Wednesday, December 23, 2009

VoIP for your business

Vocalocity with their tagline: "We didn't level the playing field. We smashed it to pieces." allows you to fix everything you dislike about your small business phone system, with just one phone call. You could eliminate all of the hassles. And you could finally have a phone system that measures up to ones that are used by Fortune 500 companies.

So what kind of company is Vocalocity? They are focused on small business, they are real people and they dont talk in techno-speak, the price they quote is also the price you pay, and they own their own technology rather than leasing it, like most companies do.

Vocalocity business VoIP is an affordable, feature-rich, no-maintenance hosted PBX business voip phone solution that can be set up in just a few minutes(one of the very best kind of VoIP). A phone system you won't outgrow. It saves your money and powers your small business.

At Vocalocity, they can help small businesses that need a customized, scalable business VoIP phone system with minimal start-up costs and overall reduced phone bills. Unlike expensive traditional systems, our hosted PBX business VoIP phone solution ties together high quality voice services and features at an affordable price.

Ready to put Vocalocity Hosted PBX to work—quickly, and with no hassles? Call them at 877.VOCALOCITY.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

holidays are coming

and sooooo.... its Christmas once again! feel the spirits guys!!

Have a Wonderful HOLIDAY!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lighting Sale

Got a new home? Want to redecorate your current place? Are you looking for lamps, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, chandeliers, fans, mirrors & decor, bulbs & supplies?

I found a great site where you can find almost everything that I mentioned at reasonable prices. It is at Lighting Sale.Com. :)

Why shop at Lighting Sale.Com? It is family owned for 60 years, it has six (6) retail locations, it has in house lighting designers, it has over 300 different manufacturers, over half a million lighting products, and the lowest prices online guaranteed. It has 110 % Price guarantee, no sales tax, free shipping, and safe and secure shopping.

Lighting Sale was founded in 2002, is a division of Butler Lighting As a family-run business; they are also operating six other lighting showrooms throughout the Carolinas. is headquartered in High Point, North Carolina where our ten thousand square foot lighting showroom is frequented by homeowners, interior designers and builders. Their business philosophy grew from the warm and welcoming sense of southern hospitality that the South has become known for. Their goal at is to bring that same philosophy to the Internet. When you shop with you know that your order is backed by the Butler family name.

I personally enjoyed the Chandeliers page and enjoyed browsing their huge collection. I particularly liked the Capital Lighting Bronze Traditional Classing 3 Light Chandelier. I also like the Uttermost Charms/ Traditional Classic Mirror.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Beautiful Scar

Rebecca sailed through childhood with a minimum of fuss, the usual scrapes, few illnesses and wonderful academics. Michael didn't sail. He skipped, ran, hopped, rolled, teetered and bounced. The only things he liked about school were recess, lunch and sports.
Mike loved to climb trees, the higher the better. Afraid of scaring him and causing him to fall, I have calmly talked him down, while my heart was in my throat and my knees felt like jelly. No scolding, spanking, or any other punishment kept him from climbing. (No, spanking wasn't illegal in those days.)

When Michael was fourteen, his dad bought him a Honda dirt bike, a purchase that caused me to consider divorce or murder. I had always stated that a motorcycle would take up residence on my property over my dead body. It was inconceivable that one of those deathtraps was going to carry my son all over the countryside - and with his father's approval!
Somehow, the boy survived. He grew up, married a beautiful, dark-eyed young woman, and fathered two children, a son and a daughter. Michael became a partner in his dad's business, a dangerous occupation that he grew to love: select cutting of timber. Safety measures are stressed above all else; and most of the time, Michael follows them. Shortcuts, no pun intended, are deadly in the timber. Two things especially are not done: "You never cut down trees alone" and "you cut smart and don't try to outrun a falling tree."

One day Michael did both. The tree splintered, snapped and the trunk flew upwards, striking Michael's head. He remembers being airborne. When he regained consciousness, he was draped across the trunk, one hand still on the running chainsaw, wedged beneath the tree. He freed his hand, but it took three attempts before he could stand up without passing out again. His hardhat saved his life, but I've always wondered if his hard head wasn't also a major factor...that and his guardian angel.

