Sunday, July 25, 2010

Real Love

Much has been said about love. For it is everything. And so to some.. you wouldn't need any words to describe how it makes you feel and that all these words are nothing compared to the moment you have it with you.... nor does it end with that feeling.

But... it is a lifestyle.. some sort of a religion, where each lover remains to be each other priest or priestess...

and i found this "Real Love" by Eric Hurtgen (Relevant Magazine) article over at tumblr. and thought it's a worthy piece that i would love to look back on.. one day.

if wine is bottled poetry.. then i think articles and words like these can also give you the certain feeling you get whenever you drink wine - warm, hot... fill in the blank...

don't you think? :p

the ones in bold.. i have felt with a certain someone. *yay* Recently. :)

Real Love never parades itself outside in the streets, letting everyone know just how real it is. Real Love never needs an agent, a manager or a public relations guy. It doesn’t need an ad campaign or clever salesmen to move its product or drum up business. Real Love rarely sends out flyers to let everyone know it’s in the neighborhood.

Real Love has talent, has a real gift, but it doesn’t orchestrate the camera angles to maximize its potential. And it never has to slip money into an unnoticed hand to get into a gig or sell itself out to slide in through the back door. Real Love is content to wait quietly outside talking to the stage hands.

Real Love never needs a dozen roses and a nice car for the first date, and it doesn’t start out with the lobster and chardonnay. Real Love won’t lie in the heat of the moment to have its way, and it never uses all the right words to get what it wants. Real Love usually takes things slowly and gets better with age.

Real Love smiles even when it’s unfashionable to do so and never holds back tears. It looks good without makeup on and isn’t afraid to go out in public unprepared. Real Love quit rambling on about nothing a long time ago and doesn’t worry that it might not have anything to say right now. Real Love looks you in the eye during the awkward silences.

When it’s treated cruelly or quietly snubbed, Real Love never turns inward or burns spitefully. It never calls up mutual friends to vent in anger or stoops to pettiness to have its revenge.

Real Love is quietly hopeful and devastatingly kind. It’s always on time, and it doesn’t quit just because the shift is over. Real Love is surprising, like a night out under the stars. And though it usually prefers the softest touches, Real Love has strength enough to fend off all other suitors.

Real Love is not a gamble, a ruse or a phase. It’s not faddish or shallow, too young or too old. It’s cross-cultural and counter-cultural and sub-cultural. It doesn’t favor big bank accounts or the most beautiful faces, and it rarely comes around when it’s not called. Real Love likes the lowest voices and shows little respect for the big booming ones, though it doesn’t count them out just because they don’t get it right now.

Real Love is a movement, an affection and an arrow pointing home; it is a peace, a precept and a personality. It knows about forever and ever, and it works just fine in the now and the here. And Real Love doesn’t need a clever tag line at the end to get its point across one last time.

-Eric Hurtgen, via Relevant Magazine

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 4 - Your Sibling

Well.. I have two.

I am the eldest.

Then there's Darlene..... :)

She's as sweet as honey but as grumpy as a bear when you catch her in one of her moods. We share a room since FOREVER. I'm kind of lemme see.. disorganized while she is very orderly. She'd smile when she would catch me sweeping the floor of our room or try to arrange my wild array of books. I occupy most of the cabinets surrounding our room, by the way.

She's very picky when it comes to clothes. Preferring to have her own style. Usually she dons on a skirt and a jacket with a hoodie. Yes, always a jacket. The safest gift I could prolly give her is that. A jacket. Because if i buy her some dress or a blouse, she might wrinkle her nose.

She hates it whenever I would watch a certain movie before her. Specially if it involves the Twilight Saga. So, i always make it a point to watch it with her first.

She loves to draw... and she has a sweet voice. She rarely sings in public because she says she is shy. But, whenever i am around... I push her to sing. Hehe. She'd grudgingly sing... and I'm sensing she enjoys it, she's just too shy to admit it.

She loves anything chinky. Korean. Chinese. Japanese. Taiwanese. Tae Young. KPop. Kim Bum. Polpot. Chairman Mao. Kim Chi. Lychee. She'd make me watch Korean movies, korean MV's and to my dismay it awakens the cheesy melodramatic self inside of me.

She's a ball of emotions. Artistic. And most of all a sister. :)

I don't tell her about my love life - that much. Not the details. But, she knows when I am in love or not. She knows how to make "zee smile" appear. By, just mentioning the right name.... and "ka-boom" she'd catch me. And then, she'd know. That's having a sister. You don't need to tell it all... but she knows. Oooh yeah.. she knows.

*gives Darlene a sweet bear hug*

There's my BIG little brother Paolo.

Yeah. BIG. Since, he is taller than me. :(

Sometimes he frustrates me by being a Peter Pan lately. Maybe, because he knows there's always someone around to pick up his slack. But, then right now... we are just making him enjoy his "high school" life.

He is very happy-go-lucky. He plays soccer. He is friendly. But, if you get on his nerves... you would really get on his nerves. LOL. I could name three people he is completely annoyed with. When he sees them, he would boil.

Most of the time, he is cute. When he would ask me, what gel to use, what spray's got the best scent. Or when he asks me: "Is what I'm wearing, Ok?".

We get into fights most of the time, specially when I ask him to do this, get that, throw this, call that. But, I think that's very common. One good thing about him, is that he doesn't hold on to his grudges for long. Only with those 3 people.

He loves to tease me too. And I tease him back.

I wonder.... how it would be if he actually makes "ligaw" one of these days.

