Thursday, December 27, 2007


Merry Christmas! *Though my greeting seems kind of late*. Thanks for all the Christmas Messages/Greetings I received here.

I was soo busy the whole week because of 2(two) impending parties for 23 and 24. December 23 for the office and December 24 for relatives, people close to us, and people in the office who are dear.

Everything went out well. I had tons of fun organizing the games for the "23" event. It was an "extra challenge/amazing race" sort of game consisting of five(5) different stations. Each station have their own corresponding lesson that is pretty much related to real life. Like, "seek and you shall find", "strike the balance", "listen, focus and reach for your dreams", "healthy lifestyle" and "creativity under pressure".

I would probably share the whole game one of these days.

By 24, everyone just got together, dined and talked.

By 25, we had a movie marathon with all my cousins present. By 7pm everyone decided to go to the People's Park and there everything started to go crazy for me. I was in a "bad mood" which came as a shock because I rarely have those. Really. I was so gloomy everybody noticed it. Maybe because there were a lot of people at the park and I've seen a lot of them spoiling the Green Theater (e.g. garbages all over). It's a new park and they're spoiling it. Huuuuuu. Or maybe some of my cousins were just too loud and sarcastic that it annoys me. Oh well. I guess they do happen sometimes. But, I shifted now.

Happy Holidays!

Shout Out: to Christian from for the gift.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Kindness plays a very important role in our society nowadays. That's why in everything that I do I try to incorporate "kindness" in my life and I also try to infect other people.

We are inherently kind. But to practice kindness to people we meet everyday specially to ones we don't personally know is kind of rare nowadays.

Last October 13 was a special day for Ate Jireh. She decided to spend her birthday *actually her birthday was on Oct. 17* to kids at a "Drop-In Center" located in San Pedro Street, Davao City.

Knowing her plans, I decided to help out and she agreed. I talked to people in the office and they are thrilled & "inspired" by the idea, they in turn asked if they can also help out and join.

It was a fun day for everyone. We introduced each other and then played a few games. Ate Jireh, me, kids and company were all having fun. It was a bit awkward at the beginning but we got the hang of it in the end.

It's great to bring joy and show kindness to kids. Seeing them so happy and excited.

Thank you Ate Ji for inspiring us and for sharing the experience with us. :)

Have a great week!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Walk for the Land

Ever since I saw the documentary in ABS CBN about the Sumilao Farmers, I wanted to do something.

Then, I saw this online petition that's been going on for days already: Sumilao

At least online I get to support them. Return the Land to the Farmers.

They did it in a peaceful way and I admire them for that. T_T.

If only I'm there now.

But... I'm here. You have my support and prayers.

For their Position Paper - click HERE.

I encourage you to join the support for the Sumilao Farmers. Thank you. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stars That Shine

*yawn* I stretched my hands, as I woke up.

*pitter patter pitter patter*

"It's raining!", I thought. I jumped out of bed. Greeted everyone with a cheery "Good Morning!".

Ahh... how lovely. It's raining. I just love the sound... another reason to stay in bed.

I fixed myself a cup of coffee and read a good book. One with aliens visiting Planet Earth. They say they come in peace. We'll see about that Extraterrestrials.

and that's how everything began...

and that's partly the reason why I decided to just redesign my blog. I wasn't planning to change it or anything but I grew tired of the look and I'm not that fond of 3 columns anyway. That's what happens whenever I hear raindrops. Haha.

I guess I'll stay home till the rain stops. I just want to rest a bit *that is if I get to rest at all, what with a book by my side*.


  • My mom and I were doing back-to-back sessions the past two days to a couple of teachers. It's actually another new experience. You have professionals as audience. I made the introduction and also the last part of the session.
  • I still have to work out something for the office's Christmas Party this 23. *di na daw uso ang party ngayon?*
  • I can't wait for the Adobe Photoshop Seminar.
  • got to finish Margaret Cuthbert's Silent Cradle.
To Davao City residents who are interested to join the Adobe Photoshop Seminar:

Where: Felis Beach Resort
When: Dec. 14, 2007. 3pm
Speaker: Ted Padova (author of 26 Adobe related books)

with snack: Php 100.00
with dinner + certificate: Php 250.00

180 seats. you can reserve your seat through email.

Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tis the Season

This month climbed so fast. As soon as it arrived it would soon disappear and we would greet a whole NEW YEAR.

Time flies so fast. Is it just me or what?

Einstein has this "Theory of Relativity" where time moves according to what you are doing.

I learned so many things this year. I'd probably recount it by the last day of this year like what I did with last year's firsts.

I have so many things I want to do right now:

  • clean my room (yes. AGAIN. it clutters up right after I clean it)
  • redesign my planner for next year.
  • print all the photos of this year. They are piling up already. I need to place it on my journal and my desire notebook.
  • start my "SCRAP BOOK".
  • read more books. my to-reads are piling up.
  • watch my must-see-movies. Hehe. at least let me have the luxury sometimes.

I finally saw Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at work. I heard his "words" which he is famous with live last week.

I have so many tags in my draft I'd do two or more this time.

This one from Dimaks:

This tag requires the following steps:
  1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).
  2. Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.
  3. There are five slots in the Birthday Meme. As you are tagged, you have to remove the name in the first slot and bump everyone up so that your name can be added to the bottom.

February 13

3 events:

2 births:

1 holiday (liturgical feast):

The list:

There were a lot of events during Feb.13 the challenge was to choose just (3) three. So, I chose what seemed appealing to me. Knights always rings a bell to me and so I decided to place that event here. I salute "feminine energy" as a balance to "masculine energy", so I included that feminist newspaper. I am fascinated with diamonds (just fascinated) and it's also just recent.