One day I received a call from my son in the middle of an afternoon, a rare occurrence. "Mom, I don't want to scare you, but I'm in trouble. There's something wrong with my heart. Joyce made me go to the doctor, and he's sending me to the ER. He told me I might not live to get there." Mike's heart had developed an irregular beat so severe that the doctors were afraid that he would go into cardiac arrest. A heart cath showed no damage, and medicines are controlling the irregularity, for which we are all very grateful.

Don't ever ask, "What next, Lord?" For years I have fussed at my children and four grandchildren about their laxness in using sunscreen. Most of them get periodic sunburns, sometimes waiting to see me until the redness has faded. They know that I'm going to react with frustration and impatience. I often told Michael that he wouldn't look very pretty without a nose.

That remark came back to haunt me. Mike's sweet wife finally convinced him to see a dermatologist about a small place beside his nose that bled every time he washed his face. I was convinced that the biopsy would reveal skin cancer, but I wasn't prepared for the report.
"Mom, I got gypped again," Mike told me on the phone. I chuckled a bit.
"You have skin cancer, don't you? Don't worry, Honey. Doctors can take it right off." There was a long pause before Mike answered.
"Mom, it's melanoma," he said. I felt as if someone had driven a fist into my stomach. I couldn't breathe. Oh Dear Lord! I cried silently. Melanoma kills people! Our families have already lost so much this year! My daughter-in-law's young brother and grandmother and Mike's grandmother all died within the year! Mike is already dealing with a heart problem! Enough, Lord!

The next few weeks were filled with alternating states of fear and hope and faith. Additional biopsies showed that the cancer filled a larger area than first thought, but the doctors were hopeful and encouraging. They felt confident that all of the cancer could be removed and that there was very little possibility that it had spread anywhere else in his body. Their main concern was the reconstructive process, since such a large area would have to be removed near his nose, even a small part of his nostril.

The surgery was successful; and for many days Mike had to wear a bandage in the middle of his face. After it was removed, there was a red, swollen area that wasn't very pretty; but it improved daily. I didn't care what it looked like. I was just happy that the cancer had not invaded a vital organ.

The other day, for the millionth time, I looked at my handsome son. With my eyes, I traced the fine line that runs from just below his eye to the curve of his nostril. The surgeons did a remarkable job repairing his face. I told Mike that his scar is a war wound, a badge of honor, regardless of how it looks, and that it adds character to a too-handsome face. He thought about that for a minute before he replied, "Huh! You're right. It is a war wound!"
I've learned that nothing hurts us more than watching our children hurt, regardless of how old they are. I've learned that faith isn't faith until it's tested, and I've learned that we don't know whether we really have it until we need it. We can walk away victorious in battle, but we often carry scars to prove the victory.

The remnant of cancer on Michael's face is a line about the width of two strands of thread, a fine scar...a beautiful scar. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and I thank God for it, daily. It's a constant reminder of how fragile we are, a reminder that we are simply made of flesh and bone, held together with skin. Michael's scar is a token of mercy, grace, and healing, things I don't want to take for granted, ever again.

By: Barbara Elliott Carpenter

Saturday, November 07, 2009

SEO Web Design

Everyone's raving about SEO(search engine optimization) solutions and all that and it's already a popular and common thing in the world wide web.

I saw a website where you can find help regarding SEO Web designs. A design that can work for your business. SEO website design can sure make all the difference when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Your site may look awesome, but it may not bring you the business you deserve. When you use Globe Runner SEO’s web design and development services, you can have it all. It's a search engine-friendly site with increased traffic.

Most, customers nowadays use the web to find everything, including local businesses. Real estate agents, insurance agents, restaurants-all can benefit. And if you are selling a product or a service online, a good search engine optimization isn’t just helpful, but it is also critical.

