Monday, October 30, 2006

Scary Skeleton

It was my FIRST time to be out-of-town with friends yesterday. My mom rarely say "yes" whenever i asked to go to some of the group outings. Anyway, I wonder what she ate and made me go? Maybe, at least for once she made me that one day I don't have to say, "I've never gone..." but instead, "I have been to ONE...".

"I have been to One.." is better than "I've never gone.." right? Whatever.


The New Christ the King Church was so wonderful. It's really different from the churches in Davao, merely cause it is new. It's design and the statues, and sceneries around it.. is picturesque.

The reception was at Molave Hotel, Acacia Hall. One thing that was new in the reception(for me), was the Cake Parade and the Champagne Parade. It was my first time to witness a reception with a parade.

---Our gift---

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I might as well join in the FUN!
This video was shared by an online friend(drosdow). It sure made me laugh!

Friday, October 27, 2006


So i had my pc checked by Bordz accompanied by Avy and Red today. Basically, Bordz assessed it could have been the power supply which was in too much stress due to heat. (my power supply is built in, and they said it usually breaks down easily.) So, what they did was turn the aircon on... let my CPU breathe(come out from it's hot "shell") and it should not be overheated. So, now... it's doing perfectly fine.

While waiting for my CPU to cool down.. we played "trivia" among ourselves. (I have this "brain teaser" sort of thing.. where it contains kiddie trivias and not-so-kiddie trivias).

There were a couple of funny answers, and here are some of them.

Tina: Who wrote "A Christmas Carol?".
Red: Santa Claus!

Tina: Black Beauty was a girl, or a horse?
Bordz: a girl!

Tina: When you "boot" a computer, are you starting it up or...
Red:Unsa na boot? katong gipalit? ( Anong "boot" ? yung binili?)

Note: Red did not know that the spelling was "boot", he thought it was "bought", and thought i pronounced it wrong. Now, how bad was my pronounciation? tsk.tsk..

Tina: Where do coconuts grow? Ground, vines, or treetops?
Bordz: Ground

Tina: What kind of vegetable is a Chinese bok choy?
Bordz: Feng Shui!

Tina:If you write at your pen pal in Dublinn, what country will you place in the address?
Avy,Red,Bordz: England!
Tina: No, it starts with the letter "I"
Red: Ingland

Note: That they were not answering as a "joke", they were a convinced with their "guessing".
It was fun! -_-

Two days ago, me, Avy and Nessa were in Room A, eating Cream-O.

I took their "Cream-oed" eyes. And saw the difference...

Which one looks better on them? Cream-Oed or not?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fear Street

I just finished War Day by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka. My review about WarDay can be seen HERE. I've long given up on the other book a week ago which was Corruption of Blood by Robert Tatenbaum. Corruption of Blood is kind of boring anyway, and right now I'm starting R.L. Stine's 3 books in one, about Secrets. I miss reading Fear Street. It's so easy to read plus the thrill and all that.

I have a couple of Fear Street books, but most of them were borrowed and was never returned to me. :( *rawr*

What did I do the whole day ? I woke up late, checked my mails, got ready for my one and only class in numerical analysis for today, went to college (a bit late), went home, accompanied my mom and dad outside, now im here. :P

My post will be short. I want to post pictures but I'm not using my pc right now, I'm using mom's laptop ahihi. -_-

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I choose you!

I was tagged by AVY

List down 9 weird things about yourself and tag another nine.

I cant think of anything that makes me weird, bear with me if you dont think it's weird.

1.) I consider reading books for FUN. Rolling in the bed... snuggled up in covers and then reading a book makes my day. I'd rather read a good book than go "partying" in bars/clubs, (and i have nothing against it, ok? I just have a different definition of F-U-N. )

2.) I used to daydream being a spy, a princess from a faraway land, being a Jessica or an Elizabeth from Sweet Valley...

3.) I can make my ears move. No one taught me how, I was just curious to try it out. It took me hours to practice due to "boredom". And now, it's not that weird anymore because 4 out of 10 people can prolly do it.