The only two familiar names in the birth list. Hehe.

tagged by sis Ychel

What Color is Your Brain?


At work or in school: I like to be with people, sharing with them, inspiring them, and helping them. I work and learn best when I can take into consideration people and the human element. I flourish in an atmosphere of cooperation.
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"Have a great week everyone!"

Shout outs: Ate Jireh, Arianne (miss you), Pam (salamat sa mga messages mo sa text) and Monmon (who had me in his dream hehe).

Monday, November 26, 2007

a Bash

Nov. 24 - Yhe.

I went with my sister (darlene) and big bro (Kuya Dave) to Yhe's debut. It was held in a restobar and it was closed just for her. Wow. eksklusib ai.

We were the "early birds". So we went upstairs (since it's open air) and you get to see everyone who will arrive. The moon was just shining behind us - and it was full.

It's been months since everyone got together. The "Firstborns" I mean. Most are in college already and very unreachable. Or not everyone tries hard to reach each other because everyone has his/her own life and very busy. We had a fun time updating each other about a lot of things.

I absolutely love Yhe's gown which was designed by Ate Jill and for some unknown reason wasn't in the party.

I like her concept. She actually gave tribute to people in her life, which made me (I can't say all) teary-eyed.

Nov. 26 - meeting Uso

I never really had a thing for dogs. Yes, they are cute and all.... but to actually imagine raising up a pet needs a lot of things - dedication + responsibility.

Uso is this big "Alaskan Husky Wolf". Whenever he is on a street everyone would inch away from him. That was my first impression as well. It is quite unusual to see one on these parts and so he became the "talk of the street".

But, his aura is just so different. He actually looks adorable. He is still in his 2 years. :)

Basta if ever I would want to have a pet... it would be one like Uso. Hehe. :)

I reckon, he is not an easy dog to handle. His fur coat and size screams "high maintenance". His house needs to be air-conditioned because of his fur. He needs to eat a lot. If he goes hungry he might eat you. (at least that's what I heard)

I remember 8 Below if I saw Uso makes me teary eyed once again. T_T

Thank you to Richard of Pulse Circle for including me and giving me the "You're an Amazing Blogger" award. thank you. thank you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


No. Nothing of the sort. No shipwrecks really.

You might ask why in the world am I blogging when I should have been enjoying the cold weather in Europe. Wait. Where is my lovely intro? I was talking to myself awhile ago -no make that making a speech about what to write. It just went right out - and now all I have to do is just remember them. *jumps up and down as she catches her bubbling thoughts*

*think think*

Ok. Here goes. *regains composure*

Cruises are meant to be special right? I mean, at least for me. Cruising is one of my ultimate desire. Not just a dream. It's a deeeh-saaay-reeee deep down inside.

And so... since cruises are meant to be special it shouldn't be spoiled with Tupperwares right? Yes. Humans who acts like Tupperwares. As mean girls would have it. - Plastics. That was harsh. But, that's what I know.

It was just quite fitting then and I call it Divine Intervention that we did not get to go with them. Simply put, our Visas were denied and the management did not even have the decency to inform us - up until the last minute.

What a shame, yes. Most people would probably be enraged by this. Specially if it is your desire going down the drain.

But for me it's actually a blessing in a horrendous - ok - I'm exaggerating na- disguise.

I was thrilled that I'm finally going to Europe and all. I was excited but - that usual "magical feeling" is missing. That's right. The magical feeling. I call that magical cause you're anticipating what will happen, what you will see and all that. Basta, it's magical.

I'll be listing the reasons why the "magical feeling" of traveling was blocked:

  1. the cold weather. I love cold weathers but not when cruising. I have this idea of cruises where you get to be on deck and you do the munimuni.
  2. the people we will be with. Part of the group would be three(3) couples which company I pretty much don't like. If it's cold and we are with them.... you'd probably be thinking that hell has frozen over or something.
  3. the baggage. travel light they say. how can you travel light when you need big coats the whole trip? And you need to change clothes in the cruise for the dinner(which would prolly require a long gown or cocktail dresses) and breakfast/lunch which requires casual formal outfit (no jeans allowed) and walking clothes for the shore excursions. Three sets in a day? And I haven't enrolled in a class called "The Art of Travelling Light".

Anyway, to make my story short. I am just grateful that we (the lucky 29) did not get to be with them for this cold trip and that we will be arranged for another trip equally the same with the first trip. But, not this year anymore. It would be next year. I'm hoping it's spring.

We found out that we got denied because when we applied no "documention" was attached. We gave all our documentation to the management. They were responsible for that. And now... There are (2) two possible reasons why it happened.:

1.) Lack of Experience / Mismanagement.

2.) Sabotage / Conspiracy.

Meaning, I can go to Yeh yeh's debut! Yahoo Yahoo! :) And yes! I am back. No scheduled trips till December. Weeeee.. :) I'll be hopping by your blogs now.

Thursday, November 15, 2007



I will be gone once again "indefinitely", which wouldn't matter much since I'm always in and out of the blog world. The real world's calling is much greater nowadays, but fret not I am not leaving the "blog world" since I have so much "discoveries" to share... I just can't place it to words... as of now.

In consequence of my going away, I am missing a "debut" I waited for so long. But that's life... you always have something to offer. You don't always get what you want without something to sacrifice. Rawr. Yhe.. sorry sorry... ikaw ang akong "Isaac" karon. daghan nako utang. Phbbtt.

I'll be seeing you guys in a few weeks time. Seeee youuu!!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Road Show - Push, Drive, Explode

The return of the come back! wooo...

Thank you for all the graduation greetings.. thank you pam for -> THIS.

