Monday, January 29, 2007

Dig it!

This is from Dimaks.

Here is how you do it:
  1. Please go to and enter your birthdate (Month, Day, Year) in the text box provided.
  2. Then click “Submit.
  3. Results will then be displayed containing lots of information about your birthdate. What to take from here? take your:
    • Date of conception, scroll down a little bit then take the list of
    • Celebrities who share your birthday and also the
    • Top songs in your birth year
Now let’s go to the name’s meaning generator tool.
  1. Please go to and enter your full name in the text box provided.
  2. Then click “Submit.
  3. Results will then be displayed containing lots of information about your name. What to take from here? take your:
    • What your first name means (sometimes no meaning is given so you may skip it if that’s the case)
    • Your number and also
    • Your number’s characteristics
    • Your inner dream number plus the
    • Meaning of your inner dream number
My results: for Feb. 13, 1988.

Your date of conception was on or about 23 May 1987 which was a Saturday. (Wow ha.)

Celebrities who share your birthday: Robbie Williams , Kelly Hu, Peter Gabriel, Stockard Channing, Jerry Springer, Peter Tork, George Segal, Kim Novak, Eileen Farrell, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Grant Wood, Bess Truman L.L. Bean

Top songs of 1988
Roll with It by Steve Winwood, Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison, One More Try by George Michael, Look Away by Chicago, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses, Anything for You by Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car by Billy Ocean, Man In the Mirror by Michael Jackson, and The Flame by Cheap Trick

Which I think i should download and listen to them. Just to feel. Haha. :P This is nice. I learned a lot about my birthday huh. I know the sweet child O'Mine, though... but the rest?

Now for the Name's meaning generator...

What your first name means: Follower of Christ.

Your number is: 1
The characteristics of #1 are: Initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, individual.
Your Soul Urge number is: 4
Your Inner Dream number is: 6

I am tagging: (bintot bintot): Avy, Jona, Ychel and Arianne.

Pasensya na Sissies! Haha *hugs*

Just want to add some stuffs I found out about my name.....

The expression or destiny for #1:

You must develop the capacity to be a fine leader, sales executive, or promoter. You have a good mind and the ability to use it for your advancement. Because of these factors, you have much potential for achievement and financial rewards. -- I am not exactly soo sure about my "leading skills" yet... because I have not the chance to exercise it. Although, yeah I'm a firstborn and I'm actually being a leader for my siblings and all that but outside the family... not yet.

You are both ambitious and determined. -- Uhmm... True. Obvious naman na ambisyosa ako. Haha. I am a girl full of I-wanna-be-this-and-that.

Although you fear loneliness, you want to be left alone. You fear routine and being in a rut. You often jump the gun because you are afraid of being left behind. -- Ok. I don't exactly fear loneliness... I DONT WANT to be lonely... but I don't fear being lonely... which is unlikely to happen. Coz if everybody leaves me... someone within me is still withIN me therefore... i would never be lonely. ROUTINE? I don't like ROUTINE. It bores me. Doing the same thing over and over again... bores me. I want CHANGES all the time. But, again I don't fear routine... i just don't like it.. but of course I'm tolerant I can deal with it.

The negative attributes of the 1 Expression are egotism and a self-centered approach to life. This is an aggressive number and if it is over-emphasized it is very hard to live with. You do not have to be overly aggressive to fulfill your destiny. Again, you do not have to dominate and destroy in order to lead and manage. - So, yeah being Number 1 has it's disadvantages too. But, the key here is BALANCE. And, it never occured to me that I have to destroy or ruin somebody/something in order to be on top. I create my own ladder of success if there is to be a ladder of success. We can all be at the top without bringing one another down.

My number 4 is totally contradicting my number 1:

It says i fear sudden changes, which of course is soo not true. I guess my number 4 trait would be:

You have an inner desire to serve others in a methodical and diligent manner. You are responsible, reliable and in the final analysis, practical. Highly analytical, you can see your way through all sorts of situations and generally have a clear understanding of the issues. You are a very honest, sincere, and conscientious individual.


The negative side of the 4 is rigid, stubborn and somewhat narrow-minded. There is a tendency to hide feelings, or to really not be aware of real feelings. Avoid being too rigid and stubborn in your thinking, and try to always see the big picture rather than becoming to involved with the detail. Don't be afraid to take a chance once in awhile.

