Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love Bug

Just got that image somewhere off the net, a long time ago. I can't remember where....

How fast time flies.I can still remember last year's Love Month. I guess it's time for me to share the Unconditional Love topic, since it's just fitting what with all the reds and chocolates around teh corner. But not today, one day this month.

I'd like to thank Arianne for featuring me in her blog. So sweet of you sis. :)

I was tagged by Katia about the 5 secrets? I'm still thinking about what secrets to share. (Mawawala essence ng secrets ko!! Harhar)

Here goes nothing..

1.) I talk to myself in front of the mirror or even when I'm alone walking, it's as if I'm part of a play making up lines as I go along... (am i insane? or is it just a product of wild imagination? )

2.) When I'm in the bathroom, I always bring a bookI am currently reading and read a few pages.

3.) I "borrowed" a ring from my tita when I was like in kinder. "Borrowed" means got it without asking because I will be returning it anyway. I just want to be a big show off to my classmates and with a look that would say I-have-it-and-dont-think-you-can-have-it-too. Anyway, there's this close classmate I have and she said she'll borrow it overnight but then days passed she did not return it to me. What's worst is that in our house, they are looking for it... and I have to pretend and yeah lie that I don't have it and I did not get it. T_T Until now, it's a mystery...

4.) I have a crush in kinder.. and I remember sending notes to him that I like him. Bwahaha. I don't know where I got the idea.. I was young then. Maybe I was just following my classmates. I'm weird... and I regret sending those notes.. coz now I know better. (Hey... this is too much.. Kakahiya na *blushes*) Just to let you guys know... that was the first and the last.

5.) When I was young and when I meet babies younger than I am I would bite their ears or pinch them. So far, there are two incidents that I remember.. first one was my cousin.. I just sank my teeth into her ears till she cried and was scared out of my wits because I don't know why I did it. The other one was my brother... i just pinched him.. no reason at all.

OMG! What I've been doing in the past are weird. Really.. I don't know why.. someday I will know why. There's a weird streak in me...

Sorry.. just can't think of any secret to reveal. Now.. im beginning to think I'm weird.. unless I am not.

Wait.. I just remembered my 6th secret... (may additional pa ha!)

6.) I was in elementary.. and backstabbing each other is pretty much a fad. I don't like being backstabbed or hated by friends or classmates. So, when I had a fight (I forgot what was the reason.. all I know is that I'm not talking to them...) I went home. Locked myself in mom's room (mom was not around.. and Im pretty sure they don't know about this.) attempting to kill myself (really im that weird) making a suicide a drawing using a black crayon with coffins and all... and writing in a childish-scribble "If I die.. no one would cry...everybody would laugh..." Something like that. After the drawing.. I cried.. then crumpled it. Opened the door. End of story.. Back to reality. Forgot the whole ordeal.. made friends with classmates.

I don't know. Have I been watching too much movies or TV shows before? I don't remember because I'm always not allowed to watch TV and soo my TV days are limited.

Ooohh wait.. Its the HORROR movies I;ve been watching when I was young.. Candyman..etc. etc.. which would lead to another secret... but then it would be 7 right??? Enough. Haha Im scaring you already.

I hope I'm not scaring youuu... Muwaha


Ang-Ang said...

Hay love is in the air feb 1 na
Ang-ang | Homepage | 01.31.07 - 11:09 pm |

Franco said...

ang love ay pag-ibig
franco | Homepage | 01.31.07 - 11:34 pm |

Richmond said...

I hate how fast the time flies....
Richmond | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 12:14 am |

Mousey said...

oo nga love month na pero di naman ito for lovers only di ba.
mousey | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 6:33 am |

Gerome said...

grabe ah. pang-ilan ka na sa mga napuntahan kong about love ang nakalagay :D
gerome | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 10:41 am |

Ann said...

I'll show this to my daughter Tin2, dami syang mga beads na hindi na nagagamit. Matutuwa yun.
ann | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 7:08 pm |

Sasha said...

Love month... pero tama si mousey, hindi exclusively for lovers... para rin sa love for everyone ito! Hehehe

Happy Love Month!
sasha | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 8:37 pm |

Bea said...

that pic reminds me of my favorite hobby, scrapbooking, na hindi ko na magawa sa ngayon because i'm uber busy.

by the way, i have emailed you pala at pakitingnan na lang po ang inbox mo. i noticed that you write well so meron akong proposal sa 'yo. let me know if you're interested. thanks. ingatz lagi.
bea | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 8:39 pm |

Nicole said...

hi ate tina!! kakatuwa naman ung secrets mo.. hehehe.. lalo na ung ring buti hindi nila nalaman na ikaw kumuha dapat kasi binigay na ng classmate mo ahihihi
nicole | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 9:55 pm |

Cruise said...

oo nga malapit na v-day. handa ka na ba?
interesting 3 secret na revealed, we will wait for the last 2.
cruise | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 10:15 pm |

Ghee said...