Ate Ann hit it right with her comment that says "Congrats! San ka pupunta? Out of town again?".

As soon as I graduated I hopped on a plane the next day (October 16) and left Davao for 23 days! gooseneck! The longest time me and my mom were away with the whole family. But, it's all for a good cause. :)

I missed a lot of things while I was away. I missed to attend the Road Show that was conducted here in Davao which I wanted sooo much to attend since we will present our production number last October 18. But I had to choose in serving (lovingly) my mom and be her Personal Assistant(Alalay wahaha) while we are in Luzon specifically the South.

I missed the Birthday of my business partner/great friend/blogger Ate Jireh last October 17 but at least I got to celebrate her birthday bash which I will recount one of these days last October 13.

I missed the Blogger's Summit last October 27!!!! One of the biggest events in the blogging society this year! Booooo! I apologize for not being there.... I was really hoping I can come back right away. T_T.

I missed Giovanne's birthday last October 31. Yes, It's Halloween. I also missed my plans to sell our product wearing my uber-outrageous-butterfly costume, just for laughs. I wonder if I could do it next year... Hehe.

I missed Ate Disay and Avy's birthday last November 6, 2007. I was monitoring their birthday... and when 6 came by... I forgot it was November 6.. for crying out loud. And I did not get to greet the two of them ON TIME. Pretty close pa naman sila to me..... SORRRY AVYYYY!!! I really really owe you big time! Kaon na lang ta pizza haaaa??????

For things I missed there is of course a "seed of equivalent benefit"....

We went to Lucena City from the airport to prepare for the two(2) day training. :)

I enjoyed the crowd here. :)

By October 19... we had the first ever Diamond Convention held at Trader's Hotel. It also seemed like a whole day event. This was coordinated by the EDC.

October 20 was our 8th Anniversary and we held it at Cuneta Astrodome. :)

The Alabang crowd is a different crowd but nevertheless their responses to my mom's training were all good.

I guess different places calls for different people... and so Laguna was a different batch altogether. I enjoyed their company by the way...

The males in the Cavite Group are more dominant than the female. This group has less questions compared to Lucena, Laguna and Alabang.

Miss Honey said my mom's presentation in Batangas is her favorite.

The last two(2) trainings Masinag and Cainta was not part of the schedule but nevertheless my mom accepted it because she was requested.

My mom took a long time to lay down all the details in Masinag since the group is pretty not used to "responding" during trainings. She was having a hard time getting answers from them because they don't respond. In the end, they were at least able to let their feelings out.

If my mom had a hard time in Masinag, Cainta on the other hand was pretty easy. This group is basically aware and their comprehension is fast and they respond whenever they are asked.

All in all I met different people and I have seen the "I-am-alive-ill-live-it-this-way" look from them after the trainings. They all inspire me.... to reach out and help people get what they want. I gave a short speech by the end of the session in Lucena (because they asked me.. cant refuse them), Laguna (I was asked by Miss Honey.. cant refuse once again), Masinag (my mom asked me... how can i refuse?) and in Cainta (because the group asked me too).

I am enjoying what I am doing now, because i get to HELP PEOPLE who WANTS TO HELP THEMSELVES. In the trainings, you rarely find people who don't want to be helped because my mom's training has limited slots and so you have "to fight your way in" and those who attended were not forced but are willing. It's better that way than forcing someone to join a training.


I missed all your blogs!! Super! So I'll be blog hopping in a few while.

Happy Birthday to Dwinny - November 8, 2007. You are now 21. Be happy always and follow your dreams...... have the courage. :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So Many Events and so little time to talk about it....

For One, I finally graduated! Congratulations to my friends who did as well. I'm sure we will all see each other most of the time anyway.. :)

Number 2: Our "drop-in center-slash-Birthday" event with Ate Jireh which I will recount some other time.

Number 3: I will be on leave from the blog world starting tomorrow. Im not sure when I can online then.

Monday, October 08, 2007


After the Malaysia trip we decided to drop by and tour Singapore for two(2) days. If Malaysia has lovely "island bars" imagine my delight when I saw Singapore's "island bars" (refer to the picture at the right).

The bougainvillea flowers they used are just "ordinary" here in the Philippines but they used it to beautify the most part of their city! Wow. Can we not do that in our country as well? Hay. Hay. Lovely lovely. And the trees? Grabe. Salute to the people who landscaped their country. I heard Pinoys did the landscaping? Is it true? Ha? Ha?

We slept right away when we arrived. (Of course we need to recharge after the hectic non-stop travel in Malaysia).

If in Malaysia it's Genting Highlands you must visit, in Singapore it's Sentosa Island. So, by 6pm we decided to visit and watch the highlight show in Sentosa Island which is the "Songs of the Sea". It's an amazing show! They used a musical fountain and interacted it with lasers against the water particles to create 3D images. It was purely MA-GEE-CAL! I wished my sister and brother was with us that time.

We did not get to tour around the Island that much since it's already dark. But they have a nightlife in the island, I guess. Judging from the outfits of the young-uns. Hehe. There's a cable car in the island as well and it's quite different from the one in Malaysia because underneath the cable car would be minus the forest but the sea. But, I will surely try out the cable car when me and my family would visit Singapore for a vacation.

There are different ways to get in and out of the island. Renting a taxi ($35), ride a train, ride the Sentosa Bus, Cable Car, or your own private car.

We spent most of our time in Orchard Road. If you are the type of person who loves to shop, Orchard Road is the place for you. The whole of Orchard Road is filled with shopping malls. I can't name most of them, but all I remember is getting inside. Hehe. There is no trouble if you just use your feet in Singapore since everything is prolly "just-a-walk-away". Unless you are a person who can't stand walking! But, if you are a person who resides in Davao "walk-a-thon" is not a foreign word. In fact everything would be near for you. :) *walang problema pag networker ka!*

I got to visit their National Museum but not the whole of it. The building looks nice noh? :) Very attractive.