4.) I wanna be everything! I wanna be a film-maker, a movie producer, a conductress, i wanna learn how to ice skate professionally, i wanna be a photographer, a music production artist, a scrip writer, i wanna play the violin, i wanna be the president of the philippines, i wanna be an author of a best-selling book, i wanna be a tycoon, i wanna skydive, i want to try bungee jumping, i wanna own a ship, i want a star named after me, i wan i wan .... and so on and so on.

5.) Still a Disney fan even if Im already 18. I Love Disney music, dont really care if they think it's cheesy.... their music just speaks the obvious truth: DREAMS COME TRUE.

6.) Likes to watch horror/suspense movies. Tease my siblings about being scared... but deep inside I am scared too, and I cant wait for the rooster to cry and for the sun to shine. But, my being scared lasts for the day/night I watched the movie.

7.) When I was young, i love to play ALONE with my paper dolls. I lock myself in my room and then make my own story. I dont want anyone disturbing me. (ive outgrown the paper-doll thingy.")

8.) I love it when it rains, if and only if I am in bed snuggled up. *snuggles*

9.) I think therefore I am.

I choose YOU!
Nine LIVES(tagging the NINE): Ate Mayeth, June Mae, Jona, Giovanne, Renel, Johnnel, Jesel, Darlene, and Nessa.

I shall be posting ICST convos that I find funny.

June:What are the different kinds of socket?
Giovanne: ME ME ME! I wanna answer that! Socket sa ulo, Socket sa tiyan....

June: Why are you writing down the answers? You will use it as a kodigoh noh?
Giovanne: As if! You can't even answer exams without kodigos!

Giovanne loves to watch Pokemon. And sometimes he feels like he is Ash and loves to role play in front of everybody in college. The problem is, there are no pokemon's to catch. But of course, for Giovanne, that is not a problem. What, with all the people in our school? Surely, there could be a few pokemon's pretending to be humans lurking in there.

Note: Giovanne is Ash. I would keep the names hidden na lang. The so-called attack powers reflects the personality the students notice.

Ash: Sir ****, I choose you!
Foul breath attack!
: Maam ****, I choose you!
Myriad Attack!
: ******, I choose you!
Whirlwind Attack!
Kingkong Attack!

Renel: You are becoming a monster!
Giovanne: I am already a monster.
Renel: An ugly monster.
Giovanne: I am already ugly and di ako nagiisa.
Renel: You are blind!
Giovanne: I'm not blind, just blurred.

You see, Giovanne wears glasses. Without it, he can't see.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Be still....

"Be still and know that I am GOD."

If there is an accident or something happened that is so unexpected, the quote above applies to such situations.

Yes, do not panic... but remember and be still and know that God is around(IN YOU).

The meaning goes deeper than just being "still". You see, when a person is calm and at peace even when in a very grave situation... everything works out well. You act from the spirit, without your mind telling you the fact, but your spirit telling you the TRUTH.

Facts(accidents,troubles,bad sitch,heartaches,) change, but the TRUTH does not.

What is the TRUTH ? The truth is - "There is perfection in EVERYTHING". But you must strive to see this. YOu cannot see the TRUTH if you are in a state of panic or disillusionment.

But always FEEL your Feelings. You laugh when you need too, you cry when you feel the urge to. Do not suppress it. But, when all the emotion is done (laughing/crying) be still and know that GOD is GOD.

In other words, in the midst of chaos and the tragedies, SEE the GLORY of THE PROCESS. Even as you die with a stab behind your back or even when you are inside a burning house. Or just watching it.

This might seem impossible to do, but when you arrive in such situations and you move into such "consciousness", you can do it.

In a moment of a great tragedy, the challenge is to quiet the mind and move deep within the soul.

But you dont have to be STILL, if you choose not too. You always have the choice in how you wish to experience the MOMENT.

Is it by being STILL and being AT PEACE? or is it by panicking and crying for the rest of the whole experience?

Why am I sharing this to you?

