Friday, November 24, 2006

People Lie but Evidences do not.


One of my favorite TV series is CSI. Although I dont watch it alone. I used to watch it alone... but lately.. some of the scenes are grossing me out. Nyahaha. But I still like it. I like CSI:Las Vegas better than Miami and New York. I like Grissom's role. He has a lot of "words of wisdom".

I often catch up with CSI in Studio23 or AXN, but lately I dont have much time. So, I just download them, and watch them every now and then if I feel like too. I like the humor of the cast in CSI:Las Vegas. I'll be posting some of the humorous conversations.

I like their sarcastic one-liners.

Sara: Excuse me. Is my evaluation interrupting you?
Grissom: No, I barely heard you.

Dr.Robbins: The leg was severed post-mortem.
Catherine: Well, that's good news.
Dr.Robbins: How do you figure?
Catherine: Would you want to be alive while your leg's being cut off?

Evans: [Pointing to an exotic dancer on stage] You dressed like that?
Catherine: If you want to call it dressed.

Sara: You're the one who said one piece of evidence is better than ten eyewitnesses.
Grissom: What, do you tape everything I say?

Grissom: You have empathy for her, Sara. You want someone to pay for what was done to her. That's normal.
Sara: You want to sleep with me?
Grissom: Did you just say what I think you did?
Sara: That way, when I wake up in cold sweat under the blanket, hearing Kaye's screams ... You can tell me it's nothing. It's just empathy.

Jail Inmate: Yo Grissom! [hits the inmate next to him] This guy is the reason I'm in here. A shoe print! [to Grissom] Yo next time I go barefoot!
Grissom: Even better, footprints.

[Grissom is licking rocks to see if they're bones]
Grissom: Could be a piece of wrist bone.
Catherine: Well, do you want to suck on it? To be sure?

[Grissom and Catherine are examining a head]
Grissom: Do you think a woman could've done this?
Catherine: I could.
[Grissom glances at her, then back to the head]
Grissom: Scared of you...

They often tease Grissom about his being single and all, and not going out with ladies or having no personal relationship because he is married to his work.

Catherine: Now tell me, why are we here?
Grissom: 'Cuz it's the only place within ten miles of Calville Bay that serves calamari.
Catherine: And you know this because...?
Grissom: I come here for calamari.
Catherine: Oh. Alone?
Grissom: No. Sometimes I have a beer with it.

Catherine: You're right, you know. I should be just like you. Alone in my hermetically sealed condo watching discovery on the big screen working genius- level crossword puzzles, but no relationships. No chance any will slop over into a case. Right. I want to be just like you.
Grissom: Technically, it's a townhouse. And the crosswords are advanced, not genius. But you're right. I'm deficient in a lot of ways. But I never screw up one of my cases with personal stuff.
Catherine: Grissom ... what personal stuff?

Grissom: What's the status?
Catherine: Skin samples from under the women's fingernails are consistent with Ed's. I saw some bruises. But Eddie's style has always been very... involved. Vigorous.
Grissom: ...Vigorous.
Warrick: She's trying to tell you Eddie likes it rough.
Catherine: Thank you, Warrick.

'[Grissom walks in with Dr. Gilbert, the female president of the School for the Deaf]
Sara: So that's why Grissom's late.
Warrick: You just don't like other women in his life.
Sara: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

[Grissom wouldn't tell them how he learnt sign language]
Sara: [coming into the room] What was that all about? Grissom signs?
Warrick: What does Grissom drink when he goes out at night?
Sara: He goes out?
Warrick: Exactly. Who knows anything about that guy?

One of Grissom's attempt on a girl...

Grissom: I have a question
Teri: Ok?
Grissom: Since I screwed up our last date, would we ever have dinner again?
Teri: Oh we'll have dinner... just not together.

But no one could probably beat the cute-guy in the lab Greg (who is on the field right now and not a lab-guy anymore.)