If we have the MalacaƱang Palace and U.S the White House, in Singapore they have the Istana Singapore. If you are on the way to visit the shopping malls in Orchard Road you can pass by the Istana. The home of their Prime Minister.

We took the last flight out of Singapore to Manila so we can fully enjoy our stay at the Singapore Changi Airport. It's like a big shopping mall. They have a wide array of duty free shops and eating outlets. They also have "free internet" which explains my "Greetings from Singapore post". Hehe. They have free massages located everywhere as well.

Changi Airport is the 22nd busiest airport & one of the busiest cargo airports in the world and the 6th busiest in Asia. They have six open air garden areas and during our stay I got to visit the two. I don't know where the other four are located. I only visited their Orchid and Fern garden.

I just have to salute and say thank you to the "smiling customs" in Malaysia and Singapore. They were friendly and not at all imposing compared to the ones in Philippines, sad to say. They would smile and encourage us to come back and even have the decency to ask us if we enjoyed our stay. If we forgot to fill something up in the customs form they would just smile and consult us.

I don't know if you travelers notice this but our customs here in the Philippines always have a serious face. No smiles and everything. Nada. I guess it's different if you are foreign or what? I'll keep this in mind when I go out this November I will look over the customs attending to foreign nationals. They could at least smile a bit and be forgiving to others when they forgot to fill something up. *my mom witnessed a scenario where the custom personnel would scold at a Balikbayan*. Hello! Philippines is our country, we should be welcomed with smiles! They could say "Hi Maam, Sir kumusta ang travel niyo?" or "Hi Sir welcome back to the Philippines!".

There's still a lot to improve in the Philippines. I do hope one day it would improve for the better. Seeing other countries excel inspires me and the desire to see Philippines improving is soooo strong. But, I shan't ask the government to do the improving. It is not a good question to ask because number one I don't think they can answer it and number two the government has matters and "personal agendas" to attend to. The future is not in their hands anyway. The future mga kababayan is WITH US.

So let's stop asking what our country/government can do for us instead let's ask OURSELVES "WHAT WE CAN DO FOR OUR COUNTRY". I think that's better di ba? :)

It doesn't matter if we can't do GREAT THINGS we can do SMALL THINGS in a GREAT WAY! Go go PINOY! Wag antayin ang gobyerno. Hehe. Let's do it ourselves!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007

Malaysia is actually celebrating their 5oth year of independence. They are having a huge promotion to attract tourists and this year they sure did attract A LOT. Cable T.V. stations have a series of advertisements about "VMY 2007". It is quite fitting to Visit Malaysia this year... and I just love their "One Golden Celebration" song. Super! I wish we could have one as grand in Philippines!


There’s a place not far away
Different faces yet all the same
With a million dreams
In one golden celebration


It’s the place for us to be
It’s the time to feel so free
With a million smiles
In one golden celebration


Come and spread your wings
There’s so much to see
There’s a million colours
Right before your eyes
It’s one golden celebration

*cant find the whole song.. sorry*


We landed in Penang Island on our first day. It's where the ship "Star Cruise" docks when visiting Malaysia. Very nice place.

Anyway, our main point of visiting Malaysia was because of the farm of a company we are building our future with. We got to visit the DXN farm on our 2nd day(we traveled 2 hours from Penang to Alor Star) .

Right picture: with my parents and the pioneer of Philippines (Tatay Jimmy Quedding) and the pioneer of Mexico.

They say you haven't been to Malaysia if you did not visit "Genting Highlands" and so this was the second highlight of our trip. Fortunately, we got to ride the "world's fastest and Southeast Asia's longest cable car" called the Genting Skyway.

They say it is called the Las Vegas of Malaysia. Their resort features many hotels owned by Genting subsidiaries. We stayed at the Hotel Resort(refer to the picture on the left).

There are also different facilities in the resort like golf courses, shopping malls, concert hall, sky diving simulator and theme parks. Basically, we did not tour the whole place since we were only there for a night from (Sept.19)5pm-8am(Sept. 20). We watched their featured presentation called "FLY". The presentation was not that bad... I enjoyed the introduction where they sang "One Golden Celebration".

On our fourth day we headed to Kuala Lumpur from Genting Highlands. Along the way we visited the batik factory and the place where they sell "genuine leather". Leathers made from cows to stingrays. We also headed to KLCC and visited Aquaria.

We checked in at Berjaya Times Square, a 5 star hotel. It was a good hotel since the shopping mall is just part of the Square. Very convenient and it's one of the things I like. I did not get to tour the mall during our 2-day stay there because there was no time. Only the first 3 floors. Someone told me that there's a big roller coaster in the 5th floor. Too bad, I did not get to visit it.

Of course by this time I also met Dwinny. A good friend of mine. We forgot to take pictures. Tsk. Tsk.

We had our one day seminar in the hotel and also our Gala Night at our last night. Of course, finally I got to meet the "hot shot" / "dragon" of our company of course the one and only owner of our family business, Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

All in all I like their promotion of the "VMY 2007". It's super grand. You see their flag everywhere even on high-rises. I like the lyrics of the song and the tune.