Globe Runner believe that integrating SEO into your website from the beginning creates long-lasting success. And since they’re dedicated to your future success, they want to be there for you from the start. With that in mind, they offer the following website and development services:

  • SEO web design
  • Custom graphic design
  • Logo development
  • Static page development
  • Dynamic site development
  • XML integrations
  • Customized shopping carts
  • Blogs implementation
  • Search engine optimization content writing
  • Content management System (CMS)
  • And much more
It is cost effective and very effective.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Tips to Avoid Colon Cancer

1. Keep a balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.

2. Manage stress.

3. Learn to let go of stress, tension, anger and resentment.

4. Move your bowels at least once a day. If constipated, I suggest you eat more fiber enriched foods or do colonics to jump start healthy living.

5. If you smoke.. stop it. since it increases your chances of getting colon cancer.

6. Have your daily dose of Probiotics(good bacteria) everyday.

7. Drink more water. Hydrate your colon.

8. Eat superfoods... such as Spirulina.

To learn more, you can visit Angel of Water Wellness Center located at Door 69 Fernandez Hermanos Bldg., Legaspi Street, Davao City and avail our FREE HEALTH TOUR. Just take a look at the services we offer and we will orient how you can benefit from them.

Nobody is eating right nowadays.... we can show you how to take the alternative. :)

Curious much? Call us (082) 227-1349

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Job Design body kits

Do you want a newly designed car and purchase a body kit?

When it comes to the fusion of luxury, style and performance, a Job Design body is a perfect wonderful example. Job Design is a Japan tuning firm specializing in Lexus and Toyota. You can always be sure that Job Design's dedication to quality is pretty much evident in every panel that is shipped from their factory. Each part of a Job Design product is made with utmost care and quality which sets a new standard for the industry. All products are developed with the highest quality and materials and all are handcrafted in Japan. Their undying passion for their products is really evident.

The company's passion does not end at the fact that they are the primarily known manufacturer of aftermarket Lexus parts. Job Design body kits are also available for Infinity, Chrysler and Mercedes vehicles. If you use and install a Job Design body kit, you can be assured your cars would transform from factory-styled vehicles to truly unique masterpieces.

Job design is surely a mark of elegance, high quality and excellence.

Job Design body kit also includes the Hybrid, Completion, Lead, and Difference series. So, whether you drive a sedan, convertible, coupe or an SUV a Job Design body kit can provide your drive with an attractive style that will really elicit a double-take (and might even break their necks) from onlookers. With so many options to choose from,you can never excuse yourself for passing up the opportunity to drive a moving masterpiece.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tabang Dabaw

Tabang Dabaw is a free concert brought to you by Davao City's musicians to raise funds and donations for the victims of Ondoy.

Tabang Dabaw nagkahiusang alang sa mga biktima ni Ondoy.

The event will take place at Taboan in Matina Town Square at 6 in the evening, tonight (october 4, 2009).

You can donate old clothes and can also donate in cash.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Found an enormous, beautiful cook book online, where we can get to read the full story of the meteoric rise of Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck, the birthplace of snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream, and then we can encounter the passion, perfection and weird science behind the man and the restaurant.

Heston Blumenthal is widely acknowledged to be a genius, and he is the owner of The Fat Duck (a Three-Michelin starred restaurant)and was voted as the Best Restaurant in the UK by the Good Food Guide 2007 and 2009, and voted as Best Restaurant in the World by fellow chefs in 2005.

But Heston Blumenthal is entirely self-taught, and the story of his restaurant, The Fat Duck has broken every rule in the book. He is also the proponent for modern cooking and opened his own research and development kitchen in 2004.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook is a 532 page cookbook written mostly by Blumenthal. It contains an introduction by Harold McGee, incredible colour photographs all over, and also illustrations by Dave McKean, multiple ribbons, real cloth binding and a gorgeous slip case.

The book is divided in 3 parts. The first part contains an essay by Blumenthal recounting the history of The Fat Duck, from it's humble beginnings to it's Third-Michelin Star. The story is also interspersed with semi-abstract illustrations relating to the story. The second part contains 50 of his signature recipes - sardine on toast sorbet, salmon poached with liquorice, hot and iced tea, chocolate wine - all of which were at one point on the menu at The Fat Duck, and with that is a short story explaining the inspiration behind each dish. The third part is devoted to the science of cooking from the experts whose scientific know-how has contributed to Heston's topsy turvy world.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook is not only the nearest thing to an autobiography from the world's most fascinating chef, but also a stunning, colourful and joyous work of art.

