Saturday, March 16, 2013


Happy 76th Hunger Games!! errrm este Happy 76th Araw ng Dabaw!

Our theme for the year is: Kapayapaan.

When I arrived last night from a weeklong trip in Cebu-Bohol, I was excited to see my vibrant city amidst all the lights flickering from above the plane. I can't help but notice they all looked like that cardboard boxes/model houses architects make.

As we were heading home, most of the streets were alive and throngs of people are out partying in the streets. And the usual restaurants who would've been occasionally not that "full" is now suddenly filled with a whole lot of people and cars were just all around. The city has awakened and the party is in full swing.

Here's a list of the schedule: Schedule for 76th Araw ng Davao

Till here!

Enjoy the festivities if you are in town!! :)


Photo Source: Silaab Dabaw