Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rainy Days and Sundays

I love the weather! This weather is supposed to be for November - December. But it seems like the planet shifted or the weather shifted and now we are having a rainy January. Or was it like this last year too? A great weather for a vacation, a much needed rest. Too bad, everyone is supposed to go out under the rain and sometimes when it's raining cats and dogs you go spend your extra money for a taxi if there happens to be a taxi available.

During rainy seasons, I prefer to just stay at home. That's why no outdoor adventures this time. I've been reading books, making the first three chapters of my thesis, and i've been in and out of mom's office and college. And that's about it.

Thanks to all those who greeted me Happy Birthday. No plans so far. Besides, two days after would be my final defense for my thesis. So, maybe post-birthday party would do. Haha. I don't know.

To all Love Month celebrants: Ate Ghee and Tin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I'll be posting 2 random pictures I unearthed from my picture files.

The first picture was taken two summers ago at Buda. (I hope I got the spelling right) It's from Seagull Resort. Cold weather and foggy. I'm not part of the group. Haha. I did not enroll for a summer class so I did not get to go with them.

From L-R: Evan, Norman, Renel, Avy, and Bordz.

Just wanted to post it cause it's cute.

The second picture on the left was taken at Lolengs Mountain Resort. The view of Apo, the sunset and sunrise of this place is heaven. Nice walk at the woods and a good spot for reading. Haha. Really. See that book I'm carrying? I'm the pink ladeeh.

Which reminds me, I will have a special edition of the DAVAO spots I've been to and scan all those pictures for you guys to see.

I will one day.

I just finished a book entitled Cold Sea Rising. It mentioned Philippines and Manila. Haha. Wala lang. It's quite rare to read novels and have our country mentioned. It's interesting to know what they thought of our country. This is the third fiction book that I've read that mentions Philippines. Review @ Espresso Break


Ghee said...

uuy,first ako!!yay!

happy bday to us!IVe no idea how to celebrate it,too

ang kyut nga ng pics,yung first one ay ang ganda ng view at yung 2nd one nman,para silang mga fairies ng trees,haha!ang saya ngpose huh? :D

enjoy the weekend,Tina.good luck to your thesis
ghee | Homepage | 02.03.07 - 11:14 pm |

Richard said...

happy birthday!

yeah right, panay ulan dito sa'tin.. heheh.. bakit kaya?

di naman okey sa'kin kasi, nakaputi ako papuntang skul o duty... di ako nakakarating sa skul o sa hospital na walang dumi sa uniform ko. shetlog.. heheh.. sabagay, weder weder lang yan..

makapunta nga dyan sa lolengs.. magkano entrance fee? heheh
richard | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 1:22 am |

Ang-Ang said...

I love rainy days but sundays sucks for me really!!!
Ang-ang | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 1:36 am |

RV said...

i love how the chinese and/or (i don't know) air cools our weather down. this weather, though burn my lips, cools down my head.

good luck with your plans, your birthday, and your thesis.
rv | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 2:54 am |

Pam said...


the 2nd picture..kala ko dito sa baguio..hehe...parang club john hay!

ganon ba yun? ang saklap naman..defense defense...hehe...ako nga enjoying the weekends..may i-pa-pass pa ako sa february 20.
pam | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 4:12 am |

Mikko said...

the weather's in my favor too. >=)
I love cold weather.
It suits me well.. Gives me a relaxing sensation.. u_u

lol. when's your bday? Happy Bday, dude!
Mikko | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 4:59 am |

Nicole said...

I super love the weather too! Sana forever nang malamig!

Your birthday's around the corner, Advance Happy Birthday to you! ^^ And goodluck with your thesis! Cheers!

Nicole | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 6:44 am |

pot said...

Lammeeeeg. Hehe.

WAW. HAPEE BERDAY, TINA! Di ko man lang alam.. Pero Hapee Berday pa rin! Stay happy!

Cool pictures.

Pot | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 7:27 am |

Ferdz said...

I'm also enjoying the cold here in Manila. Weather's kind of off lately ne?

I noticed din that a lot of US media's been mentioning Philippines a lot even on TV series and movies. Cguro sa dami ng pinoy around the world nag mi mix na sa culture din nila.
Ferdz | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 8:24 am |

Angelo said...

I used to love rainy days in the Philippines too Beautiful scenery! I've never been to Davao but one day for sure.
Angelo | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 8:36 am |

Pam said...

Yeah, Philippines and Manila are mentioned in novels and books more often. Kinda cool, right?!

Oh, by the way, i like your pictures! Hehe, especially the second one with the trees! Advance happy birthday!
pam | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 8:45 am |

Ychel said...

hey yah :P sige tama post ka ng mga pics ng davao :P para makita naman namin..hehe!

have a good week ahead

take care...mwah
ychel | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 9:06 am

Camille said...

belated happy birthday!

good luck sa thesis.
camille | 02.04.07 - 10:36 am |

Dimaks said...