I hide feelings.. yes.. when I'm not aware of my feelings.. I seek. Uhmm I don't think I am stubborn. I have a streak of being a stubborn-lady... but not all the time. I'm learning to see the big picture now.... and I do take chances.

Updates: I finished two books for 2 days. Review @ Espresso Break

Saturday, January 27, 2007


One of the reasons I don't usually bring money to college was because of my "impulsiveness" to buy anything I want. I usually bring enough money for my fare and that's about it. Whenever my friends/classmates will buy something in our canteen a.k.a. Convenience Store which is just in front of our school, just a stone throw away... I sometimes borrow if I did not bring enough for extra "food".

I mean I can control the flow of the money if I am really determined you know, but since I just want to save a few cash I don't bring big amounts at all. When I say big, it usually means Php100 and up. The lowest I came around and dared to bring in college was Php 14.00. Haha. Really. Php7.00 for my back and forth fare. oh dba? Tipid. But that only happens twice a week when I only have one class which would last for an hour.

Anyway, for a week I've been carrying a big amount of money because someone paid me 2k and another 500 coz they borrowed and I forgot to leave them at home... and yesterday I went to the mall. You can just imagine... with that amount.. nyahaha. I can prolly finish it all up.. but hey I have my future(the next few weeks) to think of.

I bought some blank CD's(it's part of my business.. and a year ago it was uhmm burning you know.."stuffs" but now I don't accept that anymore.. righteousness and all that. I only burn some business files/audios for my mom and her partners which can be mass produced.) and in front of that store is my favorritteeee bookk stoooreeeeeee. Sooo yeah, me and Nessa (i was with nessa that time by the way) decided to just take a peek.

I found good books. Waaa. I decided to buy only one but uhmmm I bought 4. So much for saving the money. Anyway, I got soo excited by the books I decided to arrange my books and take some pictures for my upcoming review if I happened to finish reading them for my ESPRESSO BREAK blog.

Anyway..... here's a picture of my Book/Computer Shelf. Do not mind the clutter please. When I'm working.. clutter happens.

On the left side are the books I've read... on the right side.. are the books waiting to be read. Nyahaha. Wala lang. I loveee my collections. Most of them were from my money.. a few were gifts from friends... and some from my mom.

I can't wait to read the books. Hayy. Sooo manyy books and yet... so little time. Hehe.

Sorry for this post. Just an update got nothing else to talk about. See you! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Infected by the 5

Infected by Dimaks and Bea.

State 5 things that happened to you because of blogging:

1. ] Gained more Friends online. :) I get to socialize and gain many friends. Weeee.

2. ] I get to broadcast different views/opinions that the people should be aware of... and thus help you guys increase your awareness. It's all about awareness baby!

3.] I learned a couple of stuffs from fellow bloggers. Really. -_-

4.] Just like Dimaks... due to the blog-addons. I have created a lot of accounts in various sites. Super duper.

5.] Learned more about CSS. Making layout and whatsoever. Actually, one of the first reason why I decided to blog on was because how amazed I was by the uber cute layouts that has been running around the net. And wala lang.. i became envious and thus placed a desire for me to learn about making layouts. Kaya ayun. Nag tiyaga sa mga tutorials.. haha.

I won't be tagging anyone. Feel free to do the tag if you want too. I know just how busy you guys are nowadays... or is it just me??:)

Oh and by the way thank you Dimaks for the tux. Super Super.

Cuteee nohhh?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Monuments of Great Men

We had a certain family(couple) member who stayed in Kenya, Nairobi for six months and who stayed for two months in Germany.

They talked about how Kenya was like, that it wasn't that HOT and sunny all the time after all. Although one part which is an 8 hour drive from Nairobi, near the coast would be sooo much like Cebu, the weather that is. They talked about all the things that are feared by most they have gone through all of it and of course they talked about they've had enough and would not be coming back to really stay there.

Poverty is pretty much evident in those parts. If you've seen poverty in the Philippines, boy you've never heard far more than that than in those places. You would begin to realise that "Hey, I'm blessed after all.. I can eat 3times a day and all that."

In every poverty-stricken country you can always pinpoint that the government is corrupt. Yup, pretty much more corrupt than our country.

What is saddening about the country is the way the people live. I'll give some examples about how poor their situation is.

  • they get to eat one heavy meal a day.

  • You'd see people lying on the grass by midafternoon. You would think they are sleeping which is in fact true but the reason for their sleeping is because they are HUNGRY. They believed that they would be FULL when they lie down and get the energy of the land.

