Monday, December 19, 2011

MISSION POSSIBLE: Rescue Christmas for CDO and Iligan

Dearest Family and Friends,

As most of you are aware by now, it's all over social network (facebook, blogs and twitter) about CDO and Iligan and Typhoon Sendong.

A group of my friends have organized something in facebook to gather all donations.

As of today, our family sent some goodies through our company, DXN since most of our fellow distributors are affected and currently some of the distributors' location are unknown pa.

To those who wants to support the general group please do.......

Just call/text us to join--> Ayyi Gardiola (09214490095 or 09177171802), Fonzi Marquez (09165725815) or Bennette Tenecio (09278710105, 09182689374)

Drop Off Centers:
Any LBC Branch, PAL Cargo or Cebu Pacific
  • Peacebuilders Community Office, 2nd Flr. Coffee for Peace, McArthur HiWay, Matina, Davao City (beside EastWest bank, across McDonalds) c/o Bennette Tenecio 
    Zabadani Cafe (Ponciano Street)
  • Bobo's Music Bar formerly Lorie's Cafe (Araullo Street)
  • DXN Branch (Lanang Warehouse)
  • DXN Legaspi Service Center,
  • PCEC Office, 2nd Flr., Evangelical Center, 62 Molave St., Project 3 Q.C. Tel No. 913-16-55 to 57. 
  • MyPlace katipunan infront of Ateneo near KFC.
  • Teammanila stores, TM studio in Jupiter and Warehouse (Ecoville).

  • PAROM 10, CIF, 3rd Flr. Jags Commercial, 12th St. cor. Hayes St., Cogon, CDO c/o Pastor Alex Eduave # 09059343620.

Badly needed are: ready to eat meals, potable water, clothes, rice, canned goods, cookware, footwear, blankets, toiletries, mats, underwear, sanitary napkins and toilet paper, medicines, detergents, children’s needs like diapers and milk, mosquito nets, flashlights with batteries, raincoats, latrines, etc.
NEW: Milk, feeding bottles, diapers, habol/banig, mats, towels, soap, sleepers for children and adults, toiletries, toothpastes, toothbrushes, utensils, emergency lamps, utensils, spoon and fork, plastic cups, garbage bins, disinfectants, toilet cleaning, plates, blankets, basins, pails, dippers.


Cough meds- Lagundi/carbocestin, mefenamic acid, anti-diarrheal – loperamide / oresol, antypyretics- paracetamol tablets, clean gloves, sterile gloves, normal saline (washing), plaster, medicine cups, medicine dropper, anti-infectives-amoxicillin, anti-hypertensives – losartan, nifedipine, plain NSS

For Cash Donations:
Bank Name: Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)
Bank Address: Davao-Ecoland Branch, Amya 2 Quimpo Cor. Tulip Drive, Matina, Davao City, Philippines, 8000
Bank Account: 007-547-00228-4
Bank Transit: 03026-0166
Int’l Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Account Name: Peacebuilders Community Incorporated
You may also donate through paypal, through Fonzi’s account:

Please Email the details of your monetary donations to so we can give you proper acknowledgement & receipts:

*Cash donations will be used to purchase more goods and other identified needs by our field monitors in CDO, Iligan and Lanao areas that are affected
Text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)

You can donate the following denominations:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
For real-time updates from Mindanao journalists on situations in typhoon-stricken areas, stay tuned to the MindaNews website:
 ALSO CHECK THE FB PAGE and GROUP dedicated for the flood victims:
Let's Help The Survivors of Typhoon Sendong 
Davao Aid For CDO 
Operation Tsinelas
Tribu Pagkakaisa
Angel Brigade
Thank you everyone! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good Wish List

Dearest Blogger Friends!

It's indeed the time of the year... and PM is hosting the blogger's exchange gift once again. See Link HERE. I thought for awhile she won't be doing it.. but then... she did it. :) And it brings me joyyyy!!!

So here goes my wish list......

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good Wish List
Something small: cute butterfly/angel earrings

Something big: purple or pink luggage. 

Something cute: anything involving butterflies, dolphins and angels are cute to meee!

Something soft: a pillow!

Something techie: Ipad! Haha. or a pink USB Flash Drive will do.