Would he ask me, what to give his would-be girlfriend? Would he even? I doubt he would if I would tease him about it. I think i'll lay off the teasing. :)

So, yeah... those are my siblings in a nutshell. :)


I don't think I can post those "DAYS". It's not as exciting as I started. Oh well.

Back to my random posts.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dengue Fever

and yes... it is indeed rampant nowadays.

People I know have been getting dengue. Here and there and everywhere.

I don't have the CURE. Because, nothing can fight off DENGUE, or any disease for that matter.... EXCEPT YOUR BODY.

Yes, your body. Your BODY IS THE BEST DOCTOR. Our body is designed to WARD OFF DISEASES. And, it's really amazing.

But, why do people get sick?

It is because we haven't been supplying our body the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to boost our IMMUNE SYSTEM. It's like in some computer game where you need IMMUNITY or else you lose your HEALTH fast. Our Maker also provided us with FRUITS, VEGETABLES and HERBS for that.

But, lately... nobody is eating right. Thus, our immune system weakens and all sorts of diseases unheard of back in the old days are appearing.

It's like a car who runs on diesel. But, you kept giving the car GAS.. and not the diesel it needs. So, it will malfunction.

Anyway, since we are talking about DENGUE... i'm gonna be suggesting... a sure fire way of boosting your immune system specially if you are in the hospital suffering from DENGUE.

I tell you, I have known lots of cases.... whose platelet count ranges from 10-100 and by drinking this stuff.... you wouldn't need blood transfusion... and you get out of the hospital the soonest. Other people respond really fast... the next day they were given the "discharge slip". And we have cases who have been to ICU already... and they get off the next day.

I have access of this certain "supplement" but you can also have other alternatives should you know anybody selling the same thing. I just wanted less "mortality rate" when it comes to DENGUE... because HONESTLY... it is as EASY as one, two, three. and it saddens me when I hear countless of kids dying from something which I know I can be of help.

Of course I can't barge in on the hospitals or the media that I know of "something" which can help your BODY FIGHT OFF DENGUE. I repeat, YOUR BODY FIGHTING OFF DENGUE. This supplement is not the CURE. IT will just AID your BODY. (I don't want the medical doctors raging on and on about claiming i have the cure because I don't).

Now, i know.. CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS would be against this. Although, I've known open minded DOCTORS who doesn't delve into "belief" but focuses on the facts and results.

(the products i have access with... got INSURANCE or PRODUCT LIABILITY and got awards as the "best herbal supplement" year 2005. and im not gonna be posting the brand. You can just message me here and give me your number and i will get back to you.)

but then...

Uhmm i was searching online and all that. I wanna give the names here in this post sana but.... im opting to give you the names if you are interested through text message or email na lang. I don't wanna ruffle feathers of the medical field and the pharamaceuticals company. :)

and here is one of my favorite documentary of all time after The Secret and the 11th Hour:


Monday, July 05, 2010

Day 3 - Your Parents


Papa and Mama.

There is so much to say about them. And a blog entry wouldn't be enough for the gratitude i felt for them. and love of course.

we've had hard times... and of course good times. we get into discussions, disagreements over simple and the most complex of issues. but, in the end what matters is the bind that connects us - the love of a family.

the way they brought me up might be a reason for me to "rebel". to outsiders, i seem to live a very "not-so-free" life. and that im sure most people have often commented: "wow. that's hardcore." but, i never really took it against them. we all thought they are "kill joy", yeah sometimes they can be that and it is true.. but just remember the intentions of their heart.

and now, im in my 20's.. i get to reason, cajole, meet halfway with my parents, of course with respect. and they are always willing to hear me out. they sure have some of their old ways.. which i think doesn't work nowadays. but, what the hell. i'll deal with this. although, there are issues we still need to discuss and be clear about, such as in the matters of love. LOL.

anyway, here's a song.... FROM THE PARENTS.. basically it's about a mother's love.. but it can apply to ... father's as well....

this sums up what your parents are feeling specially the moms about their children in a nutshell.

it is said.. that you never own your kids.. and that parents watch us grow so they can let us go. if we want a different name, they ask us what we want to be called. if we want to sail in a different direction, they just help us find the wind.

and sometimes.... some parents have shortcomings. but, let us all understand... their father's father. and that if at one point... if your experience with your parents are just plain madness... maybe, you can stop the madness at your end.

and just love your kids.. the way you want your parents to love you.

as you can see... we can't blame no one.

not even our parents. and despite all the hate and rage... let's all remember the LOVE. ;)

another one from Barbra Streisand entitled: "If I Could".

(imagine that your mom is singing you this song... or your dad... or your parents.. together... singing a duet).

If I could, I'd protect you
From the sadness in your eyes
Give you courage in a world of compromise
Yes, I would

If I could, I would teach you
All the things I've never learned
And I'd help you cross the bridges that I've burned
Yes, I would

If I could, I would try to shield
Your innocence from time
But a part of life I gave you isn't mine
I've watched you grow, so I could let you go

If I could, I would help you
Make it through the hungry years
But I know that I can never cry your tears
But I would, if I could

If I live in a time and place where you don't want to be
You don't have to walk along this road with me
My yesterday won't have to be your way

If I knew, I would try to change
The world I brought to you to
And there isn't very much that I, I could do
But I would, if I could

Oh baby, mummy wants to protect you
And help my baby through the hungry years
It's part of

And if you ever, ever need
Sad shoulder to cry on
I'm just someone to talk to
I'll be there, I'll be there

I didn't change your world
But I would, if I could

Oh darling, I love you baby