Because, me and my family experienced it.

Two nights before we(me, mom and dad)are supposed to leave for Hong Kong, my Dad's stroke recurred.

(Doctors said, that strokes recur 3-5 years and is usually worst than the first one. But amazingly my dad's stroke was very mild and it was after 11 years not 3-5.)

It was probably 10:30 in the evening, and my mom was talking to dad, and they turned the lights on (in the hotel room). And that night i was really having a hard time, to have a good night's sleep. I keep waking up, go to the bathroom, then shift and turn in the bed.

Mom: Are you ok?
Dad: I'm fine (slurring)
Mom: Something is wrong with you, do you want to go to the doctor?
Dad: No, I'm fine (you can barely make the words out cause his speech slurred)

Then my dad stood up and was woobly, then sat down beside the bed.

Mom: Are you sure? You can't even stand up well.
Dad: I'm fine.
Mom: Is your head aching? Are you ok?
Dad: Yes, im ok.

Dad tried to stand up again but still woobly.

Mom: See? We need to go to the doctor.
Dad: I'm ok.
Mom: Can you move your feet?

Dad demonstrated it, and he can.

Dad: It's just weak, but i can move it.
Mom: Ok, let's go to the doctor.

My dad finally agreed. But before that, we made him drink 5 pairs of RGGL (my dad's herbal food supplement). We were sent to San Juan De Dios Hospital. But we did it really calmly.

What's going inside me that time?

Watching my dad, at first I can't believe it. Am i dreaming? Is this true? Everything was fine during the day. Dad and Mom was even dancing together and we keep on laughing the whole day.

But, I was just calm.. and I KNOW that everything was JUST FINE. Me and my mom exchanged reassuring looks and I know that everything was FINE.

And, to imagine the incident happened... and we were not even in DAVAO, out from the comfort zone(where you know everyone), but into a place where you hardly know anyone.

I might've panicked just thinking about the FACTS. BUt you see... there is the calming TRUTH within ME.. that EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY FINE.

We were ushered (not rushed) inside the ER. When I was allowed inside, i assisted my dad. Me and my mom was beside my dad the whole time, and every once in awhile.. we would laugh at some things we would talk about.

My mom told my dad, that this was just a RESULT of my dad's past actions. You see, for two months my dad was in a lot of stress. Lack of sleep, wrong diet (eating outside*in restaurants* most of the time with business associates), always tired, driving for hours in long distance travels. And all them have summed up and resulted into This.

But, my mom told dad that she was not blaming him. For no one is to be blamed. And all we have to do... is be calm and consider it as a wake up call to stop BEING IN A LOT OF STRESS and back to the RAW FOOD DIET.

Once in awhile i would wipe away little tears that would stream down. I was not in the state of hopelesness. I wasn't crying... the agonizing way. I was crying with PEACE in my heart, and then smile again feeling so reassured that everything is fine.

We stayed in the ER for hours(10:50pm-10am). They transferred us to the ICU by 10am. My dad needs to stay there for observation. My dad was perfectly fine... he can move his body. (unlike before he was half body paralyzed). My dad stayed in ICU for two days, then was transferred to a private room and stayed there for 2 days. Then after that, they went back to Davao.

All of this happened recently. My dad as of the moment, is driving. He insists that he should. No more oily food for him, more food supplements/vitamins. Massive VITAMIN C. We learned from a book given to us by our nutritionist... and my mentor in IRIDOLOGY.. that we ALL need VITAMIN C.

I always remember this, in times of tragedy - "Fear not for I am with you."

That is what poetry has to say, for a person in a tragedy.

"In your darkest hour, I will be your light. In your blackest moment, I am your consolation. In your most difficult and trying time, I will be your strength. Therefore, Have FAITH, for I am your shepherd you shall not want.

I will cause you to lie down in green pastures; I will lead you beside still waters. I will restore your soul, and lead you in the paths of righteousness for MY Name's sake.