They have big highways and nice "island bars" on highways. Although the weather tends to be a bit more like General Santos City or Cagayan de Oro they have nice paved sidewalks and clean and so that would come as a consolation. Their forests remains untouched and preserved.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Poker Bloggers

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've been somewhat a bad blogger nowadays since I don't update much as often as I want to. Wait? Did I just say that in my previous entries? T_T

Anyhow, me and my parents flew to Manila last September 15 and then by September 17 me, my parents and the rest of the group in the Travel Seminar Incentive flew to Malaysia. We then flew to Singapore (September 22) and stayed there for two(2) days and went back to Manila(September 24).

I just got back in Davao(September 27) yesterday.

My parents and I were supposed to be back by September 26 but due to "unforeseen circumstances" we were delayed. Here's the sitch:

We were scheduled for the 5:54pm flight and we checked out from the hotel by 10:30am arrived at the airport by 11:00am hoping to catch the two remaining flights scheduled 1:00pm and 4:00pm as chance passengers. We were then informed that the two remaining flights are fully booked and we have to wait by the side, a very uncomfortable place for one and the chance of getting three seats is 50/50. So, we decided to check-in early for the 5:54pm flight and wait at the business class lounge (fortunately the company booked us in the Mabuhay Class hehe).

The airline did not inform us about the change of aircraft due to "maintenance" and so they subjected to "double seating". It was basically the fault of the maintenance team because when they changed the system into the smaller aircraft they did not check whether someone was checked in to the said flight (and it's protocol to check before they change). Basically, we were not included in the system.

We were given the DB (Denied Boarding) and since it was their fault they said they would take care of our hotel accommodation, transport in and out of the hotel, meals, the choice of any flight the next day and three(3) round trip business class tickets that is valid for a year. Wow. For a simple inconvenience we were given those.

We took the first flight out of Manila to Davao which was scheduled to leave by 4:30 am and was once again delayed because one passenger had an accident when a heavy cabin luggage fell on the passenger's head.

Oh well, so much for hurrying to get home. We really wanted to be home as soon as possible because we missed everybody in Davao. Boohoo.

The incident might have been annoying if we choose to react on the situation but then we were reminded about the quote "all things work together for good" and in between those scenarios I presented above a "major scene" happened in Davao particularly in our office that kinda enraged me.

I don't think I can mention anything from that scene because that certain exaggerated "station" might once again "harass" us. Poof. I mean we admit we did something "wrong" there. We take FULL RESPONSIBILITY and we are SORRY about our NEGLIGENCE. There is truth in what they say about the technicality we did but not in WHAT THEY DO and HOW THEY DID IT. Couldn't they at least have the decency to "talk it out in a PROFESSIONAL WAY" and not the childish manner that everyone witnessed?

We are not criminals and it was not right to treat us that way. I mean a grade school student would notice something "fishy" over what they did. I lost respect of that certain "station" and those kind of media people (not everyone ok?) who lacked ethics and is all about "the story and the money they would prolly get from that scoop" and not caring for the people who is working hard for their future. But then, what comes around goes around. Maybe, that's why that station was never a success because their principles and how they get their "scoop" are not good.

I'm not bitter or angered by the people behind it. I am angered by HOW THEY DID IT. They practically embarrassed everyone and the moral damage? My gulay. TSK. Very mean. But, thanks to you "certain station" we learned a lot from it....

lesson: "Why do we need disasters? The only time most of us ever learn anything is when we get hit over the back of the head. Why? Because it is easier NOT TO CHANGE. So we keep doing what we're doing until we hit a brick wall. The universe is always nudging us with gentle signals. When we ignore the signals it nudges us with a sledgehammer. Growth is more painful when we resist it." - from the book Follow your Heart.

What a nice lifelong lesson you left us with. Good thing we were taught not to react but just to RESPOND in these kind of situations. Your station made our bond stronger that we are always there for each other not just through GOOD TIMES but BAD TIMES and with DIFFICULT PEOPLE like you.

We owe it to you. We will be more careful this time. Watching our every move. But then, dear station you lost a lot of "viewers" and their respect as well. I guess that's part of the consequence you will receive. I do hope you learned something from it too and use the sitch as your advantage. This is not a lesson from a TEXTBOOK. THIS IS REAL.

Much thanks to our kickass lawyer.

Sorry dear readers if you couldn't get my drift but this is the best I can do without divulging the whole matter. Baka ano na naman ang sabihin nila... may pagkakamali ang grupo pero mali rin ang pag handle nila sa situation. Pero part yun sa process. All is well now. The case is closed.

For the pictures.... it will be on the next post. Hehe. Have a great weekend ahead! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

SRA 2007

Mother's knows BEST!

It never occurred to me that I would enjoy the whole production number! I mean the presentation and the applause was great and all but what's best is that I get to bond with the whole team! Now, that's one of the things money can't buy.

We presented at CDO's Party Venue Kauswagan National Highway last September 9, 2007. We arrived a day earlier setting out 5 in the morning and arriving in Cagayan quarter to 12. What a long trip... and what with 25 of us in the bus? It sure was fun!

Choosing to join the whole production thingy was a bit of a struggle for me. I don't dance, I'm just too stiff but I have two choreographers/friends/business partners to thank for.... who helped me loosen up. And of course to my "dancemates" na mga business partners ko rin.. thanks for the encouragement! Mama... thank you! Love you! Thank you Thank you! There's still more room for improvement though....

I wanted to share so many things.... but... it seems like when there's something so exciting happening and every thing's so busy you can't put everything into words.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Winter Season

I called it a "winter" because it feels so cold. It's not exactly the weather but it's concerning an event that happened. I thought it only happens in movies or even to books I'm reading. I thought it wasn't real.... but it is.

Until now, I can't believe it. A night of bliss ended up into a nightmare. On our local T.V. they called it "joyride". A ride they took to a place where they can feel the "cold" weather. Cold and dark that is.

