Thursday, February 08, 2007

Al dente

Everybody kinda freaked out about the chicken and the pork ha?

We stopped eating pork 11 years ago, ever since my dad was half-bodied paralyzed. He is well now. Doing great. Really.

It wasn't that hard for me, because I was not attached to pork, although yeah my favorite tocino would be a no-no anymore until they invented tuna tocino, and tuna of everything which makes a good alternative. Eventhough it's a far cry from pork, it will do.

Chicken contains salmonella and other bacterias (sabi ng chef namin! haha) and so does any kind of poultry. That's why they recommend everybody to use different chopping boards for Chicken, Meat & Fish, and Veggies so that veggies and other meats would not be contaminated by any form of bacteria from the chicken. It's safer to have separate chopping boards right ?

I searched the net, you might be interested with some of their infos: PCRM

and just to be sure that there are a lot of available sources about this.

It's not that we will not eat chicken anymore, just moderate. Remember, too much of something is bad? To at least kill the salmonella in an egg.

Here's how you do it:

*Boil 2 inches water in a sauce pan and then cook the egg for 45 seconds.

and you can do whatever you want to do with the egg.

Most of the parasites comes from PORK. That's why we stopped it right away. Hard, but hey it is your choice.

Remember, everything in life is a choice. One way or another those choices will lead to different results. And no one is to be blamed. You made a choice. End of story. You can always choose again.

(I'll be attending another seminar tomorrow about Cardiovascular-something err I forgot the whole title.)

( Don't mind my title. Trip ko lang. After-effects ng cooking lessons. Haha)

Random Convos:

*cooks something in the oven*

Class: Amoy Ipis (smells like roaches)
Ate Mildi: Baka may ipis sa oven. (maybe there are roaches in the oven)
Dra.: May ipis nga. (there is...)
Ate Mildi: So, luto na siya? *ate.. obyus po... nangangamoy na eh* (so, its cooked already?)
Class: Laughs
Ate Suz: Kahapon pa siya naluto... kahapon pa namin yan ginamit eh! (It was cooked yesterday! We used that yesterday.)
Dra: Eh di cremated na siya... (Then it's cremated)

*note: the ipis i think is under the oven. It was cleaned before it was used.*

Cheers to life and healthy living!


Ghee said...

oh yeah,its our choices anyway..actually,nakakatakot kumain ng chicken dito sa ngayon dahil sa chicken flu..pero msarap pa rin sa adobo,hehe,na may kasamang pork

your info is a big help,of course,its better to be aware naman

so,vegetarian na kayo?and hey,its nice to hear that your dad is okay
ghee | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 9:52 am |

Cruise said...

this call for reducing chicken and pork intake. i may settle for vegetables and bread.
cruise | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 10:44 am |

Ferdz said...

Well that's kind of healthy. You know it takes experience to learn to do this things.

I rarely eat pork as well, but a lot of chicken whites and egg though. I'll take note of that salmonella thing :D
Ferdz | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 11:46 am |

Ychel said...

hey! nice post..good that u make us aware of this things..lalo na yung microwave thing.haha!

pork and chicken, we used to eat those. im gonna tell my papi about this things.hehe! i love veggies! wat a lucky ipis..cremated sa oven! LMAO!

take care tina...have fun with the seminars and then tell us all about it.
ychel | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 5:02 pm |

Camille said...

aww. i think it's time for me to reduce eating pork, too. haha.
camille | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 6:44 pm |

Pot said...

Aww, buti ok na dad mo.. =)

Haha, yeap, I didn't know that chicken has salmonella. Teynks teynks, Tina, ha? Nagdadalawang-isip na tuloy ako sa pagkain ng chicken at pork..

All smiles. =)
Pot | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 2:06 am | c

Tin said...

Si mama, may different chopping boards din for pork, meat and fish. akala ko dahil gusto niya, may reason pala. Hehehe! Thanks for sharing that info. Big help!
tin | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 3:37 am |

Pam said...


too much of everything is bad..hehe.. if baguio and davao is like 2 hours away..ganyan..

i would hire you to be my dad's 'health consultant'

hahaha! minsan kasi, kain lang siya ng kain eh.
pam | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 5:08 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

Yup, WE SHOULDN'T EAT SUCH MEAT, but to my opinion, as with my knowledge to Buddhist philosophy, WE SHOULDN'T EAT ALL MEAT, even FISH! (Animals have feelings, says an old adage.) Vegetarians should rule the planet, you know. And meat alternatives should be used. Bad stuff comes from animals. Never should we. (Check out my blog!)
Kenneth Porio | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 6:12 am |

