Friday, February 23, 2007


It was our foundation day, and our school arranged a "party" at a clubhouse in Robinson's Highlands. I arrived with Jona, Jesel and Jhonnel. Feeling like an outcast because they are all J's and I'm a K.

It was just a get together thing. Not exactly fun, really. The usual faculty dance was there and everyone made fun of their teachers whom they don't like... or just made fun because they wanted too or they just look funny. After the dance their jaws hurt from laughing and they complained about it, and I think I heard someone say it was a good thing at least it was an exercise. The Accounting Class had their presentation (which I am supposed to join but managed to get away). It was some sort of a drama not bad for a 2-day practice. Michael's dance group well.. danced. It was good. They were all good, specially Millette. I don't know how to spell her name.

The food was uhmm like something you'd get from a karenderya. Sorry. But, it was just not good.. specially when we found out something I dare not mention at all. o_O It is utterly shocking and uhmmm eekie, yuckie, mickiee.

They showed the pictures from previous ICST events....

Like the Valentine's Party at AJ's disco-bar something I did not attend because as you well all know I'm such a baby and was never allowed to stay out late. (But, i bet this was the party everyone enjoyed...)

The First Foundation Party at Kuya Ed's and was not even held at the main restaurant but at the back which was frustrating because everything was just.. soo.. never mind. June, Giovanne, Pearl and I made our interpretative dance for the opening prayer which was choreographed by Vanessa.

The Christmas Party I also failed to attend cause I was out. Which I figured was ok since the food I heard was not GOOD as usual.

They showed our past works in our Multimedia class...

The advertisement about the cake and the "mag-sandal ka na lang". I will post them here once I get the video.

Their own music video with the song Narda by Kamikazee. That video was hilarious.. I will post it in youtube as well when I get the copy.

Seems like I did not had fun.. but it was fun because my friends were there and just made everything look funny.. giving light to the situation. Parties should be well organized specially if it happens once a year, you know.

First year - Acquaintance party, Culmination Night, Christmas Party, and a Valentine's Party.
Second Year - Culmination Night, Foundation Party and a Christmas Party
Third Year - Christmas Party and Foundation Party

You see how our college cut down the partiessss??? I wonder if there would be any left for next year. :)

Afterwards we all had the usual "crazy" photo shoot.US. Most of them has blogs and are mentioned often here in mine. You can visit them. :)

Giovanne, Jesel, Jhonnel, Red, Jona, Avy, Pearl, Renel and Kath.

They all went to Autoshop afterwards and partied till 2. That's what I heard. Haha. I went home right away. Sheesh. Partypooper. :P

Photo credits: Avy, (for the solo pictures & group pic), Franco (some of the group pic) and Me (some of them.)


Avy said...

haha! ako una!.. woo the pictures look fantastic with all the effects and stuff.. :P

hmm pwede na akong photographer :P
Avy | Homepage | 02.22.07 - 11:29 pm |

Nona said...

ang saya, I miss my college days....way back. what's in the food? ecky yucky...thing? hahha!

Have a great weekend Tina!
nona | Homepage | 02.22.07 - 11:37 pm |

Richard said...

wow! ang saya! enjoy na enjoy ah..

good... buti pa college day/s nyo. samin, walang kabuhay-buhay. heheh
richard | Homepage | 02.22.07 - 11:54 pm |

Glenna said...

buti pa sa inyo may parties.. samin wala..

we have tons of work and no fun..

take care tina!
glenna | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 12:40 am |

Dimaks said...

So there was a bloggers' meet and photoshoot? :D
dimaks | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 1:00 am |

tina said...

Avy: tama i have to credit you...

Nona: hehe.. nasa ginamit to eat. the utensils. :P

richard: hehe.. we just have to make the most of it.... na lang. heeh

glenna: talaga? hehe...

dimaks: yup yup. parang blogger's meet kasi most of us are bloggers.. although 3 lang ang constant bloggers. hehe.
tina | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 4:07 am |

Katia said...

hello there! ooohhh. college parties? how come you got those?? we don't have em in our school. wooot.

love the pics! haha,
and i love the new layout too!
katia* | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 8:25 am |

potpot said...

wow.. sarap naman .. paparty party nalang ate tina.. ahhaha. eh kami.. uber busy!
potpot | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 8:57 am |

Ghee said...

ang saya saya nmn!!Look at your faces!! :D

natuwa nmn ako sa mga Friends mo,lahat J!haha!kakamiss at kakainggit!parang gusto ko uling bumalik,hehe..
ghee | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 8:58 am |

Mousey said...

thumb ups kay avy!

ang saya saya ng schools days. sige ienjoy ng maigi bago pumasok sa real world heheh
mousey | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 2:26 pm |

Angelo said...

Hello Tina!!! Long time no bloghop for me Sorry parati ako pagod when I get home.... Looks like you had fun in the pictures Hope you're doing well, thanks again for always dropping by :D The new layout looks great! Pink becomes you. Have a great weekend, BTW I'm curious what the unmentionable thing is hehe
Angelo | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 8:13 pm |

Ferdz said...

Woah! Nice pink layout! Seems like an enjoyable event. I too don't usually go in such events, but sometimes it's nice to see old friends here.
Ferdz | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 9:35 pm |