People deem an accident as an accident. But, it isn't. I always say everything happens for a reason. Along the way.. choices were made. It's like a "choosing-your-own-adventure" book. If you know the book you'd know what I mean. Life is a place where you get to choose your own adventure and each choices have different results that would lead to different choices with different results and so on and so on. Each choice has a result that may mold you or ruin you.

The incident marked everyone who knew them how fragile life can be. And that sometimes you made a choice that would lead you to where you are right now.

But no one's to blame. They went up to have fun. We are all responsible for our actions. What's done is done. Some would say it was a cruel fate.... and why two of our classmates who were good friends.... who never had an enemy for that matter... and from testimonials brought about good memories...

But then..... we just have to remember that Death is not permanent. Death is just a transition to one world to another. You die physically, but your spirit lives forever. If that's the case it wasn't necessarily cruel.

I still have more in my mind that I want to say... but everything's crammed up as of now... maybe one day.

*A tribute to two of my friends... Cedrick and Lee.*

Monday, August 27, 2007


This meme is entitled "In the Spotlight". I'm not the one who loves to be in the spotlight. Although, in my daydreams I dream about being in the spotlight but when it happens to me, say for example like in my debut I was the focus of everyone but it feels different, and I feel awkward about it, since I'm used as an entourage, flower maiden a bridal dancer etc...

Anyway this sounds like a nice meme with a twist...

This was from Ate Dessie of Fingertalks who loves to tag me talaga! haha :) But, it's fun anyway... so I'll do this.

What you do is look for Questions you want to answer HERE and then you post and answer them, one by one. :)

  • When did you start blogging?
I guess the answer can be found HERE.

  • Is this your first meme?
Nope. This is not my first Meme. My first meme can be found HERE.

  • What's your favorite childhood memory?
When I went to Manila for the MYB(Million Youth Babad) without parents. I had tons of fun. We went to Laguna and Tagaytay. Haayyyy....

  • Are you a spiritual person?

Tagged by: Bluepanjeet and YagitnaBata

  • Three things that scares me
  1. Driving { I still have to get over this... }
  2. Snakes { ewwww..... }

  • Three people who make me laugh
  1. Ate Lui & Ate Kai
  2. Giovanne
  3. Ate Cristala & Kuya Marlon
I exceeded. Heck. T_T
  • Three Things I love
  1. butterflies
  2. rainbows
  3. all that glitters
  • Three Things I hate
errr, I usually try to find a reason to like something I hate... but then... just for the sake of this.. here's my list:

  1. limitations
  2. spitting on the wrong places e.g. sidewalk or road.
  3. people throwing trash just about everywhere.
  • Three things I don't understand
  1. time
  2. how electricity works... (haha)

  • Three things on my desk
  1. books
  2. notebooks
  3. pens
  • Three things I am doing right now
  1. burning
  2. uploading pictures
  3. checking blogs
  • Three things I want to do before I die
  1. bungee jumping
  2. travel the whole world
  3. share/give a LOT!!
  • Three things I can do
  1. I can have my own concert when I'm alone.
  2. I can dance now.. harhar
  3. I can mhmmmm speak in front of oh so many people.
  • Three things I can't do
  1. anything I don't feel like/love doing....
  2. betray family & friends...
  3. shake off friends when they need my help
  • Three things I think you should listen to
  1. nature... (birds... the wind...)
  2. Desiderata
  3. silence.
  • Three things you should never listen to
  1. a foolish person
  2. a person who's all TALK but no WALK.
  3. clanging cymbal
  • Three Things I would like to learn
  1. tap dancing? Bwahahaha. (just read a book about it..)
  2. Tai Chi (I want I wantttt!!)
  3. Photoreading (I SHOULD!)
  • Three favorite foods
  1. Cakes (e.g. Mango Charlotte, Blueberry Cheesecake)
  2. Lasagna
  3. Tuna Sisig
  • Three shows I watched as a kid
  1. Saved by the Bell
  2. Are you afraid of the Dark?
  3. Rescue 911
  • Three sets of people I'm tagging
  1. anyone
  2. can do this tag
  3. :)
Ive been veryyyy busyy. Super duper. I mean this tag was in my drafts for weeks!! Grabe. But, I'm having fun most of the time anyway, even though it's quite tiring and I have to give up lots of things most of the time.... but heck.... everything's WELL.

I'll be catching up on you guys! Have a great DAY! Stay HAPPY! :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cotton Candy and Peanuts

Before hitting the streets first thing Friday morning I saw a green butterfly fluttering over a flower in our garden and a good thing I had my camera. A good omen for starting the day? Hehe.

One good thing about the Kadayawan Festival is that you have a variety of choices on how you want to spend the day.

What to do? What to do?

  • FOOD: If you are into food, you can eat fruits that are on season like mangosteen, durian, lansones and rambutan which can be seen everywhere and they come in very cheap. You can also choose from a variety of street foods downtown - kwek2x, cotton candy, popcorn, fishball, cheese sticks and more. If you want FOOD as in heavy meals.... restaurants have promos and you can see streamers everywhere screaming "Kadayawan Promo" this and that. You wouldn't starve I tell you. There are also Food Fiestas and fairs in different places.
  • SHOP: This is the time to SHOP! ALL malls are ON SALE. 10-70% off! Not just malls, even small boutiques and stores are on SALE. Everything's on SALE, I tell you.... even GUESS and other prominent flashy brands.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Various artists have schedules to perform in different malls. Be it free or with pay. But mostly it's Free, just take your pick! There are cultural presentations and music festivals. Of course, we have the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan(Saturday) and the Floral Float Parade(Sunday) if you happen to wake up early in the morning. Bring your umbrellas with you.... or just a cap will do. If you don't like crowds.... then I think the street dancing is not for you. (did it just rhyme?)
  • PARTY - night street parties are offered everywhere. Everyone's out the night after Indak Indak (Street Dancing) usually scheduled Saturdays. Roads are often closed for the open street discos.
  • CONTESTS - if you are a person who loves to win a prize, there are various competitions you can join or just watch. From sports(sepak takraw), photography to dancing and even just joining raffle prizes in different malls.
  • TRADE FAIRS - of course trade fairs are always present. Plants, furniture and food. Best day to buy is the last day of the trade fair because you get it cheap....but not a lot of choices. :)

: The first day we just walked and strolled the streets. We just surveyed the streets... (as if we are not from Davao and we can't get enough.. hehe).

