Saturday, November 25, 2006

Online Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree at home is already set up 3 weeks ago. Hehe.

Anyhow, what I want to share to you is about the "Online Christmas Tree" at MTVasia.

I rarely visit MTVasia, but I decided to check it out awhile ago. And ta-da, I found out that they have this online-xmas-tree-thingy.

You can have your own tree. (I'm not sure if you need to register or something at MTVAsia, but if you need to go ahead and register, it's free naman eh.)

Anyway, what's fun about this tree is you can "message" the different trees that are owned by other people as well.

And as you give them a message... they would have a christmas ball in their tree. The more messages, the more Christmas Balls for your tree. Oh dba? Napaka-interactive.

You can make your own tree HERE.

You would see a lot of christmas trees. Roll over the star to see who owns it. Click it, so you can drop a message.

To Create your own tree:

You can see below a "red/white-candy-cane-with-a-holly* that says "ROLL OVER TO SEE MENU".

And obviously, just ROLL OVER TO SEE THE MENU. :) And then choose NEW TREE. Fill the form.

To Search for a tree:

Click SEARCH TREE, and type in the name of the tree.

Example: my tree is named: angelblush. Just type in angelblush. *hint*drop a message for my ornaments*hint*

Anyhow... once done. Just tell me the name of your tree.... and i would be glad to drop a message for you! :)

Oh, I found out at their email the shortcut for my tree. VIEW MY TREE


L.A. said...

dahil gaya-gaya aq gagawa din aq ng christmas treee q hahaha! ingetera aq e...
yun nga iba kc ang karisma ni potter kaka-iba e ang lakas...sayang nga lang dhil hangang book 7 n lng xa....thanks 4 ur comment...

hope to hear more from u!
*gumagawa na ng puno para gawing c.tree*
L.A | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 12:37 pm |

Random said...

hehe. try ko pala na gumawa nyan:D hehehe. take care!
arianne | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 3:20 pm |


Dahil ako ay nainggit, gagawa rin ako! Will drop u a message, Tina!

Christmas day is just around the corner na lang... were u able to do your Christmas shopping na?
sasha | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 4:45 pm |

Nona said...

hi Tina...came here from a dear friend's site sasha.....
nice blog you have here, and that little thingy xmas tree is cute...*wink* like you...
nona | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 7:51 pm |

Random said...

Wow, nice new kewl layout you got here ^_^;; Merry Christmas!
Seiji | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 8:40 pm | #

Gravatar haha.. gagawa din ako.. drop a message ha?? miss u sis!
lala | Homepage | 11.25.06 - 11:35 pm | #

Gravatar Drop you a message na, 5 na yung x'mas balls mo dun..Magaya nga yan..hahaha!
ann | Homepage | 11.26.06 - 12:48 am |

Random said...

nako,christmas tree namin, nung setember pa nakadisplay sa bhaay... hehe
lalaine | Homepage | 11.26.06 - 1:11 am | #

Gravatar nice naman pala chrismas tree nayan..about ur last post.talaga nakakatawa funny sarcsm ng csi..matagal narin ako dnaka panood..anyways do you watch smallville?
medyo bastos | Homepage | 11.26.06 - 2:24 am | #

Gravatar galing.. hehe.. makagawa nga.. .. anyway.. advance Merry Christmas po!!
LaNa | Homepage | 11.26.06 - 3:12 am | #

Gravatar cute siya! i decorated your tree. merry christmas!
Donya Quixote | Homepage | 11.26.06 - 3:25 am | #

Gravatar ahahaha! that was cute! i dropped a message.
tin | Homepage | 11.26.06 - 5:30 am |