Belated greetings tina!

On the first photo, naalala ko yung tv series ng "tabing ilog" (ginaya sa dawson's creek, hehe). but this time, it looks like, tabing bundok? how i wish to pay visit to my hometown cotabato city and swim the beaches there till my heart out. on the 2nd photo, naalala ko naman ang "Engcantadia" (ang mga sanggre.. kung nanonood kayo ng GMA7 telefantasia lol).

All the best with your thesis!!
dimaks | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 12:47 pm |

Aisha said...

hey sis tina
ay grabe ha so true.. dba ang lamig noh? hay nko ang kinakakaba ko lang eh.. ngayun inatutuwa ntin ang weather.. pano pag dumaan na ang summer malamang suuuper init wahhhh!!! care for a link-exchange sis?
Aisha | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 5:43 pm |

L.A. said...

Wow malapit na pala yung bday mooo...hehe sayang anman hindi ka kasam dun sa isang pic...

About dun pala sa post ko oo nga nag-evolve na sya parang pokemon hehe dati pa magic magic lang ngayon bold star na sa play haha! pero cute pa din sya!
L.A | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 10:54 pm |

Mika said...

wow. i totally agree with the SPEND YOUR MONEY thing just for a freakin taxi fare. i really hate that. happy birthday. :D lolz. i'll place you in my links.:D okay?
mika | Homepage | 02.04.07 - 11:36 pm |

tina said...

i hate the weather... but i love the serenity of ur pics!!
chino | 02.04.07 - 11:40 pm |

Richmond said...

WOW! Youre from Mindanao?
Richmond | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 12:47 am |

Bea said...

hey sis! the first picture reminds me of meteor garden hehehe.
bea | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 3:50 am |

Seiji said...

Umulan dyan? Where you from nga pala?

You wowed me with the pictures. So perfect! ^_^ astig
Seiji | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 5:23 am |

Tresebry said...

huwaw! advance happy birthday tinaaaaaaaaaa! :D

anyway, ansaya nga ng panahon ngaun eh! :D uber lamig! hahaha! :D pero di mo maintindihan ang tao, ngaun malamig, gusto nila ng mainit. Pag mainit, gusto nila ng malamig! hahaha! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 9:22 am |

Mousey said...

maka bday pala kayo ni te ghee. sige mag advance na rin ako heheh parang hulugan ah. oks lang mag stay at home during rainy days baka magkasakit ka pa. better playing safe na lang.
mousey | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 10:12 am |

Avy said...

my ghulay! maka-shock man ning post na ni oi.. heheh pinakalit siya bah.. :P
avy | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 10:35 am |

Noreen said...

awwww sarap naman dyan!
Noreen | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 10:27 pm |

Cruise said...

saobrang enjoy ako sa weather natin ngayon, di na muna akogumamit ng electric fan, natural yung lamig. kaso hirap lang ako maligo, hihi. lamig.
cruise | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 11:19 pm | #

Gravatar gusto ko yung last pic. gusto mo tuloy mag bush walking
cruise | Homepage | 02.05.07 - 11:19 pm |

Phia said...

ganda tlga ng weather! :D lamig. =) hahaha. :D :D :D
phia | Homepage | 02.06.07 - 2:55 am |

Arnel said...

haha, we both love the weather. belated happy birthday anyway. nice pics, too.
arnel | Homepage | 02.06.07 - 5:47 am |

Tin said...

Ang cute yung 1st pic niyo. Parang meteor Garden. Nyahahaha! Love the views.

Thanks sa greetings! happy birthday too Tina!
tin | Homepage | 02.06.07 - 6:19 am |

Glenna said...

wow! i still haven't read a book na mine-mention ang pinas.

tc tina!
glenna | Homepage | 02.06.07 - 10:28 am |

Nicole said...

hi ate tina!! oo nga daw its raining cats and dogs jan!! dito naman sa US eh sobrang init parang bumaliktad!! wahahaha!! nice pics.. nako happy bday kat ate ghee and kay tin!! hehe.. ingat lagi ate..mwaaahh.. ganda ng mga pics.. hehe!
nicole | Homepage | 02.06.07 - 11:14 pm |

Sidney said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I enjoy the cool weather!
Sidney | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 2:24 am |

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Tina!

Pinakilala mo pa eh nakatalikod naman lahat...hahaha! Ganda nung second pics parang Baguio ang dating no?
ann | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 3:38 am |

Iskoo said...

happy birtjday TINA. more blessings to come.

the last 2 pictures makes me what to go to nature tripping, i have only have time, i will certainly do it!
iskoo | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 8:03 am |