Buy it now!

Reference: Wikipedia

Drop Off Center

To the people residing in Davao City, if you want to help out our brothers and sisters in Luzon... Angel of Water Wellness Center is opening it's door as one of the drop off centers for the victims of Ondoy.

Perishable goods are not allowed though. It would be great if you send out the following:

Old clothes for babies
Old clothes for adults

Let's help out.

Angel of Water Wellness Center is located at Door 69, Fernandez Hermanos Bldg. Legaspi Street, Davao City.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Gongs and Singing Bowls

Lately, I have been interested in purchasing my own singing bowl. My mom, bought hers about 2 months ago at a quaint Chinese store but the store did not offer many choices.

I found a great site that offers Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tingshas, Bell and Dorje.

Silver Sky Imports specializes in the finest collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls from the Himalayas and strives to uncover the very best singing bowls obtainable; they travel to the region two to three times a year uncovering and handpicking all their singing bowls. Ensuring you that everything is the best and the finest among the land.

They have developed many treasured relationships in the region and are committed to the aspects of fair trade and providing a living wage for the hard working people of the Himalayas.

Each one of their high quality singing bowls has an individually recorded sound file as well as individual pictures to ensure us as customers, that we are receiving exactly the product that we have been searching for.

When I browsed their collection, I was amazed at it's range and variety. Among the Tibetan Singing Bowls available in 3-22 inches bowl, I particulary liked this one: Brilliant Old C Chakra Tibetan Singing Gong Bowl 6.5.

When I browsed the gongs category, I was delighted to see a Giant Burnished Buddhist Symbol Nepali Temple Gong.

I was also enamored by the Medium Dragon Meditation Tibetan Gong Tingsha Cymbals. It was just so nice and I can imagine using it during meditation and relaxation.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Bless Thee

Nature's supposed to be our ally... not a foe.

It's on our side.. but we all know she's turning her back as a consequence for our past actions...

I bless all the people who caught up with the recent typhoon Ondoy.

My prayers to you......

Monday, September 28, 2009

Minka Aire

Looking for an outstanding quality, low priced ceiling fan?

Then, maybe Minka Aire Concept II fan is for you!

The Minka Aire Concept II that comes in five finishes, oil rubbed bronze, mahogany, maple, brushed nickel and white comes from the Minka Group. It is available in a 44" and 52" model, the Concept II fan features 3 concave blades set at a 14° pitch to offer efficient air distribution.
The Minka Aire Concept II comes built in with a 100W Mini-Can Halogen Bulb with a cap to cover the light if you decide not to use it. The Concept II has a remote control system. It is also easy to set up, this fan requires 75% less time and labor to assemble than conventional ceiling fans. This flush mount fan is ideal for low ceiling environments with a total hanging depth of 10½".

The Minka Aire Concept II is one of the most popular ceiling fan in the Minka Group.

The Minka Group is one of the leaders with regards to the decorative lighting industry. It has an outstanding quality and workmanship of every fixture. The Minka Group has several brand names within the company: Minka Lavery, Metropolitan, Ambience, Minka Aire, The Great Outdoors and George Kovacs.

They are very proud to be one of the most shopped Minka Aire distributors in the United States of America. They have an exciting and comprehensive collection of ceiling fans. Minka Aire ceiling fans have a unique combination of design, function, and form with contemporary and classic styles for every d├ęcor and budget. Their fans even provides the maximum comfort and performance in the largest of rooms and they have ones made for outdoor and indoor.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Organic Waxing

I found someone who supplies one good organic wax made of honey. One, can actually eat it if it's freshly made. Hehe. I was amazed.

The process is so easy that I have decided to add on a service to Angel of Water Wellness Center which will be called "Organic Waxing" or "Organic Hair Removal". Hehe.

