Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Freedom of the Seas

I skipped my one and only class today. My Php 14.00 worth of class, cause I have to spend 14 pesos for a single 2-hour class, and yet nobody shows up but me and Gino.

Awhile ago, there were a lot of things running around in my mind.. but I can't think of anything to write now. Haha *gah* No, not blogger's block. So many things, and yet I dont know where to start.

I'm re-reading The Alchemist. The book written by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, "Why we want you to be rich" is lying beside a chair, unfinished. The book which is a Pulitzer Prize Winner, and should be very exciting entitled "The Soul of a New Machine", was boring me to death and so it remains unread. (ma-detalye kasi) Nyahaha.

I searched the internet to answer some of the questions raised about QM2.

It WAS the world's largest cruise ship when it first set sailed. But, it's title was taken last May 2006 when the newly built "Freedom of the Seas", arrived in New York Harbor from Southampton, Britain, which is 237 feet tall and 1,112 feet long with 15 passenger decks.

It has replaced the ocean liner Queen Mary 2 as the world's biggest cruise liner, which although six metres longer, is 15m narrower than the Finnish-built vessel.

Built by Norwegian shipbuilder Aker Yards ASA, the ship cost $800 million and can carry more than 4,000 passengers. The world's previous largest ship, the Queen Mary 2, can carry about 3,000 people and weighs 151,400 tons.

Queen Mary 2

Freedom of the Seas

Anyway visit their respective sites Queen Mary 2 and Freedom of the Seas, if you want more info and more comparison or whatsoever. ahihi.

And my dream to have the first "skating rink" on sea was done by Freedom of the Seas already. They have one. (HUHU). I cant have a "zoo", cause that's Noah's Ark. Haha. I will have an amusement park in my cruise ship. Hah. I bet they don't have that. Nyahaha. Para unique. Haha. :)


Arianne said...

haha. cool. pag nangyari yun, sakay ako lagi sa ship mo. haha. there's one problem thou, takot ako sumakay sa barko! anyways, thanks sis. for the advices. for being a friend.
arianne | Homepage | 11.28.06 - 4:55 pm |

Ferdz said...

Wow! you're going to be a young entrepreneur by reading Kiyosaki's books! Congrats! You're a step ahead on financial intelligence Haha. Thanks for reminding me that I should buy that book.

And the alchemist is such a good read. Really worth the money.
Ferdz | Homepage | 11.28.06 - 6:01 pm |

Lalaine said...

sana magkaroon din ako ng hilig sa libro.hehe... oh well..libre ba saky sa ship mo? gusto k rin sana mag skating e

lalaine | Homepage | 11.28.06 - 6:06 pm |

Nona said...

don't forget to put roller coaster, hahaha! kakaiba nga siguro ano, themepark on the sea.....then pag nahagis sila diretso na sa tubig, ayayay! ang saya
nona | Homepage | 11.28.06 - 11:07 pm |

Richmond said...

i am rereading harry potter 6 for the 20 plus times... hehe

the alchemist and 11 minutes are the only work by coelho that i really liked.
Richmond | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 2:03 am |

Utakgago said...

teka. php-14 pesos worth of class?

di ko gets. hehehe.

so you are a ship-lover and dreaming an 'amusement park' in your OWN cruise ship! how's that.. HAHA.

gudlaak. :P and well, i'm no ship lover so i don't have any clue with QM2 and Freedom of the Seas. Nice post. Informative...
utakGAGO | 11.29.06 - 3:00 am |

Celena said...

Hello! Binabayaran niyo po yung klase niyo?? Hindi ko maintindihan...The Alchemist?? Maganda ba?? Papabili ako!! Anyway, sakay ako sa 'dream ship' mo ha!!!
celena | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 4:21 am |

Potpot said...

libre ba kami sa cruise ship mo?? hahaha.. enge libreng ticket huh.. hahhaa.. ice skating rink sa isang cruise ship.. whoa!
potpot | Homepage | 11.29.06 - 7:34 am |