Friday, November 10, 2006

Sunny days and Rainy Nights

The heat is on. -_- It's soo sunny...but the heat is quite unbearable nowadays. Oh well, that's the sun.. we can't stop it from shining... i'll just enjoy basking under it until it lasts. Which reminds me of the song from Barney....

"Oh Mr. Sun Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.. please shine down on me... Oh Mr. Sun Sun, Mr. Golden Sun hiding behind the tree..."

My review for The Loop can be found here. I'm still checking out on what book to read next.

I just fixed Giovanne's blog layout, and I'm glad he liked it. Try visiting his blog... and he is still a first timer. So bear with him. :)

I watched an episode of CSI I downloaded months back. I dont have the time to watch.. and fortunately... awhile ago.. i tried watching one. It was about a Doctor and a Nurse. Very gory. Eekie. -_-

I will be leaving you with a long Grissom-lecture:

Grissom: Sad, isn't it doc? Guys like us. Couple of middle aged men who have allowed their work to consume their lives. The only time when we touch other people was when we were wearing our latex gloves. We wake up one day and we realise for 50 years, we are not really living at all. But then all of a sudden, we get a second chance. Somebody, young and beautiful shows up, somebody we could care about. She offers us a new life with her, but we have a big decision to make right? Because we have to risk everything we've worked for in order to have her. I couldn't do it, but you did. You risked it all, and she shared you a wonderful life, didn't she? But then she took it away, and gave it to somebody else, and you were lost. You took her life.. and you killed them both... and now you have nothing.

Doctor: I'm still here

Grissom: Are you?


Seiji said...

Hehe, do you like Barney?

Yeah, can't imagine experiencing el ni☺o while spending christmas. How wierd. ^_^;;
Seiji | Homepage | 11.10.06 - 8:12 pm | #

Ralpht said...

i think i've watched that episode too
ralphT | Homepage | 11.11.06 - 12:54 am |

Cruise said...

i am downloading greys, house, smallville, prison break, naruto, bleach.... and probably csi will be the next i will download
cruise | Homepage | 11.11.06 - 8:49 pm |

tina said...

Ganda nga ng CSI. Hmm.
Pot | Homepage | 11.12.06 - 12:42 am | #

salamat sa pagcheer mo skn.. wah.. mejo ok na.. bak na ko sa aking normal selp.. wah. .bagong layyie?? gnda !!
potpot | Homepage | 11.12.06 - 1:46 am | #

ahahaha! Barney, it reminds me of my kindergarten years.
tin | Homepage | 11.12.06 - 8:22 pm |