Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Incarnation Day

Before anything else I would like to greet Ate Ghee and Sid a Happy Birthday! And I would like to thank everyone who greeted me the past few days and specially today. Really. I appreciate it lots. You don't know how it made me smile. The simplest "Happy Birthday Tina" made me smile 1000 watts. Nyahaha. You guys are all soo sweet.

First Birthday msg i got from CBOX: Ate Sasha *thanks thanks soo muchie.. sa greet and for waiting till 12 Ate. *HUGS* And I did not know you would send me something... Thanksss *HUGS*

First Birthday msg i got from SMS female: Avy thanks!!!! I still remembered how I thought it was Nov 6 already but it was still Nov 5 when I greeted. Rawr.

Actually Avy's greet came with Dwinny's. sooo

First Birthday msg i got from SMS/call Male: Dwinny Thank you muchiee laa. Haha. Appreciate it. *hugsssss*

My lovely girlfriends that are in Italy right now. Who featured me in their bloggies days in advance: Arianne and Ychel (*i think I should call you ate... haha can I? *) and Glenna.

Of course Bry!! Who featured me too nyahaha and the comment in Friendster... as in. Appreciate it.

For Ate Nona who did greet me on her blog as well...

To everyone online: who greeted (belated or in advance... )

Kuya Angelo,Tin,Ate Ann, RV, Dimaks *he greeted me and said belated hehe*,Richmond, Iskoo, Pam, Kev, L.A. Mikko, Kuya Hermie, Shoshana, Henzel, Denise, Phia, Abi,
Mauwy,Richard,Pot,Nicole,Arnel *said belated too*, Ate Serey, Nicole, Dhea, Joe, Keekee, Sidney, Jhenny, Mousey *For teh choir!! Thanks thanks cute ang choirrr mo!! haha* and Joy

Today is my Incarnation Day. I did not have any plans really. I wanted to do something spontaneous, I just wanna flow this day. My mom kept asking me for about a week about how would I spend it, or whatever but I can't answer her cause I still haven't decided. She keeps asking me what I want, I wanna tell her 'You wouldn't wanna know!'. Hehe.

My sister Darlene and brother Paolo sang Happy Birthday while I was in bed waking me up before they left for school. Soo cute with action. Sweet. I was still in bed for an hour and my mom sang in my bed again. Waking me up, reminding me for our session with Ate Jaq and Kuya Jo a Chiropractor. I had my first Chiro session. Nice. :)

I turned the PC on I was shocked to see my face all over the screen. My sister made me a "Birthday Desktop". That's why she asked me last night how to change the desktop background.

Darl: Ate, How do you change the desktop?
Tina: Why? You wanna change mine? Don't...
Darl: No. It's our IT Exam.
Tina: Oh ok. *shows her how to do it*


I went to college still pondering on what to do and June, Renel, Avy, Kuya LL, Red and Ced was there greeted me a Happy Bday oh and my teachers too. (Maam Fe, Sir MJ, Maam Yvonne, and Maam Liezyl) I thought there would be a meeting for our Thesis 1 but there was none. I ended up treating the girls(Avy, Renel (yeah she's a girl), June, Jona, and Nessa) for 2 hours at Pizza Hut.

The plan was actually for everyone who "remembered" my birthday. Haha. So those who greeted and was with me got to be there. I went back to college for our 3pm class and there I was with my guy friends and Pearl and they all knew.

I ended treating the 2nd batch(Pearl, Giovanne, JV, Bordz, Red, Ced, and Franco) for Dunkin Donuts eat all you can. I'm not sure, if they'd had enough. Haha. I sent a dozen donuts for the teachers. :) Naw, I'm not a teacher's pet. I just love them (some of them ok?) that's why.

I got calls in between and text messages. All of them my friends from highschool, relatives, and aquaintances. (Aunt Tita(call*dawn*) ,Matet, Angelica(call), Emel, Ate Jill, Ate LJ, Ate Kai, Hannah, Mike(call), Ate Tonet(call), Lola Rosa(call), Aunt Emee(call).)

Just to let you know EVERYONE and I mean ALL OF YOU(online and offline) ... that you ALL MADE MY DAY. The simplest greetings tooo the gifts from the heart are sweet. Thank you Nessa for your advance gift yesterday... that was so sweet.

I'm also celebrating ONE YEAR WITHOUT AN ALLOWANCE. Yeah, when I was 18 my parents placed me on a test to stop giving me my allowance as her financial training (it was a choice between me having to pay college with allowance or parents paying college without an allowance). Tough. But I have to choose the allowance, that's why it made me go to college with 14php in my pocket. Nyahaha.

Anyway, my mom is giving me back my allowance for 6 months(cause she made me stop my burning thingy, that was my main source of cash flow) and then really stop giving me allowance after it. Sooo I'll be having my allowance back tomorrow.

