Thursday, November 30, 2006

Raw and Rainbow Salad

Raw Food.

Last December, this kind of diet was introduced to us. Not because we want to slim down or something, but because of "health" reasons. :) We had this camping thingy from Dec.25-Jan.1. Yeah, we spent our Christmas Day and New year's eve and day together. It was a fun family camp. We even had our "Kamuritsing Race".

At first, eating the "raw food" was a struggle. *gah* Really, kids/teenies would not even eat cooked veggies, how much more RAW? Ha... RAW?

But of course, we were not forced to eat it. It was just introduced to us. So, for how many days at that camp, our vendo machine which sells coffee and cocozhi (a choco drink) from DXN was very much saleable. Kids would flock to cocozhi, while the adults at the coffee. Nyahaha. Just to wash down the *ugh* taste *ugh* of the veggies.

My mentor in Iridology, has the same kind of diet. She introduced this "rainbow" salad, which was served in a fashionable manner, and it looked edible enough. It was yummy. :P

And she told us:

"Enjoy eating raw veggies. If you don't enjoy eating it, then it's good if you do not eat it.. because it would do you no good."

So... if you don't enjoy eating it. Stop the raw food diet. Try to enjoy it though, because our body really needs those alkaline food. -_-

What are the kind of veggies that we eat in raw?

Almost every kind. I think, we tried a lot of kinds. We tried, carrots. Carrots is yummy. But, it's stressing too munch it like a rabbit. Cabbage/Lettuce - they are leafy, so it's easy to eat them. There are different types or kinds of cabbage and lettuce. Some tastes like water, which is ok... others.. well... never mind. We even tried sayote. Sayote, tastes ok... but too much of it.. is *blech*. Pipino, yeah ok naman ang lasa syempre. Sadyang, raw talaga ito pag kinakain. Tomatoes is ok.

The worst "raw" veggies I have tasted.

Saluyot - *gah* Tastes like "grass" and smells like one. When I eat it, I go "Mehhh mehhh" like a goat.

Kalamunggay - It tastes good when cooked. By golly, when raw? I can't explain it. lol
Squash - it's ok at first. But too much of it? *blech*

Gotocola - best eaten raw talaga ito... but.. uhm... it's not yummy ok? But, it helps a lot in your system. Try to eat 2-3 leaves a day. :)

Ampalaya - *blech* It's not even yummy when cooked, how much more raw? We ate this, when we were having our "Kamuritsing Race". Before we start our challenge, we have to eat the obstacle... which is eating all the "raw" veggies placed in front of us... and one of them is ampalaya. Imagine, eating a whole ampalaya? *gah* I never tried it again. Pure torture. (but it was fun... cause it was part of the race. hehe.. but no one ate it at home. Ever)

Camote - *hah* Ever tried, eating it raw? It's hard... it feels like eating a stone. But, it tastes fine.

Anyway, our "raw food diet" at home mainly consists of: carrots, pipino, cabbage, lettuce and gotocola. :)

Do you guys still eat veggies? How's your "healthy diet"? :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Freedom of the Seas

I skipped my one and only class today. My Php 14.00 worth of class, cause I have to spend 14 pesos for a single 2-hour class, and yet nobody shows up but me and Gino.

Awhile ago, there were a lot of things running around in my mind.. but I can't think of anything to write now. Haha *gah* No, not blogger's block. So many things, and yet I dont know where to start.

I'm re-reading The Alchemist. The book written by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, "Why we want you to be rich" is lying beside a chair, unfinished. The book which is a Pulitzer Prize Winner, and should be very exciting entitled "The Soul of a New Machine", was boring me to death and so it remains unread. (ma-detalye kasi) Nyahaha.

I searched the internet to answer some of the questions raised about QM2.

It WAS the world's largest cruise ship when it first set sailed. But, it's title was taken last May 2006 when the newly built "Freedom of the Seas", arrived in New York Harbor from Southampton, Britain, which is 237 feet tall and 1,112 feet long with 15 passenger decks.

It has replaced the ocean liner Queen Mary 2 as the world's biggest cruise liner, which although six metres longer, is 15m narrower than the Finnish-built vessel.

Built by Norwegian shipbuilder Aker Yards ASA, the ship cost $800 million and can carry more than 4,000 passengers. The world's previous largest ship, the Queen Mary 2, can carry about 3,000 people and weighs 151,400 tons.

Queen Mary 2

Freedom of the Seas

Anyway visit their respective sites Queen Mary 2 and Freedom of the Seas, if you want more info and more comparison or whatsoever. ahihi.

And my dream to have the first "skating rink" on sea was done by Freedom of the Seas already. They have one. (HUHU). I cant have a "zoo", cause that's Noah's Ark. Haha. I will have an amusement park in my cruise ship. Hah. I bet they don't have that. Nyahaha. Para unique. Haha. :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Case Study: Queen Mary

Me and my classmates gathered together awhile ago to make our SIS case study. We had our tuna flakes and eggs again, and was prepared by Avy.

My case study is about the information system at a cruise ship named Queen Mary 2. What a lovely, luxurious cruise ship it is. I wanna own one. Bwahaha. :)

It includes 5 swimming pools, a spa (Royal Ranch Canyon Spa Club) , a planetarium (Winter’s Garden), a two-story theatre that seats 1,000 (Royal Theatre), a casino (Empire Casino), bars (Golden Lion, Veuvet Cliquot Champagne Bar), restaurants (Britannia Restaurant, Queen’s Grill, Todd English, King’s Court), ballroom (Queen’s Room), a café (Boardwalk café), a recreation area (Sports Centre), a 500 seat theatre-like place also for conference (Illuminations), a clubhouse (Commodore Club), a library and bookshop, shops (Mayfair Shops), a nightclub (G32 Nightclub), luxurious kennels, a nursery staffed with British nannies and wine collection at sea.

Queen Mary 2 Facts:

Ø QM2 is five times longer than Cunard's first ship, Britannia (230 ft.)

Ø QM2 is 113 feet longer than the original Queen Mary

Ø QM2 is more than twice as long as the Washington Monument is tall (550 ft

Ø QM2 is 147 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall (984 ft.)

Ø QM2 is more than 3 ½ times as long as Westminster Tower (Big Ben) is high (310ft.)

Ø QM2 is only 117 feet shorter than the Empire State Building is tall (1248 ft.)

Ø QM2 is more than three times as long as St. Paul's Cathedral is tall (366 ft.)

Ø QM2 is as long as 41 double-decker London buses (31 ½ ft. each)

Ø QM2's whistle will be audible for 10 miles

Did You Know...

The height of QM2’s funnel, at 62 metres above the water line, has been limited in order for her to be able to pass under Verazzano Narrows Bridge in New York.

Artists representing 128 countries have been commissioned to provide more than $5 million worth of art.

Approximately 250 tonnes of paint will have been applied using spray guns covering an
area of 550,000 square metres.

Cunard has entered into partnership with the University of Oxford to provide a programme of authors, historians, artists, scientists and celebrities to enrich the onboard experience. (*And I searched it.. it's called the Cunard ConneXions. *)

A single joystick on the Bridge manoeuvres her sideways, at an angle or she can even remain stationary over a fixed spot on the earth by use of satellites and wind gauges. (*high tech*)

QM2 is the only ship that can boast a Planetarium. (*Gah. In my ship I will have.. a skating rink.. etc. etc. Ang wala sa iba.. nasa ship ko. haha*)

There are one thousand, two hundred and fifty three officers and crew onboard QM2.