We can do:

  • Facial waxing
  • Bikini, Male genital, & Hollywood/Brazilian waxing
  • Leg waxing
  • Arm/underarm waxing
  • Back waxing
  • Foot waxing
  • Chest waxing
  • Entire body wax

But, it is by appointment only. No prices yet. For announcement purposes only.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sugar Stand Chocolates

I got a sweet tooth and a taste for you!

I can't imagine one person not to like chocolates. Maybe, there are some but they come off as 1 in every hundred. But, to the 99... I found a place online where you can purchase a variety of all-time favorite chocolates.

Isn't that great?

Now you can sing:

On the good ship lolly pop, it's a sweet trip to a chocolate candy shop. Where bon-bons play on the sunny beach of Peppermint bay. Lemonade stands everywhere, cross the deck spans belly air. And there you are, happy landing on a chocolate bar

See the sugar bowl do the Tootsie roll, with the big bad Bell's Fruit Cake
If you eat too much, ooh-ooh.. You'll awake with a tummy ache
On the good ship Lollypop. It's a ni-i-ice trip into bed you'll hop.
And dream away on the good ship lollypop

But, then you know it's not just a dream.... but it's REAL and you can TASTE IT!

You can take any chocolate candy at Sugar Stand Chocolates. They will surely satisfy your desire of chocolates. They have every kind and would make sure they would deliver it at your doorstep in good hands and of course not melting.

You better take a taste of the chocolate that makes you scream with delight when you take a bite. It will make you jump with joy and act like a coy. May it be a dark chocolate or white chocolate, one covered with cream or with rice, filled with fruits and nuts or almonds to boot.

Just love the pleasure of chocolate as it melts into your mouth, close your eyes just for a moment and let your senses be aware of the delicious flavor of the sweetness that lingers there. So whenever you need something sweet... just try a simple chocolate treasure from Sugar Stand and pop a morsel into your mouth.. and enjoy some chocolate pleasure!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking for a Guest Speaker?

Great Day!

Are you looking for a guest speaker regarding Health, Beauty and Wellness?

Angel of Water Wellness Center might be of service to you.

Topics Available:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy: Peace and Beauty from Within
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Digestion and Elimination Tips
  • Health and Well-Being
  • and more....

or if you want a video regarding Food and Nutrition... we can arrange a film showing for that. :)

Call (082)227-1349 for more information. =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Find My Hosting

Are you tired of looking for a good web host?

When it comes to looking for a good web host, there are lots of choices lying around. And you've scoured the internet looking for the best one.

I found a review site that can help you with the dilemma of finding the best host. provides you with a FREE review guide of the BEST Web hosting providers that are pretty much available online. You can be assured that each WEB HOST is hand picked, tested and given an in-depth review insuring the webmaster the best overall hosting experience. They are also carefully examined by experienced webmasters based on (uptime) reliability, affordability, uptime and of course overall tech support.

They have a great comparison chart which makes it really easy for you to find the best web host that would suit your needs. You can compare their web hosting plans easy.

They focus on one simple thing: to provide clear, objective information to help you find the right web hosting provider to support your personal or business needs for free. They have a simple and very powerful searching tool unlike any other.

If you need to learn more about web hosting and design you can also check out their web resources section which is full of information and articles that can increase your knowledge. Their web resources can further help you make the best hosting plan decision and educate you about the various components of web sites.

They also have discussion forums where you can interact or chat with others about web hosting and design topics.

Visit now!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Paying a Visit

Paid a visit to blogs on my link....

Wow! I did not realize I missed the "hop". It brought about fresh memories.

Some blog sites went on a hiatus though... like moi.

but that's the blog life... =)

people come and go.....

A hello to all the active blog sites I recently hopped...