Something fancy: charm bracelet

Something (insert your favorite color): purple, pink, turquoise, indigo or rainbow colors altogether

Something wearable: a cute aquamarine pendant or any pendant (butterfly/angel/star/moon/dolphin)

Something you need: shawl

Something you can use for work: BDJ Planner 2012 (belle de jour) a notebook for journal keeping will do. :)

Something sweet: Swiss Chocolates. :)

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want:

A wand from the Whimsic Alley.... :) Yan na lang all set na ako! Haha. :)  

oh and and and my current crush to ask me out! BWAHAHAHA. :)

Uh oh.. im beating the deadline... i hope i made it pa PM to the exchange gift.. weee. :)

Anyway... I hope this is not too much for my ka-exchange. I'm easy to please naman eh. :) No worries.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinoyteens for Blogger's Choice Awards

It is indeed time of the year. It has been a long time since I last participated in voting for the PBA. I was inactive for quite sometime.

Anyhow, I am very delighted to cast my vote for Pinoy Teens for this year's Pinoy Bloggers’ Choice Award.

I've met both Kevin and Princess and they are both active bloggers and are also supporters of Save Davao Shrine Hills. An initiative, I am also supporting. :)

Cheers Kevin and Princess for being nominated and I really do wish you'd win this award. :)

Blessed be,


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Journey of a Hero - Lakbayani Program

Ever since, I started to continue  my journey with a group of like minded individuals from MISSION ( last July, things started to propel faster than I expected. And it's not just wishful thinking, but it's a walk, a movement where indeed Love moves.

And with this I will be presenting you with a wonderful journey... an initiative of Manila Node.... called the Lakbayani Program...
Below is an invitation.... for you to join in on the program.... 

Here's to wishing you a divine quest for the coming years..... 

Sin Cere, 

Tina L.
(There Is No Alternative but Love)

Madaling Maging Bayani sa Sariling Bayan. Its easy to be a hero in one's own country. In the midst of the struggles and challenges we face, there are stories of hope, stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.These are individuals and groups with initiatives in every field, working for a more positive, holistic and sustainable Philippines. There is a better Philippines that already exists and MISSION Manila has mapped out their heroic feats in partnership with Barangay San Antonio in Pasig City, The Goodwill Group of Companies, Earth Flora,The Green Shop, 4Life and Ataman Koop.

LAKBAYANI is a celebration of projects and initiatives of countless Filipino heroes. MISSION Manila and its partners are bringing the good news that there are Filipino heroes working in the grassroots, contributing to building a better country through their work in politics, business and culture. As we share their stories, may we be inspired to start living a hero's life in our own fashion.

LAKBAYANI is a MISSION Manila initiative. Founded in 2010, MISSION which stands for Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking, is a cultural, spiritual, scientific movement of individuals in civil society, government, and business. On the basis of profound inner transformation, MISSION aims to create a better country, a better world. MISSION has active members and network nodes in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Dumaguete, General Santos , Baguio and a fledgling international node in Germany.

Dreaming of a better Philippines? We are already there. Embark on this Journey of the Hero with us from October 24- 28,2011 at the Barangay Hall of Barangay San Antonio, Gen. Malvar St., Pasig City. And you can start living a hero's life too.

For more information: Email:
Call or Text : 0915-5336189/0921-5025262
Visit: Lakbayani:
Facebook Lakbay Bayani

The Goodwill Group of Companies
Earth Flora, 4Life, The Green Shop, Ataman Koop


(Note: I did not place the October 24, 2011 program since it's over and done with already). you can still participate in the following. :)

Wednesday, October 26,2001-Theme: Gender Development

12:00 N.N. Exhibit is open to the public

Graffitti Wall- messages, signatures, drawings of heros and visions for a better Philippines and a better world

Video loop- photo slideshow
6:00 P.M. Public Lectures/dialogue

Designing your Life (Guidance Counseling)
Kristine Gonzalez- guidance counselor & yoga teacher

7:00 P.M.

Gender development & advocacy: Preventing & dealing with women & children abuse
Nela Santiago- Gender advocate
Mirian Buergo-Gender advocate

8:00 P.M. Video loop

8:30 P.M. Exhibit closes

Thursday, October 27,2011- Hero's Journey

12:00 N.N. Exhibit opens

Graffitti Wall- messages, signatures, drawings of heros and visions for a better Philippines and a better world

Video Loop/slideshow

6:00 P.M. Public lectures & dialogue

The Heroic Journey- Ang mga Hakbang ng Bayani
Lucito de Jesus- author, dream sensei, aikido sensei and peace & wholeness advocate

7:00 P.M.
Iya Agbon
Moving Mindanao- children filmed and produced movie on their intentions and issues.

8:30 P.M. Exhibit closes

Friday, October 28,2011- Theme: Celebration

11:00 A.M.

Product demonstrations and dialogues with visitors of the booths:
Royal Business
The Green Shop/4Life
Earth Flora Biodynamic Farm
Ataman Koop
Go Natural Food Bowl

12:00 N.N. Exhibit is open to the public

Graffitti Wall- messages, signatures, drawings of heros and visions for a better Philippines and a better world

Video loop- photo slideshow

3:00 P.M. Vision Cafe- interactive dialogue with participants on the question:
Paano sinasabuhay ang pagiging bayani? How do you live as a hero?
Expressed thru drawing & artwork & bag of dreams.