My ship would then be called Angelblush. Ay ang korny! haha.

Picture of the Day

Avy hogging the food away.
At yan ba ang tinatawag mong nag-gym haaa??? (*joke lang*)

Random ICST Convos:

Tina: Good morning!!
Renel: What? Good morning? It's afternoon.
Tina: Well, on other parts of the world it's morning. It doesn't matter.
Renel: Mooooorning! (*British accent silent R, sounds like mooning*)
Giovanne: Oh, mooning is a cat!
(*everyone turns to giovanne*)
Giovanne: Moooning moooning..(*muning*) come here....
(*everyone laughs*)
Vanessa: Haha! Bituin walang mooningning.

Pearl: I really know that Avy cooked this. Because if Renel did.. it would contain a lot of garlic, onion... or whatever he wants to mix. Ewww.
Renel: Of course! Onions... Bombay... like Montoo, Vanita, 5 6, Vcd, Dvd....

Red: Da.. gi ubanan pa baya taka ug uli.. pero imo kong gisumbag ba.(*Hmmph. I even have to accompany you home cause you are drunk, but you punched me.*)
Giovanne: Huh? Unsay gisumbag? Murag ikaw man gani tong ni sumbag sa ako. (*HUh? I dont remember punching you... it was you who punched me here by my side.*) (*acts it out*)
Red: Lagi.. gisumbag sad taka.. kay nag una una man ka (*Yeah, I punched you... because you punched me first.*) (*acts it out*)
Giovanne: Well....

Andoy: Lahi, kaayo na mahubog si Giovanne ba.. Managpa sa iyang sarili. Haha(*Haha! Giovanne is really different when he is drunk. He would slap himself*)
Giovanne: Kay... feel man gud nako mu gahi akong kamot.. mao na akong sagpaon akong sarili. (*Because i feel my hard would grow numb and hard.. that's why I'd slap myself.*)


Tagged by Miss Pam and Bam and Im tagging: Jona.


T:Loyal to those you love. *syempre*
I:Loyal to those you love. Loves everyone. *True true*
N:Dead sexy. *naku. ewan ko*
A:Likes to drink. *<-- not true.*

Real Name:

K: Really silly. *my jokes are silly, hindi ung maanghang ha!*
R: Fuckin crazy *errr. crazy? nope
I: Loyal to those you love. Loves everyone. *Yeah2x*
S: Easy to fall in love with *Dunno.*
T: Loyal to those you love. *of course*
I: Loyal to those you love. Loves everyone. *err. Yeah. Pangatlo na to ah!*
N: Dead sexy. *Ngeh. Ewan*
A:Likes to drink. *<-- I drink water yes.. or even better vanilla shake*

M: Makes dating fun *What? Ive never been to one.*
A: Likes to drink. *We've been over this havent we?*
R: Fuckin crazy *^^*
I: Loyal to those you love. Loves everyone. *^^*

KEY:(Susi. HaHa)

A: Likes to drink.
B: Likes people
C: Is wild and crazy
D: Has one of the best personalities ever.
F: People adore you.
G: Never let people tell you what to do.
H: Have a very good personality and looks.
I: Loyal to those you love. Loves everyone.
J: Lives life for fun.
K: Really silly.
L: Loved by everyone
M: Makes dating fun
N: Dead sexy.
O: Best in bed.
P: Popular with all types of people.
Q: A hypocrite.
R: Fuckin crazy
S: Easy to fall in love with
T: Loyal to those you love.
U: Really like to chill.
V: Not judgemental.
W: Very broad minded.
X: Never let people tell you what to do.
Y: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone could ask for.
Z: always ready

Sunday, November 26, 2006

More about me. [Tagged]

I was tagged by Ate Sash

How often do you blog?

If I can get my hands on my pc.

I bloghop twice a day though. When I wake up and before I go to sleep. (again, when I'm not busy and all that. hehe)

Online Alias:

In the blogging world, it is angelblush. In IRC (DALnet, ChatX, Ashnet, Undernet, etc.) it is mean_girl.

Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?

I guess not.

What do you do most often when you are bored?

I rarely get bored. I'm always productive, I'm always doing something. Hehe. But, if ever I get bored, maybe I'd sms a few people I'd know, or grab a good book.

When bathing, which do you wash first?

My hair. :)

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

Nope. I usually catch up with my sleep, even if it's just 2 hours. So, I have never been awake for 48 hours straight.

What color looks best on you?

Any color will do! Haha. Mhmm.. white, pink, pastel colors. Uhm, most of them are colors that I like... and I believe that if you like what you are wearing... you would most definetly look good in it, no matter what the color is.

What's your favorite alcoholic drink?

Haha. *stops laughing* *serious face* I don't drink.

Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death?

Nope. For me, there's no such thing as "going to heaven" or "going to hell". There is already the knowing that you are already there. Heaven is really nowhere. Put a space between w and h, and you'd know that heaven is Now Here.

Heaven is in your heart... because it is where God resides.

While you are on earth, you can also experience Hell by the way you are living. Being sad, or in grief or any other negative emotion is hell, because you can always choose not to experience those things.... because you have the will to control them. Control your emotions... but not to the extent you are suppressing it.

Toink. I think OT na ako. haha.

For the question, when we die physically.... we all go to one place, you'd call paradise. (you can call it heaven if you like.. coz heaven is paradise.) But then it is a different paradise. A different realm. It is where the physical cease to exist.

But then.. those are my beliefs... dont believe them because I said so. Believe them.. if it resolutes with your soul.

Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends?

Not exactly. Just the same. Hehe.

What was your favorite subject in school?

English din. Haha. Before, when I was in elementary, I usually receive the books 2 weeks before the school starts. So, by 2 weeks... I have read every single story my "reading" book has to offer. haha. Na-uuna na ako. -_-

I am also fascinated by History.... and Values Education. I like my teacher in Val.Ed. =) She always gives us "fun activities".

Are you a perfectionist?

Not exactly. =)

Do you spend more than you can afford?

Not really, but there are times when I do.

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before?

It's impossible not to love!! Haha. Well... yeah.. momentarily you might have lost that someone... but... you did not exactly lose them. We all have each other. Always, and forevermore. We are one lang eh. =)

Oops I'm not answering the question again. It's better to have loved and lost. :)

Do you consider yourself creative?

Yup. Yup. Everyone is though. We create a lot of things. We create our situation, our circumstances, our life, even without knowing it. Whatever, situation or circumstance that goes with you.... you created that as well.

As long you have a "DESIRE", creation follows. Because... desire is the beginning of creation.

Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?

Yeah, I do.

Do you donate time or money to charities?

Uhmm.. the money yes.

Have you recently done something yourself that you've criticized others for doing?

Yes, I guess so.

What's on your mind right now?

What a great day to sleep, because it is raining outside. It's cold... and I would love to hide under the covers... or read a good book with a cup of coffee. Haha. =)

One part of my mind says... "Thank you... for a wonderful day!"

Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you and the person that you are going to tag (1 na lang):

Ate Sash!! - I think, she is my kindered spirit online. Haha. She's a sweet person... very caring. I like reading her posts because, it is very open... she always says if she's not feeling well or she is happy with this and that. She is not hard to please... and very down to earth. She'd accept you for who you are. Ate Sash.. Im officially inviting you over to visit Davao! Haha. :) Tell me if you'd one day be dropping by here. And I appreciate your comments as well ate. :) *HUGS* Have a great day always.