The unfinished renovated park that used to be called "P.T.A. Park" was temporarily opened for viewing. It was just a few blocks away from our office and we could have dropped by to check the park out but everyone was so tired from walking, we did not get the chance to preview the unfinished park.

Saturday: Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan. You'd hear the tribal music filling the air and a series of shouts. Some roads were closed and most jeepneys would re-route for the day. Be aware of that. Everyone can be seen walking, so you might as well join others. It's best to have someone with you around, someone who can walk tirelessly with the heat and the crowd to enjoy the moment. Just have fun and laugh when you bump into each other. Be in a good mood. :)

Finally, we got around to eating durian after the seemingly endless walking.... with me was Ate Jireh, fellow blogger... a newfound friend. :) Hello Ate!!! :)

I think the open disco was cancelled due to the rain that started out by 10P.M. (I'm not sure). They could've transferred it indoors. Hehe.

Sunday: It was drizzling when we set out for today's "walk-a-thon". I call it that because it seems like we've been walking since Friday. We did not watch the Float Parade because everyone slept through it. We just watched it on T.V. instead. Most of my business partners are "dance enthusiasts" so we decided to meet up at a Mall where there is a dance contest which will be judged by the Streetboys. But, oh boy... the crowd is just too much.

*See the crowd behind?*

The day ended with us eating street foods, cotton candy and peanuts. Which kind of summed up the three days we spent walking around. The bonding moments was sweet like a cotton candy....the heat of the sun hot as a peanut. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kadayawan 07

I remember riding the plane from Cebu last week, and I was gushing about the people in the plane with us which happens to be from different nationalities. I was seated beside a Korean during my Bacolod-Cebu flight and then a German during the Cebu-Davao flight.

When I saw the rest of the people boarding the plane that was scheduled to leave for Davao.... I was wondering how come there were a lot of kids (half-Pinoys) everywhere.. and how we are getting so many tourists and all. Koreans, Japanese, German, American... you name it the plane had it.

When we arrived at the airport, ethnic music filled the air.... a music that is so familiar you would always categorize it as a "Kadayawan music" and I remembered why we are hoarding tourists and visitors and it's because of Kadayawan. Silly me.

It's Kadayawan all over again. Fruits are everywhere..... and they come in cheap. Durian, lansones, mangosteen (which is amazingly cheap nowadays...) and rambutan.

I've been eating rambutan the past few days and gosh you'd wonder why my nails looked like it's a mini pot. (Ok, ok.. that was lame.) I'm planning to eat the durian either today or tomorrow. Good thing our office is just downtown and we(business partners and I) will have it as our base. Haha.

I'm planning to enjoy the 3-fun-filled day activity starting today until Sunday. Haha. See you on the streets! "Kita na lang ta sa kalsada guys!"

For the schedule of activities... I have decided to post the events for the rest of the remaining week..

Kadayawan 2007 Schedule of Events.
Source: Kadayawan.

Hudayakaan sa Kadayawan Food and Music Fiesta
August 3-19
4 PM-12 MN, NCCC Mall Parking Area

Agro Industrial Trade Fair
August 8-23
10 AM-10 PM, SM City Davao

Canon Kadayawan Photo Contest
13-19 August

Ikebana International Flower Exhibit
16-18 August
9 AM-9 PM, NCCC Mall Activity Center

5-Stag Derby
15-18 August
Aquino Coliseum, Cabaguio Avenue

- Daily Events -

15-16 August
Sayaw Mindanaw – Isang Pagpupugay (8 AM-5 PM, CAP Auditorium)

16-17 August
Sayaw Mindanaw – Isang Pagpupugay (6 PM-9 PM, NCCC Mall Activity Center)

16 August
Cultural Celebration: Maranao Tribe (8 AM-5 PM, Rizal Park)
Davao River Festival (8 AM-5 PM, Davao Riverfront)
Forum on Indigenous Peoples’ Education (Grand Men Seng Hotel)

17 August
Cultural Celebration: Ata Tribe (8 AM-5 PM, Rizal Park)
Durian Festival Opening (LandCo Compound)
Performing Dabaw: Homage to Home-grown Artists (CAP Auditorium)
Republic of Davao: The Reggae Combo (8 PM, RMC Gym)
SK Midnight Fun Run (9 PM-12 MN, assembly area: SM City Davao Car Park B3)

17-18 August
MEDSA Mayor’s Cup – An Invitational Golf Tournament

17-19 August
1st National Dog Ultimate Challenge (Damosa Gateway, Market Basket)

18 August
Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (8 AM onwards, View Parade Map)
Daghang Salamat Dabaw! An NCCC Kadayawan Celebration (NCCC Mall Activity Area)

19 August
Floral Float Parade (8 AM-12 NN, View Parade Map)

Post-Kadayawan Activities:
21-25 August
LUMAD: Celebrating Indigenous Wisdom and Creativity (2nd Indigenous Peoples’ Visual Art Show and Auction) – (NCCC Mall)

30 August-02 September
Trade Exhibit – Organized by the Peace and Equityt Foundation Launching the Badjau products of Basilan

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Where: 4th Floor, NCCC Mall Matina,Davao City
When: October 27, 2007 (Saturday) 9:00AM - 5:00 PM
Organized By: The Usual Suspects
Schedule of Activities: Program

I've been waiting for this event ever since they announced this Bloggers Summit at the Blog Party. Finally, they gave out the final date for the said event and I am excited to join it!

