Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fuel My Blog

The seminar I attended last Friday was about the "Natural Eradication of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer". Our speaker is a Malaysian Naturopath Physician named Dr. Wong. He was a great speaker. Very enthusiastic and funny at the same time. He won't tell you his age... but he clearly looks "aged" but with no wrinkles. And he said he did not use Botox for it he just took what he suggested to us.

Basically he is under Dr. Rath Foundation. Dr. Rath wrote a book entitled "Why animals don't get heart attacks.... but people do?". In the book it is well detailed about how to eradicate cardiovascular diseases. He says all cases would succeed, if and only if they follow the protocol. Mind you, everything is natural this is without chemo and radiation.


I'm inviting everyone to join Fuel My Blog, the great wall of blogs and get your chance to be the blog of the day like moi.

They have contests and all that, you can participate as well. I'm reviewing 24 season 5 and writing down their conversations. Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

I moved my Espresso Break to Wordpress instead. It's neat.

Espresso Break


Aisha said...

fuel of the anu nga ulit? blogs ba? hehe i think it really sounds interesting
aisha | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 10:24 pm |

Arnel said...

mukhang masaya nga ito ah.. i'm going to go there later for sure ahihi. bat kaya 'fuel my blog' no? sort of building up your blog to be 'discovered' siguro.

*have a great sunday too!
arnel | Homepage | 02.10.07 - 11:42 pm |

Ann said...

Dahil ba vegetarian ang mga animals...hehehe.
ann | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 1:11 am |

L.A. said...

Yeah It only cost P790 a year with domain and hosting so starting today I've been saving my money for that(hope it goes well with me)

haha ako hirap naman sa allowance huhuhu

waaaaah kaya nga nakakainis talaga yung mga taong ganun hayyy sana nga matapos na yung mga eksanang ganun...hay ang sakit sa ulo ng maga ganito.

wow my little sis ka pla?

*HUGS* too! Hay life talaga!

Salamat Tina!

P.S - Sana may maawa sakin at may mag donate ng pera haha!
L.A | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 6:16 am |

L.A. said...

Wow nalipat mo na pala yung EB mo sa WP ang ganda sa WP noh??? Waaah ttry ko nga yung fuel my blog!
L.A | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 6:19 am |

Ychel said...

hey yah! hayy..heart attack ive known some people here hu died of heart attacks...mga pinoy ha! ngtataka nga ang mga italians. kasi naman sila 90yrs old na namamasyal pa mgisa at namamalengke.lolz..but its true!

hmm..ive seen ur espresso break its nice.kaya lang ala ng tagboard. hehe!

im gonna go check that fuel my blog..have a nice sunday! mwah..ayusin mo na ang net mo..hehe!mwahugs
ychel | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 7:04 am |

Keekee said...

oooh fuel my blog. interesting. so why dont animals dont get heart attacks then?
keekee/janine | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 5:47 pm |

Richmond said...

May sakit sa puso yung kapatid ko. dapat icoconfine sya kahapon... kaso walang magbabantay sa kanya... lately, lagi nyang sinasabi na sumasakit nyung dibdib nya... ayon sa description nya... hinala ko MI yun Myocardial Infarction o Heart Attack.
Richmond | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 8:58 pm |

Ghee said...

interesting yung fuel my blog,join ako later

ganda ng espresso break mo ah?

malapit na ang badqay mo at bday ko..excited ka na ba?
ghee | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 10:09 pm |

Nicole said...

how cute you have lil sis hehe!!! anyway nice naman at mahilig ka ate umattend sa ganung meeting ako naman nako antukin ako eh hahaha!!! anyway ingat ka ate... mwaaahh!!
nicole | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 10:47 pm |

Angelo said...

hmmm natural eradication eh? Must look into that some more! Nice Expresso break blog, I'll try to read more of it! And gonna have to check out fuel my blog too... Thanks Tina, happy week to you!
Angelo | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 11:12 pm |

Dimaks said...

sige ill join, basta ba sisikat ako dun ha, hehe.

hapi balentayms na lang
dimaks | Homepage | 02.12.07 - 12:23 am |

Pam said...

why cant you comment dear? okey naman na siya now.hehe.

wish i had time to attend seminars like those.haha.. kaso wala eh..

tingnan ko yung fuelmyblog next time.
pam | Homepage | 02.12.07 - 2:03 am |

honey said...

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