Lana - I just linked her up yesterday, and I thought I might as well tag her. :) Since she is most active and all that. I hope you don't mind Miss Lana. Anyway... Lana as far as I can observe is a sweet young girl... who loves fashion... (as far as i can notice). Pretty girly. :) Wishing to know you more.. :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Online Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree at home is already set up 3 weeks ago. Hehe.

Anyhow, what I want to share to you is about the "Online Christmas Tree" at MTVasia.

I rarely visit MTVasia, but I decided to check it out awhile ago. And ta-da, I found out that they have this online-xmas-tree-thingy.

You can have your own tree. (I'm not sure if you need to register or something at MTVAsia, but if you need to go ahead and register, it's free naman eh.)

Anyway, what's fun about this tree is you can "message" the different trees that are owned by other people as well.

And as you give them a message... they would have a christmas ball in their tree. The more messages, the more Christmas Balls for your tree. Oh dba? Napaka-interactive.

You can make your own tree HERE.

You would see a lot of christmas trees. Roll over the star to see who owns it. Click it, so you can drop a message.

To Create your own tree:

You can see below a "red/white-candy-cane-with-a-holly* that says "ROLL OVER TO SEE MENU".

And obviously, just ROLL OVER TO SEE THE MENU. :) And then choose NEW TREE. Fill the form.

To Search for a tree:

Click SEARCH TREE, and type in the name of the tree.

Example: my tree is named: angelblush. Just type in angelblush. *hint*drop a message for my ornaments*hint*

Anyhow... once done. Just tell me the name of your tree.... and i would be glad to drop a message for you! :)

Oh, I found out at their email the shortcut for my tree. VIEW MY TREE

Friday, November 24, 2006

People Lie but Evidences do not.


One of my favorite TV series is CSI. Although I dont watch it alone. I used to watch it alone... but lately.. some of the scenes are grossing me out. Nyahaha. But I still like it. I like CSI:Las Vegas better than Miami and New York. I like Grissom's role. He has a lot of "words of wisdom".

I often catch up with CSI in Studio23 or AXN, but lately I dont have much time. So, I just download them, and watch them every now and then if I feel like too. I like the humor of the cast in CSI:Las Vegas. I'll be posting some of the humorous conversations.

I like their sarcastic one-liners.

Sara: Excuse me. Is my evaluation interrupting you?
Grissom: No, I barely heard you.

Dr.Robbins: The leg was severed post-mortem.
Catherine: Well, that's good news.
Dr.Robbins: How do you figure?
Catherine: Would you want to be alive while your leg's being cut off?

Evans: [Pointing to an exotic dancer on stage] You dressed like that?
Catherine: If you want to call it dressed.

Sara: You're the one who said one piece of evidence is better than ten eyewitnesses.
Grissom: What, do you tape everything I say?

Grissom: You have empathy for her, Sara. You want someone to pay for what was done to her. That's normal.
Sara: You want to sleep with me?
Grissom: Did you just say what I think you did?
Sara: That way, when I wake up in cold sweat under the blanket, hearing Kaye's screams ... You can tell me it's nothing. It's just empathy.

Jail Inmate: Yo Grissom! [hits the inmate next to him] This guy is the reason I'm in here. A shoe print! [to Grissom] Yo next time I go barefoot!
Grissom: Even better, footprints.

[Grissom is licking rocks to see if they're bones]
Grissom: Could be a piece of wrist bone.
Catherine: Well, do you want to suck on it? To be sure?

[Grissom and Catherine are examining a head]
Grissom: Do you think a woman could've done this?
Catherine: I could.
[Grissom glances at her, then back to the head]
Grissom: Scared of you...

They often tease Grissom about his being single and all, and not going out with ladies or having no personal relationship because he is married to his work.

Catherine: Now tell me, why are we here?
Grissom: 'Cuz it's the only place within ten miles of Calville Bay that serves calamari.
Catherine: And you know this because...?
Grissom: I come here for calamari.
Catherine: Oh. Alone?
Grissom: No. Sometimes I have a beer with it.

Catherine: You're right, you know. I should be just like you. Alone in my hermetically sealed condo watching discovery on the big screen working genius- level crossword puzzles, but no relationships. No chance any will slop over into a case. Right. I want to be just like you.
Grissom: Technically, it's a townhouse. And the crosswords are advanced, not genius. But you're right. I'm deficient in a lot of ways. But I never screw up one of my cases with personal stuff.
Catherine: Grissom ... what personal stuff?

Grissom: What's the status?
Catherine: Skin samples from under the women's fingernails are consistent with Ed's. I saw some bruises. But Eddie's style has always been very... involved. Vigorous.
Grissom: ...Vigorous.
Warrick: She's trying to tell you Eddie likes it rough.
Catherine: Thank you, Warrick.

'[Grissom walks in with Dr. Gilbert, the female president of the School for the Deaf]
Sara: So that's why Grissom's late.
Warrick: You just don't like other women in his life.
Sara: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

[Grissom wouldn't tell them how he learnt sign language]
Sara: [coming into the room] What was that all about? Grissom signs?
Warrick: What does Grissom drink when he goes out at night?
Sara: He goes out?
Warrick: Exactly. Who knows anything about that guy?

One of Grissom's attempt on a girl...

Grissom: I have a question
Teri: Ok?
Grissom: Since I screwed up our last date, would we ever have dinner again?
Teri: Oh we'll have dinner... just not together.

But no one could probably beat the cute-guy in the lab Greg (who is on the field right now and not a lab-guy anymore.)

Nick: Hey, Greg.
Greg: Shh. I might be looking at the mother of my children here.
Nick: Somebody's been putting in way too much overtime.
Greg: No, this is serious. I had a date last night. And this girl has the most impossible green eyes. Just, BAM. Shoulder-length blonde hair, intelligent. And she smells so good.
Nick: Cute toes?
Greg: Oh, ideal. And none longer than the big toe. Both feet. But you know I need to know what is on the inside.
Nick: What's in her heart?
Greg: No, her DNA. This girl has got some fine epithelials.
Nick: Dude, you're sick. Man, you have officially lost it.
Greg: There's a guy in Louisville, he charges 300 clams to test your spouse's underwear for foreign DNA. Now that guy is sick. I'm just a romantic.
Nick: Whatever happened to getting to know someone over coffee? Letting the relationship evolve. Romantic is sending flowers, not bogarting her skin cells.
Greg: Oh that's boring.

And the joke below is cute, and I tried it out with my friends too. Poor Nick

Grissom: Repeat after me, Silk silk silk.
Nick: Silk silk silk.
Grissom: Now what do cows drink?
Nick: Milk.
Grissom: They drink water. They produce milk.

Nick: Catherine. say, "Silk silk silk"
Catherine: Silk silk silk.
Nick: Now what do cows drink?
Catherine: Water. Why?
Nick: Never mind.

I also tried it out with Avy, Jona and Jesel. Avy got it right and so did Jona after a long pause.. (they were thinking). But Jesel's answer is funnier.

Jesel: I know it was water. But in my mind... I was debating whether the answer is water or grass.

Haha. Funny.


