Sunday, November 12, 2006

Every great dream

I really was itching to change the look of my blog. (I did not change the layout... because I like it the way it is. Just the theme, the colors, the header, etc...)

Finally, I found the right uhmm message for it.

Dreams and Dreamers. I chanced upon a short story about a man who made his dreams come true.

I'll share it with you ha?


There was this guy whose name was Larry Walters. He was a truck driver, but his life-long dream was to fly. He even tried joining the Air Force but then he was disqualified because of his poor eyesight. One day, because of his desperation to fly he took matters into his own hands.

He bought 45 large weather balloons and a tank of helium. He then blew up the balloons, attached them to a lawn chair, packed a BB gun and some sandwiches and then cut the anchoring cords.

He climbed faster and higher than he expected and in a matter of minutes he rose to an elevation of 11,000 feet! But, Larry got scared of shooting the balloons of such a high altitude, he just stayed up there, sailing for 14 hours.

Eventually, he drifted into the approach corridor for the Los Angeles International Airport. A PanAm pilot, later radioed the tower about a guy passing in a lawn chair with a gun on his lap. Finally, the Navy dispatched a helicopter and performed a successful rescue.

Larry was led away by the authorities, a reporter called out to him and asked:

"Mr. Walters, why did you do it?"

Larry: "Hey, if you want to turn your dreams into a reality, you can't just sit around."

Isn't that true? The story is so inspiring, and what he said was right. If you have dreams and want them to be real, you simply cannot just sit around and wait for it to happen.

Most of us dream, fantasize and even ask God, about a lot of things. And then, we often wonder where are the results? And it would result to pessimism, because we have asked for a lot of things, but then they do not arrive. And then a lot would question, God's existence, simply because his/her prayers were unanswered.

But you see, God merely observes the way you live your life. He does not create your life for you. He would not Create or Uncreate your circumstances/situations for you. He just watch and He reminds you now and then about "what works", and "what does not work" in order to live your life perfectly.

Remember: You are the Michaelangelo of your life.

People have a lot of dreams. Some don't work for it, that's why they rarely get it. (Remember, Juan Tamad?) Too lazy, to pick the apple. Never trying to reach it.... but waiting for that apple to fall. Too lazy, to take or create an oppurtunity for you to achieve your dreams. God gave us the tools, and it is common sense to USE it. Most people, do not see this. People wants to have the RESULTS fall in front of them. They want money to rain from the sky(or the apple to fall into their open mouth just like Juan).

And then people... would call dream to be just dreams. Dreams are Dreams and Reality is Reality. But, I tell you this.... Dreams can be REAL, if we strive to reach for the stars.

If we did what Larry just did. If we worked for it, instead of just sitting or lazing around waiting for things to happen. We can make our dreams come true. YOU can make things happen, dude! That's reality! -_-

Do not be afraid to dream, do not be afraid of your ambition. Strive to reach it, because you can, I tell you, you can.

"If other people try to hold you back, then you dont want your dream badly enough, and dont tell me you do.

Because other people don't stop you from dreaming. YOU STOP yourself. You get in your own way, because you are AFRAID of what you might become, even if that something is a wonderful thing."

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. :) If you are able to picture it in your mind.... it is proof enough... that you can catch it with your hands. Claim it. Claim your birthright, do not give it up like what Esau did.

May your dreams come true.. and KEEP DREAMING :)

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tina said...

wah.. nakakainspire nga naman.. heheh.. salamt tina.. tnx tlg.. wah!!... anyhoo, ewan ko.. ala pa siguro akong MAJOR dream na gustong abutin.. kaw ba meon n??
potpot | 11.12.06 - 3:14 am | #

potpot: andami kong major dreams! hahaha

kung naalala mo ung 7 weird things about me. tapos ung part na "I wanna be" ko. Hehe :P wanna be this and that.. hehe
tina | 11.12.06 - 4:55 am | #

nice! very inspiring! hehehe.. yah..i will take care of myseLf the next time.hehe...

take care and keep on dreaming!
pam | 11.12.06 - 6:14 am | #

I love this post. ^^

This is truism at its finest. ^^

Keep dreamin'... keep movin'.. ^^

And yah, I love your new lay-out! ^^

Dreamy, cool, brilliant. ^^ Moon and Stars. ^^
Bam | 11.12.06 - 7:18 am | #

yeah... cute storyyy... *cries*
lalaine | 11.12.06 - 8:28 pm |

nice new layout! that's right, keep on dreaming! *sings 'a dream is a wish your heart makes'*
Donya Quixote | 11.13.06 - 4:19 am |