Love month nga..its your month and mine

kulang pa ng 2 ang sikreto mo,instalment ba?haha!

advance happy bday,Tina!
ghee | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 10:17 pm |

tina said...

ang ang: Love in the air

Franco: At ang pag-ibig ay gugma

Richmond: Yeah.. wanna savor the moment righttt?

Mousey: Of courseee not!! Its for everyone like Christmas! haha

Ate Sasha: Yup yup!!
tina | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 11:04 pm |

tina said...

Bea: Haha cute noh? :P Thanks sa email. I replied already.

Nicole: Haha. The following two are not as funny nicole.. they are scaryyyy...
tina | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 11:15 pm |

Dimaks said...

uyyy kinder crush
dimaks | Homepage | 02.01.07 - 11:22 pm |

Pam said...

your secrets are.. well, let's just say interesting and funny at some points and um, scary at the last ones.

nyii, lapit na hearts day!
pam | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 2:23 am |

Pam said...


malapit na birthday mo!hahaha!

anway. you do that..? bringing a book sa bathroom?hehehe...weird!
pam | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 5:51 am |

Tin said...

hahaha! ang weird mo pala nung bata ka! Cant imagine you being like that. Wahahaha!

abay sis. magkasunod pala tyo ng birthday! hahaha! love the pic. Galing nung gumawa.
tin | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 6:46 am |

Eli said...

post ako secret ko.. hehe.. soon, isipin ko pa.. like i said, baka nagbabasa dito ung neighboor kong sexy.. hehehe..
eli | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 10:49 am |

Arianne said...

uii. lapit na bday nya.. :-"

hahaha. natawa naman ako.. :p pareho tau sa one and two:D

candyman? nde ko ata alam un! igorante ako! haha
arianne | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 11:05 am |

Ferdz said...

Hahaha! You are not insane! You're not the only one I've met who talks to herself. hehehe. Intresting secrets. Natakot ako sa 5th hehe
Ferdz | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 12:42 pm |

Ychel said...

haha..tina nabuking ka tuloy! lolz..

me too if i can just write all of my secrets then 10 wouldn't be enough. haha!

take care tina..have a nice weekend
ychel | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 4:24 pm

Aisha said...

love month na nga talga
oh..btw! - - same pala tayo hehe
nagsslitang magisa? bsta something like that akala ko ako lang eh hehe
ay sis
link-ex? nice site!
Aisha | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 6:27 pm |

Dimaks said...

tina, i wonder if you have the 6th sense? not meant to scare you but the talking to oneself brought me to the idea peace yo!
dimaks | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 8:13 pm |

Joy said...

omg... natawa ako sa post mo na to... hahaha... suicidal din ako nung bata ako, pero hanggang thoughts lang... with all the mushy notes... harhar..
joy | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 9:10 pm |

Angelo said...

Hello Tina! Long time no see, sorry, been really busy. I hear it's your birthday coming up? Happy Advanced Birthday to you :D Don't grow up to fast, you're at the best age, wish I could go back hehe.

Don't worry, you're not insane, I find myself talking to myself at times too. The scary thing is that sometimes I lose control and find myself doing it front of other people %) yikes! I also used to bite my cousins when I was small. I was the youngest so I was a brat :D Take care, thanks for all your messages, I appreciate them all even if I can't respond right away!
Angelo | Homepage | 02.02.07 - 10:22 pm |

Kenneth Porio said...

Jumba lumba!

Just make urself out of ur secrets.

Anyways, check out my blog today!
Kenneth Bernejay Porio | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 12:02 am |

Glenna said...

ang kulit ng secret number 6. hekhek.
glenna | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 4:16 am |

Iskoo said...

masarap naman kasi ang tenga, ako pinagdidiskitahan ko tenga ng babaoy...SISIG, hehe
iskoo | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 5:05 am |

Pot said...

Haha! Ang kulet naman! May suicide effect pa ah!! Hehe..

Adbans hapee balentayns!!
Pot | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 8:10 am |

L.A. said...

Wahahaha kausap ang sarili sa harap ng salamin? Woooooh nababaliw ka na ba? Haha joke ako kc sa isip ko kinakausap yung sarili ko eh...

Yeah no mere krispy kreme!!!! hahaha
L.A | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 9:29 am |

Tresebry said...

hanep! ur kinda weird nung mejo bata-bata ka pa! :D haha! nakakaaliw! :D

anyway, love month na ba? haha! di ko madama! hhahaha! =))
tresebry | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 10:08 am |

Ralpht said...

i'm back. i think....
ralphT | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 10:13 am |

Nona said...

Happy hearts day Tina!

secrets secrets! nakakaaliw basahin, esp the ring,the suicide note..
thanks for sharing Tina.

nona | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 12:44 pm |

Monic said...

wow sis hehe love love hehehe
pero astig ng mga secrets natin ahh hehehehe
monic | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 1:11 pm |

Seiji said...

Happy hearts day!

whow! The 6th one is freaky hideous. *rofl* TC~ ^_^
sEiJ™ | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 5:52 pm |