That hair clip is made out of horn, from Kenya. It is "Masai" made. Masai is a Kenyan tribe. Given to me by Angela Chaya. :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Birthday Pam.


They adjusted the schedule again, our Departmental Exam would be on Dec. 4 and 5. That means our class officially ends by 6. *sigh* Whatever.

To quote Avy:

They can't give a god damn stable schedule for the exams and other stuff.

Oh well. That's life. So much for being excited and all that. I have a lot of things in my mind lately, and I have a lot to share but so many things... and yet I can't prolly post them all in one entry.


"To whom much is given, much is required"

My mom would repeat that to me over and over again. In our "family", firstborns have a great responsibility. Firstborns, would reflect the parents themselves. And I am one.

Being a firstborn has a lot of perks. You get to be with your parents wherever they go, or you get to be the first in a lot of things, or you get to join their conversations when they see it fit, and a whole lot more. (You even get included in discussions.) Although, yes the young uns get included most of the time, but usually you have the first-say most of the time.

But then, to whom much is given, much is required. With power comes great responsibility.

Responsible in everything you do, without blaming anyone for it. Since the young-uns are looking up to you and may be following your examples, it is also a part of your responsibility.

It was so fitting when we went to Manila to "cohabitate"(Cohabitation = where we live together under one roof, sleep in one room, do the household chores and learn from each other.) with the rest of the "youth" firstborns from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (12 of us) last 2002. That was the time Spiderman was released and was seen in theaters worldwide.

You see, in movies you get to learn a lot of things depending on how you respond to that movie. It also depends on what you are currently experiencing right now, in relation to that movie.

So when we saw SpiderMan together, we were totally taken away by the message. "With great power comes great responsibility." It applied to us, and we suddenly felt the light side of it all after seeing the movie.

But of course, the quote above applies to everyone. Whether you are a firstborn or not, it doesn't really matter. Everyone has been given that much(the God-given gift, the resources, the talent, the skills, the wit, etc. and mind you created by His own image and LIKENESS). Not just heroes, or any politician. A father or a mother, a firstborn or the youngest. Everyone has a responsibility, to LIVE their own life. To choose WHO THEY WANT TO BE.

Even Green Goblin knew about the choice.

Green Goblin: Spider-Man. This is why only fools are heroes - because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love... or suffer the little children. Make your choice, Spider-Man, and see how a hero is rewarded.
Spiderman: Don't do it, Goblin.
Green Goblin: We are who we choose to be... now, CHOOSE.

We are indeed who we choose to be. :)

Spiderman, when he asks himself has his own answer of who he is.

Now who are you and Who AM I?

Our last day was spent at Corregidor. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Dance

My other layout got messed up(in IE) because I was tweaking with it, last Sunday.

Since, I'm planning to have a holiday-layout.... and I kinda have the time, I changed it.

Is it too dark? I want it to look festive, but then it might HURT your eyes.

Christmas is not just a date. It is a state of MIND. (Everyone would agree with this, I know)

I love dancing. No. Make it, watching people dance. I'm not exactly good in dancing (I know, I know, dancing is also a state of MIND) but I'm still too concious to dance in front of the public. So, I rarely dance or join any dance contests.

But then, there are special times when I do really dance. On rare occasions. That is, if no one is watching. Hehe.


Oh and by the way, I just want to thank everyone( Pam,Bam,Blacksoul, Avy, Giovanne, Katia, Lalaine, Pot, Cruise, Iskoo, RalphT, Ann, Kath, Celena), who commented on my last post.

I just felt, I need the release. Everything's well now. My mom is doing great, pretty great. She did not take it the hard way. In fact, everyone's just laughing it off. And there are no hard feelings. At first lang, kasi sino ba may gustong mangyari un?


I can't wait for December 1!! Our class will end. I'm counting the days already.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

for a foolish pride... love is the answer

MANNY WON! 3 rounds lang. Kakabitin! CONGRATS!!!!!


What is wrong with some people? Why do they act with their heads held up sooo high that even if you try to reach out for them they'd step on you like you are dirt?

My mom has 3 couple friends before. They go out with a lot of business people way back... you could say they have their bonding. My mom owns a service center. It's where people get the products and the services are for free, e.g. trainings, meetings and anything the distributors would suggest.

My mom discussed a couple of reasons to me as to why they would be SOOO angry and mean. But, it all got worst when mom went to India. She was invited by the country manager of DXN to speak to a training camp in India.

My mom told me, she had 9 hours to wait for a plane from Singapore to India. So, she decided to use their free e-mailing service. My mom was so ecstastic that time and decided to mail some of her friends. But, she forgot most of the mail addresses since it is back home, all she remembered was, (let's call her) "Ate L."'s email addy. (My mom does not know anything about the address book that time, she though she must memorize it.) So, she mailed her. Thinking, she is her friend after all. I mean, you can mail your friend anytime right? Do you remember at times when you are at a different place and wanting to share your happiness?

But maybe "Ate L." received it the wrong way. I don't know. Because, when my mom returned from India, they were already cold and distant. And then the rumors started.

But you see, my mom was really a good friend to them. She never said a word against them or spread rumors. When they were friends, my mom cherished their company, and my mom's friendship with them "is" genuine. Is not was.

Rumors. My mom knows how "Ate L." can talk against a person. If she hates or dislikes a person, she would badmouth them. And *gosh* you would not want to hear them. My mom heard a lot of her "bad-mouthing" acts, but she just kept silent. And my mom knows, she would be the center of all the "bad-mouthing" ideas from "Ate L.". I can say, my mom prepared herself for the worst rumor.

Rumors were spreading. Whenever my mom would hear about one, my mom would just say, "Hayaan mo na lang sila. Wala lang silang magawa." or "As long as I am not saying anything against them, it's ok." And sometimes my mom would just laugh it off.

By the way, they opened another service center. They separated from mom's. They'd try to compare the two service centers. Saying we are this and they are that. But my mom, would again say, "Hayaan mo lang."

There were a lot of rumors , it would probably take me a whole day to enumerate all of them. I'd rather not say anything about it, for it would be like putting a very bad light for them.

Anyway, this feud has been going on for years already. 2 or 3. I can't remember. I don't know how to call this kind of feud, because my mom never tried to take a hand against them. Never. She'd probably talk about what they are doing "in our home", a closet discussion. Where she lets it all out. And she would end up wondering why they are so mad, and would say, "Hayy Hayaan na lang natin."

Last week, my mom told me(she shares everything to me and even ask about my opinion) she would reach out to them. She would give 3 sets of gifts for them. And my dad cried when he learned about it. It was always in his heart to make ammends with them. He is the type of person who is peaceful. He dislikes fights/feuds.

And so, my mom asked me what we would give. I told her, a book or some audio tapes they can use for their trainings in their center. So, my mom bought it. She even wrapped it late at night.... making a letter.

My mom had it delivered by our ever dearest housemate, last Friday at their service center. Saturday morning, the gift was sent back by their janitor. Unopened. The card was untouched.

Janitor: Ipabalik daw. (*They want this returned.*)

and the Janitor went out without waiting for an answer.

Our service center is full of people, specially Saturdays. And everyone was shocked.

The people in the service center did not know about my mom giving them a gift. It was sent discretely, so that they(SAS) won't think, the giving of gift was just a show. You see, their minds are so shallow. And they act and think childishly sometimes, most often than not, all the time.

