao. I remembered a couple of things. No no no, scratch the thought I won't even mention his running for whatever-position-this-election.

I remembered Manny in my dreams. I don't know why in the world he was in my dream (maybe because yesterday my mom mentioned Manny and was asking if he is really serious about running and all that). I don't remember seeing him in my dream all I remembered was some lines that goes like this..

"Manny died..."
"What, he did? So he won't run after all?"

Stupid question. But it's a dream. I searched the net for it's meaning and here it is...

To see others dying, forebodes general ill luck to you and to your friends.

I'm not sure I saw him die... I forgot. -_- All I know was that he died there.

Next dream:
(Yes, I had a long dream. Three different dreams in one night. Another triple treat.)

All I remember was there's a mouse... a talking one that is. He was brought into a room full with books and it was placed in front of the aircon. It was left there, the mouse was an important rodent there, and we got soo busy (I don't remember who I was with) talking we forgot all about the mouse. Then we realised that we brought the mouse/rat with us and when we tried to take a look... the mouse/rat was freezing. In fact, it freezed to death.

To see lab animals in your dream, suggests that an aspect of yourself is being repressed. You feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to experiment with your fears, choices, and beliefs. Try not to limit yourself.

Another meaning is:

It is an unlucky dream to see domestic animals dying or in agony.

Another one:

A rat is a sign that negative influences are undermining your vitality. Dreams about rats and mice usually reflect the worries which are "gnawing" you. Seeing a rat: you will go through some unpleasant experience with other people.
Third Dream:

We were watching a movie "Annie Hall". (I did not know there was a movie like this until I searched it.) But the movie in my dream is not romantic, it's actually mortifying. It has zombies walking around while I am in the movie (yes, I'm inside the movie as well) the zombies has those stuffs you have on the hospital. I don't know what you call them. They are like from hospitals with tubes walking outside a park, street or something. It was totally freaky.

Dreaming about the living dead may carry a powerful message. If you are "walking around like a zombie," it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you. You may be experiencing unhealthy detachment and are unable to appropriately feel positive or negative emotions. Currently, you may be out of touch and outside of the main flow of life. This dream could positively sever you and help you to become aware of emotional issues and circumstances in daily life that are difficult to face.
Whatever it is.. I don't remember being a zombie.. it was the people around me.

Then I was in a car with my sister. She was playing with the car window attempting to open it. And I was like... "stop playing with it and don't open the window we might get infected". I was really nervous and fidgety by that time. Attempting to close the window (it's automatic so the window go up and down). Then there were soldiers beside with a big missile and they sprayed something through the window and my sister closed the window herself. I told her...

"Look, what you've done... now we are infected and I can't breathe... can you?"
"Yeah, I can.. but it's hard."

The next thing I know we were in a mall. Meeting up with Dra. Beth and the rest of my cooking class classmates. They were all there and we asked Dra. if she has some remedy. She gave us some stones and said to pound and rub it all over our skin and smell it. It felt like it was a soap and we were rubbing it. In my mind I was looking for my parents and brother for other family members, I want them to be with us. I wanted to warn them about the situation.

The whole duration of the dream I was running around the mall looking for the rest of the family members.

Whatever my dream meant it was not good. Pretty bad omen it is. I know that dreams come true when you allow them too... specially the bad ones. They just warn you about what can happen in the next few days whether you are conscious about it or not.

Basically, some of them I am really feeling specially the one about suppressed. Oh well.... We will see. I wanna change it... and I can.

The last dream... I don't know how to search for their meanings.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Dalmatian

This is my Dalmatian Post. 101. Haha. :P

Here’s the catch, the title is, 15 simple but amazing facts about me. All you have to do is to post random facts and make it as interesting as possible. The facts doesn’t have to be positive attitudes, this will just widen the knowledge of the readers about you. You have to tag 3 more people after this. Goodluck! : Tagged by Abi