  • Rice is a luxury. It costs 180-200 pesos half kilo.

  • Girls always skip class 2-3 days a month whenever their period strikes because they have no money to buy sanitary napkins

  • Most of them walk to work because they don't have enough money to ride the Matatu (their public transpo much like our jeepneys here)

Actually, there are still more saddening information but I'm not gonna dwell on them since my post is about Monuments of Great Men.

Anyway, they stayed in Kenya for 6 months. They got a visa for Germany, actually it was a visa wherein they could travel to different countries in EU except Britain and Switzerland I think. Anyhow, they were riding an Egyptian airline for Germany. The rate of the airline is actually half of the rates compared to Lufthansa and other airline companies.

Airline: "Our rates are pretty much good right? Well, only one downside of it. It's because you won't directly go to Germany we will be stopping for a night in Cairo. Sorry for the inconvenience."

But of course, we Pinoys would definitely love a sight-seeing and it was free sooo why not?

Couple: "Would we have Visa's for that ?"
Airline:"Of course we will take care of your visa and your hotel accomodation."
Couple:"Oh ok, that would be fine."

But deep inside... one would definitely get excited.

They got the tour to see the pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx in Giza. With all it's glory, they were awestruck. It was really a great experience they say. They saw the Sphinx and behind the Sphinx was the pyramids. The Sphinx was created in monument of men, the egyptians. Before, the Egyptians were really on top. They created the Sphinx and it symbolizes strength and power.

Behind it are the Pyramids. It's supposed to guard the pyramids, that's what they say. It's face was meant to be in honor of an Egyptian Pharoah. It has a "missing nose" and it was believed that it was broken off by a cannon ball fired by one of Napoleon's soldier.

Anyway, when you gaze in front of the Sphinx you'd be awed specially by the view behind it, which are the Pyramids. But, have you ever wondered what the Sphinx is gazing at nowadays? -_-

I have to google for the picture. Haha.

image from TrekEarth.

There you go! With all it's splendour and glory the GREAT SPHINX faces it's opponent. A chicken! Of all the fast food chain in the world... why KFC(notice the red sign of KFC)? And of all the types of chicken whyyyy should it be the "FRIED" onesss? Could it have been much better if the chicken was alive?

God really has a humor. In fact God invented humor. The Ancient Egyptians were so proud of their accomplishments before. And now...... it faces it's opponent.

They also saw the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and the Mercedes Benz museum. Each different monument/memoirs of great men behind it.

It actually made them realise that great men can make a monument of what they have done in the past to show to the world in the future about what they accomplished but it's just PHYSICAL. What good would a monument be ? Sure, it has it's part of being amazing (like the pyramids which were created without the use of mortar and was done mathematically right.), sure it is a reminder, but then what? What good would it be to the next generation?

Men can make monuments of their accomplishment. And you can see that behind every monument there is a great man who HAD A DREAM. A great man who wanted sooo much and nurtured that DREAM and thus in the process made itself a monument as a reminder of what he has done.

A monument is a great reminder. But, what's best is to SHARE the DREAM to the NEXT GENERATION so that they to... will learn how to LIVE THEIR own DREAM. Not just SHOW but SHARE. Not just stones and rubbles but it should be alive and with a heart that could be passed on from generation to generation.

The marble keeps merely a cold and sad memory of a man who would else be forgotten. No man who needs a monument ever ought to have one.

Hey, I'm not putting down the monuments ok? It's just that we all need more than just a monument of a great person. -_-

Friday, January 19, 2007

Busy Bee

No updates in a few while. I'm drained. Haha. I don't know what to talk about. I dont want to bore you with my thesis details... and talking about it would not be exactly therapeutical for me. I'm still pondering on how to rig this whole thesis ordeal.

Our school's not giving us enough time to breathe. Every other week we have exams and our Final Defense was moved to Feb. 15, 16, 17, yesterday. Which is sooo shocking!! All eyes BULGED. O_O As in. HUWAAATTT ?

