Monday, February 19, 2007

A Dalmatian

This is my Dalmatian Post. 101. Haha. :P

Here’s the catch, the title is, 15 simple but amazing facts about me. All you have to do is to post random facts and make it as interesting as possible. The facts doesn’t have to be positive attitudes, this will just widen the knowledge of the readers about you. You have to tag 3 more people after this. Goodluck! : Tagged by Abi

How do i make something ordinary into something pretty interesting haa? I'm not so sure if my 15 facts would be amazing... but here goes nothing....
  1. When I'm about to reach the last stage of school, I wanna get out of that school quick. It's a wonder I'm in college without quitting at the last stage(although, yeah I've been dropping hints and say "Ma, I wanna stop."). In elementary I switched to a public school when I was in Grade 6, and in H.S. I switched to "home study" during my 4th year.
  2. One of the reasons why I wanna stop when I was in my 4th year was because I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"... and I don't see any point for me to study when I can go and make money and get real FINANCIAL education outside school. Don't flame me, I know how "education" is important but it really depends on where you are getting your degree you know.
  3. I never attended a prom, because there was no chance to. When I was in 3rd year our school did not allow the prom due to an incident from the last year batch and I was having my "home study" when I was in 4th year. -_-
  4. I dreamed of being a spy/detective/CIA agent when I was young. Until now, I think it's cool, but then there'd be days when I have to take someone's life when I have that profession... soo fat chance.
  5. I don't like guyabano and pineapple.
  6. I love vanilla ice cream shake.
  7. I'm a crybaby. I cry when I'm angry, happy, confused etc.
  8. It is in my nature to be sweet to selected people...
  9. I stay away from people I can't understand.... but sometimes I feel bad about it.
  10. I'd rather give :P
  11. I only get moody at home, specially when I'm in front of the PC and they go "annoy" me. I'm trying to change it.
  12. I don't like replying to unknown texters. I'd reply only once.. and that's it.
  13. I used to play the piano and have piano recitals when I was in kindergarten but I stopped due to "money matters" but now when I can... I can't because.. I can't make way/time for it.
  14. I prefer reading books than going out.
  15. I love beaches when I was young, I still love them but I don't swim like before.
So that's about it.

I'm skipping a class again. I'm slacking off because..
  1. I only have one class (and an hour long) to attend to.
  2. Waste of money
  3. I still have to revise my thesis
  4. I can't move my butt off the pc now that I'm blogging.
  5. I'm thinking of soo many alibi's but the main reason is....
  6. I don't want to go.
Have a great week everyone. :)


Abigail said...

tnx sa pagsagot, i love surveys and tags eh!

abigail | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 3:14 am |

Ann said...

Sayang di ka pala naka attend ng prom. Isang highschool memories din yun na kasama sa tinatawag na "highschool life."
ann | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 3:47 am |

Mousey said...

sa college ball ka na lang mag attend.

good points to know more about you. parehas tayo dami ko rin alibis para di umattend. belated kay father at sis mo. ang haba ng bday celebration niyo. tipid ha pwede nang pagsabayin lahat.
mousey | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 4:48 am |

Ghee said...

You`re really an interesting girl,Tina!You quit during your last year?haha!

yeah,I do agree,education is important but it s how you can make a good career in the future

Have a great week Tina! :D
ghee | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 10:16 am

Dimaks said...

i love guyabanos

hmm books, books and books.. get some comics or manga
dimaks | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 10:44 am |

RV said...

i knew it, you really have a lot of interesting facts about you. :p

hindi ka nakapagprom! sayang! hehe. dami pa amn ding nangyayari na kung anu anong fishy dun. hehe.

grabe, bata ka palang may conviction ka na. kudos! hindi ko yata kayang maghome school dahil lang sa nakapagreason out ako. hehe.

yellow cab ang gusto kong treat! hehehe.

galingan mo sa thesis mo! yay!
rv | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 10:53 am |

Arianne said...

geee. i wish i could home study, too. haha. but then they won't allow me. mom's always blowing fire when i dont get my ass up for school.. and believe me, it's almost everyday.

hmm. wala lang. haha. we share some traits:p

oh c'mon, we both know that haha. take care sissy!
arianne | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 11:25 am |

Ychel said...

hey yah! im a cry baby too!hehe and i love beaches but i don't know how to swim.lolz!

take care and goodluck to your thesis!mwahh..
ychel | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 5:34 pm |

Ang-Ang said...

101 post nice thats great
ang-ang | Homepage | 02.19.07 - 9:53 pm |

Bea said...

hey tina! i thought i was the only cry baby in the world hahah!
bea | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 2:55 am |

Sasha said...

Naaliw ako sa amazing facts about you. Ang weird nung kung kelan last year mo na saka naman you wanna get out! Sayang you weren't able to attend a prom. Tama si mousey, sa college ball na lang

I love vanilla ice cream shake din! Libre mo ako when I get there ha heheheh :P

Hay, ako rin crybaby! Have you read James Patterson's Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas? If not, read it. You'll cry buckets, Tina!

Pareho tayo sa 8. Normally kapag nakagaangan kita ng loob kahit walang valid reason, sweet at mabait ako sayo! In your case naman kasi, I can see a part of me in you kaya natutuwa ako sayo Pasensya na at matagal dumating si kupido/santa ha? Basta within the week na yun

I am moody talaga but thank God I can control my emotions better these days.

Same din tayo with no. 13... ngayon naman feeling ko antaba na ng fingers ko and the piano might say ouch kapag tinipa ko na hehehe

Same tayo with no. 14... I would rather read a book than go out. BUT this year, I prefer to use my tsinelas more often. 29 na ako sa August 3 and I need to go out more... para makita na si prince charming! Hahahah

Have a nice day tomorrow, Tina dear! God bless!
sasha | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 10:07 am |

Iskoo said...

sayang matatamis ang pineapple sa davao a.
iskoo | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 11:09 am |