Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And Back Again?

I hope for good! I've been missing the whole blog world.... I've been out of touch from here ever since last year.....

I know.. bloggers come and go.... and I wish to visit all the links and say "hello". Dapat one of these days... within the month.

To recap about what is currently making me busy are the following:

  • Angel of Water Wellness Center - running the wellness center with the help of my mom.. since I can't make do on my own as of the moment but that's my goal. Marketing it... and by golly the only thing I haven't tried is posting a tv ad which costs $$$$.
  • Then there's another production number for an upcoming Regional Sales Assembly.....
  • then there's the seminar of Dr. Andre San Agustin... I've been facilitating for months already...... but it's a great learning experience...
  • and then there's me and the cheesy part of me. (finding love...planning a future. hehe.)
  • and a whole lot more.
I have been experiencing an exciting life.... and i've been practicing what I've been reading.... and that's why I stopped sharing things that does not involve my life.... since I can only share my own experience to the world... to let everybody know... that one can always grow through JOY, not just through pain and suffering. :)

I am offering another path.... for you to tread. It may or may not be yours... but you can take one step and see what your inner authority tells you.... :)

Remember... there are many paths to the mountaintop....

Anyway, hoping to get back to you soon... I still have the production number practice to attend to.. hehe.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chevy Transmissions


Looking for a Chevy transmission near your place? I have the website source for you.


SW Transmisions who is in the business of supplying customers in the US and Canada with quailty used transmisions at a fraction of the price of a new one. They are the premier supplier of used transmissions and quality replacements. They have hundreds of thousands of transmissions available that is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world and you can be rest assured that you are getting the right part for the right price.

Whether you are looking for an older model used chevy transmission or a low mileage crate engine you have come to the right place.

SW Transmissions is very proud to get you back on the road - and fast. They understand the pressure and the frustration that can come while having a car in a garge waiting for the "final bill" so to speak. They do their best to verify the exact fit for your truck, car, or SUV and then immediately begin the shipping process of your transmission to get you up and running as soon as possible.

They supply Chevy transmissions, Honda Transmissions, Toyota, Buick, and Mitsubishi to just name a few but actually sell every standard Domestic and Foreign transmission out there.

You can check out and visit their site which is pretty much "user-friendly" and check out the lot they have. Enjoy!