When asked the reason why the freaking defense for our Chapters 1-3 would be early, the admin says it's better not to prolong the agony and it's better that way since we have more time to "lamierda" afterwards. Yeah, right. As if we can. Although yeah we have the time but then we'd better use it wisely and work on our Thesis 2. Don't ask me why it's happening so fast, aside from the reason our admin stated. (Although yeah I do have an inkling why. It should involve $$$. Oops. Did I say that much ? haha)


As to my 2 previous Inspiring posts. Seems like I know a lot about them and yeah I do. I've been reading a lot about happiness, life, spirituality last year..... and I've sorted them out. Tried the secrets to happiness, life, health, wealth. The ones I posted are the ones that worked for me. I've tried and tested them. But if it worked for me.. it doesn't mean it would work for you. We are all different and unique. We have different experiences. I'm sharing to you what I experienced and in the process might give you an idea, open your mind, inspire you.. or help you in any way.

Specially the one about Happiness being a choice. We can always choose to be happy despite the circumstance... but yeah sometimes we can't help but be sad by the events... but that's all part of the process. Just enjoy it! :)

Law of Polarity works in every way. We are living in the world of RELATIVITY. Where everything is related to each other. There'd be no happiness if there's no sadness. How can we appreciate happiness if we never go through sadness? Life. =)

And we all have our own definitions of happiness. Whichever way.. everyone's right. No one's wrong given their own model of the world.

Cheers to Happiness and Love! (Love you all!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In pursuit of Happiness

A lot of people wants to be happy. If you ask people around you about what they really want in this world, mostly they would tell you: "I want to be happy". It's like they believe there is a place called "Happy" located in the map, and that they need to reach it. It seems like a faraway land to most.

But then happiness is not a place where you need to go (just like heaven and hell and that's another story.. I dont want to venture as of now.) , it's not a place that can be found in the world. In fact, you don't have to go anywhere or have "something" or have "someone" to find happiness.

It exists within you - in your mind and in your soul. - M. Hansen.

Can you define HAPPINESS in just one word? Guess not. It does not have one definition. Since every individual is unique, it means something entirely different to each person. Happiness does not exist in only the big things in life. It does not ruminate around an ipod or the latest gadget you acquired.

So where does one find happiness?

BEING happy. And i mean BE-ing HAPPY is a choice. It's a state of mind, an attitude we consciously choose to express. It's not a gift that would fall into your lap or that would knock at your doorstep. It's not what circumstances brings you (e.g. having a car, being with someone) it's how you see things the HAPPY way. It's not the RESULT but it's how you perceive the circumstances/situations. It's not because everything is so perfect but despite the imperfections you are happy.

The world may seem imperfect to most of you, people may seem unfair, parents may seem inconsiderate, friends may abandon you at one moment in time, lovers disappointing you, kids on the street going hungry, people in Africa getting AIDS, terrorists killing innocent people, politicians fooling the masses, graft and corruption, pain and poverty.

And you ask... "Where can i find HAPPINESS if this is the world I am living in?"

You need not wait for the world to turn away from what people call imperfections. Because you see we all need IMPERFECTIONS in order to appreciate PERFECTION. How can we say this is perfect if there is no imperfection? How can we say you are doing something good without the existence of evil? How can we say it's hot if there's no cold? Beauty without the beast ?

You need not rely on someone else to be happy, only you can be responsible for that. Accept the world, accept who you ARE completely the perfections and the imperfections... and make changes if you want to.

So where does one find happiness exactly?

Again, you need not wait for the big things to happen. Happiness can be found in simple things. Happiness can be found in the aroma of a coffee, the morning dew, the rainy Sundays you spend indoors or if you'd rather sing and dance in the rain. A silly joke that can make you laugh everytime you remember it. A movie or a song that enlightens you and gives you peace of mind. A character in a book or a movie that you can relate to. Watching kids smile... seeing the lone flower in the dusty road.. the little act of kindness...

You can make the smallest thing or scene, like the moon in the sky or the first rays of sunshine into a joyful experience.

Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.

We don't need a reason to be happy. Everything hath been given by GOD it is up to you to notice the simplicity and the joy it brings.... even when there seems to be nothing.

Share it... live it. Happiness is a lifestyle... and you can't help but share it to other people as well.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Universal Laws

Ever wondered how our universe correspond? Ever wondered if there is such a thing called "The Laws of the Universe". Do you know what are those laws? Do you know that you are subject into one of them too?

The laws that I will share to you are the ones for the universe. It's much easier to understand since this law is around since the beginning, and it's much more stable than the Man-Made-Laws. It is much more real, and it has been proven and tested by me and among many others - even by you. Everyone is subject to these laws consciously or unconsciously.

