Saturday, May 08, 2010

Absolute Vulnerability

Even heroes have "vulnerable moments".

Despite the superpowers and psychic abilities they have... they are human too.

Adrian Tranquili a sculptor shows us the scarcely seen, vulnerable side of our Super Heroes.

Although the outside battles are equally riveting... it is the inner battle that matters most. In Spiderman 3: "The Battle Lies Within".

Everyone can relate to them because it is not just the super heroes who goes through this.

And according to Socrates of the movie "Peaceful Warrior" based on the best selling book The Way of A Peaceful Warrior:

A warrior is not about perfection or victory or invulnerability. He's about ABSOLUTE VULNERABILITY.

And in those moments.... we allow ourselves to be human.....

So... if you are going through something..... always mind the battles within.... because they are the ones that matters most. As within, so without. Life is a mirror. It reflects back your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires.

and always remember folks, a warrior is about ABSOLUTE VULNERABILITY.. and we all have those moments.

Image Source from: Diesel Fragrance