How do i make something ordinary into something pretty interesting haa? I'm not so sure if my 15 facts would be amazing... but here goes nothing....
  1. When I'm about to reach the last stage of school, I wanna get out of that school quick. It's a wonder I'm in college without quitting at the last stage(although, yeah I've been dropping hints and say "Ma, I wanna stop."). In elementary I switched to a public school when I was in Grade 6, and in H.S. I switched to "home study" during my 4th year.
  2. One of the reasons why I wanna stop when I was in my 4th year was because I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"... and I don't see any point for me to study when I can go and make money and get real FINANCIAL education outside school. Don't flame me, I know how "education" is important but it really depends on where you are getting your degree you know.
  3. I never attended a prom, because there was no chance to. When I was in 3rd year our school did not allow the prom due to an incident from the last year batch and I was having my "home study" when I was in 4th year. -_-
  4. I dreamed of being a spy/detective/CIA agent when I was young. Until now, I think it's cool, but then there'd be days when I have to take someone's life when I have that profession... soo fat chance.
  5. I don't like guyabano and pineapple.
  6. I love vanilla ice cream shake.
  7. I'm a crybaby. I cry when I'm angry, happy, confused etc.
  8. It is in my nature to be sweet to selected people...
  9. I stay away from people I can't understand.... but sometimes I feel bad about it.
  10. I'd rather give :P
  11. I only get moody at home, specially when I'm in front of the PC and they go "annoy" me. I'm trying to change it.
  12. I don't like replying to unknown texters. I'd reply only once.. and that's it.
  13. I used to play the piano and have piano recitals when I was in kindergarten but I stopped due to "money matters" but now when I can... I can't because.. I can't make way/time for it.
  14. I prefer reading books than going out.
  15. I love beaches when I was young, I still love them but I don't swim like before.
So that's about it.

I'm skipping a class again. I'm slacking off because..
  1. I only have one class (and an hour long) to attend to.
  2. Waste of money
  3. I still have to revise my thesis
  4. I can't move my butt off the pc now that I'm blogging.
  5. I'm thinking of soo many alibi's but the main reason is....
  6. I don't want to go.
Have a great week everyone. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Triple Treat

Triple Treat day. This calls for a celebration! Wooohoo!! :)

  1. It's my Dad's Birthday. (Yup, in our family we have 3 feb. celebrants me 13, darlene 15, and my dad 18). So, it's like a one week celebration here... and the grand finale would be my dad's birthday... and yeah that's today. Hehe.
  2. It's CHINESE NEW YEAR! So Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! (Where are my ang pow's?)
  3. Last but not the least... This is my 100th post. Haha. Is it a good omen? Having your 100th post by Chinese New Year haa?
Anyhow, yesterday I had my Thesis 1 FINAL defense. It went well actually, the panelists were not that bad. They did not ask too many questions, they just suggested this and that, and basically those corrections are all about my thesis format which I need to revise again... but nothing too drastic.

I am actually frrreee!! Woohoo. And maybe next next week I will be working on my Thesis 2 which would cover Chapters 4 and 5 of my Thesis book.

Today? There will beee a a couple of visitors. Well, actually a select few. Just some get-together thing and so everyone's busy... and I guess they would call me now and then to help them.

My sister sends her regards to those who greeted her. She has her own blog but she's not updating it. She is soo busy with her Korean/Asian-forums. *rolling my eyes*

Have a great Sunday and KUNG HEI FAT CHOI.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pooh Cake

Happy Birthday to my sister DARLENE! She's 14 now. Love you!!

I chanced upon the Book Sale Victoria Plaza has awhile ago... wooo I can't resist the urge to buy 5 more books. I can't wait to read all of them!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's

By the time you arrive here, I know you've had enough of the "Happy Heart's Day" or the "Happy Valentine's" greet. :) But then hey, love is everywhere whether it's the love month or not.

However you spent your day today... I KNOW IT WENT WELL. With a special someone, with your friends, or your family.

How I spent it?

*I invited Jona, June, Pearl and Renel to a "training" in the office. My mom is the speaker.

*By 9:30pm we went to Mcdonald's (no more spaces in the restos, as you all know EVERY RESTAURANT is FULL!). But at least, the place was nice even with candles and rose petals at the stairs.

So once again, HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY and spread the love bug across the world. Love you all. :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Incarnation Day

Before anything else I would like to greet Ate Ghee and Sid a Happy Birthday! And I would like to thank everyone who greeted me the past few days and specially today. Really. I appreciate it lots. You don't know how it made me smile. The simplest "Happy Birthday Tina" made me smile 1000 watts. Nyahaha. You guys are all soo sweet.

First Birthday msg i got from CBOX: Ate Sasha *thanks thanks soo muchie.. sa greet and for waiting till 12 Ate. *HUGS* And I did not know you would send me something... Thanksss *HUGS*

First Birthday msg i got from SMS female: Avy thanks!!!! I still remembered how I thought it was Nov 6 already but it was still Nov 5 when I greeted. Rawr.

