Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Finally! Exams are over and I have a 5 day break(including the Saturday and the Sunday)and classes will be back by Monday. Our break is a bit short, and it's okay since we will be released early for our "Christmas Break". By Dec. 2, our Christmas Break would start. Pretty early huh? *whippeee!* /me jumps around.

There were 2 Birthdays that I have not yet greeted here!
One is for Abigail(who just turned 18 last Oct. 18 but her debut was done Oct.21)
and the other for Giovanne(just turned 19 last Oct. 31).

As usual.. my "birthday banners" for their friendster would not be missing, and so I gave them both the banner they deserve(although it was a bit late..)

Abigail's theme was Jazz... and the color is RED and white. When we arrived at the place.. everyone was either in Red or White.. and we all greeted each other, "Happy Valentine's Day!" jokingly. The band playing the jazzy music was great... and Abigail looked soo elegant. :)

A picture with the debutante. From L-R: Ate Jill, Abigail, Me, Keisha, and my sister Darlene. :)


I just learned that my driving lessons would start tomorrow. I'm nervous. You see, driving is not exactly my thing. /me bites my fingernails. *chatterteeth* bwahaha *laughs nervously*

Happy Halloween pala! Medyo late nga lang.. bwahaha ngayon ko lang nakita to.


potpot said...

huwah! danda ng mga tao sa party.. hehhe. msaya ba ang debut?

huwah! break niyo din?? like sembreak or something?? teehihi,,.

happy undas ate
potpot | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 6:31 am |

tina said...

/ame hey everyone! tina's driving! haha..
where's my banner? make it really cool ha! i'll put it in my blog.. nyahahha..
Avy | 11.01.06 - 6:59 am | #

potpot : happy undas din!! break namin.. pero parang hindi break.. kasi sa monday na ang class! hehe.

Avy: Shush! someone might hear you! oh yeah.. your banner i made it already! haha.. i dont think it's that cool but i like the message.. nyahaha
tina | 11.01.06 - 7:42 am | #

waaaahhh.. and what message would that be.. hurry hurry.. gimme gimme.. so it would be my next header.. nyahaha.. ^_^
Avy | 11.01.06 - 8:13 am | #

Life is a Dance hey! the banner's supposed to be a surprise!
tina |11.01.06 - 9:00 am | #

Treserbry said...

wow! debut! :D kaw cguro pinakamaganda dun! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 9:47 am |

Iskoo said...

cool banners, swerte nila sayo, you are thoughtful!

sana magkaroon din ako ng friend na gagawa ng banner for me on my bday!
iskoo | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 7:46 pm |

tina said...

tresebry: di naman. mas maganda ung debutante pero ty.

iskoo: thanks. give me your bdate.. and id be happy to make you one! hihi
tina | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 8:21 pm |

Mumay said...

nice party,
nice one...
mUmAy | Homepage | 11.02.06 - 1:28 am |

Avy said...

hahahaha! blehh!!.. 4 days to go.. ^_^
remind bordz about the gift i asked him to give me.. oh and red too.. ^_^
Avy | Homepage | 11.02.06 - 2:33 am |

Pam said...

why in the hell is your sembreak just now?hehehe....

ang cute naman nila!

pam | Homepage | 11.02.06 - 6:08 am |

Seiji said...

Seiji | Homepage | 11.04.06 - 9:10 am |