6:00- 10:00 P.M. Cultural show/concert

Open to the public

Emcees: BSA Scholars- Sugar Crisanne Aberia and Mariejo Ramos

Barangay San Antonio Choir

Conductor- Linda Fidelino

The Adventist Glee
Conductor- UN Ambassador of Goodwill Gion Gounet
Crown Him- Kirkland
Green Cathedral- Carl Hahn
Pasiging- Hiligaynon song
Hallelujahs to the Lamb- Beethoveen

Engineer Miguel and Mrs. Bernadette Dimadura on violin & piano
Canon in D- Pachelbel
Sa Nanay Sa Tatay
Kahit konting pagtingin

Monica Rosales
You're still the one – Shania Twain
Lazy Song- Bruno Mars
I wanna know what love is-Mariah Carey
Bituin Walang Ningning- Sarah Geronimo
Price Tag- Jessie J

AnonyMuse (Girl Band)
Salamat- Yeng Constantino
Slippin' Away- Aziatix
Fly- Nicki Minaj & Rihanna
I need you ( from the mini-series Jesus)- LeAnn Rimes

Mel Orense- acoustics- original compostion- Buhay ng Bayani

JR Prisno- Hip Hop & socially conscious rap
Jakob Rodriguez- Pinoy Rap & Hip Hop

Community jamming and dancing

Saturday, October 08, 2011

OCCUPY Movement

I have not been watching the "TV" for months now... and I was away the humdrum of emails the past week.

However, yesterday when I checked my email... I found messages about the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement. And I am beginning to understand why I'm seeing the: "I'm the 99% picture posted by the people". I thought it was just mere drama.... but no... it's actually happening.

Currently, as I'm blogging they are on Day 21.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET is a people powered movement for democracy that began in America on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. Inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy … join us! We're now in DAY 21.

At first you'd think it's just another "rally". And at first glance it might not be genuine and that it is funded by other groups.

Also this is not a movement about whether you are LEFT or RIGHT. I've heard of people commenting about that. It is the current financial system today that is so unjust leaving 99% with no houses, no jobs... and no nothing. I am having mixed emotions while I'm watching the videos surrounding. Don't heed the Government Media (FOX, CNN) they are all BIASED... wanting to program the people that the protestors are just out there to create havoc. Start asking questions.

Why is the world reacting to this? What is wrong with the world?

How is it possible for 6.9 billion people to all want the same thing—peace, happiness, abundance, opportunity, safety, security, and love—and be singularly unable to get it? - global conversation

What is wrong with the current financial system? Should I be concerned? Is there a fair distribution of wealth? Is it really fair for 1% to earn 80% of the money while the rest of the 99% suffer? Is it alright to just stand around and wait for things to happen?

What am I feeling right now? What can I do?

Here is an example of an Indigo Youth voicing out the concerns of people..... Wake up... Look around you...... Please let us not take "liberty"

 FOR BACKGROUND: You can watch Inside Job a documentary about the issues behind WALL STREET.... narrated by Matt Damon released last 2010.


I will also be leaving you with this song....

Start looking for your own answers..... don't always believe what MAJOR NEWS STATIONS are saying. You don't know who is behind them. We have YOUTUBE. Find your way to discover the truth...

In this.. We don't want to start an aggressive revolution. This is a call for humanity to be one... to distribute wealth - FAIRLY.... in PEACE....

I know the Media and the Police are trying to be really aggressive but remember ask this question... "TO BE AGGRESSIVE... WHO DOES THIS SERVE?" Take the question deep into your heart.... and go into silence....

I'm sending my love and light to all the revolutionaries around the world...

Let us also SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming worldwide revolution.... :) Will post about that next.

Also add to FACEBOOK: Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Philippines... or whatever Country you are in.


Remember the famous quote? 

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

It is up to you..... :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Home

i have chosen to have a new abode.....  the new Enchanted Life.... :)

should you want to link it up. please do. i'm creating a new blog roll over there. just say your intention here and ill place your link. :)

and i made a very crazy mistake by importing my blogs over there. (i'll have to delete most of them one by one). I am so attached to this blog that it's a bit "hard" for me to let go.... that I brought all my baggages over the space. so much for "something new".

i'd still post updates here... more on "for the world" events or "davao" events that would be needing your support... and maybe some updates about what is really happening to our world... (as if I know a lot huh?)

So to recap on my blogs....