I got four new books (can't help it) and four cakes (picture shows only three) . Holding my fave cake.

2 cakes given by Ate Mayeth, Ate Maricel, Ate Abeth, Ate Alice and Ate Janice

1 from mom. Actually 2. I did not get to take a picture of the 4th one. Hehe

Lovely day to you all. Thanks guys!! :) It was a nice day.. and I'm 19! Woo. I better get used to the age then. Haha. :P I'm at the brink of leaving my teenie yearss...


Avy said...

first to greet and first to comment! haha..

happy birthday!
june and LL will be refunded for their contributions. we were supposed to give you a cake. hehe ^_^
avy | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 10:14 am |

Joy said...

wow... bongga naman... happy birthday!
joy | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 10:52 am |

Dimaks said...

a self-treat away from the computer screen is very good i think
dimaks | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 11:11 am |

tina said...

Avy: Haha. Naa diay? Na 5 na unta ako cakeee!! Lingawww... haha. I lovee cakess

Joy: Thanks Joy!!

Dimaks: Haha. It would be. Im also planning to spend a day alone at an island.. nice noh?
tina | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 11:27 am |

Mikko said...

ate tina.. :D you've technically gone past your teen years when u had your 18th. :D haha.

be sure to come by my blog. ;
(oh. i forgot. it's a given! haha)

Happy Birthday..
and Happy Valentines!
Mikko | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 12:32 pm |

Ychel said...

hapi bday! hindi pa huli ang lahat :P hehe! kasi hindi pa naman tpos ang feb. 13 dito.lolz..

good that u enjoy ur day! lots of people loves u..

enjoy ur 19th year..last year mo na sa teen..kasi next year. twenteen kana..haha. :P rawrrrr!

take care and keep on smiling.mwahugs..loveyah!
ychel | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 1:05 pm |

Keekee said...

omg. it was your birthday huh? :-D Happy birthday, tina pay!!!!! and happy -hearts- day as well. I'll read your long comment later. hehe
keekee/janine | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 5:07 pm |

Tin said...

Im glad you enjoy your day! Happy v-day Tina!
tin | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 5:55 pm |

Ghee said...

Happy Bday again and Happy Valentines Day,tina!!

wowww!!ang daming cakes ah!did you enjoy ur bday?of course!!haha!

enjoy the hearts day nmn
ghee | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 6:41 pm |

Mika said...

happy valentines day. wow ang daming cake. yum yum. :D

http://i142.photobucket.com/albu...mirage/ gift.gif
mika | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 7:28 pm |

Ang-Ang said...

happy valentines day
Ang-ang | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 9:04 pm |

Iskoo said...

umuulan ng blessings ngayon incarnation day mo, sarap ng cakes and i am sure you are now enjoying reading your nes books.

happy hearts day tina,...
iskoo | Homepage | 02.13.07 - 9:32 pm |

Ann said...

Napaka thoughtful ng sister mo. Ang daming cakes, daming nagmamahal sayo. Happy birthday and happy valentines to a sweet lady.
ann | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 12:05 am |

Sidney said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Valentines Day !
Enjoy it all !
Sidney | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 12:08 am |

Dimaks said...

and bring some chips and drinks, plus an mp3 player
dimaks | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 12:24 am | #

Nona said...

you're such a lucky girl Tina, maraming nagmamahal sa iyo...not surprising kasi lovable ka naman talaga

Cakes look so yummy, hahaha...4? ups watch out...it's fattening :D

Happy birthday, once again...don't worry
if one gets older, she gets better
nona | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 2:10 am |

Ralpht said...

happy birthday! =)
ralphT | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 3:00 am |

Jhenny said...

hello! happy birthday and happy valentines! penge cake hehe.. wishing u all the best girl! :D
jhenny | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 4:26 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

Wishing you good luck!
Kenneth Bernejay Porio | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 5:06 am |

Aisha said...

happy hearts day sis! waw puro sweets ah hehe
Aisha | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 5:31 am |

Mousey said...

happy birthday & happy valentine's day too!

pag pasensya mo na ang aking na hire. hirap kasi mag organize at di na nakapraktis pa.
mousey | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 6:35 am |

Ate Gladys said...

Kanta na lang ako since ako yata pinaka-late na bumati (..

Happy birthday to u
Happy birthday to u

Happy birthday
Happy birthday

Happy birthday Angel
How old are you?

Lav yah! Have many moreeeeeee candles to blow and thousands of years of existence sa earth (parang yung sa jurasic di ba..hehe, tig-1-1thousand yung age nila), ganun din sana tayo.

But kidding aside, ur special to me. Keep up the good work and stay nice and as sweet as i know you.

God Bless you Angel.
Ate Gladys | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 1:03 am |