Ate Ann, Ate Ghee, Ate Gladys, Ate Mari, Ate Nona, Ate Sasha, Ate Serey, Blogie, Brown Pinay, Chase, Christian, Culture Shiok, Dabawenya, Dominique, Donya Quixote, Ferdz, Fruity Oaty, I Love Philippines Too, Jakey Junkie, Kenneth, Kuya Angelo, Eli, L.A., Neracruz, Pepe, Richard, Richmond, My Sari Sari Store, Tina, VK, Andianka,

Blogs I missed that are still on hiatus:

Cruise, Dimaks, Fingertalks, Iskoo, Keekee, Tresebry, Abi,

I would like to greet my beloved Aunt "Tita" in the U.S. (California). She just celebrated her birthday... and I wasn't able to greet her through phone. If you are reading this... know that we love you! :) -Happy Birthday!!!-

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And Back Again?

I hope for good! I've been missing the whole blog world.... I've been out of touch from here ever since last year.....

I know.. bloggers come and go.... and I wish to visit all the links and say "hello". Dapat one of these days... within the month.

To recap about what is currently making me busy are the following:

  • Angel of Water Wellness Center - running the wellness center with the help of my mom.. since I can't make do on my own as of the moment but that's my goal. Marketing it... and by golly the only thing I haven't tried is posting a tv ad which costs $$$$.
  • Then there's another production number for an upcoming Regional Sales Assembly.....
  • then there's the seminar of Dr. Andre San Agustin... I've been facilitating for months already...... but it's a great learning experience...
  • and then there's me and the cheesy part of me. (finding love...planning a future. hehe.)
  • and a whole lot more.
I have been experiencing an exciting life.... and i've been practicing what I've been reading.... and that's why I stopped sharing things that does not involve my life.... since I can only share my own experience to the world... to let everybody know... that one can always grow through JOY, not just through pain and suffering. :)

I am offering another path.... for you to tread. It may or may not be yours... but you can take one step and see what your inner authority tells you.... :)

Remember... there are many paths to the mountaintop....

Anyway, hoping to get back to you soon... I still have the production number practice to attend to.. hehe.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chevy Transmissions


Looking for a Chevy transmission near your place? I have the website source for you.


SW Transmisions who is in the business of supplying customers in the US and Canada with quailty used transmisions at a fraction of the price of a new one. They are the premier supplier of used transmissions and quality replacements. They have hundreds of thousands of transmissions available that is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world and you can be rest assured that you are getting the right part for the right price.

Whether you are looking for an older model used chevy transmission or a low mileage crate engine you have come to the right place.

SW Transmissions is very proud to get you back on the road - and fast. They understand the pressure and the frustration that can come while having a car in a garge waiting for the "final bill" so to speak. They do their best to verify the exact fit for your truck, car, or SUV and then immediately begin the shipping process of your transmission to get you up and running as soon as possible.

They supply Chevy transmissions, Honda Transmissions, Toyota, Buick, and Mitsubishi to just name a few but actually sell every standard Domestic and Foreign transmission out there.

You can check out and visit their site which is pretty much "user-friendly" and check out the lot they have. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 Unimportant Things


1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
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3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your entry.

a tag from ate Nona.

Six Unimportant Things About Moi

1. I love to drink coffee every morning. (who doesn't?)

2. I am into the color turquoise blue lately...

3. I have been mulling over taking a 2nd course or taking up an M.B.A.

4. I am into collecting books... notebooks.. and ballpen

5. I just discovered the 20+10 = 25 formula. hehe.

6. I love to travel.

Tagging the six person who would comment on this post.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Corporate Videos

Are you looking for a Video Production Service? Planning to make a promotional video for your company to increase your sales? Planning to have a trade show, and wanting to have a promotional video for that? Or even just to document the whole process?

I found a great company's website that would help you produce your own Corporate Video.

Whether it is the actors you need, or lighting or the studio time. Richter Studios can shoot in any format from any location. Or, if you already have the footage, but you need that special post-production touch to bring out the magic, their world class editors and animators are there to help and assist you.

Richter Studio's range includes 2D graphics, 3D animations, text treatments, logo animations, stylized effects and animation wizardry. Their award winning team can make your video production an attention-grabbing masterpiece!

Behind every great promotional corporate video is a great Studio - Richter Studios could do the work for you.

