Saturday, November 04, 2006

Six years...

I just attended DXN's 6th Recognition Rally here in Davao. The production numbers were great!
And I suddenly remembered when we had our production number 2 or 3 years ago at the same event. It was a great experience.. and I have this craving in me.. that I want to relive that moment.. becauseeeeee... WE HAD NO VIDEO!!!

I already informed everyone involved.. that we might do it again for next year's recognition rally. :) I can't wait! -_-

Our production number would then be IN MEMORY OF our choreographer who just passed away last month. Kuya "Ricky Martin". A very talented Dance Instructor... who has this passion and love for dancing and art. I would remember him telling everyone what his favorite color. Do you want to know?

RM: What's your favorite color?
me: Pink!
RM: Hah! That's nothing compared to mine! Mine is sky red, dirty black...

Before he left this world, he even made his group champion over Kadayawan Festival. (Or so, I heard.) *sigh* Oh well. At least Kuya Rick sure did left a lot of wonderful memories with us.


Tomorrow.. I shall be accompanying my mom out of town. Oh well. See you everyone. And may you all have a wonderful day ahead.. and Always Enjoy God's Abundance! :)

Insight of the Day:

"An individual's self-concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behavior: the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life." - Dr. Joyce Brothers


Pam said...

why. where are you going?hehehe... napapanood ko nga sa news minsan ang tungkol sa kadayawan festival..ganda.
pam | Homepage | 11.05.06 - 12:07 am |

Richard said...

same situation wayback in highschool, namatay rin yung trainor namin for streetdancing.. nanalo kami...
richard | Homepage | 11.05.06 - 1:48 am |

Avy said...

weee.. ^_^ i won tina! thanks.. ^_^ oh, and uhh.. the banner.. hahahahha.. ^_^
Avy | Homepage | 11.05.06 - 6:45 am |

potpot said...

huwah.. kaya lesson yn! laging mgddla ng video cam.. ehhehe.. ei, sira dn po b ang tagboard mo?? hmmm...
potpot | Homepage

Katia said...

awww.. parting is such a sweet sorrow..

anyways, at least he has left his mark upon you and that is really something..

tee-cee! x.o.x.o.

care for a link ex?
Katia** | Homepage | 11.05.06 - 10:51 pm |

Celena said...

Wow naman. Magdala kasi ng video cam pag may ganyan. Aba. Haha. 'Sky red' ha??
Good evening!
celena | Homepage | 11.06.06 - 7:53 am |