And this is one of their acts. My mom's secretary (who lives at our house also, and is very close to us) cried. She did not know about my mom giving a gift, now she knows. Everyone knows.

My mom called three of her friends, her business partners. Who knows about the on-going feud. And they all said the same advice.

If they don't want it known, they would give it discretely back at your home. Why would they return a gift at a public place? What's the purpose? Just place the gift on display, have everyone take a look at it, but dont let them touch it. They want the public to know, so be it.It will be your memory, that you tried, and yet they rejected it.

And I remember,this quote I read sometime ago:

Do not be humble to the haughty, Do not be haughty to the humble

I guess it's time. No, not to fight back. But not to be just pushed around. My mom is still trying hard to dismiss any horrible thoughts against them. And I know give her a few weeks, she will get over it.

But you see, it's not easy. It's not easy to step down and reach out to someone who gives out rumors, who in a sense hurts you all the time, and in return they'd still stick out with their foolish pride.

It hurts, and as Im writing this I'm crying. I know, I know Im being too emotional. But, it hurts. As mom was telling me the story how they rejected it. I was fighting back tears.

But I know.... the answer lies in one word. LOVE. We do not hate them, for if we hate them, we would be their prisoner. We would be fried by our own hate.

It is a choice. If we choose to live in love or live it with hate and fear.

There might be a lot of things that would give us the reason to hate them. But, we dismissed them. I always believed in unconditional love. No matter, how bad they are to us.

The Masters and greatest teachers who have walked in planet Earth, are those who discovered the secret of this world - and they refused to acknowledge it's reality.

Masters are those who have chosen only love. In every instance, in every moment, in every circumstance. Even as they are being killed, they loved their murderers. Even as they are being persecuted, they loved their oppressors.

Jesus, Buddha and many others. NO matter what religion, race, tradition, culture. It does not matter. What matters is how they lived their life. It was of LOVE and kindness. Compassion and Forgiveness. Happiness and peace. Hope and Faith.

We are called upon this world to make decisions, specially in personal relationships. On our way to mastery, - we must experience some things that would leave us with a choice.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE, that is the question.

Shakespeare was right. You have to ask this question. To be or not be who you are? Who are you? Are you of love? or are you of hate? Do you choose to live in love? or to live in fear? The answer lies within you. The answer would determine who you want to be.

And I want to be LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. It's all about LOVE.

Yes, the things that others say, think and do will sometimes hurt us - until they do not anymore. What will get us from here to there - must be admitted with TOTAL HONESTY - being willing to assert, acknowledge and declare exactly how we feel about a thing or a person.

We must say our truth, kindly and completely. Live the truth, gently, but totally and consistently. We must change our truth quickly and easily when our experience brings us to new clarity.

No one in their right mind, least of all GOD, would tell us, when we are hurt in a relationship (be it friends or loved one), to "stand aside, from it, cause it to mean nothing."

If we are now hurting, it is too late to cause it to mean nothing. Our task now is to decide what it does mean - and to demonstrate that. For in so doing, we choose and become who WE SEEK TO BE.

I guess, they don't like it when they see us so happy and full of love. After all those rumors. It gives them more reason to hurt us more.

But in the end, they cannot. Because you see.... LOVE indeed CONQUERS ALL.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Examination Convos

Awhile ago, Jona, Nessa, Kath, Angie and I were talking about dreams.

And whenever a group of people talk about dreams, they usually ask about the kind of dream that made you jerk or wakes you up because you felt like falling. Why do we jerk and wake up when something like that happens? I know everyone has this kind of dream.

Now, I may have found the answer to everyone's question. I searched the internet... and here's what I found:

There is actually a term to describe what you are experiencing in your dream. It is called myclonic jerks. Many who dream that they are falling sometimes jerk or twitch their legs/arms and end up waking themselves up. There is no concrete reason as to why this happens.

One theory is that it is our instinctive response for what the brain perceives as
a potentially dangerous situation. Sometimes dreams are so real that the brain believes that you are really falling or in some sort of danger. And hence the brain sends signals to the body to start "fleeing".

According to biblical interpretations, dreams about falling have a negative overtone and suggest that man is acting and walking according to his own way of thinking and not those of the Lord.

Our school uses "proctoring" during examinations. One or two proctors are present.


Maam Liezyl: Anyone caught cheating, automatically 5. Please take a look at them Maam Yvonne.

During examination.

Giovanne: Wala mani choice oi, kung mangopya ko singko ko. Kung dili ko mag answer singko lang gihapon ko. (*This leaves me with no choice. If I am caught cheating, I'd get 5, if I don't answer I'd get 5 too. *)
Maam Yvonne: Dawata na lang sa maayong kabubut-un (*Then accept the facts with all your heart*)
Giovanne: Pero, at least kung mangopya ko.... I've tried my best. (*But, at least if I copy.... I've tried my best*)

Giovanne: Maam, ang ingon lang ni Maam Liezyl kay, ang mangopya. Unya kung isturya na lang namo ang answer? (*Maam, What Maam Liezyl told us, is that "if we copy". What if we just dictate our answers then?*)

Giovanne was really funny awhile ago. He'd sing while checking the answers out. And then when Maam Yvonne would catch him... he would stop and pretend he is dancing. And he would actually make the moves like an ethnic dancer and say....

"See... I'm promoting our culture...."

But at the same time... he would crane his neck along with his.. hands moving in an ethnic-kind-of-way.

I wish I could video him. I cannot take my cellphone out. *GAH*

Giovanne: Wala ma'y pulos ang kodigs nako ani oi! (*My kodigs was of no use at all!*)

Gleamore rarely goes to our class, and it is unusual to find him soo silent and answering his test paper.

Jona: Ok ni si Gleamore ah! Murag nikaon diod siya ug kalabasa. (*Wow. Gleamore is doing good, I think he ate some squash.*)

Maam Yvonne: Nangopya nasad ka ba! (*You are cheating again!*)
Giovanne: Excuse me, wala ka'y proeba na nangopya ko. (*Excuse me, You don't have a proof that I copied.*)

Giovanne: Pag mapul-an ko i-pass na man diod nako ni ba. Kapoi kaayo ba mu-timing kung kanus-a mugawas si maam or dili mutanaw, kapoy maghulat ug answer. (*If I would be fed up, I'd pass this. It's so tiring to wait for Maam to go out or not watching, and it's tiring to wait for the answers to arrive.*)
Renel: Gawas sad panagsa Maam, one minute lang. (*Maam, try going even for a minute*)
Giovanne: One minute to copy it all. That is, kung makabalik pa ka. (*
One minute to copy it all. That is, if you can go back*)
Maam Yvonne: Kay lockan ko ninyo? (*Coz you would lock me up then?*)

Maam Yvonne: Kung wala na moy answer, pwede namo mugawas. (*If you dont have any answer, you can go out.*)
Giovanne: That's life.... you must try...even if it means getting 5. Maam did you not copy your way to college?
Maam Yvonne: Nope.
Giovanne: Then your life was boring.

Giovanne passed his papers already.

Maam Yvonne: Batchoy and Karlo!!
Giovanne: Karlo akala ko mabait ka, yun pala magkadugo lang tayo.

Avy is a silent cheater! Bwahaha. Or I have not heard her talking about it. But I saw her awhile ago approaching the front wanting to get the "confiscated" photocopy of our exam when our teacher was not looking at all. But she backed out... *laughing mischievously* saying she got scared she might get caught and get 5.