Actually Avy's greet came with Dwinny's. sooo

First Birthday msg i got from SMS/call Male: Dwinny Thank you muchiee laa. Haha. Appreciate it. *hugsssss*

My lovely girlfriends that are in Italy right now. Who featured me in their bloggies days in advance: Arianne and Ychel (*i think I should call you ate... haha can I? *) and Glenna.

Of course Bry!! Who featured me too nyahaha and the comment in Friendster... as in. Appreciate it.

For Ate Nona who did greet me on her blog as well...

To everyone online: who greeted (belated or in advance... )

Kuya Angelo,Tin,Ate Ann, RV, Dimaks *he greeted me and said belated hehe*,Richmond, Iskoo, Pam, Kev, L.A. Mikko, Kuya Hermie, Shoshana, Henzel, Denise, Phia, Abi,
Mauwy,Richard,Pot,Nicole,Arnel *said belated too*, Ate Serey, Nicole, Dhea, Joe, Keekee, Sidney, Jhenny, Mousey *For teh choir!! Thanks thanks cute ang choirrr mo!! haha* and Joy

Today is my Incarnation Day. I did not have any plans really. I wanted to do something spontaneous, I just wanna flow this day. My mom kept asking me for about a week about how would I spend it, or whatever but I can't answer her cause I still haven't decided. She keeps asking me what I want, I wanna tell her 'You wouldn't wanna know!'. Hehe.

My sister Darlene and brother Paolo sang Happy Birthday while I was in bed waking me up before they left for school. Soo cute with action. Sweet. I was still in bed for an hour and my mom sang in my bed again. Waking me up, reminding me for our session with Ate Jaq and Kuya Jo a Chiropractor. I had my first Chiro session. Nice. :)

I turned the PC on I was shocked to see my face all over the screen. My sister made me a "Birthday Desktop". That's why she asked me last night how to change the desktop background.

Darl: Ate, How do you change the desktop?
Tina: Why? You wanna change mine? Don't...
Darl: No. It's our IT Exam.
Tina: Oh ok. *shows her how to do it*


I went to college still pondering on what to do and June, Renel, Avy, Kuya LL, Red and Ced was there greeted me a Happy Bday oh and my teachers too. (Maam Fe, Sir MJ, Maam Yvonne, and Maam Liezyl) I thought there would be a meeting for our Thesis 1 but there was none. I ended up treating the girls(Avy, Renel (yeah she's a girl), June, Jona, and Nessa) for 2 hours at Pizza Hut.

The plan was actually for everyone who "remembered" my birthday. Haha. So those who greeted and was with me got to be there. I went back to college for our 3pm class and there I was with my guy friends and Pearl and they all knew.

I ended treating the 2nd batch(Pearl, Giovanne, JV, Bordz, Red, Ced, and Franco) for Dunkin Donuts eat all you can. I'm not sure, if they'd had enough. Haha. I sent a dozen donuts for the teachers. :) Naw, I'm not a teacher's pet. I just love them (some of them ok?) that's why.

I got calls in between and text messages. All of them my friends from highschool, relatives, and aquaintances. (Aunt Tita(call*dawn*) ,Matet, Angelica(call), Emel, Ate Jill, Ate LJ, Ate Kai, Hannah, Mike(call), Ate Tonet(call), Lola Rosa(call), Aunt Emee(call).)

Just to let you know EVERYONE and I mean ALL OF YOU(online and offline) ... that you ALL MADE MY DAY. The simplest greetings tooo the gifts from the heart are sweet. Thank you Nessa for your advance gift yesterday... that was so sweet.

I'm also celebrating ONE YEAR WITHOUT AN ALLOWANCE. Yeah, when I was 18 my parents placed me on a test to stop giving me my allowance as her financial training (it was a choice between me having to pay college with allowance or parents paying college without an allowance). Tough. But I have to choose the allowance, that's why it made me go to college with 14php in my pocket. Nyahaha.

Anyway, my mom is giving me back my allowance for 6 months(cause she made me stop my burning thingy, that was my main source of cash flow) and then really stop giving me allowance after it. Sooo I'll be having my allowance back tomorrow.

I got four new books (can't help it) and four cakes (picture shows only three) . Holding my fave cake.

