Monday, April 22, 2013

The Spring

The fire is crackling hot, the moon shines brightly. Teens were dancing with the music. I made my way with the swarm of sweaty bodies to where my group of friends are huddled over one bonfire. They were talking about something, and I am sure they were looking for me. As if on cue, Kylie called me.

"Nadia! There you are! and just in time." Kylie exclaimed, beaming with excitement.

I grunted. "What is it now?", I muttered. I slowly made my way to where they are.

I am Nadia and these are my friends.

Kylie. [Picture a girl beaming like the sun even in the moonlit sky and pause] My bestfriend in the world who is so the opposite of me. Since, we are completely the opposites, I don't know why I consider her as my best friend... maybe because among the group she is the only one who understands me.

That's Reno. [Picture a guy who eats as if there is no tomorrow and stops midway] He's a pig, at least that's what the group calls him and he seems to acknowledge the idea and loves it with a passion. He is a sensible person by the way. He is also more like Kylie. He understands me and understands everybody without judging them in any way.

Ravine. [Picture a girl grabbing a lipstick, looking at her image in the mirror and then stop] She's as hollow as a ravine. And, I'm not being mean. You say one thing to her trying slowly to let her get it and she replies completely out of the topic. Maybe, her mind wanders too fast and furious. But, she's a good dresser and has a big wardrobe like Imelda but not pricey because they are all from ukay-ukay and bargains.

Gen. [Picture a guy straining to read a book in the midst of loud noise and the dark sky and pause]. So his name is gay. Gener is his real name and he hates it. He prefers you call him Gen, eventhough it sounds so girly. Obviously, he is the geek and probably deep. But, all I hear him talk about everytime are stars and beetles.

They love to party till the wake of dawn. You might wonder how Gen would like it since he is obviously a geek. Well, he tags along with a book in hand but when he is not in the mood, he parties.

And, you might wonder why I am here since it is obvious I am not thrilled about partying with them. I love to party, that is when I am alone. No, I am kidding. I am only here for my friends who loves to call me K.J. when I know I am not. It's just my idea of fun is different from theirs. I go to their fun and try my best to enjoy it with their company, but do they go to mine? Noooooooooo. Definitely not. You know why? Because I don't invite them. I am a loner but I am not lonely. I just love to be with ME. Me and me alone.

Am I self-centered? No. I have a thing for.. wait.. I can't bore you with my lecture about being self-centered and loving oneself right?

"Where were you?" Kylie asked, without bothering to wait for a reply she went on, "Anyway, we have another wonderful outing idea!!!! And, I am sure you would love it!"

"Where? I've heard about that 'wonderful outing idea' of yours a dozen of times already and we always get stuck to parties as nonsensical as this!" I answered. "Sorry", that sounded harsh but a sorry would do the trick. "but this is not just my thing..." I added exasperately. I just have to let them know.

"Oh, we know that you are not having fun at these kind of parties at all and we are getting sick of it." Ravine said, cutting me off.

Now where did that come from? She is supposed to be hollow. Hollow as a wood. *knock knock*

"So, we decided to go to a place, where....", said Gen

"You would enjoy!", Reno continued.

"And what place would that be?", I asked, not too thrilled. Rolling my eyes and sitting beside Ravine.

Am I being too judgmental of my friends? Making them incapable of arranging a wonderful outing where we could spend lolling down a beach just the five of us? Well, I gave them a thousand and one chance to bring me someplace with water minus party people who drinks like there's no tomorrow and talking gibberish. And cheap, by the way. But, no. They bring me to places like this with teenies partying where you can't even tone down the volume.

So, you might really think I am such a big loser avoiding noise and the crowd and all. But, what I mean is that, it's totally O.k. to party in these kind of places - if - my friends just balance it out. There's a time for these kind of outings and a time for my kind-of-outing. And, I want my kind-of-outing NOW!

"You have to guess, and if you guessed it right... the third time... we go there! If not, we don't." Kylie announced.

I rolled my eyes once again. It's amazing, how it can stay in my socket and stand my rolling around and around and that my muscles and nerves never wears out. Sometimes, I feel it might not return to normal and I would be cross-eyed for the rest of my life.

This game. This game is so just like Kylie. She loves to play games. And, I do hope it doesn't turn around and be inhumane like what Jigsaw did when he got Cancer and he suddenly wants to test the human fiber.

"This is my only chance to be on an outing I want and you want me to play a game that gives me a 50/50 chance over getting the answers right" I said. "Great, just great."

"Come on. Guess..", said Ravine, completely ignoring my sentiments.

"Give me clues! At least." I said.

"Right, ok... Hmm...", Gen said, trying to give out a clue that would not be a complete giveaway but of course not some far-off clue. "It's a very cold place....."

"up in the mountains... and it has water!!!", Ravine continued beaming with excitement, completely unaware of daggerlike-eyes of Gen, Kylie and Reno. "Go on, go on answer it!"

"Awww, Ravine. You don't have to totally give it away..", Kylie said exasperated. "Alright, enough games. It's a spring. A cold spring. No people around. Just us and nature. Happy?"

"A spring?", I asked incredulously as if I heard the word for the first time.