And yea, though you walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, you will fear NO evil; for I am with you.My rod and my staff will comfort you. I am preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies: I anoint your head with oil; Your cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life: and You will dwell in MY house-and in MY HEART forever." - GOD

Friday, October 20, 2006

two sides of the coin

I have been busy for a whole lot of reasons. A LOT has been going on in my "so-wonderful-life". Few of them might seem unfortunate to some people... but really it's not. There are always two sides of the coin... and it is your choice(and it has been only been UP TO YOU) as to which side you want to see.

I've "remembered" a lot these past few months, along with my mom's personal development trainings, reading a LOT of self help books, reflecting, centering myself, meditating (parang yogist ano?) but really as in meditating. There are different ways of meditating you know.. it really depends where you can get and collect your thoughts and all that. And i dont just mean my thoughts.... i usually get "out-of-my-mind", and listen to the language of my soul... and that is my FEELINGS.

Feelings are very important.. never ever supress them.
But always remember, that feelings of the soul are never negative they are always positive.
You see our soul is really pure, and it is our MIND who sometimes masquerades as feelings.... that produces negative "feelings". Feelings that comes from the SOUL are feelings that represents LOVE, while the so called "feelings" of the mind are feelings that represents Fear.

Fear leads to a lot of things. Fear of losing someone, produces a not so good feeling... which leads you to jealousy. Fear of doing something... leads you to worry. Fear of this and that always leads to a not-so-good-feeling.

You need to know whether the "feelings" you are having is in harmony with YOUR REAL NATURE.

I keep saying this over and over: Life is beautiful... it is also wonderful... but it depends on how you make it.

You are the creator of your own LIFE. It is you who is responsible to what is happening to you right now. You cannot blame other people to what happened to you right now.... nor can you blame GOD.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


WARNING: Do not read if your head is aching. The following salawikain might stress your "mind".


*Aanhin ang damo, kabayo ba ako?

*Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit, kung may nawawala humanap ng kapalit, HOY mga tulog GISING! (reporter style)

*Kapag may itinanim, may tutubo.

*Kapag nagigipit sa Bombay kumakapit

*Do unto others tapos takbo takbo.

*Ang di marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, ay lumaki sa ibang bansa

Salawikain revised.

*Beauty is in the eye of the beast. - JV

*Try and try until you die then rise from the dead - JV and Avy

*Ethics are smaller than ducks - Avy

*Ang ilog na tahimik ay malalim, ang ilog na maingay... may naglalaba. -Avy

*The family that prays together has one rosary - Johnnel

*Sa mata ng bata ang tama nagiging muta - JV

*An apple a day is not a mango - Avy

*Kapag may katwiran wag ka nang magsalita - Avy

*Kapag ang isang tao ay hindi makasagot sa tanong, siya ay pipi - Giovanne

*Love your enemies then kill them - Avy

*Why do birds, shining shimmering? - girl in the elevator (*sing it in a Close to you tune.*)

*Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan walang shield - JV

*Ang batang matakaw ay obese - JV

*Ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, ay nawawala - JV, Avy, Nessa

*Ang batang madada malaki ang bungaga. - JV

Salawikain in Real Life

*When Risa is away, Melchor becomes Risa -JV

*Jonalyn bigatin, pati ikaw lalamunin - Avy

*Aanhin ko ang damo. si Joebert ba ako ? - Tina

*Kapag nagigipit kay Vanita at Montoo kumakapit. - Avy

Which version is better?

*Pag pumuti na ang uwak, pininturahan - Vanessa

*Pag pumuti na ang uwak, matanda na - Avy

*Birds with the same feather are twins - Giovanne

*Birds with the same feather makes a good feather duster - Avy

*Birds with the same feather are TBIRDS - JV

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hong Kong

Things I learned and noticed in HK.