2 cakes given by Ate Mayeth, Ate Maricel, Ate Abeth, Ate Alice and Ate Janice

1 from mom. Actually 2. I did not get to take a picture of the 4th one. Hehe

Lovely day to you all. Thanks guys!! :) It was a nice day.. and I'm 19! Woo. I better get used to the age then. Haha. :P I'm at the brink of leaving my teenie yearss...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Shuffled Horoscopes

Last night I was browsing my emails and chanced upon Ana's. A friend of mine. She asked me to prepare some stuff for the debut of her sister (e.g. Invitation and Souvenir) which I accepted. Then, I browsed Friendster clicked the "Read Horoscope". (Which I don't normally do... I mean I think I checked my horoscope in friendster just 3 times all these years)

"Someone will ask you to arrange an event. Go and grab it!"

Well, not exactly the exact same words but basically the meaning is all the same. I was like "Woah! Wait a minute..". I mean I'm not exactly arranging the debut, but it's somehow more like arranging part of it.. you know it's somehow related. Haha. It's fun.


Got this from Patty. I was intrigued and since I'm talking about horoscopes let's take something out of "Chance". Like Random mp3 songs shuffled....
  1. Put your music player on shuffle.
  2. Press forward for each question.
  3. Use the title as the answer to each question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING
How are you feeling today? Never Ever - All Saints *Never ever grow old TINA!*

Will you get far in life? Out of the Blue - Aly and AJ *This is a sad song. rawr. I will go far still. I should*

How do your friends see you? Jeepney - Kala *Oh ok. Is it because I think a lot on jeepneys? Which I know they did not notice.. hehe.*

Will you get married? True - Ryan Cabrera *o_O*

What is your best friend's theme song? Alone - My Girl OST *Waaah Alone?*

What is the story of your life? Heaven - Bryan Adams *Nice. Life is somewhat a heaven for me... I choose to live it like im living in heaven..*

What was high school like? Almost - Bowling For Soup *True. True. I almost.. dropped out.. almost popular.. nyahaha. Just almost... Oh and i ALMOST had fun.. *

How can you get ahead in life? Umaaraw, Umuulan - Rivermaya *Wag mong pigilan ang pagbuhos ng ulan.. May panahon para maging hari.. May panahon para madapa... Dahil ang buhay natin ay sadyang ganyan*

What is the best thing about your friends? I still believe - Mariah C. *I still believe we will all go far guys!*

What is today going to be like? Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy *Bwahaha. I actually wore something I don't usually wear. Oh nothing sexy though. Lol*

What is in store for this weekend? Deep - Binoculars *Heads on deep on thesis this Saturday*

What song describes you? Grazing in the Grass - Raven Simone *Im a goat? LOL Dig it! Ill take consolation sa lyrics... Sure is mellow (I'm mellow) grazin' in the grass.. What a trip just watchin' as the world goes past (uhm observer?) There are so many groovy things to see (appreciates?) while grazin' in the grass... Flowers with colors for makin', everything outta sight .. (loves flowers and colors.)*

To describe your grandparents? Ultimate - Lindsay Lohan - *Cool!*

How is your life going? - Hopeless Love - Daphne Loves Derby *Ehem... ^_-*

What song will they play at your funeral? Deja Vu - Beyonce *Deja Vu... We've been here before.. ahh?*

How does the world see you? Open Arms - Mariah Carey *Yes World!! I have open arms. Love you world. Nyhaha*

Will you have a happy life? On my way down - Ryan Cabrera *On my down to the state of happiness....*

What do your friends really think of you? - I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith *Kinda. dont wanna miss an opportunity.*

Do people secretly lust for you? Somebody to love - Brittany Murphy *Nope. because I am someone to love nyahaha.*

How can i make myself happy? Waiting for Tonight - J.Lo *Eh..? o_O*

What should you do with your life? Flying Away - Moony *Nyah. Ill fly away?? Wooo Lovely!! ill fly to all the parts in the world...*

Will you ever have children? Pangarap Lang - Yeng Constantino *Bad!*

Oh well.. some have crazy results.. others are fine.

Thank you sa lahat na nag greet!! :) Lab you all!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fuel My Blog

The seminar I attended last Friday was about the "Natural Eradication of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer". Our speaker is a Malaysian Naturopath Physician named Dr. Wong. He was a great speaker. Very enthusiastic and funny at the same time. He won't tell you his age... but he clearly looks "aged" but with no wrinkles. And he said he did not use Botox for it he just took what he suggested to us.

Basically he is under Dr. Rath Foundation. Dr. Rath wrote a book entitled "Why animals don't get heart attacks.... but people do?". In the book it is well detailed about how to eradicate cardiovascular diseases. He says all cases would succeed, if and only if they follow the protocol. Mind you, everything is natural this is without chemo and radiation.