Aside from Video production they also help out with your websites. From Web Design, Web 2.0 Experiences, Flash, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, XHTML and Content Management.

They also have Interactive Services: Custom Desktop Applications, Interactive CD's/DVD's, Interactive Kiosks, Touchscreens and Presentations.

Also a wide range of Design Services: Conceptual Design, Visual Makeovers, User Interface Design, Instructional Design and Presentation Design.

and of course Photography Services: Canon EOS Mark II and III 1DS Photography, Talent Selection, Interiors/Exteriors/Models, Photo retouching, Nationwide Reach: Shot in 26 states/9 countries to date.

Isn't that great? It's like a one stop shop to promote your company/product/services. Visit Richter Studios and see their portfolio.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Make my Day award

This was an award given to me by Summer months back.

The You Make My Day Award.

Have a blessed day everybody!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Angel of Water Wellness Center

Ive been inactive in the online world. Still trying to get an online connection in my new office: Angel of Water Wellness Center... but until then I would still be hibernating.

By the way,
Angel of Water Wellness Center was featured in today’s Sun Star Davao issue.

If you did not get your own copy…. you can view it online:

Thanks a much! =)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Loving 2009

It was a magical 2008. I spent my time celebrating ME... Every moment, I have chosen to always feel wonderful with ME.

and with that... I thank God - to whom I felt I have grown closer this year because I spent more time listening with the voice deep within me. A God... I see... who is very loving and was always around when I felt like there's nobody I feel safe to talk too. Whenever, I go crazy or distressed over things that often confuses me... He was always around like a light in the dark.. piercing my heart with love and melting all the worries away. To A God, a friend and a lover. Yes, a lover. My heart's bursting from all the love I never thought was possible. Yes, God. You sure showed me it's possible to experience an enchanted love. I thought, it happens to a select few only.... but you gave me a chance to experience it too - and in this world. And I know this year... I am experiencing it fully. 2008 was just the beginning.

I thank all the people who were endlessly patient with me, and who loved me unconditionally. THANK YOU, dear friends - this goes to everybody who visits my blog.... and to all those who supported me*murag Oscar's awardee*.. (you bring joy whenever I see messages from you guys). Thank you. Thank you. My endless gratitude to you guys for just BEING THERE.

2008 was a magical year. I felt sparks and saw glitters by the middle of the year. By, November another angel arrived... and another angel *that makes 2* who was a perfect gift for us.

The second angel brought everybody closer and I found what I have always yearned for - "friends.sisters who would listen to everything about me... with no judgment". Our relationship brought us to that point and I feel soooo safe with them.

This year, is LOVING 2009. If it was ME last year... I am choosing to have a WE this year. Spent a lot of time meditating about this.... although I need more time to meditate on the WE part. Haha. Ok. I know you might be lost in this post now...

but here's my LOVING 2009:

This year..... I choose to LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY.
I choose to be more AUTHENTIC to everybody.
I choose to say what is really from my HEART
I choose to Live with intention.
I choose to travel more and explore.

This year I choose to dedicate myself and every moment to my PURPOSE
I choose to support people in their journey back to LOVE.
I choose to support people around me in their WELL-BEING.
I choose to practice Wellness.

This year... I choose to bring out the best in other people.
I choose to accept people as they are and love them unconditionally.
I choose to appreciate my FRIENDS.
I choose to enjoy my journey with the people around me.

This year I choose to allow myself feel what I have deprived myself all along
I choose to share my LIFE and JUST BE with someone I love.
I choose to celebrate that experience.
I choose to create loving memories plus with magic.

This year I choose to always do WHAT I LOVE.
I choose to laugh and be care-free.
I choose to treat myself with respect.
I choose to dance in the rain... and fly like an eagle.
I choose to enjoy and be responsible for my FREEDOM.

This year I am choosing things with no regrets
I choose to nurture my mind with loving thoughts.
I choose to LIVE the MIRACLE.
I choose to trust the process called LIFE.

Because I know I am a magnificent being who can dance on any path......

May this Loving 2009 be yours as well.... I share this to everyone. =)

Love you guys!