Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Home

i have chosen to have a new abode.....  the new Enchanted Life.... :)

should you want to link it up. please do. i'm creating a new blog roll over there. just say your intention here and ill place your link. :)

and i made a very crazy mistake by importing my blogs over there. (i'll have to delete most of them one by one). I am so attached to this blog that it's a bit "hard" for me to let go.... that I brought all my baggages over the space. so much for "something new".

i'd still post updates here... more on "for the world" events or "davao" events that would be needing your support... and maybe some updates about what is really happening to our world... (as if I know a lot huh?)

So to recap on my blogs....

Step into the Magic - ( I have decided to rename this as "Step into the Magic". This will give you glimpses on how you can participate in Humanity's journey back to love and kindness. The miracle we called "shift" from mind-centered life to a heart centered one.

Enchanted Life - ( will be a personal journey... my personal quest... the hurrah i always feel that needs a new space. This will depict my Quest as it is right now... where I am... what are the Personal Questions that I have to go through... and what are my personal reflections.... and what are the things that are currently working in my life... this will also aim to assist each and everyone who reads on their own personal quest....

Angel Snippets - (  Angel Snippets will be my messages from Divine. Messages I got from meditation... when my mind is quiet or when I'm with nature... closely similar to Enchanted Life but much more... "angelic"... any angelic encounters I have... or experience with the Divine

Espresso Break - ( My review blog... movies.. books..restaurants..resorts .. places...

TUMBLR presence...

Wonder Struck  - ( - this contains.. most of the things I love..fancy.. quotes.. I like... music... ahhh and whatnots.

Life is a Dance - ( - this will contain... "twitter" like thoughts with image... :) personal "in-the-moment" i wanna post thingy...

There ya gooo.... :)

Love and blessings,

Tina L.
(There Is No Alternative but Love & Liberty)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Wabi Sabi Life and Love

I was intrigued by this term when I read an article by Arielle Ford and it turns out she's writing a book about it called "Wabi Sabi Love".

Okay, you might ask... what? Wasabi what? Isn't that the super hot green paste Japanese seems to love?

No, It's Wabi Sabi.....

What is Wabi Sabi?

"Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese art form of finding perfection and beauty in imperfection."

Isn't that just wonderful?

Photo Source: Perfectly Amiss

They have even arts dedicated for that... thus the popular term Wabi Sabi Art...

Now, I suddenly remembered the basic principle of Ikebana, when I attended a mini workshop with Lady Tirol (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) ... which is somewhat related to this.. because one of the founding principles of Ikebana is to let "nature" be. Meaning, if this certain flower got a wilted leaf on it... one just allows it because it's nature. So, they don't usually recommend taking the wilted leaf and they say it's part of the beauty of Ikebana.

I am just impressed and very inspired with how rich the Japanese arts are. I just love how their teachings on Wabi Sabi and Ikebana incorporates life and nature. And how life can be interconnected to art...

and not just that... how Wabi Sabi can be adopted as a way of life and love... the beauty of nature and simplicity... this also teaches how to be in the moment... to accept things the way they are and appreciate them instead of seeing all the things we don't want and the imperfections all around us. and it also helps us become more aware of what we deem of as imperfect... may it be the weight, the pimples, the warts, the unwanted fats in certain body parts, the eyes, the nose, the skin.... and accept them... being comfortable in our own skin...

so yeah...

with Wabi Sabi life and love,


Friday, September 02, 2011

What's the Rave?

Hulloh! How is everybody doing?

I've noticed that it seems like I am making a career out of posting a blogpost once a month!

My days are sometimes swarmed with activities that sometimes I just wanna head off the beach and go enjoy the waves while reading a book. 

Last weekend, I attended the District Assembly of Rotaractors and Interactors here in Davao for District 3860. It went well. It's great that they invited Ms. Joji Ilagan Bian to be the guest speaker which proved to be very inspiring among students which composed a majority of the audience.

The recently concluded pre-Kadayawan event "Cycle For Life" and the "Dream Davao" exhibit at People's Park went well. Although with so little time to plan a week-long event we fell short of our expectations. Meaning there were more "something could've worked better" ideas than what we did. But, despite the many "firsts" and recent "learnings", one thing we gained at the event was having the bond. of just having known each other for a month to come together for a specific purpose of calling various individuals and organizations who wants to make Davao better. oh di ba? diretso field. 

Photo: Sorry don't know who took this picture. Pls. contact me lang if this is yours and ill place the credit. thanks.

For RACMPD (Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-Asa Davao), we also had our first ever fundraising bazaar during Kadayawan. We were selling baked goodies and all proceeds will go to our club and mostly to support Kythe Foundation*.

But, Tina, you might ask... all work and no play? Of course not!

In between the busy-ness of many "for the world" events..... I managed to meet up with my College Buds and High School between the events I am in (i invite them!) and also having separate get-togethers...

one during the birthday of my godson to which i am the fairy godmama! HAHAHA. and one of our friend is pregggy!!! another godson in the making. Vavavroooom!!

also our high school chum meet-up was simply that.... get together to talk about what's up with our own lives...

How about family??? Sometimes I managed to stay at home one day after the event... and sometimes i'd drag my brother and sister to help me out in the booth which they are supporting me with....and i'd help out with dad and mom with their recent garden... which i will post pictures of soon... :)

it's September.... and more life-changing events which i will impart soon!

*Kythe Foundation - foundation for cancer patient kids.

With so much love,


P.S. HAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY To my beloved Aunt... Aunt Tita!!!!!!!LOVE YOU!!!! She reads my blog.... most of the time. :)