Monday, July 31, 2006

Back from Iligan (Happy Birthday Paolo)

As most of you know, Paolo(my brother) is studying in Iligan along with our cousin Dave.

Paolo is a great example to US in the family. How he obeyed in staying in Iligan to study, away from us. It is also a great process and challenge to my parents, me and Darlene. If it is a process to us, how much more Paolo? I miss the little kid.. who would come in and out of my room, and bug me to use the PC and all that *sigh*

I am so amazed.. how God, is processing the NEXT generation, since most of the process are centered on the next gen(young uns). I know, that God is preparing us FOR SOMETHING BIG. And i am doing everything to do whatever HE willed me to do. And what happens and oppurtunities or processes.. or revealings that would arise.. i am sure.. GOD has a plan. Everything happens for a reason.. and that is something i always try to remind myself, and that everyone should be reminded by that too. Be it good or bad. If it is bad, try to see everything in a good way.. it works out better that way, and you get to understand the whole thing. You don't get bitter instead you get stronger.

Anyhow, we visited Paolo in Iligan, since it is his 11th birthday!


We were supposed to leave by (july 28 friday)12noon but we got delayed, since Tay Edwin re-registered the car that we're going to use for travelling. And LTO promised to release it early that day, but as usual LTO is getting it's usual "lazy" attitude.. it was delayed. We waited and waited at SPS, good thing the nutrition month presentation kept me entertained, the whole time. By the time it reached 4pm we were asked to go ahead and take the bus. So 8 of us proceeded to the terminal. The next bus that is bound for CDO, would leave by 7-8pm. So we waited there, in the meantime we were also hoping that the LTO would approve the registration. But then by 6pm my mom did not allow me and my sister to go ride the bus without Ate rhea because they are the ones who knows the way to Iligan. So, since it's getting late we decided to wait for Tay Edwin's service(as to when it would be released, we do not know.)

Since everyone was tired and hungry *rawr*. We ate at SM (mom's treat). And boy were we FULL and stuffed. We just greeted Paolo a happy birthday. But while we were eating, Tay Edwin announced... *drum roll* that it was finally registered! *woot* And that we are leaving by 3am(saturday). Everyone got elated again. Me and my sister decided it's better that we sleep at Tay Edwin's place. SO that's what we did.

And we left by 3:30am. Ate some bread and scrambled eggs coupled with apples. There were 15 of us all in all. Tay Edwin, Nay Marly, Ate Kai, Papo, Me, Darlene, Maranatha, Kya gary, Ate Rea, Jethro, LJ, Cj, Tay Bong, Nico, and Kuya Janman. It was foggy along the way to Buda.

Me and Darl at the L300 *brrr cold*

We stopped over at some place (i forgot the name), they sell Carabao's Milk.. and we took turns having a picture with the horse horsey!

Me and Darl =)

The kids were all excited and they keep asking "Are we there yet?". We reached Iligan by 12:30 noon. Everyone was soo hungry.. and we ate! Haha finally.. REAL FOOD after the travel.

After a few while we left for Timuga Resort. (Ill post pics.) We played "anak-anakay" in the water. And then Nay Marly joined us too.

That's Paolo, Papo and CJ beside the pool :)

Me and Paolo after the pool fun! =)

By the time we were home, we were all tired and everyone wants to sleep. The rest of the group were playing cards while waiting for the food. The others slept and rested (im one of them hehe..) When we woke up by 7pm, there was a blackout. Food was served though. And 4 of the boys were being lectured by the parents because they went out to play DOTA w/o permission. As punishment, they washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen after eating. We slept by 10pm.

Sunday, the next day. Mom woke us early to avoid the hustle bustle in the bathroom when everyone is awake. So we got ready by 7am. They said there is a gathering by 9am at the compound. We left by 9:30 after having a yummy breakfast (with soya milk/dxn coffee). We stayed at the compound till 3pm (we had our yummy lunch there plus the raw food).

Me and Ate Kai at the compound.

We went home by 3:15 (since the compound and the house we are staying is just near.) Me, Ate Kai and Nuth2x were playing cards, they taught me how to play "Tong-Its". After a few while we rested, woke up for dinner. The adults were watching some documentary film after dinner, the kids and the ladies went outside to talk and play cards. After the film was finished, the rest of the group slept.
But me, Darlene, Ate Kai, and Mara were still talking and took pics (playing with the black and white style).

Nuth, Darl, Me and Ate Kai (L-R)

My mom and Nay Marly were also talking about some serious matters on the other side. We slept around 11:30pm.

The next day, was our last day. We had a yummy breakfast again (eggs+corned beef=coffee haha) We dropped by at the Compound where Paolo was studying (their classes starts 7:30am, so he went ahead.) by 9am. We had pictures with everybody, since it was the last day.

