Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Padyak?

Where did it all begin?

"The summer of 2012 was when an explanation, about why we are known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’, was heard by a group of new found friends in M.I.S.S.I.O.N[Movement of Imaginals towards Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing, and Networking]. It was said that there was a string of lighthouses all over the Philippine Islands that was like a string of glowing pearls for the mariners of more ancient days. It was also during that summer where, when a group of new found
friends talking about an upcoming festival of light, the first seed of meaning for a bike pilgrimage stringing beads of light all over our beloved country was first brought forth. Activating the entire Philippines with light and meaning indeed is a deeply meaningful thing to do. To also do it to support a festival that highlights the seven dimensions of sustainability that you are working hard to bring about it in the world is a very, very nice bonus." - by  Nicolas Amando Solana III

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Padyak at Liwanag

Transcripts of Messages from Kuya Jude:

Jan.9: 5:28AM - "Dia na mi karon sa Villasis in a GK site named "Namnama" (Hope). Kahapon pala may nanganak dito, the husband's name is Salvador. And we were received as the 3 magis on bikes. I could not help but notice how providence lead us day by day.  Last sunday we were in Laoag (light) and it's Epiphany Sunday pa - a feast that celebrate Jesus as Light of the world. Whew, its really awe-inspiring. DISGUSTING*!! as Nick would describe it" 
*DISGUSTING - is a MISSION term coined by Nic Perlas as "amazing,stupendous, unbelievable".

Jan 11:
5:37am - Val and I will be staying for another night in QC. Bukas 4am kami magpapatuloy sa Batangas City. Felcon will bike ahead this afternoon. Today we will be meeting with Joey Ayala during breakfast. Lunch with Fr. Pics and in the afternoon with Tony Meloto. We will recalibrate schedule today and upload pictures. 
11:54am- Just finished tupi session with Joey Ayala at Tandang Sora, QC. Going to Intramuros to meet Fr. Pics, the biking priest... on commuting mode. Will share pix this afternoon.

Jan. 12: "3:30 pm Text from Jude: left 7am from Joey Ayala's house, Tandang Sora. Fr. Pics guided us from the exit of C5 until Nuvali, Laguna. Here now at Makiling Elem School. Rest 5 minutes. Wish to arrive to Batangas City Port by 7:30pm"

8:30pm: Touchdown Batangas City.

Jan. 13: "We have already finished the whole Luzon (Jan2 treck to Cape Engano Lighthouse. Jan3 Sta. Ana to Aparri. Jan4 Aparri to Sta. Praxedes. Jan5 to Laoag via Pagudpud, Bangui. Jan6 to Vigan. Jan7 to Baguio. Jan8 to Villasis, Pangasinan. Jan9 to QC Circle. We met with excellent bike citizens Papa Denz, TIna and the rest of the members of Folding Bike Pilipinas and the Firefly Brigade. Jan10 Ikot Liwanag, we visited Light Bearers Joey Ayala, Father Picz and Tony Meloto. Jan 11 Tandang Sora to Batangas City. We rode to Caticlan. Today we start our Visayas pilgrimage. As I try to look back, I was amazed at how things evolved, transformed and unfolded. I now see that all these were realized with the help and support of everybody, a Bayanihan in action. I was amazed by how persons, events, things would pop up. Amazed by the level of sincerity, warmth of friendship we receieved. These have energized and made us go on. Nicanor Perlas Movement of Imaginals (MISSION) Firefly Brigade-Philippines We Want Bike Lanes in RP Movement Cycle For Life."

More snippets soon!!

They inspire me and gives me goosebumps as I imagine what they are doing!! Huwaw

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Padyak Tungo sa Liwanag 2013

As I post this blog, Kuya Jude, Kuya Falcon(Bayawan, Dumaguete) and Valerie (Baguio) is probably on the way to Batangas City from Manila on their 11th Day of biking for Liwanag of their 24day sojourn!

What's the gist? (Padyak Tungo sa Liwanag 2013)

Padyak tungo sa Liwanag 2013, a bicycle pilgrimage all over the country from Palaui Island, Sta. Ana,Cagayan to Davao City (Jan 2-Jan 29,2013). Its the personal way of carrying the ideals of Liwanag Worldfest 2013 for creativity and sustainability. Please join us as we string beads of light all over the Philippines. 

The plan is for biker friends to meet them along the way, and bike with them till whatever part of the Philippines or bike all the way to Davao!!!

What's amazing is, they will visit various historical sites very important in the Philippine history and also to light candles at lighthouses stationed along the Philippines.

more updates.. of their whereabouts soon!

Here is the itinerary they have: 
Place Est. Dist (km) Days Travel Date
Dumaguete to Manila*
1 30-Dec
2 31-Dec
Palaui Island to
1 1-Jan
Sta Ana to Aparri          130.00 1 2-Jan
Aparri to Claveria            90.00

Claveria to Laoag City            90.00 1 3-Jan
Laoag City to Vigan City          100.00

Vigan to San Fernando City          140.00 1 4-Jan
San Fernando to Baguio City            75.00 1 5-Jan
Baguio to Dagupan          100.00 0.5 7-Jan
Dagupan to Tarlac City          100.00 0.5

Tarlac City to Manila 120.00 1 8-Jan Via  Anggat, Bulacan (Enchanted Farm)
Manila to Batangas City          150.00 1 9-Jan
Batangas City to Caticlan  2go leaves at 9pm arrives at 6am the next day
Caticlan to Culasi          100.00 0.5 10-Jan
Culasi to Sn Jose de Buenavista          120.00 0.5

Sn Jose de Buenavista to Ilo2          100.00 1 11-Jan
Iloilo to Guimaras

McArthur’s Wharf to Tumanda Wharf            45.00

Pulupandan Wharf to Kabankalan            75.00 1 13-Jan
Kabankalan to Mabinay            60.00 0.5

Mabinay to Bayawan            60.00 1 14-Jan
Bayawan to Dumaguete          100.00 2 19-Jan
Dumaguete to Santander

Santander to Cebu City          135.00 1 20-Jan
Cebu to Cagayan

Cagayan to Davao          298.00 3 22-Jan
Davao          150.00 5 26-Jan
  2,502 Km 24 days    

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

WILD 2013

HAPPY 2013!

It's a WILD 2013

Wonderfully Interesting Love-filled Days!!!

i'm excited for this year!!!