Monday, November 26, 2007

a Bash

Nov. 24 - Yhe.

I went with my sister (darlene) and big bro (Kuya Dave) to Yhe's debut. It was held in a restobar and it was closed just for her. Wow. eksklusib ai.

We were the "early birds". So we went upstairs (since it's open air) and you get to see everyone who will arrive. The moon was just shining behind us - and it was full.

It's been months since everyone got together. The "Firstborns" I mean. Most are in college already and very unreachable. Or not everyone tries hard to reach each other because everyone has his/her own life and very busy. We had a fun time updating each other about a lot of things.

I absolutely love Yhe's gown which was designed by Ate Jill and for some unknown reason wasn't in the party.

I like her concept. She actually gave tribute to people in her life, which made me (I can't say all) teary-eyed.

Nov. 26 - meeting Uso

I never really had a thing for dogs. Yes, they are cute and all.... but to actually imagine raising up a pet needs a lot of things - dedication + responsibility.

Uso is this big "Alaskan Husky Wolf". Whenever he is on a street everyone would inch away from him. That was my first impression as well. It is quite unusual to see one on these parts and so he became the "talk of the street".

But, his aura is just so different. He actually looks adorable. He is still in his 2 years. :)

Basta if ever I would want to have a pet... it would be one like Uso. Hehe. :)

I reckon, he is not an easy dog to handle. His fur coat and size screams "high maintenance". His house needs to be air-conditioned because of his fur. He needs to eat a lot. If he goes hungry he might eat you. (at least that's what I heard)

I remember 8 Below if I saw Uso makes me teary eyed once again. T_T

Thank you to Richard of Pulse Circle for including me and giving me the "You're an Amazing Blogger" award. thank you. thank you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


No. Nothing of the sort. No shipwrecks really.

You might ask why in the world am I blogging when I should have been enjoying the cold weather in Europe. Wait. Where is my lovely intro? I was talking to myself awhile ago -no make that making a speech about what to write. It just went right out - and now all I have to do is just remember them. *jumps up and down as she catches her bubbling thoughts*

*think think*

Ok. Here goes. *regains composure*

Cruises are meant to be special right? I mean, at least for me. Cruising is one of my ultimate desire. Not just a dream. It's a deeeh-saaay-reeee deep down inside.

And so... since cruises are meant to be special it shouldn't be spoiled with Tupperwares right? Yes. Humans who acts like Tupperwares. As mean girls would have it. - Plastics. That was harsh. But, that's what I know.

It was just quite fitting then and I call it Divine Intervention that we did not get to go with them. Simply put, our Visas were denied and the management did not even have the decency to inform us - up until the last minute.

What a shame, yes. Most people would probably be enraged by this. Specially if it is your desire going down the drain.

But for me it's actually a blessing in a horrendous - ok - I'm exaggerating na- disguise.

I was thrilled that I'm finally going to Europe and all. I was excited but - that usual "magical feeling" is missing. That's right. The magical feeling. I call that magical cause you're anticipating what will happen, what you will see and all that. Basta, it's magical.

I'll be listing the reasons why the "magical feeling" of traveling was blocked:

  1. the cold weather. I love cold weathers but not when cruising. I have this idea of cruises where you get to be on deck and you do the munimuni.
  2. the people we will be with. Part of the group would be three(3) couples which company I pretty much don't like. If it's cold and we are with them.... you'd probably be thinking that hell has frozen over or something.
  3. the baggage. travel light they say. how can you travel light when you need big coats the whole trip? And you need to change clothes in the cruise for the dinner(which would prolly require a long gown or cocktail dresses) and breakfast/lunch which requires casual formal outfit (no jeans allowed) and walking clothes for the shore excursions. Three sets in a day? And I haven't enrolled in a class called "The Art of Travelling Light".

Anyway, to make my story short. I am just grateful that we (the lucky 29) did not get to be with them for this cold trip and that we will be arranged for another trip equally the same with the first trip. But, not this year anymore. It would be next year. I'm hoping it's spring.

We found out that we got denied because when we applied no "documention" was attached. We gave all our documentation to the management. They were responsible for that. And now... There are (2) two possible reasons why it happened.:

1.) Lack of Experience / Mismanagement.

2.) Sabotage / Conspiracy.

Meaning, I can go to Yeh yeh's debut! Yahoo Yahoo! :) And yes! I am back. No scheduled trips till December. Weeeee.. :) I'll be hopping by your blogs now.

