Thursday, May 02, 2013

Knowing zee Candidates

Okay.. so election is coming up...

how many days to go? 11!

I vowed I'm gonna research about each of them.. but I got busy....

good thing I stumbled upon a website... which actually did the whole thing..

researched about most of the candidates and their stands about various...

laws & bills...

so... for the whole lot ..

visit Filipino Free Thinkers. Know your Candidates.

this will be just a quickie update.

I'm taking my pick :)

Vote wisely! Your vote is priceless! Next time ako na tatakbo.. vote nyo ko ha! HAHA! Marami ako plano sa Philippines. ayyy di pala ako... marami akong igather na free thinkers and the bigwigs in various sectors who have the heart for our country.

tsaka... gather ko lahat magaling. syempre.. pag ako tatakbo ... you are not really voting for me... you are voting for the people... whom I will be consulting with. HAHAHA >:)

okay ... echos ko lang yan :)

mag aasawa muna ako.. kasi baka pag ako na elect ... wala na mag di-deyt sa kin.. at wala nang magpapakasal sa kin.. HAHAHA