*They are strong believers of Feng Shui
* Mr. Lee (the richest man in HK) has two sons. One is married, the other is single. (So, is there anyone who wants to snag the single one?)
* Tourist Guides in HK gets commission in any place they take you.
*Armed with a map and a lot of coins, you won't need any tourist guides.
*It is required that you pay in 'coins' and the exact amount(or more) in a bus/tram and if you pay less than the amount you would be reprimanded.
*They have different kinds of transportation, (and I have tried them all). One is the MTR(their train), a Double Decker bus, a normal BIG(single) bus for tourists, a TRAM (old fashioned, British transpo ), a FERRY, and a TAXI.
*Everything is expensive if you keep on converting and you wont get to buy anything. So, stop converting.
*They have different NIGHT MARKETS, and the most EXPENSIVE and the most UNREASONABLE prices among the NIGHT MARKET is MongKok.

MongKok - should be your last stop among the NIGHT MARKETS. Everything in MONGKOK is attractive, but it’s expensive unless you know how to bargain in a Chinese-kinda-way.

Prince Edward - has lots of different stationeries (Disney, Sanrio), cute school supplies that are cheap. Cheap necklaces (but attractive), socks, tithes, shirts, shawls, shoes, boots, original surplus shirts that are not 'so' cheap.

Jordan - you get different choices of colorful, fashionable, imitation watches. They are great buys, cause their watches are cute.

There is a place near Prince Edward, where you get to buy different clothes in WHOLESALE. Everything is cheap, but you cannot get in retail unless they place it in a box.

NOTE: Divisoria and 168 are waayyyy better and cheaper than all those 3 markets put together.

They told me there are still more night markets, but I did not get to visit the others.

*OUTLETS of Giordano, Esprits and a whole lot more is better than all the things available in NIGHT MARKET. Outlets has SALES also. Better look out for those RED-50%-off-SIGNS around you.

*FINE DINING is not in their culture.
*Chinese waiters serves in a 'rude-kind-of-way'.
*Learn how to use chopsticks.
*Korean dishes is better than all those Chinese dimsum/dumplings put together.
*So far, Yoshinoya is the cheapest fast food chain I've seen. (18HK dollars)
*Korean BBQ buffet is the cheapest and the yummiest buffet (60 HK dollars)
*Population: 98% Chinese 1 %Indian 1%(mixed with Pinoys and expats)
*Try to visit the Ocean Terminal, they say artists from the Philippines and other countries shop there.
*Don’t buy from UNAUTHORIZED gadget STORE. If you want gadgets, go buy in an expensive-looking mall, with all the originals there. Don't be fooled by their gadget stores there.

TIP: Before you check those kind of gadget stores, check online (in webs) how much they are selling this camera or that phone from the websites of Canon, Sony, Sanyo, JVC, Nokia, before you buy any phone or cameras there.

*Water is expensive. The cheapest bottle of water I have seen is 2.90 HKdollars.
*Their tap water is not potable. You must heat it first and then let it cool down in a few minutes before you drink it.

*Take a look at Jewelry City....

*All taxis are using LPG.
*If you are riding a taxi and you have a luggage that you placed at the back of it, you also pay an extra for the luggage aside from the taxi meter.

*Visit Ocean Park, and the Avenue of stars.
*DISNEYLAND is GREAT! (It is smaller than the one in Tokyo or US, but it's fun!)

Hong Kong is a good place to visit, but I don't think it is livable. It has all the city lights, it has a wonderful, well constructed harbor, it is tourist-friendly, a fashion lovers haven in Asia, it has green streets (the trees even if the buildings are towering above you.), lots of original outlets of different known stores (Shirley Temple, Rolex, Giordano, Esprit.. etc.. etc.) and everything that makes Hong Kong a wonderful vacation setting.

But, when it comes to actually living in it, for me, it is not that good. And, I have to say, Philippines is still better. I'm not being biased or anything, I just think the people are better here and Pinoys have a different 'overall' attitude than other people, and a better culture and better 'public relation(PR)'.

I am blessed that I am from Philippines, and I am grateful that I am living here.


To travel and visit the countries of the world… to see it's beauty... study their culture... learning their language (just like Rizal. and we are both cute in height haha) is one of my dreams. And I always KNEW that my DREAMS, my FANTASIES, my DESIRES that lies deep inside my heart... will COME TO PASS and WILL HAPPEN.

