Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuna and Pancit

It was supposed to be a "model-shoot-of-our-model-wannabe-Renel" awhile ago.

Renel asked me last week, that she wants some of her pictures taken at our lawn instead of some studio. And I think she has a couple of reasons for that.

1.) No photographers wincing on her pose
2.) No photographers having crazy ideas about her being SO-SO
3.) No photographers telling her "do-this do-that"
4.) She can change her outfit (even if it takes soo long. as in long!)
5.) She can bring lots and lots of outfit (3 bags all-in-all!)
6.) The TALENT FEE of the photographers(w/c would be Red and me) is FREE

Although she cannot be spared about the food. Because everybody needs to at least bring their own contribution.

Anyway, the original plan was just Renel, Me, Avy, and Vanessa.
But then, Jona, Giovanne, Red, and Bords tagged along.

We did not arrive at our place together. Jona, Red and Bordz went ahead, because Avy and I were still waiting for Renel and Giovanne to emerge from the Convenience Store which was conveniently located in front of our school.

While Renel, Avy, Giovanne and I was riding at the jeepney... we were babbling away.

Jeepney Conversation:

Avy: I have a question.
Renel: What?
Avy: Why can't we cross Samal Island these days?
Giovanne: I have an answer for that.
Avy: What?
Giovanne: Well, since we all know that it's December and the.. uhmmm what do you call that? the uhmm?
Avy: What?
Giovanne: the... you know... *tries to act it*
Avy: Current?
Giovanne: Yeah, the current is strong...
Avy: You're wrong.
Giovanne: Why ? What's the answer then?
Avy: We can't cross it, because it has no pedestrian lane.

*everyone rolled their eyes*

My uncle who lives next door has his own karaoke, and we borrowed it last night because there was a gathering of DXN members. It was more like a birthday party at the same time, because there were three celebrants.

Giovanne and the rest of the gang eyed the karaoke, and eventually they got to use it. They were belting out their favorite karaoke songs while Renel was busy with her beauty rituals (make-up/costume) and all that.

Avy sang a few songs while waiting for Vanessa to arrive. Vanessa was the one who bought the tuna flakes and egg. When Vanessa arrived, they immediately went upstairs to cook. Yay!

MENU: Tuna Flakes mixed with egg (an Avydooby speciality), and HOT Pancit Canton (contributed by Giovanne) and Rice(by me).

Drink: We have the apple juice(contributed by Renel) , and unlimited supply of Cold water/Hot water.

Sitch: Everyone eating when the food was served. Everyone talking at once at the same time eating. Giovanne was unusually silent.

Me: Uyy hilom kaayo si Giovanne! (Uyy Giovanne, is so silent.)

Everyone turned to look at him.

Giovanne: Well, I did not eat breakfast and lunch. *hogging away* Ahhhhh.. It's so hot!
*referring to the pancit* You know my life....
Red: Pag-undang na ug Dota Giovanne, di naka naga kaon ug lunch tungod ana. (Stop playing Dota Giovanne, you don't eat lunch because of that.)
Avy: Giovanne, won't play right?
*Giovanne did not answer.... which means he still wants to play*

Jona: Giovanne, why are you not eating tuna?
Giovanne: Hmmp. Sige na lang ko ug tuna sa balay. (Hmmp. I always eat tuna at home.)
Jona: Gina-unsa nimo ang tuna? (What do you do with the tuna?)
Giovanne: Of course, what do i do with a tuna? I eat it!

Random ICST Convos:

Giovanne: Ginabisbisan ang mga treeth... (Watering the treeth..)
Bordz: Unsa ang ginabisbisan? (What are they watering?)
Red: mga treeth.


Lalaine said...

naaalala ko yung time ko dati na picturan lng kmi ng kuya ko.hehe...

gumagawa pa kami ng sariling background para isabit sa likod namin dahil ala kaming space sa labas ng bahay na maganda kaya ginamit nalang namin ang creativity ng aking kuya...hihi..

nice photos nga pala... may talent kau sa photography... totoo yan..hehe..

keep up the good work!
lalaine | Homepage | 11.13.06 - 6:10 pm |

tina said...

saya nmn poo.. nyan.. hehe i love taking pics too... ohh and karaoke..
kakamiss 2loy sa pnas.. :D
monic | 11.13.06 - 7:37 pm |

huwah.. ang saya naman ng barkada nio.. at halos lahat pala kau eh bloger.. hehehe..
potpot | 11.14.06 - 4:48 am |

Salamat sa pagdaan Anyway, parang ang sarap ng gimik niyo ha!

Ang ganda nung mga pictures, haha!

Have a nice day ahead!
celena | 11.14.06 - 4:49 am |

tina said...

lalaine: magaling mag pic si Red! nyahaha. Saya ung homemade backgrounds! hihi

monic: Uu! Saya ung karaoke.. pag nasa ibang bansa ka... namimiss talaga ang karaoke part

potpot: Pinipilit lang namin lahat mag blog. Madali silang ma-influence eh.

Celena: Syur! Hehe.. ikaw din Have a nice day!
tina | Homepage | 11.14.06 - 5:12 am |

Random said...

Ohoy! Anu to, commentan?! Toink. Ang cute talaga ng bago mong layout...
celena | Homepage | 11.14.06 - 5:58 am | #

Gravatar ang saya naman niyan! hehehehe... okey ang itinerary niyo ah.hehe.. katuwa!

Avy: We can't cross it, because it has no pedestrian lane.

*everyone rolled their eyes*

[si avy talaga!]
pam | Homepage | 11.14.06 - 7:23 am | #

Gravatar Ahahaha! You're friends are so funny.
tin | Homepage | 11.14.06 - 8:15 am |

Avy said...

hooooyyyy!! pinoy ako!.. haha.. how come I'm not in the pictures? rawr! sa video lang kung san I was popping that poppy thing.. ahhaha.. :D hey hey.. ako yung kumuha nung silang lima.. hehe.. :P *papansin*
Avy | Homepage | 11.14.06 - 9:29 am |

tina said...

pam: si avy talaga! hihihi

tin: they are! very funny and korny ehehe

avy: nyahahahaha. i think you got so excited with cooking... you forgot to take pics with yourself or with everyone. ahihi
tina | Homepage | 11.14.06 - 4:53 pm |

Random said...

oo trip din namin mag ganyan ng mga pic sa bahay..

adobe lang katapat niya,,,gaganda na yan
blacksoul | 11.15.06 - 4:09 am | #

Hahahah! Si avy talaga.

Pwde ng pumasa bilang mascot ng Country Kettle Corn.

Hahahaha! Peash!^^
Bam | 11.15.06 - 10:02 am | #

anong mascot?.. rawr
Avy | 11.15.06 - 9:55 pm |