Mousey said...

maraming extra measures din paano makaiwas sa ganyan . lutuin mabuti ang mga pagkain. thanks for the info and the jokes too hahah
mousey | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 12:04 pm |

Keekee said...

hey! great info. thanks for sharing. link-ex?
keekee/janine | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 12:56 pm |

Ychel said...

hmm..tina..u know wat means "al dente" in italian..hehe! sa pasta ginagamit yun pag sinabi na al dente hindi malambot na malambot o hindi matigas ang pasta.yung tamang tama lang ang pagkakaluto..ala lang :P i dropped by at ur site and nakita ko ay yun pala ang title mo..hehe

have a great weekend mwah
ychel | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 5:50 pm |

Noreen said...

Hey Tina! How are you?

well, hubby and I FINALLY decided on the baby's name:


gussto pa nga nya sana ay Veronika but I dunno, it looks kinda weird with a "K"

Noreen | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 8:16 pm |

Aisha said...

ako naman i am hating pork as of the moment on diet daw ba ? hahaha!
aisha | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 9:04 pm |

Dimaks said...

well, not eating pork is both healthy and religious
dimaks | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 9:17 pm |

Eli said...

thank for the tip tina!..
sige, sasabihin ko kay nanay, iba iba dapat ang chopping board!
eli | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 11:07 pm |

Angelo said...

Good for you Tina! Keep eating healthy Although I could never do it hehe... I love pork tocino and lechon too much. Definitely be careful with cross-contamination with salmonella though, unless you want bloody diarrhea. Stay away from turtles too, they carry salmonella. You can eat them if you want, just make sure they're well cooked, but wash your hands well after handling a pet turtle. Sorry off topic.... Have a great one Tina
Angelo | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 11:53 pm |

Mikko said...

isn't it a bit too hard not to eat pork? =(

Mikko | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 12:07 am |

Arnel said...

well, i agree. we should at least cut or better yet, stop consumption of pork. but well, inevitable.

(convo comment) ahaaha, fried cockroach! ahahahaha.
arnel | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 12:55 am |

RV said...

woot! so, you're a vegan! hehehe. eating

good thing to hear that your dad is okay now. and thanks for warning us.

waaah. iam so much attached to pork and chicken. i dunno if i can manage to live without them. but oh, if you can, they i can. hahaha.

i can be a vegan, but i can never eat a baked roach. hahaha.
rv | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 1:51 am |

pao said...

wow! kudos to you for a strong will not to eat pork. my hubby & i are on a fish & veggie diet now. lalo pa ngayon that news that there's bird flu in turkey. na-penetrate na rin pati middle east. scary! tsk, tsk.
Pao | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 3:43 am

Ann said...

We don't eat pork because it is not allowed here in ksa. Pero pag nasa pinas can't resist eh. I think once every 2 yrs is not bad....hehehe.

Tuna tocino? Ngayon ko lang yan narinig.

Thanks for the info.
ann | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 6:54 am |

Phia said...

naks, nice post tina! :D thumbs up! :D *wink!*
phia | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 6:55 am |

John said...

salmonella is transfered frome one meat to another not only via the chopping board, but more by not cleaning the knife after using it to slice the chicken meat. (I remember that from an old issue of Readers Digest)...

Roasted Roaches... I wonder how it would taste? Fear Factor anyone? heheh
john | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 6:59 am |

Tresebry said...

everybody loves chicken!

un ung sabi nung isang ad sa tv

haha! :D

machalap naman kasi talaga!

salamat sa info tina!

onga pala. malapit na burdei mu! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 8:31 am | #

patty said...

wow, i never knew that. hahaha napakainformative! haha! hmm. waah. i stopped drinking coke because of what i've heard, but i don't think i can stop eating pork :[
Patty | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 9:55 am |

Arianne said...

cadbury contains salmonella, too. ) hahaha.

al dente? sarap nun pag sa pasta. )
arianne | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 12:56 pm |

L.A. said...

Yuuuck Samonella! Haha kadiri nga yun grabe....Wow hindi kana kumakain ng poark? Uber good for you..nkakatakot ng mapahamak sa
L.A | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 6:57 pm |

Kev said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Chicken! I feel hungry...and it's 7 in the morning..that can't be good!
Ciao ciao!
Kev | Homepage | 02.12.07 - 1:42 am |