It doesn't matter... because

Ignorance of the law, excuses no one.

Law of Gravity

This one is pretty much known. It has been taught everywhere during elementary and in high school. Who would not know about the Gravitational Law? Huh? This law works all the time, it is unalterable for everybody, regardless of anything. If you step off a building (no matter who you are), the law of gravity is going to pull you down fast.

Law of Sowing and Reaping

This is what we really call the "Law of Cause and Effect". This is the first among the laws. Whatever you sow and plant, you reap or harvest.

If you sow wind you reap storm. If you sow an apple tree you reap an apple. You cannot simply reap an orange if you planted an apple right? You cannot plant one type of seed and produce a different harvest. For every cause, there is a corresponding effect. In every action there is an equal reaction.

You use this law to your advantage. Manage what you sow and you are going to manage what you reap. What you sow is a cause, and what you receive is the effect.

If you sow poverty thoughts into your subconcious mind, guess what you are going to receive? How about if you sow negativity into your thoughts ? Mind what you sow and you wouldn't complain about what you reap.

Remember, it is YOU and every bit of YOU who makes these things happen. You cannot blame anyone, nor God. Whatever is happening to you right now is the effect of whatever you sowed during the past few years.

Law of Polarity

There are two sides to EVERYTHING. Everything is equal and opposite. If there is imperfection there is bound to be perfection. If there is something bad there is something good in it. Everything has two sides to it. You cannot have an inside without an outside, a hot without a cold, an up without the down. There are always the TWO SIDES of THE COIN.

Sometimes, people are too caught up with one side (which is usually the negative side). Why is it that many people dwell in the this side? You are free to choose whatever you want to focus on. Whatever your feeling or that is happening right now, sad, angry, envious, ugly it has the chance to be absolutely great and beautiful. It's all in the manner of where you focus your thoughts. You can turn every bad experience into something good. No point of making you feel worse with what happened to you by dwelling into something negative.

Train yourself to see the good in everything, to see the perfection of everything that goes along your way.

Law of Germination

This law states that whatever is planted and sowed requires some time before it grows and can be harvested. Every idea, every thing that you planted, requires a CERTAIN ACTION, a certain AMOUNT OF TIME before the possible outcome.

Be patient with your ideas. Give them time, give a lot of effort, energy and action. You cannot be like Juan Tamad just waiting for everything to happen without effort. Everything needs action for a RESULT. Do not give up and quit if something you want did not happen.

Do not be like other people who gives up and quit right away when something did not turn out the way they expected it to be. They blame other people about what happened. But in reality they did not just understand the LAW of Germination.

Understand it, give it effort, time and energy.... but do not force just relax. Everything will just flow and be fine.

These are just some of the Universal Laws. I tell you there are more out there working for everybody. Use these laws to your advantage. Do not go against it. My mom has a book about all the laws but I forgot where it is. I have to go look for it. -_-

Friday, January 12, 2007

Traffic Lights

Two weeks ago our old traffic lights here in Davao was replaced by new ones. They had the dry-run. Everybody noticed it. The new traffic lights caused too much traffic in the dry-run. I think the motorists were just adjusting and in the long run the new traffic lights would then be to our advantage. Just now, I was checking my Google Alerts I have in my gmail. I actually signed up for it. This Google Alert, would alert me about anything that is happening in the Philippines and in Davao in case I won't have any chance of watching the news.

Anyway, my eye caught this headline -> "Davao's new traffic system is "Asia's most modern"

Davao’s new traffic signalization system, despite experiencing dry run problems, is the most modern in Asia, a traffic management official here said.

The P140-million traffic system was implemented on Dec. 19, but Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ordered its suspension days after it created traffic jams in some of the city’s major intersections.

Gempesaw said other Asian cities installed traffic systems much earlier and are now just upgrading technology. In the 1990s, he said, Cebu’s traffic system was the most modern in the country.

The system will be run via a command center using video cameras in intersections. It is thus capable of watching out for traffic violators on camera.

Gempesaw said four US-based consultants of the contractor are expected to arrive this week to help fine-tune the system.

“No matter how modern the system is, there would be a problem if the people are not attuned to it,” he said.

Gempesaw said they are preparing information and education modules to inform the public, especially those in barangays, about the new traffic system.