We headed for CDO by 9:30am. There were two services used, so we agreed to meet at Bigby's CDO. We arrived at the place quarter to 11.

The chairs of Ice Castle (beside Bigby's). It's cute.

We had pictures, because the design of Bigby's was sooo classy & unique. If you <3 to travel you would appreciate it. We had another yummy LUNCH. *rawr* We the girls ordered, 1 salad(veggie) and 2 Food Trip Platter(since they have BIG servings, now you guessed why it's called as that lol). We finished our lunch by 11:45 and went to Lim Kit Kai to buy something. There were cute stores that we cant find in Davao, and unfortunately our parents left us to roam around the mall, so there would be no financer. *errr* They did that on purpose and we know it. *sigh* We want to buy so many things but we ended up buying hard bound books. I bought THE FIRE by Sebastian Junger the author of the PERFECT STORM. We left and headed to Iligan by 1. Then we got back to Davao by 6:45pm. But the travel to our place is quite far we arrived home by 7:30pm.

And i thank God for that trip and that we all arrived safely and blessed. :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hail hail to my new skin!

Ok i think something is wrong with today. I guess their server is lagging. Oh well.

This is the first BLOG SKIN ive ever made. I started and finished this 2(june25) days ago. And i think (IMO) that this is a good skin for a first timer. -_-

It was also my first time to make real "use" of photoshop 7.

And today, i finished my sister's blogskin. She was bugging me about it. So take a look at it, I might as well plug her own "Spot"

Just click the link below


My mom also bought me a new pair of shoes from CELINE 3 days ago. They were on sale.. so dont blame me. -_-

And i personally think, it is a good buy. It is always a good buy if something is ON SALE.

One of the reasons, i am also exuberant today is because i finally have the ringtone direct to my phone... from 24 series. Haha, it is soo cute (for me that is).

It is really true... when you imagine it.. it happens.. amazing

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I was asked to go to a Parent's Aquaintance Party of my sister's school. Since dad and mom are soo busy, they asked me to represent them. It started by 5pm and ended by 10:30pm.

I even saw MP

Aint he the cutest babe? hihi

But I went out by 9pm and went to my cousin's place, since my parents will be waiting for me there. They watched some video. They(parents along with a lot of couples/relatives) finished by 2am.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Ate Abeth

ooh So many July Birthday Celebrants!!

Anyhow it is Ate Abeth's birthday today.. and we had loads of foood.. I did not get the picture of the rest of the food.. only the cake and the celebrant.

I WAS STUFFED!! /me lies down

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Nessa!

Hello Friend(Freind)! (That is pronounced as that for some reason.. sa amo na lang toH!)

It is Vanessa's Bday today and so we decided to spend it over at our house.
It was fun.. and crazy (harhar).

Obviously the CAKE. ("FRIEND" was placed there 4 some reason we the ICST elites only understand)

The Chop Suey! Delicioso! Made by Jesel's BF..

Pearl, Giovan, JV, Red, Bordz, JOna, Jesel, Nessa (celebrant), Avy and Renel.

Im not there, i took the pic :) A pic before eating. Can you see their hungry smiles?

This time Im in the picture!

NOt another MODEL??!! (That's my friend RENEL... the next TAP MODEL.. peace.)

Oh pleaseee dont murder the cake por paboR!

And hail to Vanessa, JV, and Avy as they washed the dishes..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How Bright is my Aura?

From Web Tickle..
Kristina, the brightest color in your aura is White

Contrary to popular myth, auras are actually multi-colored energy fields that can be divided into seven primary layers. Having White as your brightest color means that the seventh layer of your aura is the most vibrant. You have an exceptional love for life, which stems from your deep connection to the universe. You're an open channel of energy from the universe, and this infuses your aura with a divine energy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Exam Days..

Today was the last day of exam. It was fine since i only have to take one exam today.. but yesterday wasn't. Nu uh.. it really wasn't. My first subj went well (since i studied), so did my 2nd subj. BUT my 3rd subj was the worst! I left so many blanks and urgghh.. oh well. *sigh* That's life. I wouldve gotten it all right if i studied, but i didnt because i don't know where to start and where to end. *oh well* My 4th subj. was A-OK (but not too well too). I did well on my last subj. yesterday.

Next time.. i will STUDY! I need to catch up with my subjects..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pirates of the Carribean

I waited for my cousin to fetch me and my sister. Cause we will watch Pirates of the Carribean (Dead Man's Chest). We were supposed to leave early, but my cousin was delayed. So we left by 11:30. We have to ride two different routes since there is no public utility jeepney that would go straight over to where we want to watch. We are saving the money for taxi for food (YUM! haha). We dropped at our first post.