I'm inviting everyone to join Fuel My Blog, the great wall of blogs and get your chance to be the blog of the day like moi.

They have contests and all that, you can participate as well. I'm reviewing 24 season 5 and writing down their conversations. Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

I moved my Espresso Break to Wordpress instead. It's neat.

Espresso Break

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Al dente

Everybody kinda freaked out about the chicken and the pork ha?

We stopped eating pork 11 years ago, ever since my dad was half-bodied paralyzed. He is well now. Doing great. Really.

It wasn't that hard for me, because I was not attached to pork, although yeah my favorite tocino would be a no-no anymore until they invented tuna tocino, and tuna of everything which makes a good alternative. Eventhough it's a far cry from pork, it will do.

Chicken contains salmonella and other bacterias (sabi ng chef namin! haha) and so does any kind of poultry. That's why they recommend everybody to use different chopping boards for Chicken, Meat & Fish, and Veggies so that veggies and other meats would not be contaminated by any form of bacteria from the chicken. It's safer to have separate chopping boards right ?

I searched the net, you might be interested with some of their infos: PCRM

and just to be sure that there are a lot of available sources about this.

It's not that we will not eat chicken anymore, just moderate. Remember, too much of something is bad? To at least kill the salmonella in an egg.

Here's how you do it:

*Boil 2 inches water in a sauce pan and then cook the egg for 45 seconds.

and you can do whatever you want to do with the egg.

Most of the parasites comes from PORK. That's why we stopped it right away. Hard, but hey it is your choice.

Remember, everything in life is a choice. One way or another those choices will lead to different results. And no one is to be blamed. You made a choice. End of story. You can always choose again.

(I'll be attending another seminar tomorrow about Cardiovascular-something err I forgot the whole title.)

( Don't mind my title. Trip ko lang. After-effects ng cooking lessons. Haha)

Random Convos:

*cooks something in the oven*

Class: Amoy Ipis (smells like roaches)
Ate Mildi: Baka may ipis sa oven. (maybe there are roaches in the oven)
Dra.: May ipis nga. (there is...)
Ate Mildi: So, luto na siya? *ate.. obyus po... nangangamoy na eh* (so, its cooked already?)
Class: Laughs
Ate Suz: Kahapon pa siya naluto... kahapon pa namin yan ginamit eh! (It was cooked yesterday! We used that yesterday.)
Dra: Eh di cremated na siya... (Then it's cremated)

*note: the ipis i think is under the oven. It was cleaned before it was used.*

Cheers to life and healthy living!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Healthy Gourmet

Yesterday, Pearl (who stayed overnight at our house) and I were late for almost an hour for our supposed to be "preliminary defense". As usual, it was cancelled and instead our admin just told us to submit our thesis (Chapter 1-3).

I'm attending a two-day Healthy Gourmet Cooking Class under Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences. All the recipes will be veggies and pasta, basically healthy food. It also talked about Food Safety and Sanitation. I had fun and learned a lot specially about sanitizing food. All the recipes are yum and basically easy to prepare and the ingredients would be easy to find. (Now, I wanna be a chef! Haha. Joke. Just wanna learn how to fix food the healthy way.)

Did you know?

Did you know food that are prepared in microwave can cause illness? It is the most ignored cause of illness. Banned in Russia by year 1976 and is not used in Mcdonald's.

Eating microwaved food:
  • Increases cholesterol
  • Increases white blood cell numbers
  • Decreases red blood cell numbers
  • Causes production of radiolytic compounds (compounds unknown in nature)

You can heat food quickly in a convection oven. It's just an ordinary oven with a fan.

You can also easily and quickly heat up food, even frozen pasta, by using a saucepan with a lid and a little water, to moisten it from the steam.

Did you know that Chicken is the most bacteria filled meat (contains Salmonella and the likes...) while Pork is the most parasite-filled meat?

Do you know how long it takes to cleanly wash your hands? Sing Happy Birthday and that's how long it takes to wash your hands.

Updated:Espresso Break

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rainy Days and Sundays

I love the weather! This weather is supposed to be for November - December. But it seems like the planet shifted or the weather shifted and now we are having a rainy January. Or was it like this last year too? A great weather for a vacation, a much needed rest. Too bad, everyone is supposed to go out under the rain and sometimes when it's raining cats and dogs you go spend your extra money for a taxi if there happens to be a taxi available.

During rainy seasons, I prefer to just stay at home. That's why no outdoor adventures this time. I've been reading books, making the first three chapters of my thesis, and i've been in and out of mom's office and college. And that's about it.

