Friday, December 01, 2006

Mini Bottles.

Happy December Everyone!!!

Time to start the so-called Christmas shopping! Haha.

I gave out identical mini bottles last year to my classmates.

That bottle is called - "Mini Holiday Message in a Bottle". They should try to open the bottle and read the message, because there is actually a message written inside.

For my girl cousins.... I gave out the same bottle but with a different content.

This one is called "Mini Butterfly Charm in a Bottle". One of my trademarks whenever I give things would be butterflies and flowers. Haha. But this time, I'm trying to hear what they want.. that is.. if it fits my budget.

Those bottles are actually multi-purpose. Hihi.

I'm still brainstorming over what to give. Hmmm....

What are you giving away this Christmas? What did you give away last year? -_-


Angelo said...

Wow you're so creative and sweet to make those for your friends.... Happy Christmas shopping to you
Angelo | Homepage |

L.A. said...

multi-purpose bottle? uhmmm....It can surely be use as a container for urine sampe hahaha! nah just joking! last year ang binigay ko....uhmmm..wala pala aqng nabigay...wala akong pera last year e ngayon meron na...bka card n lng at rosary para sa mother ko hehe.
L.A | 11.30.06 - 8:23 pm |

Nona said...

Marami akong mini-bottles...I painted it and display (as home deco) in my's fun..
You're creative, it's nice to give presents with personal touch 'di ba?
I wish I could have one...hehee, parinig daw? *wink*
nona | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 9:04 pm |

Ferdz said...

Ang ganda naman. Magandang i display for posterity. I still havent thought of what to give hehe
Ferdz | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 10:48 pm |

Donya Quixote said...

i'm totally cheap and lazy.

they're lucky if they get hugs from me.

harharhar joke

i bake cookies for them.
Donya Quixote | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 12:19 am

Kath said...

sweet.. last christmas..wla. ewan lng kung bat ganun..wla akong gift sa knila. hehe! pero nung highskul I used to gve them a mini hour glass.
kath | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 1:00 am |

Richard said...

wow! what a nice gift!
ang sarap mo pala maging kaibigan.. ang sweet! hehe

last year? ahh.. hmm, la akong matandaan. wala yata akong naibigay na gift. krisis eh.
richard | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 1:22 am |

Lana said...

Naks! napaka-creative! hehe.... sa ngayon... di pa ako nakakapag-Christmas Shopping eh.. maybe next week..
LaNa | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 2:37 am |

Avy said...

kwarta na lang tin.. hehehe.. ^_^

Lingzhi coffee.. hahahha :D
Avy | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 3:40 am |

Celena said...

Wow. Those gifts are definitely cute and nice. And its good thing to hear that you applied a personal touch. ^-^ Me?? Im too young to give gifts ^-^ But I remember when I was young...I used to give letters to my relatives...^-^
celena | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 4:04 am |

Ghee said...

what a nice and cute present for your friends

im sure they ll love it!!
ghee(amesweet) | Homepage | 1

tina said...


how bout for me?hehehehe..

im not gonna give away presents since magkakalayo kami...hehehehe...tapos wala pang budget..ganyan.hahahaha..
pam | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 6:52 am |

Sidney said...

Cute! Very nice idea!
I might give this away this Christmas!
Sidney | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 7:28 am |

Arnel said...

wow, that's nice. ma-try nga din mga ganyan next time.
arnel | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 11:24 am |

Ann said...

Ako wala ng time gumawa ng personal gifts for friends. Lagi lang akong namimili lalo pag panahon ng sale. Kahit malayo pa x'mas nag-iipon na ako. Mahirap kasi yung naghahabol.
ann | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 3:27 pm |

Lalaine said...

sweet naman kaw...hehe.. ang cute ng gifts..sana friends din tau hehe...

uy baka isipin mo tinotropa kita para may gift sa pasko..hehe.. joke lng yun ha..peace!!

wala ko mabibigay na material e.. more love and caring nalng...hehe..

understanding naman sila..wahaha
lalaine | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 5:00 pm |

Iskoo said...

best way to treat at friends this christmas. personalized gift really rocks! sana meron ako, joke, hehehe
iskoo | Homepage | 12.01.06 - 9:36 pm |

Sasha said...

Love mini bottles, tina! So sweet of you naman to give out gifts with personal touch pa. Do I need to send my adress na? Hahaha

Luv yah, gurl! Mwah!

Haven't done my Christmas shopping for my siblings and some friends pa
sasha | Homepage | 12.02.06 - 9:30 am |