One by one... you will see the DESIRES (on the left side) will happen and they will all turn red as I crash each one as they TURNED into REALITY.

What are your dreams? Do you believe in the beauty of your dreams? Do you believe you can make your dreams happen?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Greetings from HK

This is my last day in HK.

So Long... Farewell.

Yes I am in HongKong. Thanks to DXN for this free travel seminar incentive. And of course all my praises and thanks to GOD for everything. (San ka pa? Eh libre toh! haha)

I was in fact debating with myself.. about to blog or not to blog from here(i can always blog more about my experiences.. when im at home). The whole Travel Seminar Incentive Group left 2 days ago.

Leaving all the other DXN Distributors(including me and Nay Melma *a family friend*) who extended for a few days and meet with their relatives living here. My parents were supposed to be with me, and everyone who qualified for this trip asked me as to where they are and all that. My mom was supposed to lecture about "ATTITUDE" to everyone, but my parents were not able to make it, due to an unexpected circumstance.

This is my first time to be out of the country and obviously my first time to be in Hong Kong. I am coming back with my family. Hong Kong is no fun if you're travelling alone... at least for me it's not. I keep wishing they are here.. specially when i'm at their shopping center or malls... hayyy how you wish... your parents are around! haha. But, it's really different if you have a couple of your friends or your family along.

People DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU WEAR! By golly... everyone's colorful from here... you can wear whatever you think is IN. hehe. Or maybe, because it's october and it is halloween so everyone's wearing it WEIRD. Just kidding.
Hong Kong fashion is cute and it suits their weather, i dont think i can wear what they are wearing right now, if i am in the Philippines. It might look 'ok' here... but like their boots (i just love their boots.) you cannot wear it in the PH if it's UBER hot! I love taking a look at what the chinese are wearing... they all look cute.

There are a couple of NIGHT MARKETS... and they are not that cheap. Well some stuffs are... specially if you are in PRINCE EDWARD. I dont really trust the not-so-authorized-dealers of gadget stuffs here. I will tell you all about the "why" i do not trust them on my next post as i recount what happened during my stay here.

I have tried all their public transportation for experience. And i have to tell you... when im back in PH... ive had ENOUGH OF THE DIMSUM... chinese food and all the like. NO more DIMSUM/Chinese food for me. Blech.

Anyhow.. ill be sharing to you what i learned during my stay here. I know most of them are not new to you. Or you have been here and obseved the same as well... but nevertheless i wanna share.

Oh and to all DXN Members... do avail for the next two trips for next year. We will be in MALAYSIA and a CARRIBEAN CRUISE(800 TSI points for this one.. if you want ur hubby/wife to be with you 1600 TSI POINTS.) This time.. i wanna work for that. Ack! I have to share the good news then... that YOU TOO can avail it. Just prepare the passport and the gates for travelling abroad shall be open. Till here.

SEE YOOUUU!! (I shall be commenting on your blogs.. when im home.)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blog Leave

I shall be taking my 2-week-leave now (what the blogosphere called "hiatus").

I might be updating this spot once in awhile at this same post, if i get myself online. So I will see ya eblibadi!

My flight for Manila will be this monday..

When I'm back, Ill be commenting on your crazy.. and i expect PLDT is OK by then, because until now, the connection is not OK. rawrr.

Please leave your comments, id appreciate it. Thanks everyone!


So i will be leaving you with some random ICST convos at a seminar we just attended.

Random convos:
SCENE: NCCC Cinema 1.

Emcee: Kaya pala nawala ang AJAX sa dishwashing world.. nasa web development na pala..
Audience: haha (*laughs*)

Avy and Me talking..
Jesel: Saba mo ba, sayang ang 150 (*Shush! Dont be noisy, our 150 will be wasted.)

*phone rings (ringtone is like a landline)
Jesel: Knsa may nagdala ug telepono? (*Who brought their telephone?)