We were about to ride another jeepney, when suddenly some weird looking guy approached us and asked us where we are going. We told him the place, but not the exact place (you still dont need to say everything to a stranger, right?). He said he wants to ride with us, cause he can't clearly see the signs of the jeepney. But still it is scary to ride with him.. what if he is some psycho? or what? So i politely told him, we will flag a jeepney that will take him to his route. And then, he told us he doesn't have the fare. So i asked my older cousin to give him the fare. And then since we told him we are going to flag one jeepney down for him to take him to where he should be, we waited for that jeepney. But, the jeepney is rare, it passes yes but it's always full. We stayed there for like 15 mins or something. And my cousin noticed, that he can quite see some of the signs and asked us to go ahead, i was kind of hesitant to leave the guy though since his situation is sad. We flagged one jeepney down, and told him we will go ahead. And then my cousin said, he might be fooling around because by that time we rode the jeepney, he walked away from the place. (Ok, so we thought we were fooled. Ive experienced the same situation before and a totally different person and gender but Id probably tell that some other time..)

We arrived at the place, and we went down.. when i noticed that something is wrong with my sandal. Uh-oh, i smell embarrasment coming after me if i can't control the situation. So i stayed at the side, and asked my cousin to come closer to me and also my sister and told them, "i think the strap of my sandal is loose.." (it's i dunno the right word.. sorry..) So, my cousin went inside the mall, while me and my sister pretended to wait for someone outside, refusing to move... and thus providing further embarassment.. (although no one noticed my situation..only me and my inside.. oh and yeah my sister too.. who is laughing..) Anyway, my cousin bought me a new pair of sandal... and she said, ok go change it. So i sweetly told her, "ate save me from enough embarassment and let's ride a taxi to SM and go buy the cd there at the same time... and oh have lunch na lng.. din.." Since we really are planning to buy some cd's at SM after watching it. Since i figured we are already late from the 1st screening. So we flagged a taxi down. I hurriedly dragged my sandal.. (nice try) and got on the taxi, and quickly changed sandals. *sigh* finally... and then i looked at my watch it's quarter to 1 already.

We decided to eat at Mcdonald's, since we rarely go there. I mean, it's been months since my last visit!!! Ok, i am exaggerating. Actually I just want to eat the fries. Im craving for their fries.. *yum*yum* i want FRIESSS!! and SUNDAE!! After eating we bought the CD's after 48 years lining up.. with oh so many people.. Then we flagged another taxi to take us back to where we should be... back to NCCC

So, once we got there.. the tickets for the 2nd screening 3:15 pm cinema 2 just SOLD OUT. But at least the 2nd screening from cinema 4 (still POC) for 3:50 is still available. So i hurriedly lined up, bought 3 tickets.. and off we go. Since it's still quarter to 3.. we decided to just roam around for a few minutes. Then by 3pm we lined up.. (we are at the front.. hihi) ANd we patiently waited and took pics. I will upload them, im waiting for darlene to upload it.

3:30 we were allowed to go inside, and settle ourselves, we got the best place at the balcony. And then.. by 3:50 the trailer started. Wow, so many new movies i wanna see.. i also took pics below haha.. i know it's not allowed.. but just a couple.. hehe.. -_-

Pirates of the Carribean
Was produced by:

WALT DISNEY and Jerry B.

ALL IN ALL.. the movie was great! It was comical and crazy. Although it was a cliffhanger, i dont mind. I wanna see another movie of pirates of the carribean. And i am glad, i watched the movie. I never regretted it. I have simple tastes in watching movies on BIG SCREEN..i only want the BEST.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I dont exactly follow what's in and what's not...

About Fashion and Style...

I make my own personal style. I dont usually follow trends.. I just make do with what is available. For me, putting together clothes, accessories, and even shoes can be just another way of showing off my creativity. I want my outfit/clothes to be unique and distinctive. After all, my look is a reflection of who I am. That's why I'm sure to make a statement no matter what I'm wearing.

About Cars?

I am driven by what is practical!
Im not one for overly risky ventures — that's probably because the tried and true works just fine for me. Whether Im driving to work or picking up a friend for dinner, I don't want to waste time. And my four-wheeled friend should reflect that. I Don't worry about flashy or fancy. The most important thing for me is reliability — a car that will get the job done (like I do), day-in and day-out.So what's the perfect car companion, the vehicle to fit my practical lifestyle? A Toyota, Honda, or Ford Escort will do the trick for me. (got ideas from tickle w/c is true.. )

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wohoo!! Kristina Marie S., CCI

Ok ok.. by the way my subject would sound, it would mean a GOOD news right? Is it just me? or do you notice it too? Anyway.. I just passed the International IIPA EXAM and i can practice worldwide!!! Wow!! And i can place "CCI" beside my name.... woohhoo!