Step into the Magic - ( I have decided to rename this as "Step into the Magic". This will give you glimpses on how you can participate in Humanity's journey back to love and kindness. The miracle we called "shift" from mind-centered life to a heart centered one.

Enchanted Life - ( will be a personal journey... my personal quest... the hurrah i always feel that needs a new space. This will depict my Quest as it is right now... where I am... what are the Personal Questions that I have to go through... and what are my personal reflections.... and what are the things that are currently working in my life... this will also aim to assist each and everyone who reads on their own personal quest....

Angel Snippets - (  Angel Snippets will be my messages from Divine. Messages I got from meditation... when my mind is quiet or when I'm with nature... closely similar to Enchanted Life but much more... "angelic"... any angelic encounters I have... or experience with the Divine

Espresso Break - ( My review blog... movies.. books..restaurants..resorts .. places...

TUMBLR presence...

Wonder Struck  - ( - this contains.. most of the things I love..fancy.. quotes.. I like... music... ahhh and whatnots.

Life is a Dance - ( - this will contain... "twitter" like thoughts with image... :) personal "in-the-moment" i wanna post thingy...

There ya gooo.... :)

Love and blessings,

Tina L.
(There Is No Alternative but Love & Liberty)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Wabi Sabi Life and Love

I was intrigued by this term when I read an article by Arielle Ford and it turns out she's writing a book about it called "Wabi Sabi Love".

Okay, you might ask... what? Wasabi what? Isn't that the super hot green paste Japanese seems to love?

No, It's Wabi Sabi.....

What is Wabi Sabi?

"Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese art form of finding perfection and beauty in imperfection."

Isn't that just wonderful?

Photo Source: Perfectly Amiss

They have even arts dedicated for that... thus the popular term Wabi Sabi Art...

Now, I suddenly remembered the basic principle of Ikebana, when I attended a mini workshop with Lady Tirol (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) ... which is somewhat related to this.. because one of the founding principles of Ikebana is to let "nature" be. Meaning, if this certain flower got a wilted leaf on it... one just allows it because it's nature. So, they don't usually recommend taking the wilted leaf and they say it's part of the beauty of Ikebana.

I am just impressed and very inspired with how rich the Japanese arts are. I just love how their teachings on Wabi Sabi and Ikebana incorporates life and nature. And how life can be interconnected to art...

and not just that... how Wabi Sabi can be adopted as a way of life and love... the beauty of nature and simplicity... this also teaches how to be in the moment... to accept things the way they are and appreciate them instead of seeing all the things we don't want and the imperfections all around us. and it also helps us become more aware of what we deem of as imperfect... may it be the weight, the pimples, the warts, the unwanted fats in certain body parts, the eyes, the nose, the skin.... and accept them... being comfortable in our own skin...

so yeah...

with Wabi Sabi life and love,


Friday, September 02, 2011

What's the Rave?

Hulloh! How is everybody doing?

I've noticed that it seems like I am making a career out of posting a blogpost once a month!

My days are sometimes swarmed with activities that sometimes I just wanna head off the beach and go enjoy the waves while reading a book. 

Last weekend, I attended the District Assembly of Rotaractors and Interactors here in Davao for District 3860. It went well. It's great that they invited Ms. Joji Ilagan Bian to be the guest speaker which proved to be very inspiring among students which composed a majority of the audience.

The recently concluded pre-Kadayawan event "Cycle For Life" and the "Dream Davao" exhibit at People's Park went well. Although with so little time to plan a week-long event we fell short of our expectations. Meaning there were more "something could've worked better" ideas than what we did. But, despite the many "firsts" and recent "learnings", one thing we gained at the event was having the bond. of just having known each other for a month to come together for a specific purpose of calling various individuals and organizations who wants to make Davao better. oh di ba? diretso field. 

Photo: Sorry don't know who took this picture. Pls. contact me lang if this is yours and ill place the credit. thanks.

For RACMPD (Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-Asa Davao), we also had our first ever fundraising bazaar during Kadayawan. We were selling baked goodies and all proceeds will go to our club and mostly to support Kythe Foundation*.

But, Tina, you might ask... all work and no play? Of course not!

In between the busy-ness of many "for the world" events..... I managed to meet up with my College Buds and High School between the events I am in (i invite them!) and also having separate get-togethers...

one during the birthday of my godson to which i am the fairy godmama! HAHAHA. and one of our friend is pregggy!!! another godson in the making. Vavavroooom!!

also our high school chum meet-up was simply that.... get together to talk about what's up with our own lives...

How about family??? Sometimes I managed to stay at home one day after the event... and sometimes i'd drag my brother and sister to help me out in the booth which they are supporting me with....and i'd help out with dad and mom with their recent garden... which i will post pictures of soon... :)

it's September.... and more life-changing events which i will impart soon!