Thursday, November 15, 2007



I will be gone once again "indefinitely", which wouldn't matter much since I'm always in and out of the blog world. The real world's calling is much greater nowadays, but fret not I am not leaving the "blog world" since I have so much "discoveries" to share... I just can't place it to words... as of now.

In consequence of my going away, I am missing a "debut" I waited for so long. But that's life... you always have something to offer. You don't always get what you want without something to sacrifice. Rawr. Yhe.. sorry sorry... ikaw ang akong "Isaac" karon. daghan nako utang. Phbbtt.

I'll be seeing you guys in a few weeks time. Seeee youuu!!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Road Show - Push, Drive, Explode

The return of the come back! wooo...

Thank you for all the graduation greetings.. thank you pam for -> THIS.

Ate Ann hit it right with her comment that says "Congrats! San ka pupunta? Out of town again?".

As soon as I graduated I hopped on a plane the next day (October 16) and left Davao for 23 days! gooseneck! The longest time me and my mom were away with the whole family. But, it's all for a good cause. :)

I missed a lot of things while I was away. I missed to attend the Road Show that was conducted here in Davao which I wanted sooo much to attend since we will present our production number last October 18. But I had to choose in serving (lovingly) my mom and be her Personal Assistant(Alalay wahaha) while we are in Luzon specifically the South.

I missed the Birthday of my business partner/great friend/blogger Ate Jireh last October 17 but at least I got to celebrate her birthday bash which I will recount one of these days last October 13.

I missed the Blogger's Summit last October 27!!!! One of the biggest events in the blogging society this year! Booooo! I apologize for not being there.... I was really hoping I can come back right away. T_T.

I missed Giovanne's birthday last October 31. Yes, It's Halloween. I also missed my plans to sell our product wearing my uber-outrageous-butterfly costume, just for laughs. I wonder if I could do it next year... Hehe.

I missed Ate Disay and Avy's birthday last November 6, 2007. I was monitoring their birthday... and when 6 came by... I forgot it was November 6.. for crying out loud. And I did not get to greet the two of them ON TIME. Pretty close pa naman sila to me..... SORRRY AVYYYY!!! I really really owe you big time! Kaon na lang ta pizza haaaa??????

For things I missed there is of course a "seed of equivalent benefit"....

We went to Lucena City from the airport to prepare for the two(2) day training. :)

I enjoyed the crowd here. :)

By October 19... we had the first ever Diamond Convention held at Trader's Hotel. It also seemed like a whole day event. This was coordinated by the EDC.

October 20 was our 8th Anniversary and we held it at Cuneta Astrodome. :)

The Alabang crowd is a different crowd but nevertheless their responses to my mom's training were all good.

I guess different places calls for different people... and so Laguna was a different batch altogether. I enjoyed their company by the way...

The males in the Cavite Group are more dominant than the female. This group has less questions compared to Lucena, Laguna and Alabang.

Miss Honey said my mom's presentation in Batangas is her favorite.

The last two(2) trainings Masinag and Cainta was not part of the schedule but nevertheless my mom accepted it because she was requested.

My mom took a long time to lay down all the details in Masinag since the group is pretty not used to "responding" during trainings. She was having a hard time getting answers from them because they don't respond. In the end, they were at least able to let their feelings out.

If my mom had a hard time in Masinag, Cainta on the other hand was pretty easy. This group is basically aware and their comprehension is fast and they respond whenever they are asked.

All in all I met different people and I have seen the "I-am-alive-ill-live-it-this-way" look from them after the trainings. They all inspire me.... to reach out and help people get what they want. I gave a short speech by the end of the session in Lucena (because they asked me.. cant refuse them), Laguna (I was asked by Miss Honey.. cant refuse once again), Masinag (my mom asked me... how can i refuse?) and in Cainta (because the group asked me too).

I am enjoying what I am doing now, because i get to HELP PEOPLE who WANTS TO HELP THEMSELVES. In the trainings, you rarely find people who don't want to be helped because my mom's training has limited slots and so you have "to fight your way in" and those who attended were not forced but are willing. It's better that way than forcing someone to join a training.


I missed all your blogs!! Super! So I'll be blog hopping in a few while.

Happy Birthday to Dwinny - November 8, 2007. You are now 21. Be happy always and follow your dreams...... have the courage. :)