The thing is... we did not get to study our Software Engineering exam. So it was a hopeless case.
That's why everyone keeps talking the whole time. :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Numerical Analysis

I'm starting to like math. Or is math falling in love with me? Bwahahaha. Wish ko lang.

Anyway, I aced my Numerical Analysis awhile ago. Which is sooo unlike me... because when it comes to Gauss, blah, and blah.... I don't have the patience to finish a veryyyy long mathematical/numerical equation.

We have 2 numerical problems.

And guess how long it took me to finish it perfectly?

3 long hours.

Bwahaha. I guess my 3 hours was worth it, then. Unlike my pre-finals exam. *Gah* I did not get one problem right. My teacher just placed B for effort. My effort for trying to solve the problem for 2 hours.

Anyway, credits to my teacher, Maam Yvonne. I like it when she teaches math, she makes it sound so simple. And she gives us nice grades. Thank you for showing me the to love math. -_-

And did I mention how shocked Maam Yvonne was, and even told Sir MJ about it?

I have 5 exams tomorrow.

Compiler Design, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Information System, and Software Engineering. -_-


5 minutes before exam:

Jona and June: Friends tayo haaa? People!!! Friendship.
Jasper: Activate bluetooth.
Cedrick: Where's the hub?
Johnnel: Copy and paste.
Tina: Edit it also.
Nessa: Psst. Just send it to me.

During exam:

*Evan checking out his phone*
Maam Yvonne: EVAN!!! Cellphone!
Evan: My mom just texted me. Am I not allowed to reply? (eeep. What an excuse!)

Karlo looking around...
Maam Yvonne: Karlo!!!!!
Karlo: Huh? I was just looking around

MaamYvonne: EEEkk... I'm running out of space for all the red marks!!

Giovanne: Bahala na minusan ko nimo Maam, basta mangopya lng ko (I dont care if you mark a minus maam, as long as I can copy answers)

*Cedrick craning his neck on Giovanne's paper*
Maam Yvonne: Cedrick!!!! Minus Ten
Cedrick: Hey!!

Maam Fe: Do not be shocked, if you see your grades failing ha?

Maam Yvonne: JV!!!! You are always looking at Joanne's paper!
JV: Ako na lang pirme. (Why is it always me?)

Delaying Tactics:

Giovanne: Maam, They want you at Tesda
Renel: Maam, gawas gawas sad panagsa. (Maam, go out once in awhile)

New Teacher: Why are you so noisy?
Johnnel: Maam, we can't concentrate if it's silent.
New Teacher: Huh? Won't your classmates be disturbed?
Johnnel: No, they like it that way. Right guys?
*class says yes while hissing and mumbling the answers*
Johnnel: See? If it's noisy, we get more answers.

Jesel: Wala na si maam. Dali dali!

or someone would ask the teacher something to divert his/her attention.

Hopeless cases:

and if all else fails.... Just pass your paper.

*looking around at his classmates handing out their papers*
Evan: Let's pass our papers.
Uone: Later.
Evan: It's no use, they passed it already.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Final Exam

Our final exam will start tomorrow, what a drag. But on the lighter side, our classes would be almost over. (We still have our departmental exam.)

Our class was again in it's usual rowdy self, specially the SIS class.

It's almost December, and then it would be January. January a dreaded month, we will be starting our thesis na. I'm still debating with myself whether to have mine descriptive or the one with a program.

Descriptive Thesis - mainly research, surveys and polls. They said this is hard because, the panel can fire up a lot of questions, therefore you cannot control their questions.

Program - basically, you have to make a program. Programming is too stressing for me. *GAH* But one good thing is, they rarely ask questions if they can see the program you made.

Que sera, sera.


I finally got to eat MANGO CHARLOTTE! Im eating one now. Want a slice? :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuna and Pancit

It was supposed to be a "model-shoot-of-our-model-wannabe-Renel" awhile ago.

Renel asked me last week, that she wants some of her pictures taken at our lawn instead of some studio. And I think she has a couple of reasons for that.

1.) No photographers wincing on her pose
2.) No photographers having crazy ideas about her being SO-SO
3.) No photographers telling her "do-this do-that"
4.) She can change her outfit (even if it takes soo long. as in long!)
5.) She can bring lots and lots of outfit (3 bags all-in-all!)
6.) The TALENT FEE of the photographers(w/c would be Red and me) is FREE

Although she cannot be spared about the food. Because everybody needs to at least bring their own contribution.

Anyway, the original plan was just Renel, Me, Avy, and Vanessa.
But then, Jona, Giovanne, Red, and Bords tagged along.

We did not arrive at our place together. Jona, Red and Bordz went ahead, because Avy and I were still waiting for Renel and Giovanne to emerge from the Convenience Store which was conveniently located in front of our school.

While Renel, Avy, Giovanne and I was riding at the jeepney... we were babbling away.

Jeepney Conversation:

Avy: I have a question.
Renel: What?
Avy: Why can't we cross Samal Island these days?
Giovanne: I have an answer for that.
Avy: What?
Giovanne: Well, since we all know that it's December and the.. uhmmm what do you call that? the uhmm?
Avy: What?
Giovanne: the... you know... *tries to act it*
Avy: Current?
Giovanne: Yeah, the current is strong...
Avy: You're wrong.
Giovanne: Why ? What's the answer then?
Avy: We can't cross it, because it has no pedestrian lane.

*everyone rolled their eyes*

My uncle who lives next door has his own karaoke, and we borrowed it last night because there was a gathering of DXN members. It was more like a birthday party at the same time, because there were three celebrants.

Giovanne and the rest of the gang eyed the karaoke, and eventually they got to use it. They were belting out their favorite karaoke songs while Renel was busy with her beauty rituals (make-up/costume) and all that.

Avy sang a few songs while waiting for Vanessa to arrive. Vanessa was the one who bought the tuna flakes and egg. When Vanessa arrived, they immediately went upstairs to cook. Yay!

MENU: Tuna Flakes mixed with egg (an Avydooby speciality), and HOT Pancit Canton (contributed by Giovanne) and Rice(by me).

Drink: We have the apple juice(contributed by Renel) , and unlimited supply of Cold water/Hot water.

Sitch: Everyone eating when the food was served. Everyone talking at once at the same time eating. Giovanne was unusually silent.

Me: Uyy hilom kaayo si Giovanne! (Uyy Giovanne, is so silent.)

Everyone turned to look at him.

Giovanne: Well, I did not eat breakfast and lunch. *hogging away* Ahhhhh.. It's so hot!
*referring to the pancit* You know my life....
Red: Pag-undang na ug Dota Giovanne, di naka naga kaon ug lunch tungod ana. (Stop playing Dota Giovanne, you don't eat lunch because of that.)
Avy: Giovanne, won't play right?
*Giovanne did not answer.... which means he still wants to play*

Jona: Giovanne, why are you not eating tuna?
Giovanne: Hmmp. Sige na lang ko ug tuna sa balay. (Hmmp. I always eat tuna at home.)
Jona: Gina-unsa nimo ang tuna? (What do you do with the tuna?)
Giovanne: Of course, what do i do with a tuna? I eat it!