It's a Saturday. No class and everything. I do hope Avy and Bam would spare the time and join the event with me. Oi! Avy will you join? and Jona as well....along with Pearl and Kath...

This event might even be a whole-day affair and not just half day. I'm sure it would be fun and another place to learn more about other bloggers as well.

I can't wait for the Mindanao Bloggers Shirts they will sell which will be designed by Jojie Alcantara. Another Wow!

They also have a blogging contest that is OPEN FOR EVERYONE. This is called the Review-A-Blog Competition. For the steps visit HERE.

Wanna join the Mindanao Bloggers Summit? Register HERE.

PLUGS to the following SPONSORS:

Councilor Peter LaviƱa
Davao's Food Huntress
Lane Systems

Sunday, August 12, 2007

City of Smiles

I got back from Bacolod, the "city of smiles" yesterday(August 11). We stayed at Grand Regal Hotel conveniently located in front of Gaisano Mall, hosted by Mrs. Talas a very generous woman and a very great host at that.

Mom and I attended a special business event(August 8, 2007) that was coordinated by Bacolod's Charity Prince Joery Llanera. It was a good show. I had fun.

The next two days (August 9 and 10), mom trained 30 leaders and I had a great time seeing how the training changed their outlook in life. We received a lot of good responses from them and mom said she had a lot of fun with the network leaders. :)


I never got the chance to tour around the place but at least I got the chance to eat out at two of their best "eating places".



There is an eating place they call "pala-pala" or "tulahan". You get to buy fresh seafood at the back (wet market) and have it cooked at the eateries in front. Just take your pick. The place is near the seashore, that's why seafood comes cheap. The facade of the eateries may look like an ordinary karinderya but oh boy.... their food is great.

TIP: if you want good food, just have it cooked at an eatery where numerous people eat because I'm sure they serve YUMMMYYY food. We ate at an eatery called "Hyskos" twice.


This restaurant also serves great food. It's cheap (compared to restaurants here in Davao that serves the same food), and very yummy. The interior of the place is good and it has a great service. (Wow! Writing about food made me hungry tonight. *growls*).

I ordered their cheese sticks... and by gum you wouldn't say "bitin" because it's very CHEESY (unlike other cheese sticks I know served in other restaurants here in Davao).

One dish perked my interest was the "porbidang kangkong", because of it's name. It's probably "porbida" because it's hot and spicy. Very Very yummmmyyyyyy..... !!!

I did not get to taste Bacolod's Chicken Inasal which is pretty much popular and Bacolod's known for that... but at least I got to be in two places that serves great food with a low price.


Till here! Have a great week ahead!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Big Day

I've been almost neglecting this blog and all and I'm pretty way behind but sometimes life gets too busy and yes I'm riding the fast train as of the moment with a lot of schedules here and there.

(August 3-4, 2007)

For two days, I've been in and out of Tagum(the new location of the Service Center to be managed by me) to help clean the place up and arrange what my parents planned. Everything looked really great, despite the fact that you had to brush the whole tiled floor which is not a good type of tile because the dirt sticks right away and one has to mop it most of the time to keep it squeaky clean (that was the downside of it all, the tiles which came with the building).

I am sooooo grateful for the support the Legaspi group has given me. Four(Kuya Lauro, Kuya Marlon, Kuya Alie and Kuya Eric) of them went with us to help pull the things out from the old place, mind you that was without pay, it was just pure service. Grabe!

They had fun with the place. People in Tagum are pretty accommodating when they realized there's a new establishment. Being at the heart of the city, everyone who passed by was curious and asked about the establishment and the new occupants which we gladly answered.

When the distributors invited new interested people to visit the place for the opening-slash-orientation most of the distributors were bombarded with questions like "would there be food?", or "naay kumbira?".

Tsk. Tsk. Telling everybody the presence of food would devoid the purpose of the orientation. You would have a place filled with people thinking about free food and not the opportunity that would be laid down for them. We did not say that there would be food for the stomach after or anything fancy catered for them but a few expected there would be. They went out of the office before and right after the orientation muttering a few unintelligible words which would lead to the bottom line that "there was no free food".

We served the prepared snack 30 minutes after the presentation. The food was served for those who were really interested and they were even surprised. It pays to wait but never expect. Hehe.

I was touched when I heard the night before the event that almost all decided to wear pink or shades of pink as a sign of support to me. Awwww.... How sweet. Ate Mari told me, I mentioned it to her once.... I just forgot. But, it was so nice... and sweet of them to wear pink... even the men were all game to wear pink.

Renel and June arrived since they both hailed from Tagum. My friends in ICST wanted to go there and told me they would.... but then they have things to take care of.... pero "thank you sa text message(from Jona and Pearl) and the comment you gave as well Avy." Grabe. I appreciate all those. "Kita kits na lang sa school. Gi mingaw nako sa inyo ba."

Belated Happy Birthday kay Ate Sasha (august3) . Sorrrryyyy. I'm so late grabe.

By August 8, I shall be in Bacolod to assist Mom with her training. Just a few days.. will be back right away.

Enjoy the rest of the week. I will visit your abodes now. Hehe. STAY HAPPY!