Woo. So the traffic lights are even better than I thought it would be. You see, it's my dream (ever since I got to visit Hong Kong and saw their traffic lights with matching sound effects) to have our traffic light upgraded and just now it began to materialize. Even better. Which actually makes sense, since if we will do some upgrading why not settle for the best ones right? It might cost a lot (just like the new streen signs. It was upgraded twice. Soo much improvement.) but then everyone in Davao should be used to such modernities. We need it guys.

Davao is much too laid-back and not exactly that modern. Mayor Digong don't leave us just yet. -_-

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I have a new layout... inspired by Nay Joy's song which can be seen from this post. Nice song and quite catchy. And very fitting for the new year :)

Our schedule for the title defense would be this January 18. *gah* We were asked to prepare 3 titles, if one gets rejected we have 2 more titles that would act as a back up. Nervy nervy. -_-

Renel: My gawd! You look soo cute! Anong breed ka? (referring to Giovanne)
Giovanne: Breed ?
Renel: French breed, Garlic breed...

Giovanne: Iinom na ako ng tsa-a. Ito ay nakabubuti.
Avy: *snickers* A crowned princess does not have chubby fingers.
Giovanne: I'm wearing gloves.
Jona: Ang laki naman.

Vanessa: Ill have a coffee shop. It would be called THE COFFEE SHOP.
Giovanne: Hmm.. parang pinag-isipan talaga ang title ahh...

Jhonnel: What could be the possible title for my thesis ? (in Bisaya)
Avy: I don't know. But I have one! Automated Teller Machine.
Renel: Oh my gosh! Balik balik na... you said that four times already.
Tina: Haha. Title? Mine is "Untitled"

Which reminds me of a convo with me and my sister:

*BG music:Untitled - Simple Plan*
Darlene: What's the title of that song?
Tina: *serious* Untitled
Darlene: Tarong ba! (Be serious!!)
Tina: Untitled lagi. (Untitled nga!)
Darlene: Huh? Isulti ba. (Huh? Tell it to meee!)
Tina: Untitled nga *bulging eyes*
Darlene: Pleeassee share it to me
Tina: It's Untitled ok?
Darlene: What? Untitled? Pleaseee tell it to me.
Tina: The song's title is Untitled!!!! rawrrrr.
Soo exasperating. -_-

Monday, January 08, 2007

Espresso Break

Awhile ago Jona,Renel, Giovanne,Avy, and Nessa went to office.

Kape-kape together. Oops actually choco drink yung kinuha nila. Hehe. If they opted for the coffee they would've gone straight to the C.R. Our coffee has that effect of making you poo(sorry, if you're eating) if you did not get to poo for the day. Which is actually good, since it eliminates the toxins of your body... and thus we call that "deTox". Haha.

One reason they visited the office, is because it's where Jona, Renel and Pearl (who was not present that time since she measles) would have their OJT. So, they talked with my mom, hope they learned a lot. Ahihi. -_-

Oh and before we arrived at the office we got Paul's Christmas Cards straight from the U.K.!! Thank you Paul!! In behalf of everyone from ICST! We miss you!

Anyhow, I'm launching (haha parang LIBRO anoh? Book Launch) my NEW REVIEW BLOG.

So that I only have to login once. I don't have to login at Multiply or Friendster for the reviews. Although, I'll go there once a month and post at least one review so that it won't be inactive.

Tomorrow will be our first meeting for our THESIS 1. -_-

Anyway, just drop by.. @ ESPRESSO BREAK

See you. Have a nice night.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Patience my dear

I am being patient about the whole sluggish-internet-i-can't-comment-sometimes-cannot-log-in-after-48-years-thing.

Really. I am patient. I did not bug PLDT about it because I know those call center agents would not know about the recent progress of those underwater people trying to fix the cables dba?

As far as I know, the Internet companies or any company affected by this thing is trying hard to fix the problem. What company would not want to fix this kind of problem anyway, specially if it would affect their sales and the people who patronizes them ?

Soooooo.. patience guys.. patience. (Actually, I'm trying to calm myself down. I've been doing stuffs for my mom sending countless of emails and scanned documents for the whole day and because of the sluggish-net... it went on and on and on and on....)

So to all ye blogger friends, If I did not comment on yerrr blogs... it means I cannot browse thy comment pageeee... beeeecausseee.... of the sluggish net..oh wait we've been over this haven't we?