Thanks to all those who greeted me Happy Birthday. No plans so far. Besides, two days after would be my final defense for my thesis. So, maybe post-birthday party would do. Haha. I don't know.

To all Love Month celebrants: Ate Ghee and Tin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I'll be posting 2 random pictures I unearthed from my picture files.

The first picture was taken two summers ago at Buda. (I hope I got the spelling right) It's from Seagull Resort. Cold weather and foggy. I'm not part of the group. Haha. I did not enroll for a summer class so I did not get to go with them.

From L-R: Evan, Norman, Renel, Avy, and Bordz.

Just wanted to post it cause it's cute.

The second picture on the left was taken at Lolengs Mountain Resort. The view of Apo, the sunset and sunrise of this place is heaven. Nice walk at the woods and a good spot for reading. Haha. Really. See that book I'm carrying? I'm the pink ladeeh.

Which reminds me, I will have a special edition of the DAVAO spots I've been to and scan all those pictures for you guys to see.

I will one day.

I just finished a book entitled Cold Sea Rising. It mentioned Philippines and Manila. Haha. Wala lang. It's quite rare to read novels and have our country mentioned. It's interesting to know what they thought of our country. This is the third fiction book that I've read that mentions Philippines. Review @ Espresso Break

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love Bug

Just got that image somewhere off the net, a long time ago. I can't remember where....

How fast time flies.I can still remember last year's Love Month. I guess it's time for me to share the Unconditional Love topic, since it's just fitting what with all the reds and chocolates around teh corner. But not today, one day this month.

I'd like to thank Arianne for featuring me in her blog. So sweet of you sis. :)

I was tagged by Katia about the 5 secrets? I'm still thinking about what secrets to share. (Mawawala essence ng secrets ko!! Harhar)

Here goes nothing..

1.) I talk to myself in front of the mirror or even when I'm alone walking, it's as if I'm part of a play making up lines as I go along... (am i insane? or is it just a product of wild imagination? )

2.) When I'm in the bathroom, I always bring a bookI am currently reading and read a few pages.

3.) I "borrowed" a ring from my tita when I was like in kinder. "Borrowed" means got it without asking because I will be returning it anyway. I just want to be a big show off to my classmates and with a look that would say I-have-it-and-dont-think-you-can-have-it-too. Anyway, there's this close classmate I have and she said she'll borrow it overnight but then days passed she did not return it to me. What's worst is that in our house, they are looking for it... and I have to pretend and yeah lie that I don't have it and I did not get it. T_T Until now, it's a mystery...

4.) I have a crush in kinder.. and I remember sending notes to him that I like him. Bwahaha. I don't know where I got the idea.. I was young then. Maybe I was just following my classmates. I'm weird... and I regret sending those notes.. coz now I know better. (Hey... this is too much.. Kakahiya na *blushes*) Just to let you guys know... that was the first and the last.

5.) When I was young and when I meet babies younger than I am I would bite their ears or pinch them. So far, there are two incidents that I remember.. first one was my cousin.. I just sank my teeth into her ears till she cried and was scared out of my wits because I don't know why I did it. The other one was my brother... i just pinched him.. no reason at all.

OMG! What I've been doing in the past are weird. Really.. I don't know why.. someday I will know why. There's a weird streak in me...

Sorry.. just can't think of any secret to reveal. Now.. im beginning to think I'm weird.. unless I am not.

Wait.. I just remembered my 6th secret... (may additional pa ha!)

6.) I was in elementary.. and backstabbing each other is pretty much a fad. I don't like being backstabbed or hated by friends or classmates. So, when I had a fight (I forgot what was the reason.. all I know is that I'm not talking to them...) I went home. Locked myself in mom's room (mom was not around.. and Im pretty sure they don't know about this.) attempting to kill myself (really im that weird) making a suicide note...plus a drawing using a black crayon with coffins and all... and writing in a childish-scribble "If I die.. no one would cry...everybody would laugh..." Something like that. After the drawing.. I cried.. then crumpled it. Opened the door. End of story.. Back to reality. Forgot the whole ordeal.. made friends with classmates.

I don't know. Have I been watching too much movies or TV shows before? I don't remember because I'm always not allowed to watch TV and soo my TV days are limited.

Ooohh wait.. Its the HORROR movies I;ve been watching when I was young.. Candyman..etc. etc.. which would lead to another secret... but then it would be 7 right??? Enough. Haha Im scaring you already.

I hope I'm not scaring youuu... Muwaha