Friday, March 30, 2012

Biography Workshop in Davao

Dearest Family and Friends,

To those who will be in Davao City on April 2 - April 3, 2012.... I'm inviting you to join us in a 2 day Life Review Retreat.... (it's a bummer that it's a weekday... but so far we got confirmations who will be there despite work.... most of them taking leaves or just plain absent... for those who just graduated... it's the perfect time!) Woohoo!

I'm excited since I will be taking the workshop for the first time. This will ground me for the World Festival we plan to create by year 2013! (and we are planning as we speak). 

We all know what we want, what we don't want, our irks and quirks..... but do we really know what we are meant to DO?

What is the Workshop about?

To become more conscious of our purpose, to come very close and reach our highest possibilities.

What's the process?

Through a guided methodological reflection on our life, we can awaken to our deepest striving. You will be guided to uncover the deep patterns in your life to help awaken the deepest intentions that you have been carrying with you. The way your life, with all its struggles and achievements, has unfolded through time contains the key to understanding your past and provides an important foundation for recognizing your life task. When you discover this, you will unlock incredible new life horizons that can be of tremendous benefit to yourself, as well as to others and to your world.

So yeah.... if you are joining...


With this I leave you with something that Mitch Albom said: 

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

MISSION Workshop and Events

Hello everyone!
I know it has been awhile since my last blog update. There's just so many things on my plate right now... However, I'm doing my best to juggle everything.

Just wanted to drop a few announcements of upcoming Events/Workshops happening around Davao City and some parts of Pinas that I know of:
March 17(Alternative Education)

Tuburan Institute Parent's Orientation (Steiner/Waldorf inspired school) - 2pm-4pm @ Food Cove NCCC Mall, Davao City (Free)

Contact: Kate - 09177174668 or Maya - 09081535326

March 18: Cleanup/Gardenig @ Tuburan Institute (Morning) 
                   Vermiculture Workshop (Afternoon) 
(details by Ate Kate) Contact: Kate - 09177174668

March 24: (Wellness)

Crystal Enlightenment Workshop with Ms. Riza Regis - 1pm-7pm @ Legaspi Street, Davao City
Energy Exchange: 3,000/head with snack  
Contact: Tina(Me) - 09177054599 or Monica - 09224833948

March 31-April 1:

Workshop:Courage Midsayap - 9am-5pm 
Contact: Kate - 09177174668

April 2-3:  

 Biography Workshop (Fee will be much higher than Workshop:Courage. Prepare at least 1,500/head) - 
Contact: Kate - 09177174668 or Tina - 09177054599/09228020297

April 24-27: Building Spiritual/Sustainable Communities toward a Neo-Proutistic Society @ Blissful Family Village Davao City  (details to follow)

Contact: Ellen - 09154850422
For Baguio Events: 

Contact: Ferdinand Veridiano - 0908-886-8432 and Grace - 09175388630

April 23-24: Transforming our Planet Capacitating Climate Change Communicators and Educators (Baguio) Speaker: Sheila R. Castillo - Tiangco (Reg Fee: Php 3,600)

April 25 - Transforming the Society: Structural Analysis and Social Change @ Baguio - Reg Fee: 1,800

April 26: Transforming our Body: Pollution destroys our Body and Alternative Health Solutions Reg Fee - 1,800
April 27-28 Transforming Ourselves: Psychological, and Spiritual (non-sectarian) Health and Wellbeing - Reg Fee: 3,600.
I guess that sums it all up! It looks like a pretty rich summer!! 
Days are growing warmer and I'm very excited about the emerging NEW PHILIPPINES. 

So, dear blogger friends and family... I'll see you around in one of those events eh? (I won't be joining the Baguio workshops though. But, yeah those who are Baguio based can join's gonna be fun!!)