*Kythe Foundation - foundation for cancer patient kids.

With so much love,


P.S. HAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY To my beloved Aunt... Aunt Tita!!!!!!!LOVE YOU!!!! She reads my blog.... most of the time. :) 

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cycle For Life Invitation Letter & Program Schedule

Dearest Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

For ten years now the Davao “Flight of the Eagles” team has been gathering cyclists young and old alike from all walks of life to bike for a cause. This year’s theme, “Cycle for Life” attempts to gather all individuals and groups concerned with environment, education, and sustainable lifestyles with the goal of unleashing a concerted movement for a holistic approach to achieving a sustainable Davao City.

The Cycle for Life activity embodies and symbolizes how we, DavaoweƱos, are currently on an insightful infinite journey . . a trip that MUST take into serious consideration our City (amidst its existing environmental conditions),which provides livelihood and sustenance to our families, our home. The activity endeavors to achieve the convergence of like-minded individuals and groups to act collectively as we together learn, unlearn and reDISCOVER the myriad ways we can make our City a place other people would aspire or dream to live in.

On this journey, CYCLE FOR LIFE comes alive as the Davao Flight of the Eagles, in collaboration with the MISSION, embark on this trip as we long for and about life, and decide to weave shared dreams TOGETHER .

At this time of KADAYAWAN, a time of bountiful harvest CYCLE FOR LIFE comes alive in a spirit of solidarity as MISSION Davao together with the FLIGHT of the EAGLES join forces for the common goal of instituting positive changes thru mutual support in initiatives for the greening of Davao. With Flight of the Eagles for Bike lanes, MISSION Davao raises conciousness and activates groups and individuals to act concertedly, courageously for concrete positive changes in Davao. This synergistic play of energy projects to enflame other cities to aim for sustainability and environmental soundness with this attempt to concoct a holistic Bayanihan spirit from diverse sectors. Support through funds from like-minded sectors and individuals shall aid the MISSION Davao’s continuing education programs necessary to increase membership and equip them with trainings for competent leadership in societal initiatives such as this. Your valuable support helps us help others make a difference.


presents current advocacies on

●OPENS● AUGUST 8-14, 2011
3:00 - 10 p.m.

bike clinics, film shows, music, poetry
story telling, atbp

3-5pm - BOOTH EXHIBIT Tour
6-9pm - Film Viewing & Special Speaking Events


DATE --------------- AUGUST 14, 2010
TIME --------------- 6:00 a.m. On-site Registration & Assembly)
---------------------- 7:30 Flight Take-off

VENUE -------------- Peoples Park, Davao City

FAMILY RIDE 15 k (NEW!! Davao City poblacion proper only )

Php 250 -------- T-shirt + lunch + drink + raffle ticket
Php 50*------- raffle ticket

AUGUST 8-13, 2011
3:00 pm to 10 pm

*tokens will be donated to an Environmental cause which is adopting a land with trees.

SOURCE: Letter was made by Kate Estember, Maya Vandenbroek, Ayyi Gardiola and Monica Ayala.

Please support the event by gracing the event and inviting your friends over to see the exhibit and attend the scheduled activities.

Let's make our DREAM DAVAO HAPPEN.......

Let us all BE ONE in this!!!

With so very much LOVE,

Tina Suelto / Liberty :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


July July!

It's amazing the month isn't over yet!!!

This month is sooo jam-packed.

I have been so engrossed being actively engaged in some events that would soon pave way to a wonderful society.

I joined a workshop facilitated by Mr. Nicanor Perlas when July started. And from that workshop we came up with "Cycle for Life". Actually, there's a biking event in Davao done once a year by The FORCE (bicycle enthusiasts) and it is also to promote the bicycle city ordinance we have in Davao. Good thing, with the workshop was Tito Leo Avila who was a former councilor who is actively involved in different environment groups and he still has the connections to continue the said activity. And he realized everyone was just waiting for him to call for action even if he is not in office anymore. And with that taken care of we set off to plan the event.

Aside from that, I am currently the secretary of Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-Asa Davao which means more responsibility and more chances of being actively involved in transforming our society.

One of my friends organized the Davao Live Aid Concert for the flash flood victims...... and we had our own relief operations and created the group Tribu Pagkakaisa, where I experienced synchronicity. How God sure gives the desires of the people.

I have been to three cities in Northern Mindanao the past week, Iligan, CDO and Butuan with mom to spread love.

