Monday, October 30, 2006

Scary Skeleton

It was my FIRST time to be out-of-town with friends yesterday. My mom rarely say "yes" whenever i asked to go to some of the group outings. Anyway, I wonder what she ate and made me go? Maybe, at least for once she made me that one day I don't have to say, "I've never gone..." but instead, "I have been to ONE...".

"I have been to One.." is better than "I've never gone.." right? Whatever.


The New Christ the King Church was so wonderful. It's really different from the churches in Davao, merely cause it is new. It's design and the statues, and sceneries around it.. is picturesque.

The reception was at Molave Hotel, Acacia Hall. One thing that was new in the reception(for me), was the Cake Parade and the Champagne Parade. It was my first time to witness a reception with a parade.

---Our gift---

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I might as well join in the FUN!
This video was shared by an online friend(drosdow). It sure made me laugh!


Pam said...

syempre hindi ko mapanood ang video...hehehehe...

pero happy halloween! haha
pam |10.29.06 - 12:59 am |

Richard said...

happy helloween!!

wah! pinawisan ako dun ah.. hehe. funny- really. thanks for sharing it..

have a nice day!
richard | 10.29.06 - 1:11 am |

potpot said...

happy halloween ate tina..!! wah! saya naman.. ko din xe di pinapayagn sa outings na mga barkda.. and such.. teehihihi..
potpot | 10.29.06 - 7:24 pm |

Iskoo said...

i almost fell out of my chair when i saw the last photo, akala ko siya si diego angpambansang bading
iskoo | Homepage | 10.29.06 - 10:55 pm |

Treserbry said...

nyc pink shirt! :D cute!
tresebry | Homepage | 10.30.06 - 4:38 am |

tina said...

pam: sayang... next time try mo watch ung video. its very funny!

richard: nakakatawa ano? di nga ako nagsasawa sa kkanood.

potpot: happy halloween din!! pareha pala tayo! hihi. try mo watch ung vid..

iskoo: rofl! ikaw ha... hehe... try watching the vid. its VERY funny.

tresebry: thank you! watch mo ung videooo :P
tina | 10.30.06 - 7:23 pm |

The Pumpkinland said...

You said, "Let the dead bury the dead."
I said, "Let the dead bury their dead."
There's a big difference between the two.
But you're right in saying, "It's in the Bible."
So tell me, can a dead person bury another dead person?

In the Bible, Noah and his Family was saved by what?

Watch and read:

Thanks for dropping by at The Pumpkinland!

Celena said...

Huwa! The video is HILARIOUS!! Happy Halloweeeennnn!!!
Anyway, gala modez ka pala ha!
celena | Homepage | 10.31.06 - 5:30 am |

Sasha said...

Kakatuwa naman! Happy halloween, tina!

Btw, u dont look like ur 18 na :D U look younger than 18
sasha | Homepage | 10.31.06 - 7:57 am |

Hazim said...

you have to check out the Benedictine monastery. their place is really nice.. and they have this pyramid like chapel. P41800.jpg P930741.jpg

sa kanila yung product na may brand na "MONKS" - like coffee and peanut-made foods.
hazim | Homepage | 10.31.06 - 10:02 am |

Iskoo said...

nakakaaliw naman yung video! hehe. natatawa na nag-isip kung matatakot ako ako yung andun
iskoo | Homepage | 10.31.06 - 10:34 pm |

Hazim said...

yep bukidnon it is.. secluded ang area since it has a monastery sa tabi. and meron visiting hours.. but they do welcome peepz who wants to attend mass on sundays.
hazim | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 12:12 am |

Ferdz said...

Good thing your mom finally allowed you to go out of town.

Nakakatuwa nga yung video. ANo kaya gawin yan ni Bity din diot Cgurado nakakatawa yan. Hehehe
Ferdz | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 4:21 am |