Random ICST Convos:

Giovanne: Ginabisbisan ang mga treeth... (Watering the treeth..)
Bordz: Unsa ang ginabisbisan? (What are they watering?)
Red: mga treeth.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Every great dream

I really was itching to change the look of my blog. (I did not change the layout... because I like it the way it is. Just the theme, the colors, the header, etc...)

Finally, I found the right uhmm message for it.

Dreams and Dreamers. I chanced upon a short story about a man who made his dreams come true.

I'll share it with you ha?


There was this guy whose name was Larry Walters. He was a truck driver, but his life-long dream was to fly. He even tried joining the Air Force but then he was disqualified because of his poor eyesight. One day, because of his desperation to fly he took matters into his own hands.

He bought 45 large weather balloons and a tank of helium. He then blew up the balloons, attached them to a lawn chair, packed a BB gun and some sandwiches and then cut the anchoring cords.

He climbed faster and higher than he expected and in a matter of minutes he rose to an elevation of 11,000 feet! But, Larry got scared of shooting the balloons of such a high altitude, he just stayed up there, sailing for 14 hours.

Eventually, he drifted into the approach corridor for the Los Angeles International Airport. A PanAm pilot, later radioed the tower about a guy passing in a lawn chair with a gun on his lap. Finally, the Navy dispatched a helicopter and performed a successful rescue.

Larry was led away by the authorities, a reporter called out to him and asked:

"Mr. Walters, why did you do it?"

Larry: "Hey, if you want to turn your dreams into a reality, you can't just sit around."

Isn't that true? The story is so inspiring, and what he said was right. If you have dreams and want them to be real, you simply cannot just sit around and wait for it to happen.

Most of us dream, fantasize and even ask God, about a lot of things. And then, we often wonder where are the results? And it would result to pessimism, because we have asked for a lot of things, but then they do not arrive. And then a lot would question, God's existence, simply because his/her prayers were unanswered.

But you see, God merely observes the way you live your life. He does not create your life for you. He would not Create or Uncreate your circumstances/situations for you. He just watch and He reminds you now and then about "what works", and "what does not work" in order to live your life perfectly.

Remember: You are the Michaelangelo of your life.

People have a lot of dreams. Some don't work for it, that's why they rarely get it. (Remember, Juan Tamad?) Too lazy, to pick the apple. Never trying to reach it.... but waiting for that apple to fall. Too lazy, to take or create an oppurtunity for you to achieve your dreams. God gave us the tools, and it is common sense to USE it. Most people, do not see this. People wants to have the RESULTS fall in front of them. They want money to rain from the sky(or the apple to fall into their open mouth just like Juan).

And then people... would call dream to be just dreams. Dreams are Dreams and Reality is Reality. But, I tell you this.... Dreams can be REAL, if we strive to reach for the stars.

If we did what Larry just did. If we worked for it, instead of just sitting or lazing around waiting for things to happen. We can make our dreams come true. YOU can make things happen, dude! That's reality! -_-

Do not be afraid to dream, do not be afraid of your ambition. Strive to reach it, because you can, I tell you, you can.

"If other people try to hold you back, then you dont want your dream badly enough, and dont tell me you do.

Because other people don't stop you from dreaming. YOU STOP yourself. You get in your own way, because you are AFRAID of what you might become, even if that something is a wonderful thing."

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. :) If you are able to picture it in your mind.... it is proof enough... that you can catch it with your hands. Claim it. Claim your birthright, do not give it up like what Esau did.

May your dreams come true.. and KEEP DREAMING :)

Currently Reading: Follow the Stars Home by Luanne Rice.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sunny days and Rainy Nights

The heat is on. -_- It's soo sunny...but the heat is quite unbearable nowadays. Oh well, that's the sun.. we can't stop it from shining... i'll just enjoy basking under it until it lasts. Which reminds me of the song from Barney....

"Oh Mr. Sun Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.. please shine down on me... Oh Mr. Sun Sun, Mr. Golden Sun hiding behind the tree..."

My review for The Loop can be found here. I'm still checking out on what book to read next.

I just fixed Giovanne's blog layout, and I'm glad he liked it. Try visiting his blog... and he is still a first timer. So bear with him. :)

I watched an episode of CSI I downloaded months back. I dont have the time to watch.. and fortunately... awhile ago.. i tried watching one. It was about a Doctor and a Nurse. Very gory. Eekie. -_-

I will be leaving you with a long Grissom-lecture:

Grissom: Sad, isn't it doc? Guys like us. Couple of middle aged men who have allowed their work to consume their lives. The only time when we touch other people was when we were wearing our latex gloves. We wake up one day and we realise for 50 years, we are not really living at all. But then all of a sudden, we get a second chance. Somebody, young and beautiful shows up, somebody we could care about. She offers us a new life with her, but we have a big decision to make right? Because we have to risk everything we've worked for in order to have her. I couldn't do it, but you did. You risked it all, and she shared you a wonderful life, didn't she? But then she took it away, and gave it to somebody else, and you were lost. You took her life.. and you killed them both... and now you have nothing.

Doctor: I'm still here

Grissom: Are you?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sleigh Ride

For two consecutive meetings my Economics and Entrepreneurship class was with NO TEACHER AT ALL. I'm not complaining or anything, in fact I am grateful (not that I don't like our teacher) at least I can read the book I am reading for two hours. :P

(Btw, he left us some seatworks which could be done in 5 minutes tops.)

I'm currently reading The Loop by Nicholas Evans. It's a great book. I think I'll be finishing the book tonight, because Avy will borrow it, prolly tomorrow.

Im currently listening to some Christmas Songs, just to be in the spirit! Haha. Actually, I just like hearing Christmas Songs when Christmas is coming my way. :)

"Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap, let's go, Let's look at the show,"

I just finished my 5-hour driving lessons. Finally =)

Oh and I would like to greet a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dwin dwin!! I made a banner for him too! I know you had a wonderful day today!

Free Image Hosting at

I am suddenly craving for....

That's my favorite cake EVER! It's called Mango Charlotte, made in Bistro Rosario. (It has a durian counterpart but I like the Mango better. I like durian when it's just the fruit or a shake.) Whenever I think of birthdays, Mango Charlotte pops in my mind. And I have the picture. Waaa it makes me hungrier. *rawr* I hope Dwinny and all of you guys can try the cake. It's really good.

That's all for now. I already made you crave(*drool*) over that cake or whatever cake you like that reminded you... just as I did tonight. -_-

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What a Day

Yesterday was Avydooby's birthday. I greeted her when I woke up, and she promptly asked me for a gift! Hah! That's Avy! Anyway, she did not know... that everyone was up to something for that day.

The first plan was (I might as well spoil the plans here since it's over) to surprise her at Cindrew's Cafe. A cafe of our classmate Andoy, where everyone plays Dota. So, we told Avy to at least play Dota and I even told her, Andoy might let her play for free as a gift since it is her birthday. Oh dbaaa?

During our first period, Giovanne made his own version of the Happy Birthday song for Avy. And i have to video it using my phone.. but I have to tell you the resolution is not that great. Oh and listen to how Giovanne sang the whole song! Ahh, it would surely make you laugh.

This was his first attempt with everyone trying to interrupt him during the whole song.. and he did not finish because he ended up laughing.

His third and last attempt of the Birthday song. (NOTE: Our teacher went out for awhile... while Giovanne was singing. We were doing our seatwork that time.)

The ending of his own song, and our teacher arrived and reprimanding him, while Avy saying Thank You. :) (The girl "voice" interrupting him when Giovanne ended his song, and everyone went back to business.)