I feel that times are really changing nowadays. And I am beginning to see the fruits of the Light Workers. The people I am with right now are really the people that I have been looking for a long time ago. Plus, I even dragged a friend in the move..... now she's taking LEAP!!! For the TIME OF HER LIFE!!!

For current events the one thing that can make me super duper incensed last week was the "negative" reports from this certain A BIASED SCBN media company about our City Mayor Sara Duterte. I would say over and over again that violence is the last option.... but then if your children are about to be killed.. wouldn't you do something to protect them? That event made me wonder how weird people can be.... they are quick to judge the Mayor for protecting people but are mum about larger deception especially when it comes to the family owning and monopolizing most of the properties of Pinas. But sheeshhh..... shift shift shift Tina... "I choose to Love......"

I am overwhelmed that many spiritual leaders are also taking their own Leap of Faith.... let's not talk about those who are on "the dark forces" okay? Only those who have been actively participating to spread love and oneness, like Bishop Tutu who always inspires me.

I just can't wait for great things to happen specially in the coming months. The dark forces are losing their power.... as more and more people are awaken to each of their true BEING... that we are LOVE and Light. The people responsible for the LOSE-WIN percentage... which keeps 2% of the world population on top and the 98% below, are losing their power.... times are changing and the numbers to the right distribution of wealth is slowly happening.

Do not lose faith...... Mother Earth will continue it's cleansing.... Stay grounded.... Stay heart-centered..... so you wouldn't be affected by the coming changes.

I am more than positive.... I am enthused, excited, inspired by the coming of something super duper great! Every LightWorker is doing their job and I am just amazed I am part of it specially in taking care of the environment..... The only thing we need to do... is to come together... doing it together .... doing it en masse.

Life sure has many reasons to celebrate...... if you are still having it an emo day..... CELEBRATE!!! Celebrate that all negative emotions are beginning to get out of your system. Celebrate!!!

Loving you all,


Image Source: Piroska

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

What started off as a reluctant choice to join LEAP turned out to be one of the greatest choice I've ever made.

I just graduated under the rain and wind of the storm Falcon, even threatening our graduation to be called off, but nevertheless it pushed thru. My forecast: bright sunny morning worked as the sun showed at around noon somewhere in Antipolo.

June 26, 2011 was a date I would never forget as we had our final circle..... as 57 of us are now officially called a "LEAP-er". It paved way to tears, a whole lot of gratitude and most of all overflowing with love as it manifested from our hugs and kisses. It was heartbreaking to say "adieu" to our Head Coach and our 13 Coaches..... specially those who touched my heart and had our personal encounter (Coach Bong, Coach Jic, Coach Charette, Coach Marco, Coach Kai, Coach Tj, Father Coach Allan, Coach Aaron....)

I've experienced so much with my bond from them despite us coming from different background and culture, we shared unconditional love and gratitude and being in the moment and each making our own POSIBLE+ story....

My journey with them was exhilarating.... I felt genuine love and friendship... It even paved way to a POSIBLE + Story... which I will later impart since it deserves a whole new different post....

our Leap Night last June 23 was also jam packed amidst the rain..... the support from other teams and our family and friends were awesome.

LEAP POSIBLE +...... thank you so much for accepting me as I am.... for the love and support... the laughter and the tears.... I will forever treasure you.....

We are currently having our own "separation anxiety".......... missing each other.... cannot concentrate... wanting to bond every weekend... arrrghhh...

parting with them.... is such sweet sorrow....

till we meet again my beloved team....

love and kisses,

I am Love and Power!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Take The Train

Vavavroom! I'm halfway through the coaching program... and with this program I found long lost brothers and sisters. Grabe!!!

So many things have happened. I never knew my calendar would be this full! Haha. There was never a boring moment....

I'm becoming more and more confident. There's the teensy weensy little bitty scaredy-cat within but I can overcome it na.

My journal was right when it said: "Take a LEAP of FAITH."

I could say this is one of the best journey I've taken. Best train ever!

I'm so blessed with my coaches..... My council got 2. There's Coach Bong and Coach Jic. Also, my lovely buddy Ate Claire, my BIZU group (Jaysee and Rhodz)..... and the rest of TEAM 48 POSIBLE +.

Through this program I found life-long brothers and sisters. Not just friends. Ahhhh. The best talaaaagaaa!

I want to take the program again!! For next quarter's theme!! Super duper nice. LEAP TEAM 49: Time of My Life. AHHHHHHH.

If you want to take the train....... to one of the best rides ever.... with fun loving individuals... another train is scheduled this coming weekend.... June 4-5, 2011. At OCCI, 6th Floor, Emerald Building, Ortigas Jr. Road.



Monday, May 09, 2011

FLEX Orientation

6 months ago I took FLEX (Foundations of Leadership Excellence).

