Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's

By the time you arrive here, I know you've had enough of the "Happy Heart's Day" or the "Happy Valentine's" greet. :) But then hey, love is everywhere whether it's the love month or not.

However you spent your day today... I KNOW IT WENT WELL. With a special someone, with your friends, or your family.

How I spent it?

*I invited Jona, June, Pearl and Renel to a "training" in the office. My mom is the speaker.

*By 9:30pm we went to Mcdonald's (no more spaces in the restos, as you all know EVERY RESTAURANT is FULL!). But at least, the place was nice even with candles and rose petals at the stairs.

So once again, HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY and spread the love bug across the world. Love you all. :)


L.A. said...

Happy Valentines Day Tina! And Super Belated HAppy Birthday ulit!

Kay Ems yung sinasabi kung hosting at domain name kilala mo na ba yun? e2 yung url nya oh look mo sa side bar nya yung mga hosting at domain...

haha give alms to the poor naman tina haha! unti n lng mgakakaroon na ako ng WP ko...cge na tina ^_^
L.A | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 10:25 am |

Mikko said...

my Valentine's day is the suckiest of all... my special someone loves somebody else, and I feel like I'm a stupid pimple irritating the perfect face, ruining the would-shoulda-coulda been perfect scene of two lovers.

hay. all i know is I love her with all my heart, and I'll sit where I am, watching and waiting...

I love her with all of my heart... :|

(This is dead frank! I hope she doesn't see it. :D haha.)

I had a sucky day. But, at least you did oh yeah, and please keep the support on my Filipino Blog of the Week thing coming thanks!
Mikko | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 10:37 am |

Mikko said...

that's " didn't* " on the word prior to the first winking emoticon. typo. :D
Mikko | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 10:39 am |

Ychel said...

hey hapi puso day..habol pa ulit! lolz...

hmm...oh btw, dont call me ate ychel.lolz..mahahalata na matanda na ako!bwahaha!

take care
ychel | Homepage | 02.14.07 - 4:45 pm |

L.A. said...

haha ok lng noh! Hay nabaran ko na yung P240 na hosting plan domain na lang kailangan ko ngayon...Yehey!
L.A | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 12:31 am |

Ate Gladys said...

happy valentines day (belated). Whew, so busy si ate kaya di nakakadalaw sa bahay mo. San ang date kahapon ni angel?

Ako ka-date ko is keyboard, monitor and my table..nyahahahaha..OT ako till 12mn :-( pero ok lang ..that's life
Ate Gladys | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 12:58 am |

Pam said...


mabuhay ang mga walang date.hehehe.
pam | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 3:15 am |

Dimaks said...

Greetings tina! hope you had a wonderful celebration with your love ones!
dimaks | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 4:05 am |

Kev said...

I also went to Mcdonalds...a bit of junk food every now and again aint too bad!
Kev | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 6:01 am |

Angelo said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and Belated Valentine's Day again :D I've been going to MacDo lately! Gotta stop, but I'm addicted to BigMacs. Have a great day Tina
Angelo | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 7:56 am |

Tin said...

I agree.
tin | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 8:36 am |

Sexy Mom said...

mcdo is fun, before i went on early retirement, me and my best friend would spend our lunch there, at least 2x a week. one time we went to mcdo 1 week straight, we never grew tired of it. anyway, belated happy valentine's day.nice design you have.
sexy mom | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 9:58 am |

Keekee said...

love bug. eer. i got me the flu bug. i think i'm going to be sick. anyway, belated happy wednesday, tina-pay!!! haha.
keekee/janine | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 11:58 am |

Joy said...

valentine's day sucks... *bitter* hahahaha...
joy | Homepage | 02.15.07 - 6:22 pm |