Nick: Hey, Greg.
Greg: Shh. I might be looking at the mother of my children here.
Nick: Somebody's been putting in way too much overtime.
Greg: No, this is serious. I had a date last night. And this girl has the most impossible green eyes. Just, BAM. Shoulder-length blonde hair, intelligent. And she smells so good.
Nick: Cute toes?
Greg: Oh, ideal. And none longer than the big toe. Both feet. But you know I need to know what is on the inside.
Nick: What's in her heart?
Greg: No, her DNA. This girl has got some fine epithelials.
Nick: Dude, you're sick. Man, you have officially lost it.
Greg: There's a guy in Louisville, he charges 300 clams to test your spouse's underwear for foreign DNA. Now that guy is sick. I'm just a romantic.
Nick: Whatever happened to getting to know someone over coffee? Letting the relationship evolve. Romantic is sending flowers, not bogarting her skin cells.
Greg: Oh that's boring.

And the joke below is cute, and I tried it out with my friends too. Poor Nick

Grissom: Repeat after me, Silk silk silk.
Nick: Silk silk silk.
Grissom: Now what do cows drink?
Nick: Milk.
Grissom: They drink water. They produce milk.

Nick: Catherine. say, "Silk silk silk"
Catherine: Silk silk silk.
Nick: Now what do cows drink?
Catherine: Water. Why?
Nick: Never mind.

I also tried it out with Avy, Jona and Jesel. Avy got it right and so did Jona after a long pause.. (they were thinking). But Jesel's answer is funnier.

Jesel: I know it was water. But in my mind... I was debating whether the answer is water or grass.

Haha. Funny.


That hair clip is made out of horn, from Kenya. It is "Masai" made. Masai is a Kenyan tribe. Given to me by Angela Chaya. :)


tina said...

hindi pa ko nakakapanood ng CSI. Kala ko kasi boring. Ok din pala! hahaha! mapanood nga, may pirated dvds naman malapit sa mga mrt stations e, complete episodes pa. wahahaha!
tin | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 8:57 am | #

I should have read the this message "WARNING! LONG CSI CONVERSATION" Haha but it was pretty(really) funny. If you want to turn your stomach inside-out try watching Will&Grace it will make the most out of your laugh. I love their one liner specially the one...Oh their both gay...I mean jack...Haha

Thanks for your comment & greeting...
Love to read more from you...

P.S I've link your blog to my blog. As a token of friendshipness! Haha!
L.A | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 9:42 am | #

i might add CSI on the list i download, right now i am collecting HOUSE, SMALLVILLE, NARUTO, and BLEACH
iskoo | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 10:31 am | #

I love csi.

Ayaw ko talaga yung miami.Badtrip ako doon sa red hair,ang pangit.
Yung las vegas yun yung paborito ko.

Hindi ko alam yan ah..funny.
blacksoul | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 5:09 pm | #

i love csi... di ko na nga lang mxdo npapanuod kasi bc sa skul at hindi ko matyempuhan sa axn..huhu...
lalaine | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 8:13 pm | #

waaah, CSI is my show too..
i love it.. hekhek..
we even watch it in school every now and then * anatomy kc ung class :D
and yah panget ung miami..
well d ko rin sxa type :D
monic | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 8:21 pm | #

di pa po ako nakakapanood ng CSI... pero after this post i might watch it.. parang maganda eh.. :D
LaNa | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 12:47 am | #

haha.. you finally posted them here.. ^_^
Avy | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 12:48 am | #

d ko po alm ung CSI eh.hehe.peo nkktwa ung dun sa silk bla bla.hehehe..akala ko milk eh!..hihihi..nice hair clip!! it!!
zelie | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 4:09 am | #

ipagpatawad...hehehehe...hindi ako maka-relate kasi hindi ako nanonood ng CSI..

kung numbers yan..go lang! hehehe..
pam | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 6:00 am | # cute..^__^
tala | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 7:18 am | #

I haven't try doing post mortem care... I am a nursing student BTW.
Richmond | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 7:46 am |

giehar said...

do you know if the "silk silk silk" question actually has psychological implications depending on the answer, or was grissom just messing with nick? coz i tried this question on a nurse and she also answered milk. another argued that baby cows drink milk from their mothers so the answer is technically correct,