/me *hollers*

Oh well... my grade wasn't "that" high, cause i never reached the 90% only above 80 (i got 82.5).
If i could reach it by 90 I couldve been an Iridology Instructor.... but that would be someting i have to master on, before i could lecture and would take me a long time. But hey, I passed that's what matters.

We were supposed to have dinner at YAHONG's but it was full so we ate a restobar (i frgot the name ill edit this once i find out. )

the restooooo.....

That'sme ordering... mhmm what's the specialty?

I am just soooo happy today! Even though i still have to burn a couple of CD's hehe... I AM HAPPY.. and I thank GOD for making me pass the exam even though, I did not get to study and i slept late because i was burning cd's when i shouldve rested and prepared for the exam, but nevertheless i am thankful.

Ahhh the joy of being ONE with CHRIST...................

and Im the youngesttt wooo! cool

Friday, July 07, 2006

PCAM/IIPA meeting

I did not get the chance to post yesterday...(July 6,2006) but yesterday was my first PCAM(Philippine College for the Advancement of Medicine) and IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association) meeting .

There were a lot of plans, all new and exciting, to launch the recognition of the two organization. Anyhow, i was voted as the Treasurer for IIPA(Davao Chapter). That means additional work. Oh well, it's a privelage to be part of the team and the treasurer.

JUst wanted to share that part though... about the first meeting. I wish i could go to the PCAM convention at puerto Princesa... that would be sooo great. But whatever God wills to be.. im ok with it. :)

And today is a very nerve wracking day because today would be the International exam for the certification as a Comprehensive Iridology Practitioner... Oh well.... See ya.. I have to prepare for it ..

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Woohoo! I finished Anatomy class already! La di da di da..... *hums*

We watched (me, darlene, dad nathan, ate rhea and kuya gary) Superman (Dad nathan's childhood hero) today. At first I thought (my perception, ok?) it wont be a good movie or whatever.. but once i saw it.. oh my it was actually Good. I mean the storyline was great and everything. Although someone told me it lacked the "action part" thingy, but it was good.

We had dinner (darlene, me and Dad Nathan) afterwards at some seafood restaurant that was owned by our classmate, and we decided to eat together for dinner, after our Anatomy class. Everyone was there, but we didn't catch up with some of them, because they went home early. I just got to talk to the 2 radio commentators(and they were sharing more about *healthstuff* to us). It was a good get-together minus the drinks and all (coz i dont like them.)

All in all the whole day was fine and fun :) BUT TIRING! hehe as usual...

Anatomy Class

So yeah, i started my anatomy class after i finished my Sclerology class. Yikes! My schedule is soo hectic, and it leaves me with little sleep! *sigh*

June 20:

Our anatomy teacher introduced himself. I would try to post some pictures.. later when i upload it.. not up close though.:P hihi Anyway he is good teacher, (young). But he is a bit stressed out cause he teaches from 8am-9pm non stop! Imagine that! I bet he is neurogenic.

Since most of my classmates are not really "students" but iridologists who decided to take the anatomy class cause it is a requirement for the Exam to become a "certified Iridology practitioner". I am the youngest in the class, and almost everyone is married, only two of us are not. You can just imagine, how fun and different it is from other classes.

Our class is interesting, i mean the students that is.

I have two classmates who are radio commentators (local) and inventors at the same time. *WOW* And one of them, invented a cheap yet amazing "waterfuel". Yay.. *stellar*

I have a classmate who does hypnotherapy, and is a historian at the same time.

A classmate who is going to Kenya for missions and is a composer/singer(part of my family)

A classmate earning bucks $$$$

A classmate, who is a leader on some organizational group.

A classmate.. who is a year older than i am.

A classmate... who sings in the church...

And 2 business oriented people...

My Anatomy class starts every 5pm to 9pm..

June 21

We discussed the Integumentary System today.

Oh and just a reminder our class... its a special class about anatomy for non medical courses. So you might wonder, why it is so fast, since Anatomy and Physiology is a very long/hard subject.

June 22

Our teacher got fever. (Because of his schedule. tsk tsk) Class is cancelled.

June 23

We discussed the Skeletal System

June 24

Muscular System

June 26

Nervous System...

June 27

Endocrine System

June 28

Cardiovascular System/ Circulatory System

June 29

Respiratory System/ Digestive System

June 30

Lymphatic/Immune System and we had an exam today!!

I did not get to answer most of the "identification" part. It is hard to memorize MEDICAL TERMS!!! ack!!

our teacher lecturing...

The radio commentator and "water fuel" inventor.. hihi

That's me and Dad Nathan..