Anyway, June Mae and Nessa changed the plan and thought of surprising Avy during our second period.

You can find out on what Avy thought of our surprise HERE.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Six years...

I just attended DXN's 6th Recognition Rally here in Davao. The production numbers were great!
And I suddenly remembered when we had our production number 2 or 3 years ago at the same event. It was a great experience.. and I have this craving in me.. that I want to relive that moment.. becauseeeeee... WE HAD NO VIDEO!!!

I already informed everyone involved.. that we might do it again for next year's recognition rally. :) I can't wait! -_-

Our production number would then be IN MEMORY OF our choreographer who just passed away last month. Kuya "Ricky Martin". A very talented Dance Instructor... who has this passion and love for dancing and art. I would remember him telling everyone what his favorite color. Do you want to know?

RM: What's your favorite color?
me: Pink!
RM: Hah! That's nothing compared to mine! Mine is sky red, dirty black...

Before he left this world, he even made his group champion over Kadayawan Festival. (Or so, I heard.) *sigh* Oh well. At least Kuya Rick sure did left a lot of wonderful memories with us.


Tomorrow.. I shall be accompanying my mom out of town. Oh well. See you everyone. And may you all have a wonderful day ahead.. and Always Enjoy God's Abundance! :)

Insight of the Day:

"An individual's self-concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behavior: the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life." - Dr. Joyce Brothers

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Disneyland HK

Background: Thunder and Lightning. (It's raining!)

I heard my dad laughing yesterday when they watched a report with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Mayor Digong, as what most people like to call him, or Lolo Digong, or The Punisher for a much cooler nick was interviewed by our local news anchor Stephen Manangan (who is also a registered DXN member), about how peaceful are the cementeries in Davao blah blah....

NOTE: The actual sentences used are different from the ones I used because they just gave me the story, and so I did not get to hear the news first hand. And, mind you it is not in English but in Bisaya.

Stephen: So... how's the cementeries mayor? Is it well guarded?
(*helicopter passes by above making a noise*)
Mayor: Yeah, our cementeries are very peaceful... in fact... (*mayor was pretty annoyed by the helicopter-hogging-sound that he muttered*) Panuway, kasaba ba. (Panuway, it's so noisy)

I could only just imagine how he said that. Btw, Panuway is a bad word, they said. I dont know what it means though.


This post might be a bit tad too late.. since I visited HK last October. But, you see... the best part when I was in HK was in Disneyland. I know Disneyland HK is not as big as the ones in the US, but it's a fun place to be around. As in! I want to be back there with my family or even friends.

That's me with a donald statue behind my back... and attempting to be "sad" like him. -_- oh and mickey surfing behind me. Is that surfing? or whaling?

The whole Disney trip.. the four of us were the constant buddies.
From L-R: Me, Nay Melma, Ate Mallette, and Tito Tente (former V. Mayor of Tacloban)

If you are there.. DO NOT MISS.. and I mean DO NOT MISS the two live shows.

They are soo amazing... it left me speechless... or just gazing with delight at the play. Their voicess... the props ahhh basta! The BEST!

TIP: Be at the entrance 10 minutes before it starts, because they will close it. Make the two live shows your first and second agenda for the day. Believe me... all the heat and the walk is WORTH IT! :) Cameras with flash are not allowed... so make your cameras be ready and make it flash-free.. camcorders are allowed only in The Lion King but not in Golden Mickey's.

I want to be back there and record the whole thing!

Catch the Parade in between and try to communicate with the Pinoys performing! And you will see how they will pose for your lens :)

Weeee! A pose with Mickey and Minnie! :) I won't post the picture with Cinderella and Aurora... because you will see how "cute" my height is alongside with them! *Gah* I feel soo small.

(btw, My fave princess is Cinderella.. next is... Belle and then Aurora.)

Oh.. and I had a conversation with Cinderella too! (*Hah! I wish I was 12 or something!*)

Cinderella: Hi there!
Me: Hello! *me smiling*
Cinderella: Did you come to see my mice? Her name is (*i forgot the name*) and her name is (*again.. i forgot the name, sorry cindy.. i was entranced by your being "tall"*). They made the pink gown, the one i was supposed to wear at the ball.
Me: Oh... (*still smiling*)
Cinderella: Ok... let's have our picture now. :)

DO not be FOOLED by the way SPACE MOUNTAIN look on the outside. A lot of people with us were fooled by it's kiddie look. And most of the old people.. as in 50 or 60.. thought it was just like a "winnie the pooh" ride.

Tita Esther Langit: Wow ang ganda naman.. para akong nasa langit.
(*you would see the stars.... outer space like scene*)
(*the ride gets faster*)
Tita Esther: Ano ba ito... mamatay na ako!
Tita Esther: Wala nang magtitinda ng kape sa Pangasinan!!

Tita Esther: Akala ko.. parang winnie the pooh honeypot lang un!

It was more like an indoor roller coaster... that would leave you breathless. I'm glad it was just a short roller coaster ride... I dont know what would happen if it was longer.. and all of them agreed. :)

(I knew that it was the scariest ride(the tour guide said so), so what i did before riding.. i pictured myself laughing... un lang. :) And during the ride.. I was laughing so hard and so a scared tone. Parang.. instead of screaming.. i just laughed.. wildly.. But i did not scream.. kasi.. baka mas lalong ma trauma ako.)

TIP: Do not ride after eating.. and uhmm make this your Grand Finale Ride, before you watch the Fireworks display. Pwamis... manghihina ka nito. O baka ako lang.. un? Ah. Basta! :)

Watch and wait for the FIREWORKS DISPLAY(and the music accompanying it... hayyy)! Grabe, it's so amazing!!! :) (it has been a long time since I have last seen a firework in action.... fireworks are banned here during Christmas and New Year)

Disney music really makes me feel alive.. I mean... Im not being kiddie or something (or am i?).. whatever,.. basta there is something about their music that enchants me... and then.. when you leave Disneyland.... you would again realize that despite all the trials and process in would always remember... DREAMS DO COME TRUE and fairytales do happen! :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Finally! Exams are over and I have a 5 day break(including the Saturday and the Sunday)and classes will be back by Monday. Our break is a bit short, and it's okay since we will be released early for our "Christmas Break". By Dec. 2, our Christmas Break would start. Pretty early huh? *whippeee!* /me jumps around.

There were 2 Birthdays that I have not yet greeted here!
One is for Abigail(who just turned 18 last Oct. 18 but her debut was done Oct.21)
and the other for Giovanne(just turned 19 last Oct. 31).

As usual.. my "birthday banners" for their friendster would not be missing, and so I gave them both the banner they deserve(although it was a bit late..)

Abigail's theme was Jazz... and the color is RED and white. When we arrived at the place.. everyone was either in Red or White.. and we all greeted each other, "Happy Valentine's Day!" jokingly. The band playing the jazzy music was great... and Abigail looked soo elegant. :)

A picture with the debutante. From L-R: Ate Jill, Abigail, Me, Keisha, and my sister Darlene. :)


I just learned that my driving lessons would start tomorrow. I'm nervous. You see, driving is not exactly my thing. /me bites my fingernails. *chatterteeth* bwahaha *laughs nervously*

Happy Halloween pala! Medyo late nga lang.. bwahaha ngayon ko lang nakita to.