FLEX is a two-day workshop where you can learn about the fundamental principles of leadership, success and peak performance. Our goal is to bring out the leader in you: your empowered Self that is responsible for the choices you make, and is committed to personal growth as well as the growth of those around you. FLEX will heighten your awareness of the negative belief systems that hinder you from actualizing your highest possibilities, and provide you with options, tools and techniques to shift those paradigms. When this shift occurs, ordinary people begin producing extraordinary results.

This training allowed me to be more forgiving about other people, to understand myself and also understand others... know where they may be coming from... and also thinking out of the box where all the answers lie!

Since then, I have embarked on a journey with "a world that works with no one left out".

Now, I am inviting you to this journey.... with a loving community....

From what I heard.. one of Manny Pacquiao's secret to success revealed at one of the interviews aside from his unwavering faith and humility was that he surrounds himself with positive people.

Here is your chance to build a community of positive people with dreams for Philippines and the future..... in whatever arena you may be.....

This is a video my batchmates of LEAP 48 POSIBLE + made inviting you of our upcoming workshop this May 21-22.....

Save the dates!


on MAY 11 and MAY 18. 7pm.
OCCI 6thFloor, Emerald Building, Ortigas Jr. Road.

Just say, with love... Kristina Suelto invited you to join a life-changing workshop. :)

Here in Davao.. we are still coming up with a plan whether we would have an orientation or not.

But our FLEX schedule in Davao would be on May 21-22, 2011.

So... see you there and the grander version of you!!!

You can share this video to someone who needs it.... and holla at me over at Facebook or drop an email that you are joining the free orientation and have you listed.

Have a wonderful week!!! :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

taking a LEAP of FAITH

I would quote my Angel Snippets blog for this: "Life has a way of surprising you without really surprising you."

If the weekend of Earth was something short of magical what with the wedding of the century happening (and me missing out on the kiss at the balcony because I was in the workshop of my life.).... and also with the news that Osama died.... (a reason for mature reflection and some repose....)... my weekend was just beginning to unfold.......

It was as if some unmistakable divine force weaved it's awesome power and managed to pull me in with the flow and join POSIBLE+ LEAP 48.

I was reluctant during the last minute. I reserved my place last January but my fears got ahead of me and I didn't submit to the pre-coaching. But, in the end with pre-coaching or not, a little nudge from the Universe made me LEAP.

What made me join?

In the "embrazzo" of the FLEX Teens where my brother joined, the parents of teenagers convened (whom we really know well ganged up on me and my mom). They were saying: "Join LEAP!!! so that we are together... so that Davao will have a lot of representative."

Say: "Bye, Bye to your brain!" they would say over and over again. But, what struck me was.... Tito Leo Avila's question: "Look, we all have a vision and dream for Davao, right?"

And my heart jumped and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I have dreams for Davao... and here I am presented with an opportunity to make my life better and I am hesitating?

and so... I said: "yes". But, with a doubt... well.. mhmm not exactly that.. I was SCARED!!!!

with all my fabulous encouragement, my uplifting words..... i was merely projecting to my inner self.... because I AM SCARED! I have heart loaded with fears..... oh dear me!

Also.. the recent weekend made me realize a lot of things.... yes, I know a lot.... yes, I've read about things... and somehow with all the trainings I've had... I've become jaded. It's like: "yeah, yeah.... I know all of that."

But, then the weekend made me confront my inner fears.... and also my blockages. I was withholding love ... therefore I can't give anyone that yet.

I thought I have gone through the process of forgiveness already... but my heart still grieves. I just denied the whole thing.... oh dear... I made a shortcut to the game.. and now the game is trying to shortcut me. So... instead from now on.... I'm gonna be true to the game! Be more honest with how I am feeling... and be more in touch with myself....

But, now I found a community where I can be safe.... where the fear of being judged is non-existent.... where I can be myself... to my buddy Ate Claire, my Bizu council, my coaches (coach Bong and Coach Jic) and the rest of the coaches, to my POSIBLE+LEAP 48 batchmates... let's all do this together and be 100%!!

with love and blessings... to the
5 Facilitators + 1 Headcoach + 13 Coaches + 100+OCs + 57 New Leapers = ♥ ♥ ♥ POSIBLE+LEAP48 - reposted from Head Coach Charette! ;)

Note: I posted the picture of our class shirt which made a ruckus over at Facebook and Twitter. Everyone wanted to buy it because it's actually fab! (I got 2! will be adding more colors to my collection. Mwahahahaha). Here's a story from Head Coach Charette behind the success of these shirts... Effective shirt selling.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eco City?

