Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Final Exam

Our final exam will start tomorrow, what a drag. But on the lighter side, our classes would be almost over. (We still have our departmental exam.)

Our class was again in it's usual rowdy self, specially the SIS class.

It's almost December, and then it would be January. January a dreaded month, we will be starting our thesis na. I'm still debating with myself whether to have mine descriptive or the one with a program.

Descriptive Thesis - mainly research, surveys and polls. They said this is hard because, the panel can fire up a lot of questions, therefore you cannot control their questions.

Program - basically, you have to make a program. Programming is too stressing for me. *GAH* But one good thing is, they rarely ask questions if they can see the program you made.

Que sera, sera.


I finally got to eat MANGO CHARLOTTE! Im eating one now. Want a slice? :)


Utakgago said...

woo. college life seems challenging ha!


and for me, the program thing is better. at least, kahit complicated.. [hehe]

ayun!! thanks for being a regular commenter. if you mind, punta ka sa reads section ko and... uhh... exchange links?
utakGAGO | 11.15.06 - 5:51 am |

potpot said...

waw,, saya naman .. patapos na kau?? hehe
potpot | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 6:36 am |

Sefree said...

yes it's a matter of being used to..
kung saan ka madadalian dun ka dapat.. kung natatakot ka sa descriptive thesis e di programming ka na lang. kung saan yung madali!

nakakatakot naman yatang mag-college. hihhhhhhh....
SEFREE | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 6:56 am |

Pot said...

Asteg. Thesis. Na-miss ko ang pagresearch..
Pot | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 7:02 am |

Ferdz said...

Me me! Me want a slice! Hehe.

Oooh! thesis can be dreadful but exciting. Just my opinion though. I think the descriptive would be an advantage since you'll be relying on facts and data done on survey. SO with the right questions you'll be answering though those facts you gathered. Good luck!
Ferdz | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 9:02 am |

Lalaine said...

nyek..di ko alam kung mgugulat ako kasi finals nyo NA, or finals nyo PALANG..

kami sa march pa finals..hehe.. simula palng ng second sem e..

gudlak..aral mabuti hehe
lalaine | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 6:15 pm |

tina said...

utakGAGO: so far, thesis lang ang magiging challenge.. hihi.

potpot: ahihi yeah.

SEFREE: di naman xa nakakatakot.. lalo na pag kasama mo friends mo. ahihi.

Pot: Yes. yes... thesis na. hihi

Ferdz: ive been thinking about that... frends keep telling me programming na lng daw. Hehe. Im still looking for available "hot" topics. ahihi

lalaine: trisem kasi kami. hihi
tina | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 7:22 pm |

Robyn said...

Miss ko na ang exams sa school... I have graduated college nung 2001. This year stop naman ako sa masters ko... Miss ko na paggawa ng analysis and term papers... Nakakatalas kasi ng isip yun.

Good luck with your studies... Minsan lang maging student, lubus-lubusin mo na. Kasi when you get to work, you'll think it's much better to be a student... Hahaha!!! Ganun kasi ako e...
Robyn | Homepage | 11.15.06 - 9:38 pm |

Random said...

God Bless on ur exams and thanx for the visit :D
bianca | Homepage | 11.16.06 - 3:10 am | #

Gravatar wow. goodluck.hahahaha...thesis...

well ako, thesis proposal pa lang...hehehe...^_^

nakakaloka naman ang sked niyo...exams exams exams...haaaay..

pam | Homepage | 11.16.06 - 6:47 am |