Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Birthday Pam.


They adjusted the schedule again, our Departmental Exam would be on Dec. 4 and 5. That means our class officially ends by 6. *sigh* Whatever.

To quote Avy:

They can't give a god damn stable schedule for the exams and other stuff.

Oh well. That's life. So much for being excited and all that. I have a lot of things in my mind lately, and I have a lot to share but so many things... and yet I can't prolly post them all in one entry.


"To whom much is given, much is required"

My mom would repeat that to me over and over again. In our "family", firstborns have a great responsibility. Firstborns, would reflect the parents themselves. And I am one.

Being a firstborn has a lot of perks. You get to be with your parents wherever they go, or you get to be the first in a lot of things, or you get to join their conversations when they see it fit, and a whole lot more. (You even get included in discussions.) Although, yes the young uns get included most of the time, but usually you have the first-say most of the time.

But then, to whom much is given, much is required. With power comes great responsibility.

Responsible in everything you do, without blaming anyone for it. Since the young-uns are looking up to you and may be following your examples, it is also a part of your responsibility.

It was so fitting when we went to Manila to "cohabitate"(Cohabitation = where we live together under one roof, sleep in one room, do the household chores and learn from each other.) with the rest of the "youth" firstborns from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (12 of us) last 2002. That was the time Spiderman was released and was seen in theaters worldwide.

You see, in movies you get to learn a lot of things depending on how you respond to that movie. It also depends on what you are currently experiencing right now, in relation to that movie.

So when we saw SpiderMan together, we were totally taken away by the message. "With great power comes great responsibility." It applied to us, and we suddenly felt the light side of it all after seeing the movie.

But of course, the quote above applies to everyone. Whether you are a firstborn or not, it doesn't really matter. Everyone has been given that much(the God-given gift, the resources, the talent, the skills, the wit, etc. and mind you created by His own image and LIKENESS). Not just heroes, or any politician. A father or a mother, a firstborn or the youngest. Everyone has a responsibility, to LIVE their own life. To choose WHO THEY WANT TO BE.

Even Green Goblin knew about the choice.

Green Goblin: Spider-Man. This is why only fools are heroes - because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love... or suffer the little children. Make your choice, Spider-Man, and see how a hero is rewarded.
Spiderman: Don't do it, Goblin.
Green Goblin: We are who we choose to be... now, CHOOSE.

We are indeed who we choose to be. :)

Spiderman, when he asks himself has his own answer of who he is.

Now who are you and Who AM I?

Our last day was spent at Corregidor. :)


Random said...

pareho pala tayo panganay tama ka daming perks ang pagiging firstborn at malaki din ang responsibility.
iskoo | Homepage | 11.22.06 - 12:10 pm | #

wee ako rin po panganay..
tama ka dyan ang raming kasama sa pagiging firstborn >D
monic | Homepage | 11.22.06 - 2:48 pm

tina said...

yea. it's difficult. i just turned 18 and suddenly my dad is asking 'everything' from me. my ife's too complicated. =( haay. habang kwento.
arianne | Homepage | 11.22.06 - 3:43 pm | #

Pag kasi eldest ka.. tingin naming mga parents, dapat sya yung maging model ng mga kapatid dahil mas marami syang alam, mas marami na syang natutunan.

Just like me, mas malaki ang tiwala ko sa panganay ko na kaya nya compared sa mga bata sa kanya. Mas malaki ang expectations kaya very frustrating talaga kapag nag fail ang panganay.
ann | Homepage | 11.22.06 - 4:46 pm | #

bunso ako pero prng mas malki responsinbility ko sa kuya ko! hmp.. bdtrip...
lalaine | Homepage | 11.22.06 - 6:35 pm |

Random said...

malaks ang influence ng media sa atin, kasama na ang movies. kaya nga sa mga bata sabi kailangan ng patnubay ng magulang. pero kapag nasa hustong gulang na mas marunong tayo pumili kung ano ang gagayahin natin, sabi nga eat the meat and throw the bones...
cruise | Homepage | 11.22.06 - 7:15 pm | #

to answer that question:

you are. simply Tina.. with extra ordinary powers that can turn a dark lit room into sun shiny shimmering one just with your mega-watt smile and inspiring aura..

Avy | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 1:57 am |

tina said...

iskoo: Yay! Panganay ka din ? amazing!

Monic: Yup.. very much. I-enjoy na lng natin.

Arianne: Yes, at first. when you know that you have a responsibility. Pag-isapuso na ok na xa.

Ann: Buti naman may POV sa Mommy. Now we get to understand it more. Thanks po ate!

Lalaine: May ganyan din. Ibig sabihin ur "kuya" gave up his birthright to you.

Cruise: Yup yup. Malaki talaga ang influence.

Avy: *shining shimmering* *sings it* hihi. Thank you for the sweet comment
tina | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 2:54 am |

Random said...

wah! aus naman! ako?? bunso ako.. kaya wala msyadong gagampanan na tungkulin except maging mommy's girl...
potpot | 11.23.06 - 4:55 am | #

Weh, panganay rin ako. Dati, inis ako maging panganay, kasi andaming gustong gawin satin. Pero, after ko mapanood yung latest commercial ng McDo, sumaya ang puso ko. Wahaha. Ansarap palang maging panganay. =)
Pot | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 6:03 am | #

girl im sorry hindi ko masagot tanong mo ,hindi ko na kasi kilala sarili ko eh///so paano pa ikaw.


anyways mahirap talagang maging eldest.

lagi na lang ikaw yung masisi l=kung pasaway ang kapatid mo
blacksoul | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 6:18 am |

Rina said...

middle child ako. iba ang kwnto ko. hahhaha. dumaan lang.
rina | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 11:53 am |

Ferdz said...

Wah! Philosophical yung last question mo. Hehehe. I guess it is up to us to decide who we wanna be.

The movies we watch, the books we read minsan me mga lessons o lines na ang lakas ng impact sa atin. Sa spiderman ang ganda talaga ng message.
Ferdz | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 9:11 pm |

Tin said...

im a first born too. yup, and being the eldest, ako na ang tagataguyod ng family ko pagka-graduate ko. haha! pero being the eldest is fun too though most of the responsibilities was token to you. But it doesn't matter, i became more mature. hehe.
tin | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 9:36 pm |

Hazim said...


im not the first born but is an only child.

im suppose to have a big bro but he died while still in the womb.

and being the only child.. its not just like spiderman.. its more of a superman. :D
hazim | Homepage | 11.23.06 - 10:21 pm |

Ralpht said...

panganay din ako. oo, maraming tama sa sinabi mo. at mejo malaki nga rin ang responsibilidad mo. but then, i think ang down-side ng pagiging panganay e, ikaw ang guinea pig ng parents mo. kasi wala naman silang alam noon sa parenthood. pinagpraktisan ka lang. hahahahaha! :P
ralphT | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 12:43 am |

Franco said...

nakakarealate din ako... ang mga panaganay ang mga pinakamabait, responsable, cute at etc.
franco | Homepage | 11.24.06 - 6:41 am |