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I have been thinking long and hard before having this article made. One, I am not an investor and it such a shame to talk about these things and feeling quite "powerless" because I haven't made investments for the city - YET. (I need to make large amount of moolahs for that which I plan "eco" so nothing can stop me.) Two, I am not on the streets protesting about the proposed coal power plant, nor have I tried "running for a cause". I did sign for a petition letter once for the "Save the Timugan River" but that is not enough....

To talk about these things I would probably come out as a clanging cymbal. But, it's bothering me. I love Davao City so much... that even though I admired the developments hanging around the corner I have often grieved for the prices of urbanization we have to pay.

Yes, I have enjoyed technology... and yes I have contributed to the carbon footprint. I have always felt that going green is quite hard to come around specially if not everybody shares the same passion you do. But, I have been influencing my family bit by bit, because it sure takes some time to change habits. I have tried to influence people by giving them copies of 11th Hour a documentary with Leonardo di Caprio in it which is better than Al Gore's. I have supported in my own way, not grandiose (promoting them..bridging like minded individuals) various people in the environment fields: Councilor Leo Avila, Kuya JoeGreen and Loud Plastics Creation by Maej (i have yet to buy some of her green pieces.. saving up for it. hehe. ).

Last April 7, 2011 I read some articles online that Mayor Sara Duterte wanted to venture on eco-tourism and have our beloved Davao City dubbed as "eco city". I was enthused. Huwaw! Being Eco is just around the corner. But, with the recent proposal of Aboitiz to have a coal-fired power plant which they market as "clean"... I don't think the stand is consistent with the tag "eco city" anymore.

I have attended a talk with their VP in one of the meetings I joined... but because I was "late"... I never mentioned my stand on my blog. All I got was their comparison between solar, wind, wave sources with the coal plant. They mentioned to everybody that we are running out of "power" and creating wind, solar, wave powered plants would take a long time compared to the coal which is easy to make and thus would provide solution for the impending power shortage.

But, I saw online that coal is much more expensive because of it's by product. And that there is never a "clean coal".

Clean or not my heart feels coal shouldn't be here. I do hope our country will go even more "greener". Meanwhile... i'll just do things in my own little way. And continue sharing the movie 11th Hour... reduce my carbon footprint in every possible way...

the 2011 Forecast of Doreen Virtue is really coming to fruition..... Lightworkers.... who are close to the government I implore you to take one bold step to make it done.....

Note: While I was making this article there were no statements made that the coal powered plant would be in Davao City. But, I heard it has a second option which is already approved and that is Sta. Cruz.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Idiots & Aal Izz Well.

It's actually "All is Well". It's a line I used for ages and I was excited it was used in a Bollywood Movie entitled 3 Idiots. Which is a thousand times better than the Slumdog Millionaire. It's quite long... which would run for almost three (3) hours.

If you haven't seen that movie.. then you missed half of your life!

I have seen it last December 2010 (I got a hold of it because of my cousin, Ariane.)... and I have been introducing it to my friends mainly in Facebook. And to everyone I have met personally. I'd greet you with: "Have you seen the movie 3 Idiots?" and then on and on until they end up with my copy or they download it online. And everyone would always come back with excited looks saying: "Thank you! I love it!!!" (I have never met someone who says he doesn't like the movie... Seriously!)

I have watched the movie for six (6) times already... because whenever we have visitors at home and if they haven't seen the movie... we'd invite them to watch with us. And one time the principal of the High School Department where my brother studies (Southpoint School) came to visit and we asked them to take time and watch it with us.

They really enjoyed the film and got a lot from it that they shared it with the students. And students were saying: "Wala na kaming ibang paborito na movie. 3 Idiots na lang." ("We only have one favorite movie: Just 3 Idiots.)

I really made it a point to talk about 3 Idiots in my blog this time of the month because I know there are fresh graduates this time of the year...... and maybe... just maybe before you settle with a course... you might want to watch this first and get something out of it? :)

This movie is really great for everyone... .. for parents, for teachers, for students, for friends.....

ahhh basta. I suggest you guys watch this.... and spread the movie with your loved ones!

The movie is uplifting in it's own way.... and made me ponder about the choices in my life.

Since I love the movie so much I want to have my own Original Copy. It's kind of hard to get the Original Copy (I hope all you DVD distributors hear me out and sell them here in Philippines... because I haven't seen one....). Good thing I have my good friend Paul.. who will be buying a copy for me back at U.K. but he says the copy will only play with Region 2 compatible players. Yikes. Hope my DVD player is region free.

Have you watched the movie? How was it for you??

My Espresso Break Review of the movie - 3 Idiots

To make it easier for you....

that's just part 1 with english subs. from then on... you know the drill till you reach part 10.