Anyway, I have taken on a new project. I'm transferring all my REVIEWS from multiply to another BLOGGER hosted blog. My reviews of the books, movies, food, restaurants and anything that needs my opinion will be there. Some of the reviews are not so well.. since I just have to recall most of the books and movies I've placed there. But, the recent ones would be well "reviewed". Nyahaha. But, it's not yet completed. Wala lang dagdag trabaho.

Quote of the day: Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert E.

True. True. Imagination should not run away from you. Let your knowledge run away.. but not your imagination. -_-

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

So, I wanted to post last January 1, 2007 but then due to a hundred unsuccesful attempts of trying to log-in I was unable to. Nyahaha. For the nth time today, I finally got to log in.

Our classes started yesterday. I have 3 subjects this term and 3 more left for me to graduate!! *Congratulate me* I'm doing the Subject THREEnity each term.

MWF - Computer Aided Accounting. Every 1-2 pm.
TTH - Thesis 1 (10-12 am) and Seminars on Technology (1-3pm)

Not bad. At least I don't have to wake up too early everyday.

I finally got to finish the COMELEC registration last Jan. 2, 2006.

It's raining cats and dogs today. (oooh.. I soo Love the weather). Since, I love it... I'm staying home. (In other words.. "skipping class") Haha. Did I mention that I love this weather when I'm snuggled up in bed and reading a book with a cup of coffee beside? Ahh.. Heaven.

Yesterday, we only have one class.. so the rest of the gang decided to watch 2 movies at home.

The gang composed ofAvy, Nessa, Renel, Pearl, and Red. Jesel, Jona and Kath just followed suit.

We watched The Devil Wears Prada and The Banquet.

And now... I'm still here in front of the PC.. doing errands (paperworks) for mom... and sending it to her business partners.

Happy new year Everyoneee... (im posting a jan. 1 2007) haha. cant help it.

Random ICST convos:

Tina: Why?
Renel: Kay greedy man xa... *explains*
Tina: Huh? (did not get the explanation)
Jesel: Greedy ba.. sa manok.
Tina: Double ha?
Kath: Whattt?
Jesel: Greedy sa manok
Kath: Manok?
Tina: Ahh,... gravy. rawrrr.

Tina: *after a korny joke*
Pearl: Tina... I thought you said... it's a new year... and no more korny jokes
Tina: Yeah... no more korny jokes... yes to super korny jokes. (Evolution is the name of the game.)

Watching Merryl Streep at the last part in her car.
Tina: What? Does she have a Multiple Personality Disorder?

Renel was locked from the outside. He kept knocking but we did not open the door. After a few minutes when the knocking stopped... we opened the door.

Jona: renel come in.
Avy: Renel.
Kath: Reneeeelll!!!
*Renel comes in with an angry face*
Jona: Uy Renel that was just a joke.
Tina: Your despidida party joke.
*Angry face still*
Renel: Give me my bag....
*uh oh we smell twable..*
Jona: That was a joke....
*everyone serious concerned face. Jesel hands out his bag.*
*Renel about to go and Jona beside the door*
Renel: Excuse me beh... Palingkuri ko. (*Excuse me. Let me sit*)
*and everyone bursted into laughter*

*noisy room while watching.. everyone talking*
Avy: Saba ra gud mo beh! (*Will you guys shut up?*)
*the room was suddenly silent*
Red: *genuinely coughs twice*
Avy: Oh naa pa diod mu ubo. (*Oh.. and then someone would cough!!!* pouts)
(Poor Red..)

Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Beginning....

I can see it from my window...
I can hear it from my door...
I can feel it in the morning....
Like Ive never felt before...

A new beginning in the making.. another season is in stored.
From my window I can see... and more....

There are times we spent together....
There are many more places together...
There are visions to discover....
And a lot more things to know...

A new beginning in the making.. another season is in stored.
From my window I can see... and more....

- Composed by Nay Joy Abella. :)

It's one of my favorite songs. Grabe. :) It's a family song.. so it's not out in the public. Ahihi.

Anyway... it's fitting.. (this song) for January 1, 2007. :)

This year is going to be incredible. This year is going to be one of the best.

This year all the planets will line up for me.

I can feel..... it'll be a whole NEW THING this YEAR.

January... Id learn to fly.. Febuary... it's my day.... March... Thesis will be over and perfected. April... and so on and so on.....

A whole new year.... a whole new beginning. :)

In every ending.. there is a new beginning.

This again is another one of those "Butterfly's New Beginning!". Nyahaha